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The Nuzlocke Challenge

Discussion in 'Pokémon Chat' started by Marche Radiuju, Jul 27, 2010.

  1. Marche Radiuju

    Marche Radiuju crush it casually

    PO Trainer Name:
    You've probably heard of it, if you've been with Pokemon long enough. It's basically a challenge you set yourself to make the game harder. There are 2.5 solid rules that you must follow to qualify the challenge as Nuzlocke.

    1) If a Pokemon faints it is considered 'dead', and you must release it as soon as possible.
    2) You may only catch one pokemon per 'area'(route, cave, city) of the game, and it has to be the first one you see.
    .5) Every Pokemon you catch must be nicknamed (not required, but advised)

    Other rules are accepted, such as limited usage of items/Pokemon centers/Pokemon. For example, the current run I'm doing is a no item run. If I wanted to challenge myself more, I could give myself the restriction of two uses of Pokemon Centers per town, or only let myself buy one Poke ball per town. I've seen people do mono-type runs, where you can only catch Pokemon of a certain type(and only if you see them first in the area!).

    It's named Nuzlocke for the original Nuzlocke playthrough, where the first Pokemon caught was a Seedot, which evolved into the mascot for the challenge(and died). There is a comic about this player's travels, too.

    Do it, guys. It's fun. Especially if you give your pokemon names of your family members.
  2. destinybond

    destinybond Server Staff

    I did this already on Ruby. My best poke was linoone with pikup, who I nicknamed Thief. He found 12 Rare Candies during the game, and when I got to the elite four, I used the all on groudon. It was a sweep. Headbutt flinchax linoone also helped
  3. Monster Tamer

    Monster Tamer New Member

    Won't this make you have horrible pokemmon and not be able to do online play

    I would never ever do this in my life
  4. Lamperi

    Lamperi I see what you did there

    You probably don't want to keep this save file if you want to train competitive pokemon, especially if you use lots of TMs or catch crappy legendaries, but otherwise, you wouldn't be training and breeding good pokemons during storyline.

    Storyline isn't that long in games. All games are doable under 20 hours easily.
  5. Luck>Skill

    Luck>Skill Well-Known Member

    PO Trainer Name:
    Ok, today I start Platinum playing with those rules, it's the first time ever I play a pokèmon game in single player after Pokèmon Gold, so it will be very difficult for me xD

    Chimchar ftw
  6. pokemonnerd

    pokemonnerd Only uso listens to pnerd. Devo too.

    I remember doing this in Gold version. By the time I was done fighting Red, I had 2 pokemon left. And had 17(I think) before I even challenged him the first time xD
  7. Luck>Skill

    Luck>Skill Well-Known Member

    PO Trainer Name:
    This mean that I can catch only one pokemon in all routes of the game (for example I am in pokèmon Platinum at route 205, I catched a Starly as a first pokèmon in route 203, can I catch another pokèmon in another route? same for caves? :O).

    Actually I have a level 18 Monferno and a level 19 Staravia
  8. destinybond

    destinybond Server Staff

    You can catch pokemon in route 1,2,3,4,5,6,7, ect, even if they are all grassey routes(example)
  9. Cpt. Falcon

    Cpt. Falcon New Member

    i would imagine this being harder in gen 4 than in gen 3 w/o pickup pokes easily obtainable in first routes or ever, idk... when i did it on emerald it wasent much of a problem
  10. Luck>Skill

    Luck>Skill Well-Known Member

    PO Trainer Name:
    Awww, I lost the challenge, my Staraptor got critted by a crit explosion by a graveler (while I failed at running away)...omg
  11. Gtfo

    Gtfo blinded

    Ohhh must do this when i get my R4 and i can play at another Heart Gold/ Soul Silver (since in the current one i got all my cool stuff) ;)
  12. Cpt. Falcon

    Cpt. Falcon New Member

    running should also be illegal imo
  13. destinybond

    destinybond Server Staff

    In some playthrough's it is. I know i didn't do it on mine
  14. Cpt. Falcon

    Cpt. Falcon New Member

    so i got all that exp for no reason :(
  15. destinybond

    destinybond Server Staff

    thats right, you leveled up your pokemon so they could easily beat other pokemon for no reason
  16. meztips

    meztips The name is Bond.

    I think he meant it was a waste of time getting 50 experience points from level 6 rattatas with his level 40 pokemon because he couldn't run away. But yeah, that makes sense too.
  17. pokemonnerd

    pokemonnerd Only uso listens to pnerd. Devo too.

    Not being able to run from battles is just tedious after a certain point. I mean, you'll probably end up using the same pokemon throughout the game regardless of your luck; you'll be leveled enough that battles start getting annoying.
  18. Gtfo

    Gtfo blinded

    I fail at this, i'm doing this with Pokemon Red on an emulator and half of my original pokemon are dead. Alto i was veryvery lucky and i found an ekans wich is pretty cool ;)
    Now i have charmeleon pidgeotto and ekans.
  19. Marche Radiuju

    Marche Radiuju crush it casually

    PO Trainer Name:
    My Electrike got critted by a Numel last night, and was left with 2(!!!) HP. Another close call was at the house with the Macho Brace, where half my team got poisoned by that stupid Roselia (turns out, you lose 13 HP running from that house to the Pokemon Center). I got a Zigzagoon where Volbeat and Roselia are, so that sucks.

