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Rules and Guidelines for Joining Tournaments

Discussion in 'Tournaments' started by Weavile, Jul 20, 2010.

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  1. Weavile

    Weavile Phoenix

    Jul 17, 2010
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    Please note the following:
    • Read everything in this thread before participating in tournaments
    • Follow everything that has been stated in this thread
    • Go to the Tournament Applications subforum to submit tournament applications.
    Guidelines for Players who Joined a Tournament
    • Read everything on the sign-up thread
    • Follow all the rules. If there is a rule which you don't agree on, don't join
    • Get your match completed on time! Schedule a time with your opponent through Profile Messages, these are easy for the tournament host to see and notify your opponent just as a Private Message would.
    • The decision of the tour host is usually final; Consult any of the Tournament staff if you think the tournament is being run very poorly or unfairly.
    • Respect other players, don't insult your opponent or be overly rude.
    • Scouting of any form is not allowed without the discretion of the players. This is when a player attempts to find out the opponents team by viewing the opponents battles at the opponents displeasure.
    • Ghosting is not allowed in any form. This is when a player plays for another player by going on their account or giving the player playing constant advice.
    • Be active! If you're not going to be active for the full period of the tournament, don't join. If something happens that you did not expect, you could kindly contact the overseer of the tour, but don't complain if you are dq'd.
    • Please save logs if you are in a Tournament final. Once the battle is completed one of the finalists must submit that log to this thread. However you must upload the .POREPLAY file not the .html as it is the type of file the Replay Viewer recognises. You can find the .POREPLAY file by going into your Pokemon Online Logs folder and go into the folder named Battle Replays.
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Moderators: TraceofLife, Xdevo
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