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Jul 9, 2014
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Mar 2, 2015

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    1. Just Do It
      Just Do It
      Hey, i'm your opponent for the Lost broken toys tour. Let me know when you're able to battle (GMT+1)
    2. Linkin Karp
      Linkin Karp
      We're opponents in the RBY tour. I'm online every day 5-7pm GMT+1.
    3. Z+V
      Hey, we're paired for LTT. I'm GMT +1 and available every day around 5 pm my time and all the day on sunday, when do you want to play ?
    4. TraceofLife
      We have to fight for Upper Tier Showdown, i am GMT +7 and on as TraceofLife on PO, tell me when you can play
      What name do you use on PO server?
      We have to fight for the fixing up OU tour.
      I'm GMT +5 and usually on PO as "Meh", on throughout the day after 2pm till around midnight on weekdays whereas weekend activity varies. If we want to schedule for the weekend I'd prefer next weekend because I'm going on a trip for this weekend, but I might have my laptop so who knows.
      so yeah when do you think we can fight?
    7. Maxedofhaxed
      when do you want to fight for the imposter tour? i am gmt -4, weekdays 4-9 pm my time and all day weekends work for me. I can be found as Maxedofhaxed in #Tournaments on PO server.
    8. Finchinator
      When do you want to fight for the finals of Perry's tour? I am GMT-4; weekends and weekday afternoons/evenings work best for me, in general. I can be found as Finchinator in channels like #Project NU, #Tournaments, and #POCL on PO Server when I am able to battle.
    9. qwily
      Hi, im ur opp for the fixing up ou tour. My Timezone is +2, atm i've holydays so im often online
    10. Ortheore
      Hi I'm your opp for top choice r2. My timezone is GMT +10, and I don't use any alts or anything. My hours are super variable, so let me know your time zone so I can try to be on at a good time. Also if you feel the need to schedule a time let me know and we can do that
    11. Weavile
      Hey, we're playing for the Top Choice tour.
      I'm active a pretty large amount of the day so if your timezone is anything but like +10 it should be easy to get done. My server name is usually the same as my forum name, but I might be on as "I Am The Wind" sometimes.
    12. Raducan
      Hi, we're opponents for the Side Metagames tour. My timezone is GMT -4, let me know convenient times for you to play.
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