    I beat Watson with just my Combusken, at level 26. A little close, though, because I had 10 HP and was confused and paralyzed for my last attack against Magneton #_# Now I've caught a Numel and a Slugma, and I'm hoping for a Spoink on the next route.
  20. Gtfo

    Gtfo blinded

    Well you have a Ziggy, i have 5 Pidgeys (one at the daycare, you never know) and the others are gonna be foddered!!Muahaha
  21. pokemonnerd

    pokemonnerd Only uso listens to pnerd. Devo too.

    I've been working on a Red run, and my team when I hit Cerulean City was comprised of Charmeleon, Geodude and Beedril. Needless to say, I was ecstatic when I ran into an Oddish after the bridge xD
  22. Gtfo

    Gtfo blinded

    I just started a channel in the beta server and we will all be doing nuzlockes of every gen alongside (me, Pearl, Luck, Juggler, HSOWA, Biscuits, Razor, sorry if i forgot someone) so if you want to play with us you can come there.
  23. Marche Radiuju

    Marche Radiuju crush it casually

    PO Trainer Name:
    Man, yesterday I played more Pokemon in one sitting than I have in years.

    I started a Yellow Nuzlocke file, and halfway through it turned into a Poison-mono Nuzlocke (I had caught Nidoran, Zubat, Venonat, and was going to get Bulbasaur and Tentacool). And then I fought Misty too early and my Pikachu died, alongside my poor Nidoqueen. I cried a bit, and then decided to grind for about twenty minutes. With my new team that just barely reached over level 20, I went down to Vermillion.

    And, when I went to catch a Diglett, a level 29 Dugtrio appeared and killed my strongest mon at the time. Now I've gone up to the fifth Gym, and, using an Abra I caught earlier, beat the whole thing in a minute. Kadabra is broken through the roof!
  24. Max99

    Max99 New Member

    XD to me, thats... impossible. Wouldnt it be sad, though if u lost ur starter? Or you lost a pokemon you have a close bond with? :'(
  25. Hodou Masaka

    Hodou Masaka New Member

    Yes, but at the same time, that's the point.

    As lame as it sounds, the reason these runs are so fun is because they renew that (admittedly very fictional) bond you'd kind of feel with your Pokemon back in Gen 1, when we were still young. You get attached to the ones that you use the most, all because you know that if you ever lose them, they'll be gone forever.

    I was really confident in tackling a Soul Silver run, only to lose every Pokemon I owned at the first gym because I got too hasty. XD
  26. Wulfert

    Wulfert It is me

    The channel is revived. :3
  27. Marche Radiuju

    Marche Radiuju crush it casually

    PO Trainer Name:
    So I'm gonna do a SS run of Nuzlocke as soon as I beat the Kanto leaders (yeah right), but in the meantime I'll chill on the server and runthrough Yellow and stuff with anyone who's cool.
  28. Cake

    Cake New Member

    This is seriously the only way to play pokemon as far as i'm concerned. Otherwise it's just piss easy. One rule you should all add while Nuzlocking is the first new pokemon you see is a new area is what you catch. My first Nuzlocke consisted of 90% Poochyena on Emerald. Fuck that noise. Also box your dead mons in a dead box. Never forget.

    Too bad Gen 4 and 5 starters suck unbelievably bad. I'll be pokesaving me a different starter,
  29. Tachyon

    Tachyon New Member

    limiting not only what you can capture but also to simply dispose of pokemon u may have put a lot f time effort and resources to their training, sounds pretty masochistic to me.
    I havn't played in a while now but the main self-restrictions I remember setting in the past were:
    1. to never use non-held battle items (feels like cheating to me).
    2. to avoid switching out if my opponent does the same (like in Gym battles).
    3. to never use my understanding that my opponent is a machine for my advantage
    (like using that to predict it's moves differently than I would a human).
    4. to never use master balls.
    5. to never use any healing items (including off battle).
    6. to never run from a wild battle I'm not sure I can beat with zero damage.
    7. to never use items/moves to avoid trouble, like using Fly or E.rope to or smoke ball t avoid battles.
    8. to never allow a non-captured before mon to escape (that one was hard to follow when I went after the legendary dogs back in the GSC days XD).
    to be continued... (maybe if I'll remember more ^^).
  30. Noog

    Noog So much potential...

    I might start a Red Nuzlocke run, since I'm getting a bit bored of speedrunning every game I have. The Wrap mechanics in that game would be tough to deal with, though...
  31. twofivefive

    twofivefive don't call it a comeback

    This sounds great... I made a challenge myself where instead of dying, you keep the Pokemon in your PC for 5 GAMEPLAY hours, and you aren't allowed to use free healing houses, including Pokemon Centers.
  32. IFM


    Ok bumping this thread I guess.

