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The Well #32 - God Himself

Discussion in 'PO Classics' started by monkeyeatingeagle, May 22, 2012.

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  1. monkeyeatingeagle

    monkeyeatingeagle Banned

    Hell yeah, I won!

    In the beginning the Universe was created. This has made a lot of people very angry and has been widely regarded as a bad move. But, then, later came me, slithering from my mother's womb. She hadn't a clue what she had just unleashed into the world. This story starts on the 11th June 1992, in a typical gothic night, a beautiful child was born! Beside bringing happyness, cakes, alcohol and stuff, it was a pretty bright and quick boy.

    Hello everyone, my name is David, but call me Dave, I hate formality. I'm originally from Guatemala but now reside in New Jersey, U.S.A., meaning I'm fluent in English and Spanish. I'm currently studying Business at Leeds Uni (Finance being my main focus). Not really sure what I want to do after Uni, I think I'll just see how things go :x. I currently have an awesome roommate, who wants to own her own restaurant one day, which means she cooks everything for me :3 Which I don't mind because her food is awesome.

    My mom was born in Portugal and moved to America when she was 4 years old. Her mother had 10 children and raised them in a house smaller than my bedroom. She is the youngest of her family. She got married a Portuguese guy and had two daughters with him, but she later got a divorce because he is an abusive asshole. While she was working at conair, she met my dad who was in Texas at the time. After 9 months of knowing each other, they got married. I have a HUGE family, like really HUGE. My dad has 3 older brothers and no sisters, while my mom has 3 older sisters and no brothers. That’s a pretty rare coincidence. I also have 13 first cousins, and one older brother (10 years older) who scored second place on Pokemon TCG in New Zealand. Both my grandfathers are now deceased, but I know them from my childhood. Both my grandmothers are still alive, although one’s in America. Oh, and did I mention my mom’s a identical twin? :3

    As a child in the US I watched tons of Disney movies and shitty toddler shows. I had the usual dinosaur craze that many toddlers of the time and even now have. When I moved to Greece, I was forced to learn Greek, which I managed in about two months, though I still had an accent. I go to the Geschwister-Scholl Gymnasium which is a shitty school where the teachers tell you stories of their family and/or their cars instead of teaching and you get in trouble for ordering pizza in a one hour break and shit like that.

    I lived there until I was 16, when I practically moved into my high school, Päivolä High School of Mathematics, which was a boarding school. High school is usually 3 years here, but my high school was different. We had classes from 9:00 to 21:00, and every other weekend was spend at the school. On the other hand, we were also working 12h/w at Nokia Research Center. As a result the school only lasted 2 years. It was there I met my to-be-wife (she was on my class), and just before the school ended we started to see each other.

    Out of school my hobbies included Hiking, I go up into the mountains alot. I love how beautiful nature can be no matter where you are. Some of my most beautiful experiences came from the mountains, its like a second home for me. I also like drama and performing.

    Generally, I’m not really a guy who really goes out a lot. I don’t like any sports barring football (Yes, real football), and even then, I’m not really that great at playing... I’m currently in High School at Year 11 (10th grade for Americans) and am doing my GCSEs. I’m also quite polite in real life: I almost never get mad, both on and offline, and almost never get into trouble at school. I am a very quiet and timid person in real life, so I often back down when confronted or feel too nervous to talk. Otherwise, I consider myself a tomboyish nerd.I've always been a fan of hockey. I've always enjoyed watching it on TV (my favorite team are the Montreal Canadiens :)) and playing it in the streets with my friends, altough I've never played in a league or anything. Also, i see the sky sparkles, and i can force them to change colors. o_o
    Hm anyway feel free to ask about those things and anything else. don't worry, this won't be rude. :3

    My work is mostly web design (that is also a hobby). Hmm… my other hobbies would be reading books, watching anime and playing video games (mostly JRPGs and 2D fightings). I do write a bit of (short) poetry but that's rare, so don't count on it (^ ^) Fanfiction happens once in a blue moon.

