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Elements has access to this forum

Discussion in 'PO Classics' started by coyotte508, Mar 7, 2012.

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  1. Lamperi

    Lamperi I see what you did there

    we can keep it like this for now..
  2. coyotte508

    coyotte508 Well-Known Member Administrator Server Owner

    And i left. Feel free to reveal it, i won't be online for a few hours.
  3. Elements

    Elements BOOMER SOONER

    PO Trainer Name:
    (11:45:30) Welcome Message: | We hold the torch of NU, whose flame will never go out! UNLESS: Coyo going crazy again - | | | | | | | ARE YOU FUCKING SHITTING ME, OAK? LIKE SERIOUSLY GROW A FUCKING PAIR. | What a bunch of shit. Congrats on ruining the server

    for the memories
  4. Archerknight

    Archerknight Legends

    PO Trainer Name:
    I was taking it seriously until I saw this. ;_;

    Others believe it lol - but this could result in disaster.
  5. Lamperi

    Lamperi I see what you did there

  6. pokemonnerd

    pokemonnerd Only uso listens to pnerd. Devo too.

    I was hoping this wouldn't be revealed so soon.
  7. Ozma

    Ozma Grunt in the machine

    I was under the impression the 'one channel on PO' thing everyone seems to be talking was the April Fools joke.
  8. coyotte508

    coyotte508 Well-Known Member Administrator Server Owner

    Well, since it's here,I'm ending it.
  9. Dasdardly

    Dasdardly Uknown Bird

    PO Trainer Name:
    Dasdardly, Eureka
  10. Ginku

    Ginku Banned

    I stand by this.
  11. Darkness

    Darkness <b><span style="color:#1e1e1e">DN</span><span styl

    (massive facepalm)
  12. Blitzamirin

    Blitzamirin Waluigi! Number one!

    PO Trainer Name:
    I have only seen mods post until this point. Are we normal users suppose to see this?

    I was on the server yesterday, and no channels were merged :/
  13. Hobbes2

    Hobbes2 Aren't I dead or something

    PO Trainer Name:
    2012 PO awards thread of the year right here.

    Too bad it got revealed so soon
  14. Blitzamirin

    Blitzamirin Waluigi! Number one!

    PO Trainer Name:
    That sucks :/

    Did the channels really get merged (I was not here)?
  15. Rigas

    Rigas Active Member

    What the fuck???[/HIDE]
  16. Professor Oak

    Professor Oak ... Forum Administrator Server Owner

    PO Trainer Name:
    Professor Oak
    We did not anticipate the sheer volume of the reaction at all - at least not originally. We had hoped to have just planted the idea and caused a minor shitstorm, and then caused a MAJOR one over the period nearer to April 1st.

    I guess that speaks volumes on how much bullshit you guys are not willing to take, and just how much you actually do care about your own individual chats on the server.

    Thank you guys, for making this amusing.

    We were completely unprepared for this, and we should have waited until slightly closer the date before even considering this, in hindsight. That being said, hindsight is 20-20.

    A special thank you to [IMP]Smile for showing his truth thoughts about me. I appreciate it :)
    Last edited: Mar 9, 2012
  17. Rarity

    Rarity try again


    Excellent, I must say
  18. Mattstah

    Mattstah Emotional Sickness

  19. TacoBell

    TacoBell i'm a noob ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    Haha, omg, gg. So many people were freaking out. Well played, well played indeed.
  20. coyotte508

    coyotte508 Well-Known Member Administrator Server Owner

    During 5 minutes what was said in any channel appeared in every channel. The whole server was freaking out. After that lamperi reverted the script and kicked me, and I banned him in return.
  21. "Bad To The Bone" Balla

    "Bad To The Bone" Balla so B.A.D.

    k i'm impressed, I was most definatley convinced.

    EDIT: nice april fools joke. In march.
    Last edited: Mar 10, 2012
  22. twofivefive

    twofivefive don't call it a comeback

    I actually wanted to see this happen for a longer period of time just to watch people's reactions get blown out of control. Such a pity it only happened for a short amount of time.

