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Champ X
Jan 6, 2011
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May 14, 2015

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Champ X

The real Megauser

    1. Trademark
      Battle for OU Nuz, when are you free; I think you know that I'm Trademark on the server. I run by GMT +8.
    2. MewtwoHidden
      Hey, feel free to add me to the RB Petition. If they made it like it used to be I might actually bother playing it again :].
    3. 1996ITO
      Forgot one thing, are you always on with your nickname or with an alt. I will get on tomorrow with my main nickname (this) at the time you have specified.
    4. 1996ITO
      Hey we are paired for the POYT. Tell me when do you wanna play. I'm GMT+1. By now, the only time I can't play is 31st at night.
    5. Kland
      yer for some reason i cannot connect to po sever if you get this reply quickly i will be checking my vm's every 5 mins while i try to conntect
    6. Kland
      sorry didn't get that till now whats a good time for you tomorrow i can battle at any hour so it doesn't matter
    7. Kland
      on all night tonight from 7-11 pm gmt +0
    8. Kland
      done and what alts
    9. Kland
      xy ou tournament gmt +1
    10. Starstorms
      i see you a lot in RC, or just send me a pm on skype if you need to get to me off the server
    11. Juanpa*
      I'm on beta with the nick Juanpa
    12. Juanpa*
      Ok, I will be waiting
    13. Champ X
      Champ X
      That's about the only time I can do this...How about today, at 2-3pm +8?
    14. Juanpa*
      Man, I can't at that hour it is like at 6 am for me. Do you have any other horary or that is the only hour that you can get online?
    15. Juanpa*
      Man, that is too early for my time zone (like at 6 am), can you try to connect earlier like at 4 or 5 pm of your time?
    16. Rusl
      Hey man when will you be free? We are opponents for the XY ou forum tour. I'm GMt-5
    17. Juanpa*
      Hi man, we are paired for the monogen tournament. I'm GMT -5, when can you play?
    18. Champ X
      Champ X
      Cuz I so random before :L
    19. ZoroDark
      y u no Champ X on forums
    20. Darklight
    21. Xinc
      So you want to enter BST?
    22. Darklight
      Also, I thought you returned but then you left again, but your most recent activity was on June 20, weird ._.
    23. Darklight
      Hey Bro!!!!! saw your posts... >_> why did u quit again??? come back fast..
      Edit: Every visitor comment in your inbox is mine <_< looks weird man.
    24. Darklight
      just thought i'll let you know that i have quit PO.
    25. Darklight
      >_> when are you returning???
    26. Darklight
      CHAMP?????????come back to PO
    27. Darklight
      where are you?? so many days have passed..
    28. Darklight
      lol giving me up to date rankings of yours
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    ±Porygon: Your rank in Gen 5 1v1 Ubers is 2/4333 [1414 points / 222 battles]!
    Known as Champ X or Megauser on PO. Once part of /tr/, Xclus and #Elite, now a [Hero]~
    Ladder peak at 1506 on August 24, 2013, after searching endlessly for battles...
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