    Eventually, I became broke, had to stop studying, and sold most things I owned (aside from my laptop) to be able to afford rent and food. I managed to obtain a work visa which allowed me to get a job and therefore obtain some sort of reliable income while I wait for my Permanent Residency. I currently work in a boutique cinema (fancy term for 'a small artsy cinema') where I work as a projectionist, barista, and manager in duty. Hopefully next year I will be able to get my Residency and get back to study in 2013 - which means that by the time I'll finish my degree I'll be over 100 years old.

    In 2005, I wanted to start a Pokemon site and opened for in game stuff. I went around on GameFAQs and subtly advertised my site by posting links as responses to people's questions. This actually helped me add content sometimes, as I would add in relevant information so I could link it. It grew little by little, then there were some threads on the Emerald board about a fan game. I was interested so I checked their invisionfree forums. I figured what my site really needed was a forum with a small but active community so I suggested a merge. Topaz Realm was born, which later became PokeRealm.

    I have been playing Pokemon since Red and Blue came out and played pretty consistently up until Ruby and Sapphire. After that I kinda lost interest until one of my friends told me about Heart Gold and Soul Silver. Eventually I got directed to Smogon somehow, and that's when I started to play a bit on Wi-Fi (That was when I would ask my friend to Pokesav for me, lol) Of course, back then I was still a terrible player. I heard about Shoddy Battle from Smogon so much that I downloaded it and started to play.I actually didn't get into competitive battling until May last year.

    I started playing Netbattle in the late stages of 9.6 (2007-2008ish, can't remember). I found it when I was bored and read stuff on Gamefaqs in the Pokemon section. Of course, I was a total noob when I started (My first ADV team had Feraligatr though, so I rock), but I eventually joined a clan (lol) which eventually died. But before that, I learned most of the ADV basics from the people there so it's cool.

    After a couple of months, 3XILED died, and I joined a few other clans like ATQ, Dragon Matrix, etc. One fine day, I got a PM from an old friend of mine who was also in the 3XILED clan before it died. Both of us made the (Soul) clan together in December 2005 and I changed my name to (Soul) Jin Of The Gale.

    I found out about PO through a video on Youtube, and figured I might as well download it and see if I would be any good. From there I lurked around on the server, trying to get better at OU. However, I quickly found out that I hated the lack of real variety in the tier, so I tried playing UU, and eventually I got down to my favorite tier, NU.

    Eventually I got a bit better and got into NU, but was dismayed at the lack of an NU ladder on Shoddy. Thus, someone showed me PO and I downloaded it and played some NU. I wasn't a huge fan at first. Then came January this year and i was bored on a holiday again when I heard about 5th Gen, and that PO had implemented it.

    Eventually after being introduced to the ‘cool kids’ (who still remain the coolest generation of PO people) my Magicman23 I gained megausers courtesy of Coyo and then eventually mods from DN1337/Darkness. After that I took a break for exams and then returned in full swing to now.

    Later on, the tours and tournaments channel merged. For some reason, the tours appealed to me more after then and I was more active in them. Unfortunately, about a day later they un-merged. I was frequently in the tours channel then and Nixeagle made a ton of improvements to it, all of which I liked.

    I joined #Shanai, I read everything, I talked to nixeagle, and then I played against Shanai! That tier was it for me, I was certain. So I did everything in my power to help it progress. I joined nixeagle's wiki, I edited pages, I contributed to discussions, and I was rewarded. Nixeagle gave me mods on his wiki not even two weeks after I had started PO and admins not a month later. I was made a Bot Admin as soon as they were invented, and a Shanai Admin when the name changed. Name a time in Shanai's development, I was probably there.

    I mainly play Wifi Ubers and the Mafia Channel. Come play sometime I'm currently an MA...and that's pretty much my only achievement in PO, other than being good at Wifi Ubers.
    I also have about 50 billion alts.

    I was recently made a Global Moderator on the forums because of all my contributions. I've been helping moderate many Pokemon communities such as Teamuber, Marriland, Smogon, and other smaller communities. I've moderated on Shoddy Battle for as long as I've been playing on it. So I've always had some sort of authority wherever I went. And over the years I've become "lazy". I'm not too fond with moderating anymore, mainly because I'm just way too busy with my life. I'm very grateful that I was given the moderator status, and would like to thank coyotte508 for giving me that opportunity.

