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Sep 15, 2014
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Feb 19, 2018 at 6:34 AM

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    1. kakkoi neko nyan
      kakkoi neko nyan
      When would you like to play for LTT. I am GMT -4 free Tuesday and Thursday all day if you can make that work.
      1. DAVIDpwns
        I'm available on thursdays and weekends and I'm GMT -8
        Nov 2, 2017
      2. kakkoi neko nyan
        kakkoi neko nyan
        i am available past 7pm my time today, and also past 7pm tomorrow if either of those will work for you
        Nov 4, 2017
    2. Kamina
      1. DAVIDpwns
        FRUITDEALERRR where have you been
        Mar 15, 2017
      2. Kamina
        school ,_, job hunting ,_,
        Mar 20, 2017
    3. Tony
      Hey. We play for POT this round. We're not actually allowed to play this weekend yet due to the predictions tour, so maybe sometime during the week next week? I'm GMT +1 and usually get home from work quite late my time. What works for you?
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      2. Tony
        It's 9:47 as I type this and I have stuff to do at 10. :c Could you message me some times you could do during the week next week?
        Feb 26, 2017
      3. DAVIDpwns
        Np, what times are you available next week
        Feb 26, 2017
      4. DAVIDpwns
        Nvm, we better get it done asap, the deadline is today
        Feb 27, 2017
    4. Fiery Espeon
      Fiery Espeon
      hi we are supposed to fight. im gmt -5. i can usually fight on the afternoons/evening.
    5. Alexander.
    6. Alexander.
      the upper tier tournament, when fight? im gmt +2 and i can usually play in my early afternoons / evenings.
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