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Dec 19, 2010
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Aug 4, 2016

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    1. Kody
    2. Shaymin
    3. VarunRi
      Hey there. Sorry for leaving for the prolonged period of type without any contributions. College began and left me with little time.
    4. .Rawr!
      nuuu man, just saw ur leaving message, monotypers like me will miss u :3

      Anyway good luck! :)
    5. Annoying Orange
      Annoying Orange
    6. Blitzamirin
      haha hey.

      Don't worry about it. Just sad to see you go :(

      Good luck in life and whatnot, though~
    7. User Name
      User Name
    8. twofivefive
      dammit don't leave me hanging bro
    9. The Dude
      The Dude
      Goodbye, gl with non-Pokemon life lol :)
    10. Blitzamirin
    11. twofivefive
    12. Annoying Orange
      Annoying Orange
    13. Annoying Orange
      Annoying Orange
    14. MewtwoHidden
      Yeah but surviving is enough with Toxic Spikes support since after Hazards it only does 50% and is continued to be toxic'd to death. Nothing hits as hard as Kyogre's Water Spout though even with high Base stats :3 you saw how the Kyurem-W's Draco Meteor hardly scratched it.
    15. MewtwoHidden
      It would have 6-0'd Rioku if he didn't have Psyshock :3 that isn't underwhelming
    16. MewtwoHidden
      You like Toast the OP Munchlax?
    17. MewtwoHidden
      I'll adopt Mono-Dragon if that's ok, I'm probably the best person to do it as I'm strictly a Mono-Dragon user
    18. VarunRi
      So how do I disable these proxies? Or can I disable it at all?
    19. VarunRi
      I don't even know what this proxy stuff exactly is :p
    20. VarunRi
      I'll discuss the content with Slowkii and he (or she?) will edit the wiki. Still counts as my contribution, right?
    21. VarunRi
      I get this. "our IP address is listed as an open proxy in the DNSBL used by Pokémon Online Wiki. You cannot create an account ( "

    22. viamage
    23. viamage
      exactly how did they do delibird wrong in gen 5? please cure my ignorance on the matter
    24. sulcata
      Ah alright, I see XD
    25. sulcata
      Err... you mean Honchkrow? I haven't mentioned Houndoom in the whole analysis :x

      On a side note, I referenced the speed to draw a comparison to other physical Dark type sweepers and why Bisharp is able to differentiate itself from them. Ff you think it should be removed it's fine by me; it's not *that* important to the analysis.
    26. sulcata
      Honestly I don't think Houndoom has much use. Hydreigon and Zoroark both outspeed and are neutral to rocks as well as having very abusable fire-type attacks.

      I didn't compare Hydreigon with Bisharp, although I think I should note the resists that steel typing gives it.

      Yeah, Hydreigon, Zoroark, and Sableye usually pull the whole team for the most part. I'll try to mention some of the other pokes, I noticed that some of the analyses could still use some work after I reviewed them.

      Spiritomb could be listed, I think sableye outclasses as a fighting immunity, but having both on the same team wouldn't necessarily be a bad thing.
    27. sulcata
    28. sulcata
      Psh I wish I had that much time
    29. sulcata
      Took me long enough, but I'm almost done. Just two more type analyses. I'll post it up on the new wiki when it's finished.
    30. #PR0|-MMM-
      I don't really feel hassled, it's just that.. I'm not allowed to spend much time doing stuff on the computer (lol I took 10 days to answer this :[ ) right now, which is a difference imo :/
      Maybe you'll actually find someone else who can help with this, but in any case, good luck to you and.. the crew until I'm back and actually able to help out myself XD
    31. VarunRi
      Not sure though if I can complete until the deadlines. Maybe a week ahead, but nothing more than that.
    32. VarunRi
      I'll try. Really busy right now but will find time.
    33. Dr. Doom
      Dr. Doom
      Yeah I'm still free to do the Monotype wiki - can we edit the pages again now?
    34. Finchinator
      Not a huge fan of back-n-forths, especially in suspect theads so, "Would it be worth waiting to see if and how the metagame can adapt to Haxorus?"
      No, Haxorus is unhealthily overpowering for UU. It sweeps such a high orecentage of the time, it breaks through stall - with ease, it's like Rayquaza (minus the sky-high special attack) in OU (although bad example cuz theorymon, it'll have to suffice.)
      I just cannot see if being allowed in the tier when it breaks through so many teams, demolishes so many threats, sweeps against so many styles, etc.
      I ramble a lot :c
    35. #PR0|-MMM-
      I'm more optimistic regarding the period after May is gone, that'll be the time I got my exams over with... then I'll actually be able to do stuff like finally finishing Monofighting off. Maybe I'll do something on the weekends as well, but I don't expect much of that myself because I'd also like to test stuff...
      "Even I'm feeling the pinch, and I practically fart free time." Yeah, you said it.

      You're welcome then :P
      Uh.. Main page :P
    36. Finchinator
      Yes, my Genesect post did have theorymon.
      But, I don't see anyone playing Clear Skies - giving me a testing environment.
      So, unless you'd like to battle me in Clear Skies, a few times, I'll base my opinion off of knowledge in the oU metagame, which this is based off of.
      It's also just simple logic.
    37. GotThatPopcorn
      Picture for bulbasaur on: Funny Pokemon Stuff is broken.
    38. Aquadude
      Mono electric question is zekrom legal in monotype If it is I have a great fix for my old monotype team If not I still have a fix
    39. SteelEdges
      I'd like to speak to you on the server when you get the chance.
    40. Luzeldon
      Well, why not? that thing alone can take care of several current top threats ' w ' tornadus, terrakion, blobs, heatran are all slain by unburden hitmonlee by stone edge and close combat(if they're foolish enough to stay in, most people just switch out), add blaze kick to the equation and u nail genesect(and skarmory, forrettress, ferro...forget it, fire is just a universal type) too.

      I'm not saying genesect will cause people to run hitmonlee, just saying that it can counter genesect fairly well :3 as it seems totally viable(altho unburden hitmon is extremely easy to check, use protect, or just send out a gengar). Like when a zoroark can act as a semi-counter to scarfed ditto(i bring this up as it has been rising in usage), as ditto cant copy an illusion if the opponent happens to send in ditto to revenge after the zoroark in guise killed something(but a whatever punch can mop zoroark). Gimmicks and rarely used pokes work well when it works...that's why i like your thread.
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