    Pokemon Online is the best simulator I’ve ever been on and it has the best community that I’ve ever had the privilege to be a part of. Some of you might not see it that way and I welcome you to ask questions on how to become a better part of the community. It really isn’t hard. Even if you are judged unfairly by some of the well known regulars—opinions can change!

    Outside of Pokémon, I’m still a nerd. I used to frequent the official Nintendo of Europe forums (under the alias Scott TM), visited several gaming boards, and regularly play video games. I do have a life outside of PO, I just don’t wish to share much of it, because it’s rather boring lol.

    Well I’m dead tired right now (1:30 am <____< ) so I’ll make the rest of the story short:

    - Became UU leader
    - Became Mod
    - Lost Mod
    - Became Mod again
    - Quit being a DW UU leader
    - Quit PO
    - Returned to PO
    - Quit being a Wifi UU leader
    - Quit competitive Pokemon
    - Start playing Pokemon again because the POCL started
    - Posted my well thread

    Feel free to post or ask any questions. That's what it's for, yeah? Yuki I swear to God if you ask me hundreds I WILL strangle you. >:|

    kokoloko: Challenged the 508 and was removed. Nigger mexican guido. Twilight fag.

    Ginku: See above. Fucking german nigger. Big playyyyyyyyyyyyyyys

    Bad Romance: Lol fag that quit like 4 times and came back every time. lol quit
    because choked on huge dicks. classless cunt

    YAYtears: thanks for making BR lose ^_______^, that makes you cool I guess. Nah you are a faggot

    Champion Noodlez: hax harder, no seriously, if you want to win something soon, you should. noodlez...

    [HP] Juan: Beat luck with full skill and made him mad, seal of approval - Faggot

    coyotte508: You're a great leader man. Also I must say your unrivaled ability to make retarded decisions and then bullshitting your way out of them because you own this thing is impressive, eat a dick. I should make a pokemon sim to get my dick sucked constantly like you.

    Darkness: Coyotte's bitch. Too bad you couldn't take the love man.

    HSOWA: You are a bro. YOU DO NOTHING, you are pretty cool though. Still. Try doing something. I guess.

    Mystra: Mad at jirachier coz lesbian. I like how you posted porn in sindigo and nothing happened because coyotte is a faggot!

    zeroality: Supreme Overlord

    114: Defeated by ginku, making you trash. THE PROBABLITY IS ON XATU'S SIDE. But you seriously suck balls.

    (TR)ANNE (FUCKING) WINTOUR/ Ziah: Nice spl trophy.

    Dasdardly: tremendous fur/ponyfag which led to a ruining a great spiderman thread, fucking faggot. You will NEVER be forgiven for that.

    T-Dog: You don't always get what you expect. If you were ''sad'' that you didn't get to see a certain person battle, it is most probably that other people prefer watching that certain person battle, not the person you want to watch. ^_________^

    Champion Rigas - DW and LC fag, those are not even real tiers. Also your stupid as fuck "real life" problems are a joke and you better realize that soon you shit.

    Annoying Orange - Best rmt ever bro. You are a masssive self-important cunt; after three minutes of talking to you, I wanted to kill everyone I know. You are the most popular user on PO! Quit self-wanking, next time you leave, don't come back after fifteen minutes. Also, the day you'll get mod is the day that PO will burn into the ground. Dumbfuck.

    D-21: I'm the guy who doesn't have a stick half way up his ass, you must be the other guy.

    Key: Whiny cunt, cries about lack of auth, not batman. Random fucktard. Though you are a sexy man, you do get a few extra points. Elements jr.

    The Real Elmo - Hail using faggot.

    Elements - you don't get a shoutout.

    IFM - If you were an icecream flavor, you'd be pralines and dick.

    iris - NEUER NEUER

    CindiPhone- Hey random shit, mad?

    Cirno: Read above

    cbb -

    Shadowfish: Funny thing how an idiot with no social skills and no sense of humor moderates the general forum. Well, actually it'd funny if you had a sense of humor.

