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General Chat Guidelines

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Elements, Apr 14, 2013.

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  1. Elements

    Elements BOOMER SOONER

    May 9, 2010
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    Welcome to General Chat, Key and I decided to make an attempt to bring this forum out of the garbage. I know these guidelines/tips may seem a little bit too long, but if you wish for a sucessful thread, and more importantly would prefer it not locked, please give these a read!

    ~Key and Elements.

    If your post is not one of the following:

    • Funny
    • Thought provoking
    • Intelligent
    • Entertaining

    Please rethink your post, or it will be forcefully removed from this beloved forum. If it is one on that list, don't be scared to click dat post button.

    This forum is called GENERAL CHAT not Small Talk Chat, first and foremost, a good topic is something that promotes discussion, not something like "What is your favorite X" or "Do you like Y?".
    This is General Chat, if your thread does not apply to a large portion of the forum, don't complain/bump your thread if it doesn't receive many posts.

    When creating a thread, consider what you want to achieve and what types of discussion you wish to lead. For example, if you want to discuss the various benefits of combat equipment during a zombie attack, it's better be clear cut rather than saying "Who likes killing zombies???" Bear in mind that the OP of your thread is what will drive the entire success of the discussion-- in our experience, clear and well-thought out threads receive many more responses than threads which are vague.

    When choosing a title for your thread, try to use something that will immediately identify what the thread is about. Most people will ignore a post with the title "Read this", so try to capture the essence of the thread in the title and you will have more success.

    Try to invest some time into creating your thread to make sure that it's easy to read and offers your opinion in a constructive manor. it helps readers if you break long blocks of text into paragraphs. As with most internet forums, we are not fans of posts written entirely in UPPERCASE -- IT'S HARD TO READ AND MAKES US SAD. PoSts WrItTeN LiKe ThIs AlSo MaKe Us SaD.

    Always try to ensure that your posts are constructive and interesting. Posting without contributing to the discussion is not wanted.
    Offences in the category include:

    • Posts which are devoid of meaningful content. (no one-word responses to a topic)
    • Adding multiple posts with the same content repeatedly.
    • Posts quoting another user without replying to or extending on their thoughts. (also only quote the part of the post you are replying to.)
    • Posting multiple relatively useless threads.

    Trolling and Flaming
    Do not post with the sole intent of upsetting other users. If you want to leave criticism, consider your post and word it constructively.
    [SECRET]Offences in this category include:

    • Creating threads or posts with the intent of causing unrest on the forums.
    • Posting to offend, insult, taunt, or aggravate other users.

    Duplicate Threads
    Before posting, search the forums to check that there isn't a similar thread already covering the topic. If there IS a similar thread, consider posting there instead.
    Offences in this category include:

    • Posting a new topic when the discussion point has already been raised in other threads.

    We have introduced five tags that can help differentiate threads from one another based on only the title of the thread. These tags are:

    [Real Talk] - In these threads only serious discussions or debates are to take place. These threads will be moderated heavily to delete any posts that do not contribute anything to the conversation. All posts in these threads must have content. While regular forum posts are encouraged to be Funny, Thought provoking, Intelligent, or Entertaining, posts with this tag should be both thought provoking and intelligent.

    [News] - This tag should be used when posting an article from any media outlet with which you'd like to discuss.

    [Sports] - This tag should only be used when the thread's purpose is to discuss various sports.

    [Community] - This tag should be used for community threads, essentially ones about the people of PO.

    [Video Games]- This tag should only be used for threads that involve video game discussions

    [Other] - Self explanatory, it's for everything else.
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