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[Skeleton] Tangela(UU)

Discussion in 'Gen 1 Analyses' started by Dre., Mar 26, 2013.

  1. Dre.

    Dre. Member

    Nov 23, 2011
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    *Sleeps and paralyses with double powder.
    *Walls grounds and also electabuzz to an extent.
    *Decent check to kingler and sometimes resting amnesia users
    *Good status sponge
    *Decent lead, but doesn't like venomoth or charizard.
    *Good defences but it's slow, so it has to be careful when switching in at low health.
    *Good wall, but doesn't offer much offensively, despite hitting half the meta super effectively with mega drain.

    =Standard Set=
    Sleep Powder
    Stun Spore
    Mega Drain
    Bind/Growth/Rest/Body Slam

    *Double powder is pretty straight forward. Cripple stuff then switch out. Tangela can take an unboosted hit from pretty much every common pokemon in the meta, so it can reliably status.
    *Mega drain is its best attack, and hits a lot of the meta super effectively. The HP draining can help in specific situations, especially if boosted by growth.
    *Bind is the best move in the last slot and should only be dropped if wrap is banned. You're not going to sweep with it as it does pitiful damage, but it allows you to free switches. A good time to use bind is right after you've slept a pokemon. If they switch out as you bind, you can attempt to stun the switch-in. If the sleeping pokemon stays in to absorb the stun, you can abuse the free switch to go to raticate or a set-up sweeper. Note however that bind only has 75 accuracy, and has an even lower chance of connecting if tanegla is paralysed. Growth allows it to set up on sleeping pokemon or pokemon that it walls, and can recover HP, but it's very unlikely it'll ever get to set up to pose any threat. Rest keeps it around longer, as tangela can take unboosted hits from many pokemon, but note that resting in UU invites physical pokemon like raticate and kingler in to start doing damage, so be wary of this. Body slam has chance to damage and paralyse at the same time, and is your best attack against grass resists.

    =Other Options=
    You really shouldn't use anything other than what is listed above. You could try a more physical set with swords dance with two of bind/body slam/hyper beam, but it's not worth it as tangela will have trouble setting up and still doesn't really hit that hard when it does. If you're feeling really lucky, you could try mimick amnesia from a water, but that's incredibly gimmicky and shouldn't be relied upon.

    =Checks and Counters=
    Nothing really solidly counters tangela, because tangela can usually cripple something with status and get its health fairly low even if it loses 1v1. Fearow and charizard are probably the two pokemon that scare it the most, but neither like taking status. However, tangela is likely to take either paralysis or sleep, and can be worn down from constantly switching into pokemon like venomoth, electabuzz and grounds, especially if you don't have your own ground to help wall electabuzz. Faster sleepers counter it too, as often tangela will have to stay in to take the sleep. Raticate can normally trade with tangela, and boosted waters such as kingler or poliwrath/golduck will likely beat it too.
    Last edited: Mar 27, 2013
  2. Isa

    Isa Well-Known Tauros

    Dec 11, 2011
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    Not too bad. I think Body Slam is deserving of a slash on the fourth move however.

    There's no need to talk about how bad Fearow/Charizard might be and what their flaws are when you're doing a Tangela analysis, unless they are relevant to Tangela - just mention what counters Tangela and leave it at that. It's good to say that neither like taking status, but mentioning that Charizard has a lot of counters is irrelevant.
    I really don't agree that Tangela brings its foe down to low HP, given that its strongest move on your set (and most others) is a 40 BP move - not strong even if it hits for *2. Bind isn't for damage and is unreliable still, as it has shaky accuracy that only becomes worse because Tangela is very likely to eat status.
    Mention faster sleepers as a counter - Tangela is not bad as a lead as long as your foe doesn't lead with Venomoth or Charizard.
    Raticate doesn't really "trade" with Tangela, it just beats it in three hits with Super Fang, Body Slam and Hyper Beam.
  3. Dre.

    Dre. Member

    Nov 23, 2011
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    I made some of the changes you requested.

    I left the point that tangela can cripple most pokemon 1v1 because it's likely to leave a pokemon in revenge range. Same with raticate trading. Even if raticate beats it, it's going to be left paralysed and and have taken damage, which renders it almost useless. But if you really want me to change these things I will.