    Anyways you should have waited until April to do this, some people were really freaking out.
  23. Kazuchika Okada

    Kazuchika Okada Member

    lol A++ troll

    I fell for it too -_-
    Last edited by a moderator: Apr 4, 2014
  24. Elements

    Elements BOOMER SOONER

    PO Trainer Name:

    Yes, originally this was supposed to be the April Fools Joke, however the reactions from the entire server (at least mini-communities) that mattered was getting quite out of hand. I aimed to troll the server, but as things were going the server would have self-imploded. As such, I had to put my feelings for the troll (and believe me I wanted it to last MUCH longer) aside and do cleanup to prevent any unnecessary quits. Some people are saying I started it way to early, but my reputation as a troll would cause people to believe that this whole "finding a log in the Supermod+ forum" was part of it. I needed it to start way before April 1st to throw off suspicion about it. I think it was very successful because even the people who know that I'm a total troll (Ginku, Bad Romance, etc) were fooled. I can't say the degree to which they were fooled, but I totally got them :). Anyway, I give you now the final chat log of the troll. This is the reaction of the server to coyotte508 adding the script that made everything said in private channels appear in all channels.

    (11:30:32) ~~Server~~: ok
    (11:30:41) ~~Server~~: time to merge all channels into one channel
    (11:30:53) ±ScriptCheck: Scripts were updated!
    (11:30:54) RandomOne: wait wut
    (11:30:55) +Luck>Skill: ...
    (11:30:55) Pikachu35: wat
    (11:30:56) -Trono: WTF
    (11:30:57) SteelEdges: Hi, ~~~Server~~.
    (11:30:58) Larsk: No
    (11:31:00) Larsk: gtfo coyo
    (11:31:01) Dodger!: wtf?
    (11:31:01) Cirno of 9: ...
    (11:31:01) +Dasdardly: Welp.
    (11:31:02) +Luck>Skill: HAHAHAHAHA
    (11:31:03) xIce-: wth is going on?
    (11:31:04) Jxaad?: joo 6 luokka
    (11:31:04) Senik: what?
    (11:31:06) LEAF cooki: what
    (11:31:06) CrashingBoomBang: LETS GO
    (11:31:07) Dodger!: o.O
    (11:31:10) +Dasdardly: Here goes nothing.
    (11:31:10) +Ginku: this is a sad day
    (11:31:10) CrashingBoomBang: lmao
    (11:31:10) Larsk: No one likes you
    (11:31:10) Wriggle Nightbug: Yes
    (11:31:11) celestial phantom: you need to get a different source than wikipedia since it's unreliable
    (11:31:12) FPT: What about Maf and Triv?
    (11:31:13) Dodger!: hmph
    (11:31:15) +Luck>Skill: are you really
    (11:31:15) Rewer: ahahahahah
    (11:31:16) MJB: wtf lol
    (11:31:17) +Luck>Skill: expecting ME
    (11:31:17) Wriggle Nightbug: This
    (11:31:18) Plooper: oO
    (11:31:18) CrashingBoomBang: hi rewer
    (11:31:19) CrashingBoomBang: !
    (11:31:19) Cirno of 9: o.O
    (11:31:19) +Luck>Skill: to moderate this
    (11:31:19) Rewer: nigga dumv
    (11:31:19) Wriggle Nightbug: Yes
    (11:31:21) Plooper: Noo :(
    (11:31:21) Kuraudo: this is fun
    (11:31:22) +Lamperi: :o
    (11:31:22) +Dasdardly: I'll miss you.
    (11:31:24) CrashingBoomBang: HI REWER
    (11:31:24) +Luck>Skill: ANSWER ME COYOTTE508
    (11:31:24) Larsk: FY
    (11:31:25) SteelEdges: This is the beginning of the end
    (11:31:26) RedJoker25: Mafia is silly now.
    (11:31:26) xIce-: why are they in here?
