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Other Communities

This is a list of various Pokémon communities existing around the internet. Pokémon Online is primarily a competitive community itself (lots of tournaments), with some fun aspects too (mafia, ...) but if you are looking for something different, or you want something in your own language, then here's a look at other Pokémon communities out there:

Bulbapedia - Bulbapedia is a vast encyclopedia about Pokémon to which anyone can contribute. It is an open source wiki that contains everything and anything that is Pokémon.
Nugget Bridge
Nugget Bridge - Nugget Bridge is the premiere competitive Pokémon community centred around the official Video Game Championships (VGC) tournament series.
Pokémonexperte - A german community for pokemon!
PokéEVO - PokéEVO is a Brazilian website and community about competitive battling which provides a whole new experience to Pokémon Trainers.
Serebii - Serebii.net is arguably the most comprehensive resource for the Pokémon games, and provides detailed coverage of the anime and TCG, too!
Smogon - Smogon is the one of the most comprehensive and accurate online resource for competitive Pokémon battling. They offer articles and advice via community forums to help fans of the game play competitively.
Veekun - Veekun is an open source website that is written on Python. It initially started out as a fansite but has evolved into a bigger community with much thanks to their highly detailed Pokédex.
Apr 4, 2014
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