    Django_93: Power hungry whore

    The community of IMP as whole: No one takes you seriously. No one thinks you are important. No one thinks you're skilled. If you believe having the [IMP] clantag carries any message other than "I'm a whiny self-important douche," you are wrong. Go die. Thanks for taking the penis out of your mouth long enough to get rid of Donkey, I'm sure it was difficult.

    Mortimer the Mighty Bagon: Chesticles ^___^

    Luck>Skill: Italian fag. Why are you even a mod you fucking moron.

    Serpentine: Mafia fag thinks he is Oak, cute

    SteelEdges: who the fuck are you and how the fuck did you get mods, you worthless random, go die in a fire, also learn how to run a fucking well, can't even stand up to other morons like shadowfist. how do I do polls????????

    xdevo: You slithered out of your mother's filth. They should have put you in a glass jar on a mantlepiece. They should have left you to die.

    Vintage Books: when you take it up the butt, do you actually cry out Coyo's name? I bet you sucked someones cock for mods, I have no fucking idea fow you would get it otherwise.

    Donkey: Not even imp fags like you now. Go and steal another team.

    Rewer: Revver your warstory was awesome, too bad you still suck.

    Amarillo Caballero: You are a piece of shit.

    Temptation: King Eternal 2.0, you were a random until you got promoted. Then you became a piece of shit, until you got demoted and rq'd. Don't come back please.

    kael - KAEL PORRA <kael> i play in PO <kael> and i use tradutor <kael> u.u <kael> My englesh is bad <kael> xD - KAEL PORRA <kael> Sk <kael> you won <kael> ;D <kael> Sk mazer in gsc <kael> ;] - <kael> DPP OU: Stone_Cold22 vs. Scofield <kael> =] <whistle> DPP OU: Stone_Cold22 vs. Scofield <kael> =\ ; KAEL PORRA ; Duskie: Kaell you so beast Kaell: Thancks doskieKAEL PORRA[18:32] <kaell> Sk no the cheaser says you are good , Whistle says xD - <KAELL> ldaron? <@ldaroff> hi <KAELL> i on <KAELL> i own <KAELL> gp <KAELL> and i save log <KAELL> for you <KAELL> xD <KAELL> i own giga Push <@ldaroff> nice!KAEL PORRA

    OkamiBW: COCK, RAPE, HELL, DAMN, FUCK, DICK. Mad motherfucker???how's lady umb faggot? (yeah I just cursed at you the world is going to explode now! dipshit)

    Lady Umb: kupo! kupopopopo! kupo kupo kupo kupo!

    locopoke: you should get banned on PO too.

    ToF: <@ToF> im not gonna give up my free time to play a retarded ass game where i'm better and end up losing because the other fucktard is lucky= - <MarceloDK> hey tof <MarceloDK> stop with pokemon man <MarceloDK> u and ojama <MarceloDK> should join competitive bitching <@ToF> hey <@ToF> you got anything better to say? <@ToF> oh no? * ToF sets mode: +b marcelodk!*@* * MarceloDK was kicked by ToF (ToF) - <@ToF> bloos right here <@ToF> his ass must taste good right franky

    Parasect4Win: THAT rad. Mad at Chelsea. Also a stupid fuck that knows nothing about LU.

    princess brii: Cunt

    Rosina: You were faker than Heather Star and you were still cooler than most of the current mods. Good job tricking Chaospenguin and DN, I miss your company, It was better than 90% of indigo js.

    Heather Star - Almost as fake as rosina. How many times did you shove coyo's tiny dick into your mouth before before you got admin?

    Flandre Scarlet: You are the new Rosina. You go "gurl" <3 ~.^ do me a favour, dont tell Oh So Shoddy you are a guy.

    Z+V: Hey faggot, stop using hearts after every sentence. <3

    Wriggle Nightbug: Who the FUCK are you?

    Katia: The only reason you are a MA is because you have a girl's name and Chaospenguin is a horny faggot.

    RAIKOO: Pony faggot. You are a dude, everyone knows you are fucking dude.