    (11:31:27) Wriggle Nightbug: PO has gone to hell
    (11:31:27) SteelEdges: I LOVE YOU ALL
    (11:31:28) +Mahnmut: ffffffffff
    (11:31:29) +coyotte508: lol
    (11:31:29) Jxaad?: joo 6 luoka
    (11:31:31) Larsk: COYO YOU SON OF A
    (11:31:33) parasect4test: WHY U DO THIS
    (11:31:33) Dodger!: laggin DD:
    (11:31:34) FPT: :/
    (11:31:35) Koga Saw: ...I quit tours.
    (11:31:37) celestial phantom: coyotte please change this
    (11:31:37) +Luck>Skill: HAHA
    (11:31:37) Larsk: RAGE
    (11:31:38) The Tempest: Tournaments has already been screwed up.
    (11:31:39) +Luck>Skill: kk
    (11:31:40) Lightwind: This is going to make it very difficult to play maf.
    (11:31:40) Elements: this is just ridiculous
    (11:31:40) +Luck>Skill: have fun
    (11:31:40) SteelEdges: I love you, though, seriously.
    (11:31:41) The Tempest: This sucks.
    (11:31:41) Jxaad?: ks
    (11:31:41) CrashingBoomBang: REWER FLASH
    (11:31:42) A Wild Hoe Appeared!: NUUUU
    (11:31:43) Jxaad?: zps
    (11:31:43) LEAF cooki: BASTARD
    (11:31:44) Elements: oh yeah btw I got unbanned
    (11:31:44) CrashingBoomBang: HI
    (11:31:44) -ZDW-: yea change this coyo
    (11:31:44) Pikachu35: lol
    (11:31:47) Rewer: CrashingBoomBang
    (11:31:48) A Wild Hoe Appeared!: I love you all so much <3
    (11:31:48) +Ginku: this is
    (11:31:48) FPT: yeah, this sucks
    (11:31:49) Rewer: Hi
    (11:31:49) +Ginku: so sad
    (11:31:49) Koga Saw: my eyes...
    (11:31:51) +HSOWA: inb4earlyaprilfools
    (11:31:52) kokoloko: rofl
    (11:31:53) [IMP]Nimp: EVERYONE TO IRC
    (11:31:54) Pikachu35: lol wow
    (11:31:57) CrashingBoomBang: so this is
    (11:31:57) celestial phantom: coyotte you bastard
    (11:31:57) !Bäääm!: fucking weather noobs
    (11:31:58) [IMP]Marth: whats even happening
    (11:31:58) CrashingBoomBang: kind of amazing
    (11:32:00) CrashingBoomBang: I must say
    (11:32:01) CrashingBoomBang: lmao
    (11:32:03) +Luck>Skill: lol
    (11:32:03) +Dasdardly: Hey, so how viable is Tangela now with Houndoom in LU?
    (11:32:03) antonmcr: how do you play cc?
    (11:32:03) Dodger!: awww fuk trent mad its me made it :/
    (11:32:04) Rewer: lol
    (11:32:05) +Luck>Skill: no more channels
    (11:32:05) A Wild Hoe Appeared!: nuuuuuuuuuuuu D;
    (11:32:05) TrumoN: imagine a brazilian saying "we are americans", u ALL will go mad! but they can say that, according to your reasons why USA call itself america
    (11:32:05) +Ginku: yeah it's sort of funny
    (11:32:06) SteelEdges: Mother of God.
    (11:32:06) Dark Thunder: hmmm
    (11:32:06) +Luck>Skill: this is tohjo
    (11:32:10) RandomOne: omg fuuu the spam
    (11:32:10) +Dasdardly: Oh, you can't see my question?
    (11:32:12) +Dasdardly: That sucks.
    (11:32:12) Dodger!: WTF LAGGIN!!!!
    (11:32:13) jXaad: mikä vittu tätä vaivaa
    (11:32:14) LEAF cooki: FF SAKE
    (11:32:14) FPT: (17:32:08) ±CommandBot: The command start doesn't exist
    (11:32:14) SteelEdges: this is SINDY!
    (11:32:18) celestial phantom: no everything is merged
    (11:32:19) antonmcr: how do you play challlenge cup?
    (11:32:20) Dark Thunder: lol seems like all channels are connected
    (11:32:21) CrashingBoomBang: no
    (11:32:22) CrashingBoomBang: this is PNU
    (11:32:25) CrashingBoomBang: !
    (11:32:26) +Ginku: this is