    So after multiple failed attempts going through the Viridian Forest in Fire Red I finally decided to start with Bulbasaur so those silly Weedles couldn't poison me, since I am doing a legit nuzlocke(no healing items for me). Anyway my journey had been very uneventful up until rock tunnel. Now I made the mistake of trying to go through the tunnel without first getting flash. Anyway, after a few hours of wandering around it happened. My Raticate(The Rat) was up against a hikers geodude. Now I had planned ahead and taught The Rat Dig just for this kind of situation, but little did I know that Geodude had magnitude. Not only does Magnitude damage Pokemon that are under ground, but deals double damage. Raticate was promptly OHKO'd and I was faced with the first loss in my adventure. Now the rest of my Pokemon have responded beautifully, pulling together after the incident to halt my rival(koko) and to shut down Team Rocket. I am currently in the process of training to defeat Erika.

    My current team is:
    Acematador(Growlithe) lvl 29
    -Take Down

    Jabba(Venasaur) lvl 40
    -Secret Power
    -Razor Leaf
    -Leech Seed
    -Sleep Powder

    Pokeball2(Electrode) lvl 34
    -Shock Wave

    Elements(Oddish) lvl 13
    -Sweet Scent

    FatGuyLax(Snorlax) lvl 31
    -Brick Break

    Heiko(Eevee) lvl 25
    -Helping Hand
    -Sand Attack
    -Quick Attack

    In my box:
    Tushar(Caterpie) lvl 4
    Luck(Geodude) lvl 9
    Locopoke(Spearow) lvl 13
    Debby Hoen(Ekans) lvl 6
    Zubit(Zubat) lvl 15
    Mary Jane(Oddish) lvl 22
    Peter(Digglet) lvl 18
    Duoball(Doduo) lvl 20
    Bromance(Pidgey) lvl 7

    The Rat(Raticate) lvl 32

    Edit: I'm hoping this can get more people interested in the Nuzlocke Challenge as it is quite fun. So post your teams as you are going through and maybe even post some fan fiction. I'll give an update on my progress later. RIP The Rat
  33. T-Dogg

    T-Dogg Member

    I'm in the middle of doing a Nuzlocke of Yellow. Everything was going really well, with no deaths, until I hit Lt. Surge. I had forgotten how powerful that Raichu was (level 28), while my highest level was 22. On top of that, the RNG was being a wee bit of a troll. Both of us continually missing our moves, and he got a few crits that mattered. In the end my last, a level 13 Pidgey, defeated him thanks to Leech Seed (from the dead Ivysaur) + Sand Attack hax. Now I'm left with a team of 5, most of them level 10 or under. Grinding is a pain. I'm pretty depressed, but will soldier on. At least it gives me a chance to use some different guys.

    The Current Team:
    [secret]MarkTwo (Pidgey) lvl 15
    - Gust
    - Sand Attack
    - Quick Attack

    Turtle Soup (Squirtle) lvl 10
    - Tackle
    - Tail Whip
    - Bubble

    Batman (Zubat) lvl 10
    - Leech Life
    - Supersonic

    Inpestaton (Ratatta) lvl 8
    - Tackle
    - Tail Whip
    - Quick Attack

    Bubble Gum (Jigglypuff) lvl 7
    - Sing[/secret]


    [secret]Elecpest (Pikachu) lvl 22
    Kaluth (Charmeleon) lvl 21
    Dinoflower (Ivysaur) lvl 21
    Angrybirdz (Fearow) lvl 21
    DoNotBugMe (Butterfree) lvl 21[/secret]

    RIP dream team.

    P.S MVP so far, despite the fact he's now dead, was Butterfree. I never realized just how powerful that thing was early game.
    Last edited by a moderator: Apr 4, 2014
  34. Professor Oak

    Professor Oak KA-BOOM! Memelord-in-training

    PO Trainer Name:
    Professor Oak
    The idea was started by Pearl, but it's being hosted by me. We are doing a Fire Red Nuzlocke run.
    Rules: Nickname all Pokemon; Release / Permabox when fainted; Set battle type; items allowed; Marts and Centers fully allowed; standard Pokemon catching rule (catch 1st Pokemon on a route or town, or you get none for that place); NO same Pokemon rule (you see a Pokemon you already caught as the first in a route, you can still only catch that Pokemon); Trade evolution is allowed.

    There is an exception to the 1 Pokemon catching rule - multiple people forgot that the patch of grass above Viridian Forest is a part of Route 2, and thus caught another Pokemon from that grass. As such, all people taking part can do so if they wish.

    PM me on the server, or leave me a VM here on the forums if you wish to take part. However, do not join if you do not intend on finishing your run, either by completion or game over.

    Current participants: Pearl, Professor Oak, Pokemonnerd, BenXxX, Dasdardly, Ginku, Vaporeon, Parpar356, Django, Deria, CBB, T-Dogg, DarkDiglett, HitmonKerny, Luck>Skill, fidgety, ShadowRayquaza, AnneWintour, Prof Croak, Kyrk.
    Other games: Juggler (Gold), xdevo (White).

