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[Final] Girafarig

Discussion in 'Gen 5 NU Analyses' started by Spoovo The Pirate, May 7, 2013.

  1. Spoovo The Pirate

    Spoovo The Pirate Meep! Article Contributor Article Contributor

    Sep 29, 2012
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    {{Tier|BW2 NU}}

    {{Overview|At first appearance, Girafarig looks like another one of those 'jack of all trades, master of none' pokemon, with its extensive movepool and decent, but unimpressive stats.

    Until Meloetta appeared, Girafarig had completely unique typing in Psychic/Normal. And while Meloetta did steal Girafarig's thunder completely, it can still abuse this typing niche in NU, being the only Psychic-type that can reliably switch into a Ghost-type like Misdreavus without fear of Shadow Ball. Sap Sipper is also a highly useful ability for Girafarig, giving it another handy immunity in Grass. As there are plenty of Grass moves thrown around in NU, from Sleep Powder to Giga Drain, being able to absorb them and take advantage is pretty useful. However, in spite of everything, Girafarig does struggle to stick out, as NU is literally FULL of pure Normal and pure Psychic-types, all of which challenge Girafarig for a team slot.

    However, if you just take a backwards approach to this quirky pokemon and realise that its dual typing is, ironically, its saving grace. It functions as a Normal-type that doesn't fear Fighting-types (much), and also a Psychic-type that can take on Ghosts and actually expect to win. After all, even with a backwards approach, Girafarig is still girafariG.}}

    {{Set|Calm Mind Passer|
    Girafarig @ Leftovers / Salac Berry
    Trait: Sap Sipper
    EVs: 252 HP / 4 SDef / 252 Spd
    Timid nature (+Spd, -Atk)
    - Calm Mind
    - Hyper Voice / Psyshock
    - Substitute / Thunderbolt
    - Baton Pass}}

    {{Comments|This set is built almost purely for Baton Passing, as it's Girafarig's best means of abusing its typing. Mr. Mime is the set's main competitor, boasting superior Speed and two better abilities, but Girafarig's Normal typing and ability Sap Sipper give it more setup room.

    Girafarig's base 85 Speed just scarcely outpaces Skuntank's base 84, meaning Girafarig can set up and escape before Skuntank can even attack, with Baton Pass even having the added bonus of bypassing Skuntank's deadly Pursuit. The HP is maxed out so that Girafarig can take a hit if needed, while the remaining 4 are placed into Special Defense in case of Porygon. The Leftovers keep Girafarig healthy, and may give it another chance to repeat offend, while the Salac Berry boosts Girafarig's Speed, and can allow it to escape from faster foes with clever abuse of Substitute.

    Calm Mind and Baton Pass are the two staple moves of this set, as it is a Calm Mind passing set. Hyper Voice is the main attack listed, as no Ghost-type will switch into Girafarig, and it has decent neutral coverage on its own, not to mention being able to wear down Skuntank and other Dark-type switch ins more easily. Psyshock is listed alongside Hyper Voice in case Girafarig ever finds itself in a Calm Mind war. Substitute in slot 3 is another thing to pass, but it also protects Girafarig from crippling status, and makes it easier to activate the Salac Berry. If you don't like Substitute, give Thunderbolt a whirl for its decent coverage and ability to break into bulky Waters. Hidden Powers are also an option, but a STAB Hyper Voice hits almost as hard as a super effective Hidden Power, so it's rarely worth it.}}

    {{Set|Calm Mind Sweeper|
    Girafarig @ Life Orb
    Trait: Sap Sipper
    EVs: 252 SAtk / 4 SDef / 252 Spd
    Timid nature (+Spd, -Atk)
    - Calm Mind
    - Psychic / Psyshock
    - Hyper Voice / Signal Beam
    - Thunderbolt / Hidden Power Ground / Baton Pass}}

    {{Comments|This set focuses more on actual sweeping than boosting and passing. The Life Orb is the only item choice this time, as Girafarig's decent but unremarkable base 90 Special Attack really appreciates the boost. Sap Sipper's still the ability for its useful Grass immunity, even if Girafarig benefits none from the free Attack boosts.

    Calm Mind is staple once again, but the other three slots are much more offensive. Psychic is the main STAB this time, to capitalise on its better sweeping potential - thanks to its ability to actually hit things for super effective damage. Psyshock's listed alongside Psychic for the same reason as last time; Calm Mind wars.

    Hyper Voice is the secondary STAB this time, simply because it's a powerful STAB attack. Signal Beam is listed after it as it hits most of Girafarig's most common switch ins (i.e. Dark and Psychic-types) for super effective damage, not to mention hurting Grass-types too. Thunderbolt in slot 4 breaks into bulky Waters, as well as Flying-types (of which there are plenty in NU), and also has decent neutral coverage with the given STABs. However, Hidden Power Ground is a fair option too, to hit NU's Dark-types. Every Dark-type commonly seen in NU (aside from Crawdaunt) has a secondary typing that's weak to Ground, thus making it a good coverage choice. Crawdaunt is smashed by a Thunderbolt or even a +1 Hyper Voice, by the way.