    (11:32:27) jXaad: no oi
    (11:32:28) Dark Moon: what is going on?
    (11:32:28) +Ginku: everything
    (11:32:28) [FC]Leon Powalski: Wait
    (11:32:29) +Luck>Skill: I closed all the channels
    (11:32:30) +Luck>Skill: fuck off
    (11:32:34) celestial phantom: why?
    (11:32:34) +Weavilewinz: lol
    (11:32:35) [IMP]Marth: loooooooooool
    (11:32:35) +coyotte508: indigo here
    (11:32:35) [FC]Leon Powalski: Why are all Tohjo Falls posts going here?
    (11:32:35) +Dasdardly: I'm in Shanai, guise.
    (11:32:36) +Mahnmut: this. is.
    (11:32:37) Koga Saw: ...?
    (11:32:38) +Mahnmut: Sparta?
    (11:32:40) CrashingBoomBang: so this is the single most amazing thing ever
    (11:32:41) Dark Thunder: lol wow wow wow
    (11:32:41) CrashingBoomBang: lol
    (11:32:41) antonmcr: how do you play challenge cup?
    (11:32:42) xIce-: Im not liking this
    (11:32:43) +Luck>Skill: ...
    (11:32:44) Wriggle Nightbug: I bet I'm the only one in Trivia
    (11:32:47) +Ginku: sooo
    (11:32:47) RedJoker25: Yeah...this is just silly.
    (11:32:47) +Weavilewinz: I'm loving this
    (11:32:48) [IMP]Marth: now look at this spam
    (11:32:48) +Dasdardly: XD
    (11:32:48) +Lamperi: jxaad kaikki viestit tulee joka kanavall
    (11:32:49) CrashingBoomBang: and with amazing I mean mindblowingly retarded
    (11:32:50) SteelEdges: Not anymore, WRiggle
    (11:32:50) +Weavilewinz: It's genius
    (11:32:50) Dodger!: i never laggin on PO before o.O
    (11:32:51) parasect4test: well this is bs
    (11:32:51) +Ginku: RIP PO 2010-2011
    (11:32:52) +Ginku: y/y
    (11:32:52) [L2K]Mysterion test: server i hate u now
    (11:32:55) SteelEdges: y
    (11:32:55) CrashingBoomBang: y ginku
    (11:32:55) Dark Moon: this sucks
    (11:32:56) LEAF cooki: SCRU DAMMIT
    (11:32:56) +Luck>Skill: y
    (11:32:56) MJB: wth is going on?
    (11:32:59) +Luck>Skill: ginku
    (11:32:59) xIce-: why would you do this?
    (11:32:59) Dodger!: wait
    (11:33:00) Koga Saw: Who the hell did this?
    (11:33:01) +Luck>Skill: we are in 2012
    (11:33:03) RandomOne: wtf happened
    (11:33:04) SteelEdges: For God's sake, coyo, this will KILL the community
    (11:33:05) +Ginku: idc
    (11:33:05) Dark Thunder: what is happening
    (11:33:06) Larsk: This is fucking bs
    (11:33:06) Anɡie Varona: Good job killing the server
    (11:33:06) CrashingBoomBang: well luck
    (11:33:06) T-Dog: Loling at people coming in here.
    (11:33:06) +Luck>Skill: slowpoke
    (11:33:07) FPT: So, that new Aesoft Pokemon simulator, is that any good?
    (11:33:07) TrumoN: someone press "find battle"
    (11:33:07) RedJoker25: So...biggest Fuck-up 2012?
    (11:33:08) [FC]Leon Powalski: All Tohjo Falls posts are posted in all the channels.
    (11:33:08) CrashingBoomBang: it died before this
    (11:33:08) Dark Moon: UGH
    (11:33:09) +Ginku: it died in 2011 really
    (11:33:09) CrashingBoomBang: kinda
    (11:33:10) [FC]Leon Powalski: MY GOODNESS
    (11:33:12) SteelEdges: the community is dead
    (11:33:12) Larsk: This is fucking pbc now
    (11:33:13) xIce-: I dont want people in my channel that I dont know
    (11:33:13) RandomOne: omg
    (11:33:13) CrashingBoomBang: damn I can't read shit
    (11:33:14) CrashingBoomBang: lol
    (11:33:14) Dark Moon: why does everyone keep typing
