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Aug 5, 2014
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    1. xtrashine
      wanna start gsc for afrabs?
      1. ;Moonlight
        sry but i already play with #TEAMITALY this year!
        Mar 24, 2016
      2. xtrashine
        didnt need ya anyway
        Mar 24, 2016
    2. Disaster Area
      Disaster Area
      1. ;Moonlight likes this.
      2. ;Moonlight
        Dec 23, 2015
    3. sulcata
      I'm GMT -4. Could we play this Saturday? Some time between 11 am and 4 pm would be preferable. Doesn't need to be that day or time, but I'd prefer it. Let me know if/when you can get on during that time.
      1. ;Moonlight
        hi! Saturday 11am your time should be ok for me.
        Aug 19, 2015
    4. MoxieInfinite
      i can play all day so give me a time and ill be there
    5. Texas Cloverleaf
      Texas Cloverleaf
      POWC. Unavailable until after Wednesday. GMT -4. Super flexible otherwise.
      1. ;Moonlight
        i'm GMT +1. We can play thursday afternoon between 3pm-7pm or friday kinda all day
        Apr 6, 2015
      Hi e have to fight for OGT '-' I'm GMT +5 and usually active at night times (6pm-midnight commonly) on the PO server as "Meh", weekend is coming up though so that can help. So yeah when can you fight
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      2. ;Moonlight
        i waited for you, maybe i'll log later but dunno
        Jan 30, 2015
      3. ;Moonlight
        we can battle tomorrow or sunday from 3pm gmt +1 til around 7 pm gmt +1?
        Jan 30, 2015
        Yeah today's good. Sorry I had unexpected guests at that time so I couldn't log on. Hopefully nothing like that will happen today and I'll be on after 7pm
        Jan 31, 2015
    7. M Dragon
      M Dragon
      Srry I have been busy
      I will be online.
      Im Tyrael in main server
    8. P.10 ID
      P.10 ID
      If I dont find you until tuesday, we can play tuesday on the hours that you said before
    9. P.10 ID
      P.10 ID
      HI. I am on now and the next hours. Monday I can play too
    10. ZoroDark
      idk if you contacted me for the gsc tour yet but hi we have to fite! i'm gmt +2 and i'm on way too much during the day. like if you go on any time between 11am and 11pm, odds are i'll be on. give me a time that works for you and we'll get it done
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