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Dec 28, 2010
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Feb 28, 2016


don't call it a comeback, Male, from euhuehuehue

    1. User Name
      User Name
      You should've left an "inb4 left hanging" :P
      Anyways, if you want to talk more, Imma leave some contact info on my profile.
    2. User Name
      User Name
      Has it already been 15 days since I last logged on?
      Hi back to you :P

      It's fairly obvious now, but I probably won't be online very much if at all from now on. So I'll take the time to say goodbye, too. :3
    3. Msyu
      Hello Project Oppenheimer. Your inbox is full and I can't send you any mail!
    4. Msyu
      I'm sorry about how little we got to meet up this round. If you have time later on, I'd be totally up for anything we do! ^^
    5. Msyu
      I know this is slightly beyond this round's deadline, but could we meet up sometime? I'm really active nowadays due to Pokemon Online World Cup, so should be flexible with most times.
    6. Msyu
      Sorry! I had to change my schedule. Friday is no longer a good day.
    7. Msyu
      Friday afternoon sounds good! See you then.
    8. Msyu
      I'm available next week for tutoring sessions! If there are any times that work out particularly well for you, please leave me a message. : )
    9. Msyu
      Sounds good. Cya Tuesday.
    10. Msyu
      Hi Project Oppenheimer,

      I didn't see you online on Friday. When is a good time to meet up for the next tutoring session?
    11. Msyu
      Hi Project Oppenheimer,

      I've set the tutoring channel #scrublyfe to auto-join. See you around.
    12. Big Cheese
      Big Cheese
      Yeah, it was a pleasure knowing you. I'm sorry that I constantly stir up drama, but I'm really frustrated about the whole situation. I love all of my friends on here; I'm definitely not leaving because of you guys.
    13. Blitzamirin
      Blitzamirin / Blitz / Red

      Those 3 alts. And I used the latter 2 only on Friday.
    14. Blitzamirin
      I was on all night on Friday ( 7:00 PM - 2:00 AM )

      All day on Saturday ( 1:00 - 5:00 PM )

      All day on Sunday ( 3:00 - 10: 00 PM )

      So, if that's not active, I don't know what is.
    15. Lady Umb
    16. Blitzamirin

      I usually go out all day on Sundays :|
    17. Big Cheese
      Big Cheese
      Thanks! I may have fairly inconsistent activity because of school, but it feels good to be officially part of Pokemon Online again.
    18. Blitzamirin
      -4 as well.

      This Sunday, I'm going to a hotel, but I'm pretty much on all day on Sundays.
    19. Halsey
      I'm on a semi-LOA because of rl issues, same with Gl4ss. He is going to do the last pairings in the new couple of days.

      Delaying the round sucks but rl issues come first
    20. Fabian
    21. -Manaphy--
      I've been on Vacation for two weeks.
    22. chenboy3
      er yeah xP
    23. Harlot
      yo you reserved breloom and latias 2 months ago, are you gonna work on them or will i reassign them
    24. D4RR3N
      do u still get on? lol
    25. D4RR3N
      can u hop on rn?
    26. D4RR3N
      hi, would you be free in the mornings (your time) any day this week?
    27. D4RR3N
      yo man, you free to hop on PO about yesterday's time tomorrow?
    28. D4RR3N
      yo man, the round is ending in two days :o I hope we can really get this done though, but ive been on all weekend and u just came on for like 20 mins then told me u had to sleep. but will be free like earlier on the day? its really impossible to get this done without waiting till weekends, and i doubt both of us are that free on weekends =|
    29. D4RR3N
      sorry but that's about 5 am my time. maybe sometime in the morning for you or weekends?
    30. D4RR3N
      uh whats ur usual online time actually?
    31. D4RR3N
      yo bro, just to let you know due to my ban on smogon, i can't pm u there anymore. Any chances of you getting on today?
    32. D4RR3N
      what did they say? sorry couldnt pm u cuz ur inbox is full
    33. chippymunk
      Hey oppen. When do you wanna battle? I'm ready when you are
    34. Halsey
      Well feel free to pick another tutee from the list.

      If you do that pm me and your tutee.
    35. Halsey
      D4RREN is no longer your tutee.

      Is not related to you, he is just banned from The Academy and from every subforum I moderate.
    36. D4RR3N
      you happens to be free today?
    37. D4RR3N
      hi dude, may i know your usual available hours?
    38. D4RR3N
      alright man, ill be on tomorrow.
    39. D4RR3N
      hi, i'm assigned as your tutee for PO academy. Where and where should we meet? Maybe like skype or something?
    40. Donkey
      That's a given, lol
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