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Cpt. Falcon
Jul 12, 2010
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Dec 21, 2011
    1. Xinc
      Show me ya moves!
    2. El Guapo
      El Guapo
      Hey, can we you give me some advice on the Atlanta Regional VGCs,
      Like what is commonly used, are there any regional themes, i've never done it before, and I'm entering in novemeber, so I thought I'd ask a expert.
    3. T-Dogg
      Hey. We're opponents for the teams tour, and we're fast running out of time (I thought I'd see you on more, sorry for not getting in touch earlier).

      Anyway, I'm +12 GMT, and fairly free with a bit of prior warning. Let me know when you're free.
    4. The Dude
      The Dude
      You probably know we're opponents in The Team Showdown Tour, I was hoping we can arrange a time we can meet and battle instead of trying to bump into each other. My timezone is GMT+12 and i'm usually on 6.00pm-10.00pm weekdays and usually scattered throughout the day on weekends, though i can't battle this weekend as I am away. Let me know your preferred time and hopefully timezone's aren't a problem.
    5. Tears of tomorrow
      Tears of tomorrow
      Just to avoid writing the same thing 5 times :)
    6. destinybond
    7. Annoying Orange
      Annoying Orange
      well if it isnt the 2nd best uberer ;D
    8. Wulfert
      I think you should join the group Graphic masters.
    9. Wulfert
      Falcon pawnch
    10. Weavile
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    VGC 2011 Gym Leader

    2011 VGC Atlanta Masters 1st place

    2011 VGC American National Masters Top 18
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