    HOBBES2: You are a sad, strange little man. And you have no pity from anyone. But seriously, you are probably retarded. Get that checked.

    LizardMan: Have you been sleeping in parks lately?

    Molk- Every single time you made a pokemon set a baby died. Also, you are a fucktard who sucks his own dick.

    Tonico- GET COINS. You need to learn that no one gives a fuck about you anywhere. No one wants you unbanned, so kindly fuck off.

    MEWTHREE: Every single one of your rates are shit, no joke.

    Milan Bisharps: For being gigantic cunts and stealing POCL

    JCPfaggotx: You are shit.

    Chaospenguin: Nice penis bro! mad at the fact your internet crush was a dude?

    HeroOfSinnoh: By the way you are full of shit :o

    [K-12] TheMadchine: Champion madchine. PELIPPER

    Faint: A guy that donked crashing boom bang and he went mad

    Cristal: You are a piece of shit

    Mr. Bombastic - stop talking about yourself in fucking 3rd person. You are a moron who is terrible at pokemon.

    Darklight: Your relationship with the QOTD is like the relationship AIDS has with third-world countries. But less funny

    Blitzamirin: 5 posts a morning bro. You'll get promoted someday, just keep sucking cocks until that happens. BTW i'm bisexual.

    MixTar: Fucking moron, you like auth's pet with your op in tohjo falls. Talking to you is worse than killing someone.

    pokemonnerd: nice dragonbreath. You are the biggest asshole I know.

    CM: cunt for not deleting post, also a cunt for deleting valuable posts in the RMT

    conflict: one of PO's best users, gripping stories, makes you all look like shitty posters, one of the finest minds of our times

    Fishy : Anime_Eyes :3. Fucking redhead slut

    bishumin - no you are not

    fidgety - stop i'm gonna throw up no time use enter key must put all thoughts (those things you dont have when you post) into one paragraph then get distraced midway through without any point like that one post in every forum you post in like a massive faggot i should stop now because this already hurts my eyes.

    Oh So Shoddy: you are one creepy motherfucker, get offline every once in a while and you might get the chance to touch a vagina ^_^ (19:14) Lame: and I'm a guy, I did that as a joke, you're a fucking moron.

    CHAMPION LANCE: If i invented a car that runs on the pseudo-intellectual shit you post, I will have single handedly solved the energy crisis.

    Erebos- I see that a lot of maturity has been reached.

    Gangsta Luvv: One of the best user "on" PO the way PO is going he might get mod. And he'd fucking deserve it.

    Avatar Roku: If you sucked anymore dick, BR would have trouble keeping up.

    Platinum: Thanks for being there whenever the important people leave. You make a great placeholder. Also, your dick is pretty nice if I've heard right.

    T-Dogg - NZ sucks. And so do you.

    KING ETERNAL: Do you taste DN's asshole when you suck coyo's cock??


    Parpar356: who the fuck are you seriously

    Rubberduckyassassin: Who the fuck is that?

    waehofen - seriously who the FUCK is this

    Rockyrd: Trolls with Skarmpiss and then acts like he is a victim. Grow a fucking pair you little bitch.

    Latios/Forgive/Blastcore/Dickrider - Whiny little bitch. go suck coyotte's tiny cock a few more times, maybe you will finally get the respect you think you deserve. Stop QQing about staff.

    1996ito: Worthless person, you are a terrible tier leader. Metagross is an amazing Sceptile counter

    Marmoteo: I was going to make a joke, but you already are one.

    Mibuchiha: You are like OSS, but faggier.

    Jirachier: Clanfaggot. For being on 24/7, you are awfully unaware of how much of a faggot you are. You got rid of Mystra, that was kinda cool.

    Jin of the fucking fail: Clanfaggot Mk II

    Bamarah: Not even a human being. Wtf do you even do other than bitch about weather teams and be a faggot all day?

    M Dragon: You might be good at ADV, but you still can't mod worth shit. I would also like to inform you that idling for a few hours a day =/= moderating

    Oak: Remember, rules aren't as important as self-respect.

    Galblade: Did you give up on auth yet, or did you realize that you couldn't please CM like you could Coyo.


