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Dec 9, 2010
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Dec 14, 2017

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    1. Neón
      If you're doing it for money then I want to know how much you want for it.

      Do you own any webpage where I can see the designs you've made before? I'm interested in seeing one of them, thanks!
    2. Neón
      Hello Deity! How is it going?

      I've been looking for someone who makes great designs for XenForo and you seem to be the best one out there in my opinion. I'm the owner of an spanish community and we're using a forum made by XenForo so we would like to know if you can make a design for us like this one.
    3. - Lucario -
      - Lucario -
      hello friend
    4. Ethan
      Any update on the forum skin? :)
    5. GotThatPopcorn
      Cannot wait for the new design Deity!
    6. coyotte508
      I'm going to start doing a little bit of design for the webclient

      Could you come online ? :x
    7. TheUnknownOne
      New website design looks amazing!
    8. Big Cheese
    9. Big Cheese
      Big Cheese
      Man, surely you and Zero can't both be leaving in the same day? I'll miss both of you.
    10. zeroality
    11. zeroality
      (21:24:35) Nainil: I know the basics and a little more- the usual- loops, variables, 2D and 3D arrays, array extraction, binary/other types of search (although I'd have to review those), image extraction...
      (21:25:44) Nainil: Opening new windows, a bit about coding AIs.
      (21:25:56) Nainil: What else do I know I don't remember at the moment.
      Addendum to PM.
    12. zeroality
      Oh nice, I was just gonna write him a new css file for it. Guess I can cross that off my list. xD

      Today I'm gonna upgrade the PO Wiki to MW 1.19 so we can install extensions for anti-spam protection. I'll try to get the new wiki db done before the weekend.
    13. zeroality
      Hey, sorry I've been inactive for past few days. The wikitest installation didn't have its database copied over on the server move. I need to reinstall using InnoDB anyway so I'll get that done when I wake up later. Everything else going okay so far?
    14. StevoDuhHero
    15. kupo
      Yo, get on either PS or PO beta, ip changed.
    16. SupaSayiaJin
      I'd like your suggestion for my theme.
    17. SupaSayiaJin
      At which server can i PM you?
    18. SupaSayiaJin
      Thanx for accepting req :)
    19. The First Hipster
      The First Hipster
      You needs to make a new theme :3
    20. Tears of tomorrow
      Tears of tomorrow
      It is not a problem of faith, it is a problem of lack of comunication... ;_;
      Try and see my position: I am organizing a project that will TOTALLY need a forum next week; I ask you and Jin to make the forum and you both agree. After some days I ask Jin how the forum is going, and he says that there are issues, and that he will need to talk to you. I ask him again after some more time and he says he didn't talk to you, then I ask directly you, but you don't answer, and meanwhile time is passing, and still I know nothing about how the forum is being developed. What shall I do? Since I need a forum next week, I can only say "Fix all the issues before monday or we use Invisionfree". I was forced to this point by the fact that you gave me no answer when I asked you what you had decided to do to solve such issues (even if you finally decided to answer, you simply said "Shouldn't Jin say you all?"). I would be happy if you could reconsider your decision. But I cannot force you to stay either.
    21. Tears of tomorrow
    22. Tears of tomorrow
      Tears of tomorrow
      Anything new about the forum? Sorry if I insist, but we will definitely NEED a forum soon. Did Jin talk to you?
    23. Tears of tomorrow
      Tears of tomorrow
      I am truly happy to have you on board :)
    24. Tears of tomorrow
      Tears of tomorrow
      Well, as for graphics section we will need spriters, mappers, and people to rip moves animations. Plus we are making a forum to have people work on the project, and in the future we could make also a website. You could take care of the design of both if you want :)

      For now, just join the group here on PO (If you haven't yet) and stay informed about the progresses of the project. Your skills will be really needed in the near future!
    25. Eternal
      Yo, I need to talk to you. Could you message me back when you read this?
    26. Gilad
      i still need to show you those icons :3
    27. Zekerom
      Don't ignore me please :(

      Get on MSN I need to talk to you.
    28. Garchomp
      ooka is that you from pbc forums? im frozen
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