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Comments on Profile Post by monferno

  1. E.T.
    Hello, I'm GMT -5 and I'm usually on the server in the afternoons and at night. I won't be able to battle part of the day tomorrow or at all on Wednesday, but beyond that I should be able to battle whenever. If we don't catch each other on the server today, let me know what time would work best for you.
    Jul 13, 2015
  2. monferno
    well i am never on the server in all honesty so there's nothing to catch (i'm a ps guy)
    Jul 13, 2015
  3. E.T.
    Alright then. Want to try to do it Thursday? If not, just tell me when (as long as it's not Tuesday or Wednesday), and we can try to meet on PO , or just tell me where I need to go on PS.
    Jul 13, 2015
  4. E.T.
    I had something come up, and I'm going to be busier than expected, so I subbed out of the tour. Your opponent is now Navz.
    Jul 14, 2015
  5. monferno
    I see. Thanks for telling me :]
    Jul 15, 2015