    First Run
    • Professor Oak:
    • BenXxX: No deaths - COMPLETE
    • Pokemonnerd:
    • Dasdardly: Scootaloo (Lv. 3 Pidgey) - Wild Pidgey; Batshit (Lv. 17 Zubat) - Trainer's Geodude.
    • Parpar356: Nick (Lv. 3 Weedle) - Wild Pidgey; Kanye (Lv. 6 Spearow) - Wild Spearow; Bobby Joe (Lv. 14 Rattata) - Rival's Charmander; Jeffery (Lv. 17 Ivysaur) - Confusion.
    • Deria: Rats (Lv. 3 Rattata) - Brock's Onix; Beckss (Lv. 3 Rattata) - Brock's Onix; CJ (Lv. 5 Caterpie) - Brock's Onix.
    • AnneWintour:
    • Prof. Croak:
    • Kyrk: 1 Percent (Lv. 19 Rattata) - Rival's Charmander.
    • DarkDiglett: Tuamantor (Lv. 14 Mankey) - Rival's Charmander; RAWR (Lv. 31 Ivysaur) - Trainer's Voltorb; Cutterbro (Lv. 20 Diglett) - Trainer's Electrode; Tua v2 (Lv. 42 Primeape) - Lorelei's Jynx; CH4 (Lv. 32 Weezing) - Agatha's Arbok; Buck (Lv. 47 Raticate) - Lance's Aerodactyl; Moa (Lv. 50 Dodrio) - Champion's Charizard; Raid (Lv. 53 Butterfree) - Champion's Gyarados - COMPLETE
    • CBB: Ultra Rare (Lv. 9 Zubat) - Trainer's Pidgey; ELECTABOZZ (Lv. 45 Electabuzz) - Trainer's Weezing; Kadabro (Level 51 Kadabra) - Agatha's Gengar; Firefucker (Lv. 50 Rapidash) - Rival's Alakazam; Triplerage (Lv. 51 Dodrio) - Rival's Alakazam; Drugged Up (Lv. 50 Vileplume) - Rival's Alakazam; Broscy (Lv. 50 Scyther) - Rival's Rhydon - COMPLETE
    • Pearl: Minerva (Lv. 14 Rattata) - In-battle Poison; Spinnin' (Lv. 16 Wartortle) - Confusion; Mariah (Lv. 12 Spearow) - Trainer's Ekans.
    • Ginku: BROKENZARD (Lv. 14 Charmander) - Brock's Onix; Tommy Gun (Lv. 11 Rattata) - Brock's Onix.
    • Vaporeon: Mothra (Lv. 4 Caterpie) - Rival's Pidgey; Jenny (Lv. 8 Pidgey) - Brock's Onix; Hayden (Lv. 18 Zubat) - Trainer's Mankey.
    • T-Dogg: Shrooms! (Lv. 17 Oddish) - Misty's Starmie; Shenron (Lv. 17 Magikarp) - Wild Diglett; ManPurple (Lv. 23 Nidoking) - Trainer's Geodude; Snowball (Lv. 28 Graveler) - Burn; Indiana (Lv. 18 Onix) - Giovanni's Kangaskhan; Sheldon (Lv. 32 Butterfree) - Rocket's Koffing; BigBird (Lv. 34 Pidgeotto) - Trainer's Primeape; Brains (Lv. 28 Primeape) - Dojo Master's Hitmonlee; CO2 (Lv. 17 Gastly) - Dojo Master's Hitmonchan; AngryBirds (Lv. 13 Spearow) - Giovanni's Kangaskhan; Liger (Lv. 32 Growlithe) - Trainer's Primeape; Slinkey (Lv. 46 Hitmonlee) - Bruno's Onix; TurtleSoup (Lv. 51 Blastoise) - Bruno's Machamp; Quiver (Lv. 48 Venomoth) - Agatha's Gengar; ShinySonic (Lv. 48 Jolteon) - Agatha's Arbok; Gordon (Lv. 47 Snorlax) - Agatha's Haunter; ShowCause (Lv. 42 Rapidash) - Lance's Gyarados.
    • HitmonKerny: N.A.S.A (Lv. 5 Caterpie) - Wild Pidgey; Shaniqua (Lv. 13 Pidgey) - Trainer's Clefairy; Ninny (Lv. 16 Jigglypuff) - Trainer's Shellder; B1rDi3 (Lv. 11 Spearow) - Trainer's Rattata; QUILT (Lv. 16 Pidgey) - Trainer's Growlithe; Hattie (Lv. 16 Spearow) - Trainer's Tentacool; Yvonne (Lv. 15 Zubat) - Wild Geodude; Beelbosa (Lv. 30 Ivysaur) - Rival's Exeggcute; Denise (Lv. 31 Graveler) - Trainer's Voltorb; Vivian (Lv. 40 Vileplume) - Rival's Charizard; Glub (Lv. 21 Goldeen) - Rival's Charizard; Gemini (Lv. 38 Dodrio) - Rival's Charizard; N00b (Lv. 35 Flareon) - Trainer's Weezing; Joka (Lv. 33 Butterfree) - Trainer's Farfetch'd.
    • Luck>Skill: BROKENZARD (Lv. 5 Charmander) - Loss of data.
    • flashbolt: ZIAH (Lv. 7 Bulbasaur) - Wild Pidgey.
    • Django: DAT BIRD (Lv. 17 Spearow) - Gary's Pidgeotto; Apeshit (Lv. 20 Mankey) - In-battle Poison; Falcon (Lv. 21 Diglett) - Trainer's Pikachu; Baku (Lv. 17 Drowzee) - Wild Dugtrio; Apeshit2 (Lv. 17 Mankey) - Wild Mankey; Pnerd (Lv. 31 Snorlax) - Giovanni's Nidoqueen; K9 (Lv. 29 Growlithe) - Trainer's Fearow; Notorious (Lv. 21 Omanyte) - Wild Fearow; Notpnerd (Lv. 42 Snorlax) - Trainer's Weezing; Bruce (Lv. 47 Hitmonlee) - Lance's Aerodactyl; Phatlip (Lv. 51 Lapras) - Lance's Aerodactyl; Brobasau (Lv. 50 Venusaur) - Lance's Aerodactyl; Jikuroku (Lv. 48 Pidgeot) - Lance's Aerodactyl; CBBWEAK (Lv. 47 Raticate) - Lance's Aerodactyl.
    • ShadowR: Jack (Lv. 7 Spearow) - Trainer's Magnemite; Fun Guy (Lv. 9 Paras) - Misty's Staryu; Chuck (Lv. 22 Mankey) - Misty's Staryu; BROKENZARD (Lv 24 Charmeleon) - Misty's Staryu

