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•Sage, Male, from Spaceship Earth

If you're viewing this message you will die of heart failure the next time you masturbate. Oct 29, 2014

    1. Django
      Darkdigglet? Yeah I'll see what the others think
    2. pokemonnerd
      You should probably link to smogon's tiers or their ban list or something in the RU thread. I would, but it takes me 5-10 minutes to remember/find where anything is since it's not named as obviously as in PO's forums.
    3. pokemonnerd
      I have no problem with it myself, so go ahead.
    4. Professor Oak
      Professor Oak
      If it is, it's a policy I've never heard of before.

      ...so it wouldn't shock me if it did exist.
    5. Professor Oak
      Professor Oak
      Not my place to give permission, so wait for pnerd / devo.
    6. Yuki Nagato
      Yuki Nagato
      Here bish:

      The Pokemon Online Auction in Color!!!

      Btw, Django bought me so i'm his butch now :3
    7. IFM
    8. Ich777Ich
      Hahaha oh yeah long time no see man! I'll go on to the channel and hopefully I'll see ya there. Oh yeah and do you really think my team is gimmicky? I never noticed before but i guess some of the pokes I use can be pretty underrated. Thanks though for messaging me!
    9. Yuki Nagato
      Yuki Nagato
      Sure thing.

      I should be on more often as soon as this damn week gets over too. Cya @PNU.
    10. Django
      nice work. Vuvu slow.
    11. Eternal
      Hey, need you and IFM to finish the narration asap.
    12. IFM
      Want to do the narration around 3 pm est.
    13. Rigas


      (Yes, caps where necessary.)
    14. Gilad
      yeah i meant synesthesia. not synthesis. ^^"
      she has the font>color thingy (she see text in color)
    15. Gilad
      I just discovered that my neighbor has synthesis. She didn't even know she had it. She said she discovered it herself when she was little. (She is around 50. o: )
      yay me lol
    16. Tears of tomorrow
      Tears of tomorrow
      Oh I see, your situation is similar to mine... ;_;
      Oh well just do the sprites if you can... Thank you and sorry if I bothered you
    17. Tears of tomorrow
      Tears of tomorrow
      Hi, I have a request for you!
      I am currently busy with university exams restarting, but I noticed that the custom trainer sprites folder project is almost done. So could you please make a Ganondorf and a Vegeta sprite out of those that are left? I would do them myself but...
      I this won't be a problem, when finished post them in the thread. Thank you in advance. :)

      P.S: have you checked my sig? a good spriter like you would be needed in my project...
    18. Soul Crusher
    19. Soul Crusher
      Soul Crusher




      That is A godly Avatar you got there
    20. person6445
    21. person6445
      I left PO because of
      A) Trolls
      B) Ladder Hax
      C) Desire to start my own server
      D) Trolls

      Did I mention trolls?
    22. person6445
      But... being Sexist was like your thing!
      (╬ ಠ益ಠ)
    23. Scatter the Weak
      Scatter the Weak
      Weeee~ No problem at all! I'll read your thread later though, right now I have to go :o...
    24. Oh So Shoddy
      Oh So Shoddy
      3 cheers for the new Well inductee! Hip-hip! Bzzzzzzzz! Hip-hip! Bzzzzzzzzzzzzz! Hip-hip! Bzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!
    25. Scatter the Weak
      Scatter the Weak
      Yep, congratz ^^
    26. Im_The_Devil
      Congratz on the Win, Buddy :D
      You did it, you smoked your competition :)
    27. AllDay ErDay
      AllDay ErDay
      The link is broken, lol :p

      I'll go ahead and vote for you in the P.O well cuz that's my guess as to what it was :)
    28. person6445
      And PS, your custom user title suits you well.
      #1 Sexist would fit better, just sayin (((( ;゚Д゚)))
    29. person6445
      I can help you as soon as the forums settle.
    30. -AlphaAmpharos-
    31. Yuki Nagato
      Yuki Nagato
      Just arrived back in aussie and was checking my mail and stuff and decided to log on and see the latest. Going to bed now though, so see you tmrw.
    32. Django
      well, bs.
    33. Django
      Ughhh, My internet is so fail. Whats happening with the NU leaders?
    34. Django
      Your shit. And yeah you probably should :3
    35. Tears of tomorrow
      Tears of tomorrow
      I dunno what you mean, all the sprites in the "Trainer sprites" folder have no background... :/
    36. person6445
      I kinda gave up on beta.
      I have a server now...
    37. CrashinBoomBang
      I'll let someone else do that ;__;. Besides, it's not like I had a chance at leaders after neglecting my DW UU leader position (which I neither remembered nor cared about lol) and losing both it and my MU's. Anyway, better not fuck up NU. I'm trusting you, luck, PN and stofil ;__;.
    38. CrashinBoomBang
    39. Lumi
      Hai. I am your opponent for the official pokemon online tournament. My timezone is GMT +3.
    40. PichiTheShinyPichu
      Ah. Well, I beat him in a 2-0.
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