    Hidden Power Fighting can be considered for would be problems such as Lickilicky and Regice, hitting them harder than anything else Girafarig has access to. If Girafarig is using Psyshock though, Hidden Power Fighting likely won't be needed, and Hidden Power Ice can instead be considered for Altaria, should you find it be too annoying. If neither attack appeals, Baton Pass can be used once again for a surefire escape from Pursuit trappers like Skuntank.}}

    {{Options|Girafarig has a lot of untapped potential stored away in its spare head. Choice sets are feasible, as Girafarig has access to Trick and a wide special movepool, consisting of the previously listed moves above, Energy Ball, Charge Beam and Shadow Ball. The latter can be used to hit Ghost-types for decent damage, but Misdreavus likely won't stay in against a Girafarig, and Haunter and Drifblim have alternate STABs to threaten Girafarig with, not to mention Girafarig can also hit them for super effective damage with Psychic and Thunderbolt, respectively.

    Choice sets are feasible on Girafarig, seeing as it can dry Baton Pass for scouting, perhaps even picking up a Sap Sipper boost beforehand, and it has a good enough movepool to make use of the Choice Scarf or Choice Specs. However, this is hardly unique to Girafarig, and very easy to wall.
    Sap Sipper can actually be used on a physical set, although it'll be hard distinguishing it from Stantler and Bouffalant. Girafarig's typing again comes in useful here, with a STAB Zen Headbutt allowing it to threaten NU's Fighting-types, which Stantler and Bouffalant can't do so easily. The rest of Girafarig's movepool consists of Earthquake, Return, Crunch, Double Hit and Sucker Punch. The latter is illegal with Sap Sipper though, sadly removing Girafarig's best chance at sticking out.

    Foul Play is highly interesting, seeing as Girafarig tends to attract hard hitting physical attackers. Bear in mind that most of them resist Dark moves, though...

    Gravity is a rare move that Girafarig can use (although it doesn't really benefit from the status much). Rain Dance and Sunny Day are also usable, and Girafarig has Thunder to use in tandem with Rain Dance, alongside Hyper Voice and possibly Hidden Power Water for a rain sweeping set. Wish and Toxic are two more support moves worth mentioning. Magic Coat and Beat Up are interesting.

    Dual Screens get a mention, but there are plenty of better dual screeners in NU, with Audino being probably the best one. Rest and Sleep Talk is worth a mention thanks to Girafarig's access to Early Bird, but Kangaskhan does this better.

    Finally, Girafarig has a few other boosting moves it can pass, including Agility, Work Up and Amnesia. None of them have any real means of being used over Calm Mind though, as Ninjask is a better Speed passer, Amnesia is inferior to Calm Mind, and Work Up is generally considered a gimmick in the first place.}}

    {{Checks|Special walls are the first step, as they'll stop Girafarig's offensive attempts pretty much cold (unless Psyshock has too many boosts). If it's the dedicated Baton Passer, those walls with a phazing move are great answers, with Lickilicky, Altaria and Bastiodon all being great mentions.

    Dark-types are a good initial switch in due to their Psychic immunity, especially Pursuit trappers like Skuntank and Houndoom, but Girafarig can escape from them both with Baton Pass, as it conveniently evades both Pursuit and Sucker Punch. Note that Houndoom still outruns, and can hit Girafarig with a painful Crunch before it uses Baton Pass, OHKOing all offensive sets.

    Due to it never using Wish, its best form of recovery, Girafarig is pretty easy to wear down over time, with its vulnerability to all three hazards and lack of bulk. In a pinch, bulky Gurdurr can survive a +1 Psyshock and retaliate with Drain Punch and Mach Punch, but this is generally seen as a last resort. As Girafarig almost never boosts its Speed, almost anything faster with decent power can threaten. Offensive Drapion is a prominent answer, with its immunity to Psychic and superior base 95 Speed. Choice Scarf Emboar makes a great revenge killer, as Girafarig may stay in to try and beat it with Psychic, only to die to a Flare Blitz or Superpower. The same applies with Sawk. Scyther's U-turn is fast and painful, OHKOing basically all variants.}}

    Last edited: May 24, 2015
  2. Dzi

    Dzi So Nyuh Shi Dae

    Mar 21, 2012
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    Girafarig is really interesting. (Trivia: Girafarig when spelled backwards is Girafarig. :o)

    "*Girafarig does struggle to stick out though, as NU is literally FULL of pure Normal and pure Psychic-types, all of which challenge Girafarig for a moveslot. "

    Calm Mind Passer:
    Looks good. Maybe give Agility or Work Up at least a mention.

    Calm Mind Sweeper:
    Looks good as well.

    Other Options:
    Swagger+Psych Up?
    Thunder Wave
    Mixed Sweeper w/ Work Up+3 attacks

    Checks and Counters:
    Roar, Whirlwind, Dragon Tail.
    Unaware? idk

    Edit: I'd give the physical set an actual set since base 80 attack is not that bad and it can use Work Up to boost its attack stat even more.

    Good Job. :3
    Last edited: May 7, 2013
  3. Slowkii

    Slowkii Banned

    Jan 28, 2013
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    Looks good to me, but cacturne resists ground and is immune to psychic.....
  4. Spoovo The Pirate

    Spoovo The Pirate Meep! Article Contributor Article Contributor

    Sep 29, 2012
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    Common Dark-types, Slowkii. Cacturne's not all that common. It's also slaughtered by a Hyper Voice anyways. xD

    Damn computer deciding it wanted to restart. I had an Ariados analysis fully written up. D:
  5. The Real Elmo

    The Real Elmo Caterpie hungers...

    Sep 9, 2010
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    looks good to me
  6. Spoovo The Pirate

    Spoovo The Pirate Meep! Article Contributor Article Contributor

    Sep 29, 2012
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    No physical set needed?

    Fair enough lol.