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Useful Command: /tier pokemon:gen

Discussion in 'Simulator Suggestions' started by Oh So Shoddy, Oct 22, 2012.

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  1. Oh So Shoddy

    Oh So Shoddy Devil's Advocate

    Jul 19, 2011
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    This idea has been mentioned previously but no official suggestion posted here on forums. User Ryan11 PM'd me
    (21:31) Ryan11: I have a suggetion for a new command.
    (21:31) Oh So Shoddy: 'K
    (21:31) Ryan11: /tier
    (21:31) Ryan11: For example
    (21:31) Ryan11: /tier Politoad
    (21:31) Ryan11: Politoed*
    (21:32) Ryan11: Then it could say the tier that the pokemons in
    (21:32) Ryan11: Do you think it would be good?
    (21:32) Oh So Shoddy: Yep
    The following points were made after sharing the PM

    (21:33:34) Blitzamirin: ./tier [pokemon]:[gen]
    (21:33:37) Xinc: I think you'd have to go ^
    (21:33:38) Xinc: like that.
    (21:33:40) Blitzamirin: I'd like that tbh :x
    (21:33:53) Xinc: so... /tier dragonite:[gen]
    (21:33:58) Desolate: Someone suggest it in Tohjo and claim credit for it.
    (21:34:02) RedJoker25: lol
    (21:34:08) Blitzamirin: nah
    (21:34:12) Blitzamirin: ./tier Dragonite
    (21:34:14) ★Oh So Shoddy: It's already been suggested multiple times
    (21:34:17) Blitzamirin: would bring up the gen 5 one
    (21:34:18) RedJoker25: forum suggestion is better for logs
    (21:34:25) Blitzamirin: if you specify the gen, then it would work
    (21:34:33) Blitzamirin: imo, anyways
  2. coyotte508

    coyotte508 Well-Known Member Administrator Server Owner Administrator Server Owner

    Apr 21, 2010
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    It's a server suggestion, not a simulator one. I thought that someone with your experience would know!
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