    Non-FRLG runs:
    • Juggler: Lillian (Lv. 11 Rattata) - Morty's Haunter; ATLAS (Lv. 28 Graveler) - Jasmine's Steelix; NASUADA (Lv. 6 Bellsprout) - Jasmine's Magnemite; ATLASpk (Lv. 39 Primeape) - Trainer's Koffing; FISHERWIFE (Lv. 21 Goldeen) - Lance's Aerodactyl. - COMPLETE
    • xdevo: Steve (Lv. 9 Patrat) - Cilan's Lillipup; Pansear (Lv. 16 Pansear) - Wild Tympole.

    Second Run
    • ShadowR:
    • HitmonKerny: Nandos (Lv. 7 Nidoran-m) - Wild Spearow; Queenie (Lv. 13 Spearow) - Trainer's Machop.
    • Vaporeon: Niglett (Lv. 20 Oddish) - Trainer's Pikachu; Ganja (Lv. 20 Oddish) - Trainer's Rattata; Marc (Lv. 16 Growlithe) - Trainer's Grimer; Arnold (Lv. 34 Snorlax) - Giovanni's Nidoqueen; Splinter (Lv. 37 Raticate) - Giovanni's Kangaskhan; Hipjohnlee (Lv. 38 Hitmonlee) - Trainer's Charmeleon; Erike (Lv. 43 Butterfree) - Trainer's Weezing; Jessica (Lv. 50 Pidgeot) - Agatha's Arbok; Classy (Lv. 10 Meowth) - Lance's Aerodactyl. - COMPLETE
    • Ginku: BIIIIIIRD (Lv. 6 Spearow) - Rival's Pidgeotto; SHROOM (Lv. 16 Paras) - Trainer's Goldeen; CRASH (Lv. 32 Hitmonlee) - Trainer's Machoke; POSEIDON (Lv. 18 Horsea) - Trainer's Spearow; Torched (Lv. 40 Charizard) - Trainer's Muk; OD (Lv. 38 Vileplume) - Quit; BZZZT (Lv. 40 Jolteon) - Quit; Pudge (Lv. 40 Snorlax) - Quit; Franklin (Lv. 10 Meowth) - Quit.
    • Pearl: Dicknose 2 (Lv. 5 Mankey) - Wild Pikachu; Anne (Lv. 9 Magikarp) - Trainer's Bellsprout; Mariah (Lv. 29 Pikachu) - Trainer's Rattata; Tyler (Lv. 33 Venusaur) - Trainer's Machop; Mary (Lv. 14 Oddish) - Trainer's Mankey; Scott (Lv. 33 Golem) - Used BOOM; Andrew (Lv. 27 Flareon) - Trainer's Hitmonchan; Mary (Lv. 10 Meowth) - Wild Rattata.
    • Luck>Skill: BROKENZARD (Lv. 5 Charmander) - Rival's Squirtle.
    • flashbolt: Django (Lv 23 Ivysaur) - Misty's Starmie; Offspring (Lv. 20 Pidgeotto) - Misty's Starmie; TheReferee (Lv. 8 Zubat) - Misty's Starmie:

    Third Run
    • Pearl: Trevor (Lv. 47 Jolteon) - Trainer's Jigglypuff; Melanie (Lv. 49 Arcanine) Champion's Gyarados; Chuck (Lv. 52 Hitmonlee) - Champion's Arcanine. - COMPLETE
    • Luck>Skill: GGGGG (Lv. 3 Pidgey) - Wild Rattata; John (Lv. 12 Butterfree) - Brock's Onix; GGGGG (Lv 29. Pidgeotto) - Confusion; Scarf (Lv. 17 Ekans) - Trainer's Clefairy; GGGGG 3.0 (Lv. 21 Pidgeotto) - Trainer's Ivysaur; Catherine (Lv. 23 Doduo) - Erika's Vileplume; Henry (Lv. 30 Machamp) - Giovanni's Kangaskhan; George (Lv. 25 Eevee) - Giovanni's Kangaskhan; No Dinero (Lv. 26 Meowth) - Trainer's Koffing; 4chan (Lv. 25 Hitmonchan) - Trainer's Muk; Ghoife (Lv. 21 Gastly) - Trainer's Magnemite; Bighan (Lv. 35 Tentacruel) - Wild Raticate; pnerd (Lv. 36 Snorlax) - Trainer's Nidoqueen; Jeky (Lv. 19 Horsea) - Champion's Arcanine; Dertian (Lv. 23 Tangela) - Champion's Arcanine. - COMPLETE
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  35. Rigas

    Rigas Active Member

    I am confused...