    Katy Perry: You should get a tampon for your internet.

    Emac: You should be less terrible of a person. Are you still mad because I banned you every single fucking day from PNU?

    Jedgi: Hypocritical faggot.

    Badal: You are one of the biggest faggots I have seen in my whole life.

    Deria/Pent/Larsa: If you stopped bitching and quitting, you might get ahead in life.

    Ethan: Sucking every auth's dick worked for you. Good job, son.

    Soren Valenheart: I'm not sure if you know, but no one actually likes you and you suck at pokemon.

    Weby: It's kinda hilarious how a moron, who gets paid to host the server, has powers in it. You are an immature shit. I must congratulate you; you managed to have more power on po than the 508 himself, and I still haven't the faintest idea who the fuck you are. Enjoy your aspergers.

    Mahnmut: Another little faggot who got mods for sucking dicks. Well done, good sir.

    Plopper: You got modded because you could speak french and you sucked the owners tiny dicks, every single fucking day. Worthless piece of shit

    BenXxX: Don't come back this time or at least get that sex change you keep bitching about.

    ICEYDUDE168: When people want you to leave, they aren't just being mean, they actually think you are a retarded cunt with no friends. Also, you are actually a retarded cunt with no friends, if you never posted again, less than zero people will miss you. Cumguzzling moron.

    Anyone who wasn't metioned: You weren't mentioned because you are a fucking random and you are not worth my time. (:3=
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  2. Halsey

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    PO Trainer Name:
  3. Dasdardly

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    Dasdardly, Eureka
  4. Ginku

    Ginku Banned

  5. Cindicare Mint

    Cindicare Mint The godsdamn CindiPhone!

    Guess I was right in my assumptions about you.
  6. monkeyeatingeagle

    monkeyeatingeagle Banned

    maybe I shouldn't have typed "feel free to ask any questions" because I will NOT accept stupid shit like that js

    and lol poster above me seems mad as fuck
  7. Cindicare Mint

    Cindicare Mint The godsdamn CindiPhone!

    I don't pay much attention to the forums, so I've basically never seen you. Meanwhile Luck and others were hyping you up in SIndy, so I went through some heavy hype aversion as a result. You probably don't know about me because, as I said, I don't go on the forums much, and you don't come to the Mafia Channel. I'm CindiPhone, official badass Mafia Admin (not that that will mean much to you).
  8. monkeyeatingeagle

    monkeyeatingeagle Banned

  9. Latimaster

    Latimaster Member

    Why do you say you almost never get mad online and then more than half your shoutouts are full of mad??
  10. Halsey

    Halsey Wildstar

    PO Trainer Name:
    Well nothing in that well is original. Everything is stolen from other wells, except the shoutouts. You can see part of my well at the end ^__^
  11. IFM


    man thats the best you could do

    really ice cream?
  12. SPS

    SPS um ........ no

    ^ that
  13. Cindicare Mint

    Cindicare Mint The godsdamn CindiPhone!

    btw, all those badges he has? Part of his avatar. Mouse over them and see for yourselves!
  14. monkeyeatingeagle

    monkeyeatingeagle Banned

    yes ifm I also could have written about the fabulous wizard of oz

    but thats your ice cream flavor so ?????????

    how is it mad if I'm spreading the truth

    someone is mad again.
    and jealous at my badgeset
  15. Luck>Skill

    Luck>Skill Well-Known Member

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    Just wanted to say that I'm not a mod anymore, JS.

    Loved the shoutouts<3
  16. monkeyeatingeagle

    monkeyeatingeagle Banned

    sorry i forgot you suck more these days

    the literal sucking
  17. Cindicare Mint

    Cindicare Mint The godsdamn CindiPhone!

    As you said,
  18. IFM


    ya that scrub got promoted, at least get it right

    and i beat him to admins too...

  19. monkeyeatingeagle

    monkeyeatingeagle Banned

    that's not spreading the truth, that's being slow as fuck for not noticing 10 minutes earlier and claiming
    (12:20:38) CindiPhone: Oh, he does FORUM things.
    which is really fucking hilarious and really fucking sad at the same time js

    stop blocking my post
  20. Cindicare Mint

    Cindicare Mint The godsdamn CindiPhone!

