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Dec 23, 2010
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May 23, 2012
    1. Im_The_Devil
      You have steam? u keep rejecting my invite :X
    2. Im_The_Devil
      say something...biatch :P
    3. Fate/Dracoflare
      How dare you call my dear Saber sexy,SHE'S MINE
    4. Fate/Dracoflare
    5. EonFriend
      I come from 6:30 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. on weekends always! (unless power cut or something serious like that) REMEMBER IT! I really get confused due to daylight saving time, so try to figure out the time difference......(my time zone is 5.5 hours ahead of GMT when normal). I'll be seeing you tomorrow mostly.

      That time is like the minimum, I mostly spend longer times on weekends, but that'll mostly be random times.
    6. Scatter the Weak
      Scatter the Weak
      ( no this is not a late reply )
      Yeah that's about what's happening in it, you're right xD
      I'm back from Italy now but when you wrote that to me I wasn't.
      We stayed at different places every day.
    7. EonFriend
      I told you I'll be on the server every weekend (at my normal time mostly), and good to see you back! 4.5 hours when DST is on, otherwise 5.5!
      How did you get in the well anyway? Are you friends with so many people?
      Be seeing you soon then.
      Fully* Oh also sent :p
    9. Scatter the Weak
      Scatter the Weak
      Hahahahah scar X3
      Ikr? That's why I luv it!
      loljk n.n
    10. Lily Miku
    11. Scatter the Weak
      Scatter the Weak
      Oh scar.
      C'mon? :o
    12. Im_The_Devil


      'sup, Old, Pal :)
    13. Scatter the Weak
      Scatter the Weak
      Scarloc, who is C4Karura?!
      I have no idea!
      You left :O. I didn't even get to add you to my friends list :(. Byee :3 Good Luck
    15. EonFriend
      You really think I'll want to watch you act like a jerk?

      Also, it isn't like PO is all I do now, I do a lot more. School came in like an explosion and I am keeping up with it, I got other games which really give me the fun I want and also my life isn't going to be about playing PO alone. I do quite a bit of outside stuff at the moment. I treat PO as a nice past-time, when I need to do something while relaxing.

      I told you that I accept your absence, since I don't want to act like the weak-link trying to hold you to something you don't like. I know you want to do other things in life while not having a sort of hindrance (PO) that keeps you away from your goals, I get that. That does not mean you have to act crazy to get yourself banned, such indifference will only hurt you in the long run.

      If you want to quit PO, just quit already! Bye, and Good luck!
    16. EonFriend
      Well, if that's what floats your boat. You know you can find me here when you want me............IF you want me. See you around.
    17. -AlphaAmpharos-
      (Referring to the comment below)

      I'll never forget that day. ;_;
    18. Tears of tomorrow
      Tears of tomorrow
      (19:19:19) Latimaster: he can now sue you for having an identical ass!
      (19:19:25) -EvilAmpharos-: ^
      (19:19:27) AmpharosInHeaven: ^
      (19:19:30) -AlphaMarreep-: ^
      (19:19:32) -pongopongoark-: ^
      (19:19:33) AmpharosFTT: ^
      (19:19:37) Latimaster: ^
      (19:19:39) +HSOWA: ^
      (19:19:44) -EvilAmpharos-: ^^
      (19:19:45) -Ampharoslock-: ^

      I cannot believe you saved that...
    19. Wulfert
    20. Wulfert
      If you live in Nuketown, I live in Firing range.
    21. EonFriend
      LEARN TO REPLY TO VMS. I'll do a darker version of it with the modification now.............(I am seriously getting lazy with studies recently, with my exams just 2 weeks away)
    22. EonFriend
      2nd April eh? Cool, it is one special day for me.
      I hardly knew anything about the clan war though, other than most of our opponents. If lucky, we might not have to fight gtfo (he is currently in their team, but isn't that interested though).
      I don't understand what you get out of trolling chats. Seriously, it is stupid!
      A unique typing with Water as one type.........Burungeru! Or maybe not........*checks serebii.net*.........must be Empoleon!
      See you tomorrow on PO server!
    23. EonFriend
      Hmm, this one must be easy........Latias!

      I am an abnormal member? Well, I only post when needed to......and I shall stay in my post till I actually deserve to get promoted to a full-fledged member! *crowd cheers*

      By the way, did you get anything about this whole "clan war" thing's timing?
    24. Shawn Frost
      Shawn Frost
      i agree :3 but garchomp is way better than salamence :3

      coz of pro hax :3
    25. Lady Umb
      Lady Umb
      >Yes, Grachomp and Salamence seem the same...lol
      They don't even seem :x
      They're not

    26. ladysalamence
    27. Rayquaza-X
      Yes, Grachomp and Salamence seem the same...lol
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    (19:19:19) Latimaster: he can now sue you for having an identical ass!
    (19:19:25) -EvilAmpharos-: ^
    (19:19:27) AmpharosInHeaven: ^
    (19:19:30) -AlphaMarreep-: ^
    (19:19:32) -pongopongoark-: ^
    (19:19:33) AmpharosFTT: ^
    (19:19:37) Latimaster: ^
    (19:19:39) +HSOWA: ^
    (19:19:44) -EvilAmpharos-: ^^
    (19:19:45) -Ampharoslock-: ^

    ~If a turtle loses it's shell, is it naked or homeless???
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