  36. Django

    Django UNCHAINED

    BRISGAY's Run
    Update 1: Boulderbadge get.

    Leaving Pallet Town with my faithful Bulbasuar (who due to unfortunate learning difficulty of mine is now called Brobasau, no its not a typo.) was always going to be a wrench, but a world of Pokemon awaits. After GG'ing Gary (DOUCHE) I caught a Mankey (Apeshit) who is being raised into a fine Primeape. Apeshit beat DOUCHE the second time by himself, and both he and Brobasau creamed Viridian Forest. A wild Caterpie and Rattata were both crit'd in the attempt to catch them. Upon leaving the forest I found a Pidgey (BRAVE BIRD). Brock then got destroyed by Apeshit.

    Moving on up to Mt. Moon! No deaths yet, but I forsee a dark future.

    Current Team:
    Brobasau Lv. 13
    Apeshit Lv. 12
    BRAVE BIRD Lv. 3
  37. pokemonnerd

    pokemonnerd Only uso listens to pnerd. Devo too.

    Kyle's run

    Update 1: Game Start to Boulder Badge

    Alright, after choosing the almighty Charmander which will later become BROKENZARD, i set out on my pogeyman quest. After beating my rival, Nick(who is too stupid to use his Bubble attack against BROKENZARD) I ran into a Mankey who was subsequently caught and named RAGE. After that, I bought a fair amount of potions and a few antidotes, and made my way through Viridian Forest. I found the elusive Pikachu there, and after gloating about it named it Blitz. Then, I went into the grass immediately after and killed the Weedle I ran into; I had no use for it. After that I walked right into Brock's gym, where Mankey went to town(almost getting killed by an onslaught of crits from the Onix who also out sped me) and netted me the badge.


    So far it's set to be a pretty smooth run, got really lucky with the Pikachu. Looking forward to what happens next.

    The team as of now:

    Oh yeah, no deaths as of yet :D

    Update 2: Route 3 to Vermillion City

    Yeah, for the tl;dr version go down to the first hide tag and on.

    After Mankey did his little rampage in Brock's gym, we went to the pokemon center to recuperate after being bombarded by crits from Onix, and then headed out to Mt. Moon. After getting some running shoes and learning how to run, Pikachu decided to take the lead, zapping everything in sight and gaining levels very quickly. Then, we decided to go into the grass and a Pidgey popped out! A nice change of pace from the Weedles and Rattatas that I had no use for, I decided to not let Blitz fry it and let Mankey smack it around until I could catch it. I quickly named it Taxi since that would be it's main job.

    After that, we rested at a Pokemon Center right outside of Mount Moon. A weird old fish salesman was trying to get me to buy a Magikarp while in there. He said it would evolve into something monstrous, but I retorted that it still sucks in game and swiftly told him to fuck off.

    In the cave, I quickly stumbled upon a Geodude; I happened to be leading with Charmeleon(who evolved during Pikachu's little stint in Route 3) and quickly drove it to half health with Metal Claw. However, I then roasted it to death, thinking it could survive an Ember. Oh well, Rhyhorn's better anyway. While spelunking around the cave I found some very nice Moon Stones and a Rare Candy which could be useful for leveling up something later. Towards the end I met up with a rowdy group called "Team Rocket" who just rudely charged at me with their pokemon. You'd think for some organization trying to steal my pokemon that some of their own would be competent. Towards the end I ran into a fellow nerd who was trying to horde fossils to himself; after beating his pokemon around, he said I could have whichever one I wanted.

    Getting out of the cave, I looked at the hilly terrain and started going down to what looked like a city. I saw two guys mindlessly punching and kicking on top of a hill, arguing about whether punches or kicks were better, but decided to ignore them, as they were probably crazy anyway. I noticed on the last cliff I dropped down from that there was absolutely no way to get back; I hoped I didn't miss anything and quickly went into the city, ignoring the grassy area to my right.

    In the city my rival was just getting off of Nugget Bridge. As usual, he didn't even give me time to speak, so I had to beat up his poor pokemon once again. He gave me this Fame Checker thing that I threw over the bridge after finding it was worthless and went on my way to the 5 trainers on the bridge. After Pikachu was done blazing through yet another trainer gauntlet, we were asked to join Team Rocket. I said yes, but apparently the guy was deaf and kept asking until he attacked me, so I had to quickly defeat him. I then decided joining Team Rocket was a stupid idea. Anyway, since I saw some hikers up ahead I decided to give Blitz a break and let BROKENZARD(jr.) take the lead instead. We easily blazed through most of the trainers, where RAGE stepped in once in a while to help out with the odd Onix and Blitz took on a Slowpoke.

    Arriving at Bill's place, I quickly glanced around seeing no one was there except a small pokemon. When I got close, however, it said "'ello there chap. How are you?" Surprised, I stopped dead in my tracks and did a double take: the little guy explained he was Bill and something went wrong with his transfer device. After helping him get back to normal he thanked me by giving me a ticket to the SS Anne, which is a famous luxury cruise ship! Then I decided to go back to Cerulean, as I saw a gym before running into my asshat of a rival.