    (11:33:15) ZodiaK: merging channels is bad
    (11:33:16) antonmcr: how do you get challenge cup battle?
    (11:33:17) Larsk: I can't even read my own shit
    (11:33:18) Elite 4 Bud: meh.
    (11:33:20) [IMP]Marth: SO MUCH SPAM I CANT READ
    (11:33:20) Happy Mask Salesman: register
    (11:33:23) Badpatel: .o.
    (11:33:23) DemonTEST: Is anyone else seeing all this Kony stuff?
    (11:33:24) PMP GyPsY 20: i am victor lebrowski from crocatia russia who dare challege me
    (11:33:24) RandomOne: lol
    (11:33:25) mattata: Let's get rid of all the tiers too, imo.
    (11:33:26) FPT: antonmcr- change your tier at the top
    (11:33:27) Dodger!: still?
    (11:33:29) +King Eternal: Relax
    (11:33:33) Dodger!: AW FUJ
    (11:33:34) jXaad: no jos vaikka nyt
    (11:33:34) Wriggle Nightbug: Needs Shanai-run Tours for ULTIMATE SPAM
    (11:33:36) Yuki Nagato: Wow Coyo sucks
    (11:33:37) Cirno of 9: o.O
    (11:33:37) +Dasdardly: It's not spam if people are actually trying to talk.
    (11:33:38) +Mahnmut: >it doesn't work
    (11:33:44) RandomOne: i wont relax
    (11:33:44) T-Dog: Inb4 all of you get banned.
    (11:33:45) SteelEdges: What the fuck...
    (11:33:46) +Ginku: this is obviosuly a good idea
    (11:33:49) +Ginku: to attract new users
    (11:33:51) +Dasdardly: :o
    (11:33:53) +Weavilewinz: Yup
    (11:33:54) C & E Returns: damn why so many ppl here
    (11:33:54) +Ginku: they will immediately feel welcomed
    (11:33:55) FPT: ._.
    (11:33:56) Dark Moon: but it's really annoying
    (11:33:57) +coyotte508: indeed ginku
    (11:33:57) +Ginku: by the masses of text
    (11:33:57) +Dasdardly: Yeah, that's neat.
    (11:33:58) ±ScriptCheck: Scripts were updated!
    (11:34:03) ±Dratini: coyotte508 was mysteriously kicked by Lamperi!
    (11:33:58) ±ScriptCheck: Scripts were updated!
    (11:34:03) ±Dratini: coyotte508 was mysteriously kicked by Lamperi!
    (11:34:10) +Dasdardly: lol?
    (11:34:11) +Ginku: I love you lamperi
    (11:34:12) +Luck>Skill: LOL
    (11:34:13) +Ginku: I love you
    (11:34:14) +Luck>Skill: !
    (11:34:15) +Dasdardly: <3
    (11:34:24) +Mahnmut: so... what happened
    (11:34:26) ±Dratini: Silence is over in Tohjo Falls.
    (11:34:26) LEAF cooki: d
    (11:34:27) XlIMAM3: SS
    (11:34:29) +Ginku: lamperi is a hero
    (11:34:30) Larsk: LMAO
    (11:34:31) kokoloko: rofl
    (11:34:31) +Ginku: that's what happened
    (11:34:32) XlIMAM3: FINALY
    (11:34:32) Rusl: is anyone else getting tohjo chat in tourney and tourney chat in tohjo?
    (11:34:32) LEAF cooki: yes
    (11:34:33) MJB: lol lamperi
    (11:34:33) Larsk: go lamperi!
    (11:34:34) kokoloko: lamp i love you
    (11:34:36) kokoloko: i really do
    (11:34:37) DemonTEST: silence?
    (11:34:37) mattata: praise lamperi
    (11:34:37) Plooper: lol
    (11:34:40) Larsk: ILYILYILY
    (11:34:41) -ZDW-: can we get tours on a seperate channel now
    (11:34:43) LEAF cooki: ALL HEIL LAMPERI
    (11:34:43) +Dasdardly: Can we have our channels back now?
    (11:34:43) XlIMAM3: lampri 4 EVER
    (11:34:49) Happy Mask Salesman: oo here we go lets all hop on lamperi's dick
    (11:34:50) Cirno of 9: We do Dasd
    Lamperi was banned by coyotte508!
    (11:37:45) ±Dratini: coyotte508 changed auth of Elements to 2
    Last edited: Mar 10, 2012
  25. marmoteo

