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Arceus's Database Modification Requests

Discussion in 'Database Modifications' started by Arceus, Aug 3, 2012.

  1. Arceus

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    May 20, 2010
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    Post here if you would like to have a custom mod built for your client / server.

    Anything that requires modifying the actual source code will be rejected. Things that require that are making a move effect that doesn't exist yet (which includes weather) and creating a new ability.

    1. I will not program new move effects. It has to be an effect that another move has. Ie. 10% chance of flinching.
    2. If you want sprites and an icon for a Pokemon, you must provide them to me. I'm not an artist and can't read minds on what you want it to look like.
    3. State whether the Pokemon created should be an alternate forme of an existing Pokemon or a completely new Pokemon.
    4. You are allowed one request every two weeks.
    5. Up to three Pokemon or three moves per request.
    6. Only 3 people may be on the waiting list at a time.
    7. If it has to work with a current mod you already have, you need to provide me a link to the zip file.

    Form for a new Pokemon

    1) Pokedex Number:
    2) Pokemon Name:
    3) Weight:
    4) Height:
    5) Gender(s):
    6) Stats:
    7) Abilities (Up to 3):
    8) List of Moves Learned:
    9) Type(s):
    10) Generation:

    Form for a new move
    1) Move name:
    2) Move Power:
    3) Move Accuracy:
    4) Move PP:
    5) Move Type:
    6) Move Description:
    7) Flags wanted (See this post for a list:

    Completed Requests:
    • None yet

    Outstanding Requests:
    • None so far

    I will complete requests as soon as I can. If it has been more than a week, feel free to message me about the status.
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