    Before we could get to where I saw the gym, I noticed some a police officer standing outside of someone's house; she explained Team Rocket stole a TM from the resident of the house, so I went in and out the back to see if he was there, and there he stood. I quickly fried his pokemon with Blitz, and as a result he grew a level which also netted him Thunderbolt. and he gave me the TM he stole from that guy. I figured "Hey, the police are dumb enough not to check back here, so why should I have to give it back?" It could prove useful later.

    So, after going into the Pokemon Center, I quickly healed my team and headed over to the gym, where the two trainers there were quickly taken care of by Blitz. Misty then accepted my challenge, and no sooner than that did Blitz fry both Staryu and Starmie. Misty then handed me the badge along with the TM for water pulse, wished me luck, and I went on my way to Vermillion City!


    So yeah, as I predicted, the run is going really smoothly. Just touched down in Vermillion, and about to go through the SS Anne. Once you get the VS Seeker it's smooth sailing as well, since nothing you get takes terribly long to grind anymore. No deaths so far and hopefully I can keep a clean record till the game's completion.

    Team as of now:
    Pokemon boxed: I only have 4 pokemon.
    Pokemon dead: None yet.
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  38. KnightOwlAshley

    KnightOwlAshley Active Member

    PO Trainer Name:
  39. Professor Oak

    Professor Oak KA-BOOM! Memelord-in-training

    PO Trainer Name:
    Professor Oak
    The luck of the Irish, I tell ya.

    You better grind with it in Viridian Forest so that it doesn't die.

    Anyway, editing in parts 1 and 2 of my adventure into this post, so that it doesn't lag so much when I update the log post.

    Road to Viridian City, and the Rock-Solid Pokémon Trainer!
    I started my adventure with my trusty pal, CHAZ the Charmander. He made mincemeat of Gary's Squirtle when the arrogant prick challenged me to a battle. I then set off down Route 1, with a familiar tune playing in my head. Upon visiting the Poke Mart and getting Oak's Parcel for him, I returned to his lab and gave it to him. He seemed slightly embarressed that a noob like me had given him his parcel, but he quickly explained that the new type of Poke Ball he was working on would allow him to, and I quote, "RUN THIS PLACE". After stealing a Pokédex from him, visiting Daisy and borrowing a Town Map off of her, I set off once again on my journey.

    Now that I had some Poke Balls - I stole them from the Poke Mart whilst the shopkeeper was finding Oak's Parcel - I could finally catch some Pokemon. I've since caught 2 Rattata from Route 2 and Route 22 - one called TOPPERCENT and one called MICKEY. Both were boxed immediately, because I have a phobia of rats. I then decided to check out the Pokemon League... but my way was blocked by Gary. He explained that the guard wouldn't let him in, despite him being Professor Oak's grandson. You can't ride his coattails all the way, you idiot. Chaz made very quick work of him, and he stormed off.

    Following that, I entered Viridian Forest, after suffering a shocking defeat at the hands of the game crashing. Luckily, I saved just a couple of seconds earlier. I then discovered the rare and elusive Pokemon, Pikachu. After capturing, I decided that it will have to follow the long line of Raichu that have been in our family - every single one has been named BOOKER T. Quite why, I have no idea. Still, I did not wish to disrespect my ancestors, so I continued.

    Upon reaching Route 2, I met a friendly little Weedle. After beating it within an inch of its life and leaving it paralysed, I caught it. I nicknamed him BUZZ, and healed him up. We then started grinding up, in order to try and face Brock. In doing so, Buzz evolved from a Weedle, through Kakuna, and into Beedrill! However, Buzz and Booker T were to be useless in the upcoming Gym... so me and Chaz faced it alone.

    "You're ten-thousand light years away from facing Brock!", the Jr. Trainer exclaimed as I rushed into the kitchen to prevent my pizza from burning. Upon returning, I made him eat his words - Chaz comfortably beat his team, and then evolved into Charmeleon! Chaz was pumped and ready to go, so I healed up, and walked up to Brock. Geodude was a piece of cake, and it fell without doing any damage... but then, in came Onix. It was clear to me that Chaz would be dead if Onix managed to encase Chaz completely in a Rock Tomb. Onix used Rock Tomb, and... missed! Chaz had already dashed forwards and slashed Onix with his Metal Claw! From then on, Onix struggled to keep up. It managed to land one attack only, but it was nothing compared to the grace of Chaz! Brock bowed his head in defeat, muttered something about bshax, and gave me his Boulderbadge! One down, seven to go! Onwards, to Cerulean City!

    Team thus far: Chaz (Lv. 17 Charmeleon), Buzz (Lv. 10 Beedrill), Booker T (Lv. 14 Pikachu).
    Box: TopPercent (Lv. 3 Rattata), Mickey (Lv. 5 Rattata).
    Grave: None!

    Clefairy's Moonlight Sonata, and the Tomboyish Mermaid!
    After leaving Brock's Gym, I headed straight for Route 3. The Running Shoes helped a lot, but I could not evade capture. The evil Youngster approached me, explaining: "I like shorts. They're comfy and easy to wear!" After deciding that this quote was to become a catchphrase of mine, I kicked some more ass - or rather, Buzz and Booker T did. We reached the entrance of Mt. Moon without encountering a wild Pokémon. It was then that it dawned on me - I was going to get slaughtered by the multitude of Geodude in there.