    marmoteo New Member

    This was genius. Congratulations, guys! Nothing like harvesting angry fumes from the PO community
  26. Key

    Key but would u kiss..

  27. Sub Zero

    Sub Zero League Legend

    Oh holy crap, wish i had of been there for that, the logs say enough. Solid work guys, this is troll of the year definitely.
  28. D-21

    D-21 Lurking

    PO Trainer Name:
    Yeah, I missed all of it :x
  29. Would it be cynical to suggest that this has just been a diversion to lower our guard for the real April fool's trick next month? ._.
  30. twofivefive

    twofivefive don't call it a comeback

    Oh shoot, didn't realize that!
    Now we're expecting it, and it won't happen.
    Last edited by a moderator: Apr 4, 2014
  31. PokeWorldBW

    PokeWorldBW Active Member Developer

    PO Trainer Name:
    lol, I wish I was there myself to see when coyotte made all text appear in all channels x:

    And Elements had this thread open on a tab when he was taking screenshots o:
  32. SteelEdges

    SteelEdges The Poll Dancer

    You guys are great. It was fun - a lot of's too bad I missed coyo going on Mafia. And I wondered why Elements wasn't responding to my You guys are awesome, devious bastards. And I mean that in the kindest way possible.

  33. Ginku

    Ginku Banned

    Actually I have to say I was completely ignoring the fact that you were involved and its implications. The thought that it might be a troll didn't cross my mind because a) it was the 9th of march and b) coyotte, who has been very, well, unforgiving towards trolling in the past, was involved, which brings me to my question:

    Does this community now officially condone trolling? I mean obviosuly if the smods+ do it it can't be that bad????
  34. Groudon Ramsay

    Groudon Ramsay Active Member

  35. profDEADPOOL

    profDEADPOOL INSANE Professer

    LOL this sounds awesome. I wish I was here when it happened.
  36. Demonic Cake

    Demonic Cake The cake is not a lie...


    darned TBD and Mage Gauntlet stealing my time
  37. Darklight

    Darklight Nothing is True

    Good thing i didn't miss this, I still remember getting the message, Tournaments are now running on Tohjo Falls, i first thought it was a mistake but since Lamperi said that this is permanent it got me so mad, i was like WTF!?!?! i was thinking about quitting PO too but it turned out it was just a april fool joke, i was relieved. Good Job y'all good job.
    I wasn't here when Lamperi got banned ;-;..
    Last edited: Mar 18, 2012
  38. Annoying Orange

    Annoying Orange babycakes

    PO Trainer Name:
    This will definately win the next award's Fuck up of the year. 5 People, including me, called april fools joke right when it happened.
  39. Nexus

    Nexus Legend Killer

    (11:31:49) Rewer: Hi
    (11:31:49) +Ginku: so sad
    (11:31:49) Koga Saw: my eyes...
    (11:31:51) +HSOWA: inb4earlyaprilfools
    (11:31:52) kokoloko: rofl
    (11:31:53) [IMP]Nimp: EVERYONE TO IRC

    HSOWA so clever. Anyway definite winner of thread of the year and Eternal gets troll of the year only facing competition from the almighty Gangsta Luvv
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