    Just because I'm on the server I should browse the forums a lot?
  21. pokemonnerd

    pokemonnerd Only uso listens to pnerd. Devo too.

    Oh man, we've got a genius over here!

    Also, at the very least, half of those shout outs about the auth do speak the truth.

    Finally, this man's well has been more entertaining than I had hoped for. People mad/upset everywhere and even "threatening" to quit.
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  22. Django

    Django UNCHAINED

    Keep gunning for those Smods yo
  23. iris

    iris Member

    I approve of my shout out. NEUER is king
  24. flashbolt

    flashbolt New Member

    Shaddup you ginger chaud.

    PS. Question for mee (or "Dave" as you are not one for formality =P)
    As God, is it true that you piss rainbows?

    EDIT: I just want to be cool :(
  25. mibuchiha

    mibuchiha Was yea ra chs ieeya.

    PO Trainer Name:
    Finally a shoutout <3

    ASH_CHAMPION A very useless person~

    PO Trainer Name:
    so proof that I read it. Hi Dave ! That's all I read. Best shoutouts btw, I thought Ginku had an amazing well but clearly I was wrong.
    Anyways questions:
    If more randoms posted random shit here, would you start insulting them?
    If you could kill one person, who would it be? Why?
    If you could get one person to completely lose all authority they have on PO. Who would it be and why?
    How are you so awesome?
    How did you come up with this amazing well?
    Do you love swearing?
    did I mention your shoutouts are amazing?
  27. Halsey

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    why are you so amazing?
  28. Archerknight

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    What insult is it going to be? :P
  29. Crystal Moogle

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    So where does your username come from!
  30. SPS

    SPS um ........ no

    Why is ArcherKnight hating?
  31. monkeyeatingeagle

    monkeyeatingeagle Banned

    considering that I'm amazing, yes, I probably could
    but rainbows are lame as fuck


    I don't kill, I just insult people for being fucking morons

    coyotte508 because he fucked this community as a whole too hard up the ass

    i wish I knew

    I felt like getting out the truth about all the douchebags inhabitating PO

    no I just use it if people are acting retarded
    actually make that a yes since apparently 99% of the people I talk to are retarded and get insulted

    i am above all
    hence i dont give a shit

    no but thank you

    idk why did you choke on so many at once during POT


    I wish I knew, it came up in a random irc conversation
    it's also THAT rad so who cares where it came from

    because his well would be shit
  32. Wulfert

    Wulfert It is me

    who the fuck are you?
  33. monkeyeatingeagle

    monkeyeatingeagle Banned

    someone is new
  34. Roy Mustang


    PO Trainer Name:
    Roy Mustang
    I would imagine that your butt and frozen bananas are close friends.
  35. pokemonnerd

    pokemonnerd Only uso listens to pnerd. Devo too.

    I like how people who haven't posted in ages are getting pissed about this as well.
  36. monkeyeatingeagle

    monkeyeatingeagle Banned

    i would imagine you're mad as fuck

    also, nice megausers you have there!!

    fuck off pnerd you blocked my post
  37. Roy Mustang


    PO Trainer Name:
    Roy Mustang
    Nah, I am laughing at how much of a failure this well thread was. Though your defensive attitude makes me think that my comment about your butt and frozen bananas was spot on.
  38. Xdevo

    Xdevo Stupid Sexy Flanders Tour Director

    Wow, damn this was long.

    Who's shoutout was the best?

    Also, lol at Mustang being mad.
    Last edited: May 22, 2012
  39. Latimaster

    Latimaster Member

    Seeing as you said you were bisexual in Blitz's shoutout (you clearly could of said it in others), do you like him in a sexual way?
  40. monkeyeatingeagle

    monkeyeatingeagle Banned

    if you think this was a failure then you obviously don't know what the fuck you are talking about

    also you're seemingly still mad at getting denied your megausers after months of bitching

    nice lose

    also coyo got what he asked for pretty much that shit is 100% spot on

    fuck no
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