    So I put my hands together, and prayed to Arceus. I hoped that he would allow me to encounter a Mankey back on Route 3. After I finished my prayer, I turned into the grasslands of Route 3, and I tripped. Some stupid monkey stole my hat! I was gonna catch up to it and slowly choke it until its head explodes. Then I realised that its head was pretty much his body, and that this would be impossible. I was just about to give up on my hat when the blindly obvious dawned on me - I had encountered a Mankey! Revenge was to be sweet. Booker T paralysed it and beat it within an inch of its life, allowing me the chance to steal my hat back. After placing it firmly on my head, Booker T shouted at me. Why the fuck did I forget to throw a Poke Ball at it? I quickly turned around and threw a Poke Ball in one swift movement. Needless to say, it could not resist.

    After deliberating what to call this Mankey, I settled on a name that I would easily remember due to him stealing my hate: RAGE. I levelled up Rage a little bit, and then proceeded into Mt. Moon. Soon after entering, I encountered a wild Zubat, which did not attack me. It simply landed on my hat and fell asleep. I threw a Poke Ball at it, nicknamed it BATTY, and then allowed it to continue to sleep on my head. I had also heard of reports of Team Rocket in the area, and sure enough, there they were. You'd think that they would get some better Pokémon though. I faced a Pokemaniac who was hogging some fossils. I told him that I knew Professor Oak, and he let me take a Helix Fossil. Stupid fucker, I just didn't want him using Shell Smash Omastar against me. I quickly exited Mt. Moon before he could realise what I had done.

    After shouting at the pair of Black Belts that were arguing whether Mega Punch or Mega Kick is better - "Both of them are Normal-type moves, you tits. Body Slam, Return, Frustration and Double-Edge are all better!" - and rather rapidly hiding in the grass, I ended up running up the nearest tree: I ran into yet another Rattata. I swear, they're going to be the death of me. Luckily, Booker T was still running around. He spotted it, shocked it and then allowed me to capture it. One less Rattata in the wild means less chances of it killing me. I then decided that MR JINGLES was to remain in the Shit Box, alongside his siblings.

    I quickly darted down the rest of Route 4, and reached Cerulean City. Booker T decided he wanted to take on Misty now, so we headed to the Gym. The male Gym Trainers said "Lets do it!" to me. I told Pikachu to fry his ass, cos I am not gonna be doing anything with a guy, especially if he's only wearing swim shorts. There was also this girl who was making sandwiches. I asked for a chicken and stuffing sandwich, and she duly oblidged after Booker T fried her Goldeen. Nice to see she knows her place.

    After leaving to level up a little more, I ended up face to face with Misty. A shame that she has no soul, cos she seems like a nice girl. She keeps dying her hair blonde, but we all know that her natural hair colour is ginger. "Strawberry blonde" my arse. The Gym Battle was surprisingly easy. However, it was not Booker T who was the star of the show - it was Buzz. His Twineedle OHKOed Staryu, before 2HKOing Starmie. He even survived 2 Water Pulses from Starmie, which was impressive enough to make me want to consider keeping him in my final lineup. As such, Misty got down on her knees and gave me some pleasure. By that, I mean that she gave me the Cascadebadge! Two down, six to go!

    The nearest Gym to Cerulean City is in Celadon City. However, when I tried to pass through Saffron City in order to get there, some stupid cunt of a guard decided that he was too thirsty to let me through! What a cunt. Looks like I'm going the long way round!

    Team thus far: Chaz (Lv. 18 Charmeleon), Buzz (Lv. 20 Beedrill), Booker T (Lv. 21 Pikachu), Rage (Lv. 18 Mankey).
    Box: TopPercent (Lv. 3 Rattata), Mickey (Lv. 5 Rattata), Mr Jingles (Lv. 10 Rattata), Batty (Lv. 8 Zubat).
    Grave: None!

    To be continued...
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  40. King UU

    King UU Sharpedo, unlike Mega Sharpedo, is not a mega.

    Miguel (also known as Pearl/Vision Of Love)'s run:

    Update 1 (Start - Battle VS Brock)

    It started like every Nuzlocke run starts: Kicking your rival's ass. In my case, I did it with Spinnin', my Squirtle, because it's a fucking boss. On Route 2 I caught a Female Rattata that I called Minerva, or, in other words, Minnie (see this for reference), which then proceded to rape my rival for the second time. Viridian Forest was boring as hell, and I simply killed the Catarpie I could've caught. Brock was easily defeated by Spinnin' and his Gun made of Water. Nothing interesting to say.

    Team: Level 15 Squirtle (Spinnin') / Level 12 Rattata (Minerva)

    Update 2 (Battle VS Brock - Route 3)

    The Route where everyone's teams start to become different. On it, I finally got the Mankey I deserved. However, both Spinnin' and Minerva died there, victims of Confusion and Poison Damage. In order to recover from that loss, I went to Mt. Moon, where I found a Geodude and then started grinding.

    Team: [​IMG]

    R.I.P.: [​IMG]

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