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Apr 10, 2014
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May 20, 2014


Miley♥$♫Cyrus, Male, 21, from H-Town

Do bans take this long to be checked out Apr 12, 2014

    1. NachoHead
      Do bans take this long to be checked out
    2. NachoHead
      Pro Gaymer♂♂ and Certified Smiler☺☻
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    Aug 14, 1996 (Age: 21)
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    My name is Gabriel, 17 yo!!, and I've been involved in Pokémon since Crystal came out(I got it for my 5Th birthday :p) this made my favorite Gen #2 so my favorite Pokémons are Tyrannitar and Espeon thus making me a dark type fan. As cheezy as my introduction is im known to be the complete opposite(compliments from my friends XD) and I can be energetic and funny too so I hope I can favor you guys into being your friends(cheezy much?). Its been said that this Sim came out in out in 2011 o_O but my first time on here was last year im sure... Some things to know about me are that I am from Houston Texas, I live here now, had my childhood in Chicago Illinois so ive been in most Mid Western states already. Its been said that I may be the biggest Miley Cyrus Fan(Smiler) at school and so I hope most of you guys please put away any hate coz I never stopped liking her since Hannah and is my role model. I am an openly Bi guy but I never went out w/ a guy... my favorite color is Red or Blue and I'm a Leo and Mean Girls is my favorite movie because it definitely defines my high school life because ive always been that new kid at school.


    Pro Gaymer♂♂ and Certified Smiler☺☻
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