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Pokémon Online is the most accurate and complete Pokémon battle simulator out there. Open source, it's currently available in 11 languages, on your computer, on your Android device or in your browser. It hosts more than a million battles per month. Download the latest version and enjoy competitive battles across all six generations in real time against trainers from around the world!

v 2.6.2
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Pokémon Online Downloads

Downloads for the Pokémon Online simulator.

Pokémon Online is open source and available for Windows, Mac, Linux, and Android. The Wiki has installation instructions for each version. If you are installing v2 alongside v1 then be certain to save to a different directory. Otherwise you may lose your teams and other saved data! Select your operating system below and click to download.

Windows XP and Higher
Pokémon Online 2.6.2
Installs to user folder to avoid permission issues.
Android 3.1 and Higher
Pokémon Online 2.6.2
Under “Settings,” select “Application Settings” and then enable “Unknown Sources.”
Lion, Mountain Lion, Mavericks
Pokémon Online 2.6.2
See this thread for running Windows version on Wine.
Linux - All Distributions
Download (32-bit) - (64-bit)
Pokémon Online 2.6.2
Requires libzip2 libqt5quickparticles5 libqt5declarative5 libqt5multimedia5

Pokémon Online Legacy Versions

While Pokémon Online 1.0.60 is no longer officially supported, it is still in use. The downloads are below:


There are many themes available for both versions of Pokémon Online. These themes have been created by members of our community, and are available to download from the Themes section of the Pokémon Online Forums.

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