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[Final] Mr. Mime

Discussion in 'Gen 5 NU Analyses' started by Spoovo The Pirate, Jul 6, 2013.

  1. Spoovo The Pirate

    Spoovo The Pirate Meep! Article Contributor Article Contributor

    Sep 29, 2012
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    {{Tier|BW2 NU}}

    {{Overview|Existing as the terrifying combination of both a clown and a mime, named '''Mister''' Mime in spite of its ability to be female, this horrifying hodgepodge is born to Baton Pass. Its great supporting movepool and abilities make it very difficult to actually deal with if used well, with is perfect premise for Baton Passing.

    The clown also learns Nasty Plot for sweeping, giving it some unpredictability. Its two useful abilities are Filter and Soundproof, the latter of which helps it when taking hits, and is unique to its evolutionary line, while the latter prevents it from being phazed out with Roar, or forced to switch with Perish Song, which is why it is so useful on Baton Pass teams.

    However, Mr. Mime has its flaws. Otherwise it wouldn't be among the NU or NU. An otherwise amazing Special Defense is let down by its appalling HP stat, while its physical bulk is pretty useless too, and pure Psychic typing doesn't help it out much, what with Gardevoir, Mesprit, Musharna, Duosion, Kadabra and friends infesting the NU tier among many others. Being a Mime doesn't do it any favors either, because mimes are hated by most, and considered evil by many. However, Mr. Mime doesn't let this get to it. When used well, it's a force to be reckoned with on Baton Pass teams, and it can even throw a curveball and sweep under the right conditions. Don't let it fool you, and Mr. Mime can be dealt with, but underestimate it and the clown will have the last laugh...}}

    {{Set|Passer Mime|
    Mr. Mime @ Leftovers / Salac Berry
    Trait: Soundproof / Filter
    EVs: 252 HP / 4 Def / 252 Spd
    Timid Nature (+Spd, -Atk)
    - Nasty Plot / Calm Mind
    - Baton Pass
    - Substitute / Taunt / Encore
    - Psychic / Charge Beam}}

    {{Comments|Mr. Mime's main niche in NU is being an important member of a Baton Pass chain. With Soundproof blocking Roar and Perish Song from working, Mr. Mime is thus immune to two of only five ways of ending a Baton Pass chain (the others being Whirlwind, Dragon Tail and Circle Throw). This can be devastating under the right situations, as it can all but guarantee a successful (and deadly) chain pass.

    Maximum Speed lets Mr. Mime outrun as many threats as possible, while Max HP is invested to that it can take the occasional hit. While Mr. Mime should never PLAN to take hits, some bulk investment is never a bad idea, just in case it happens to fall in harm's way. Filter can be used instead of Soundproof to better sponge super effective hits, but this is rarely recommended, because Mr. Mime is no longer immune to Roar or Perish Song if it runs Filter.

    The Leftovers are the recommended hold item on this set as, unsurprisingly, it wants to last a long time. And thus, the passive HP recovery from the Leftovers is vastly appreciated, as there aren't many good pokemon with both Wish AND Baton Pass in NU. The Salac Berry is also a fun idea though, as it gives Mr. Mime another Speed boost that it can abuse, outrunning the entire unboosted tier (except for max Speed Ninjask, which simply doesn't exist) at +1. If you can't reliably acquire a Speed boost, the Salac Berry may appeal. It works well with Substitute.

    Nasty Plot and Calm Mind are the boosting moves that Mr. Mime hopes to pass. Nasty Plot makes Mr. Mime far more unique (although Volbeat gives it a LOT of competition with Tail Glow and Prankster), but with its solid niche in a Baton Pass team as a somewhat reliable phaze-blocker, Calm Mind is perfectly viable here too. It just depends on which boosts the rest of your team can offer, and which boosts the recipient would most appreciate. Faster, more frail things would better benefit from Nasty Plot boosts, while bulkier recipients would rather receive some Calm Mind boosts instead. Baton Pass in slot 2 is obvious, but it also has the bonus of letting Mr. Mime avoid the inevitable Pursuit trappers such as Houndoom or Skuntank.

    Substitute in slot 3 is mostly a filler move, as being able to Baton Pass a Substitute is hardly unique, but not listing it would imply that this set relies on other Baton Passers to pass it a sub. This is not true. Mr. Mime is one of the tier's best Baton Passers, and can easily do this itself. However, if you DO have Substitute support in your Baton Pass chain, there are two other moves available that are a little more unique to Mr. Mime. Taunt prevents opponents from using harmful status against your team, using Roar or Whirlwind to phaze them away, or simply Taunting your pokemon to ruin the Baton Pass chain (although all of these situations are avoidable under the right circumstances). Encore however can lock the opponent into something useless, buying Mr. Mime at least one turn of setup. Volbeat again gives Mr. Mime stiff competition if it uses Encore though, so you need to be sure that's what your team needs before giving Mr. Mime Encore.

    Lastly, there are two attacking options in the last slot to stop Mr. Mime from becoming useless, should it find itself Taunted. Psychic is fairly obvious, being a powerful and reliable STAB, while Charge Beam gets its mention for boosting Mr. Mime's Special Attack 63% of the time. It isn't outclassed by Emolga because Emolga tends to specialise in Speed passing, while this one is geared towards Special Attack passing instead. Another boost wouldn't hurt, would it?}}

    {{Set|Setup Mime|
    Mr. Mime @ Life Orb
    Trait: Filter / Soundproof
    EVs: 4 Def / 252 SAtk / 252 Spd
    Timid Nature (+Spd, -Atk)
    - Nasty Plot / Calm Mind
    - Psychic / Psyshock
    - Focus Blast / Hidden Power Ground
    - Thunderbolt / Shadow Ball / Baton Pass}}

    {{Comments|Mr. Mime has enough power and Speed to sweep with in NU. It differs from other Psychic-types in the tier by having access to the coveted Filter - which makes it harder to revenge kill - not to mention being the tier's fastest Psychic-type with Nasty Plot, thanks to Jynx being relegated to LU.

    The Life Orb is the chosen hold item this time, as Mr. Mime's base Special Attack doesn't quite hit hard enough without the boosts. The Lum Berry can be used to avoid status if that appeals, however.

    A Timid nature works best alongside Nasty Plot, as setup sweepers tend to want as much Speed as possible. Modest Mr. Mime will find itself outrun by Jolly Pinsir, Timid Gardevoir or Mesprit, and even offensive Misdreavus, so the extra Speed really is needed. The EVs are simple; Max Special Attack and Speed. 4 Defense EVs are mostly filler.

    Filter is the most prominent reason to use Mr. Mime, as it reduces the power of moves that hit it for super effective damage, making it relatively hard to revenge kill, especially on the special side (it's still deathly frail on the physical regardless). Soundproof however has some good utility on this set as well. First and foremost, it renders Mr. Mime immune to Bug Buzz, meaning it can set up on basically all specially based Bug-types (Butterfree, Mothim, Masquerain etc) without any trouble, but it also prevents the opponent from phazing it out with Roar, and killing it with Perish Song, among many other useful features. If you're using Baton Pass on this set, it's highly recommended.

    Nasty Plot is the recommended setup move as it helps Mr. Mime to stick out from the tier's many other Psychic-types, but Calm Mind also has its uses in letting Mr. Mime wall weaker special threats, and providing a little extra insurance against specially based revenge killing. Nasty Plot will almost always be the recommended option however.

    Psychic is the primary STAB on this set, being a powerful move with no drawbacks at all (aside from poor neutral coverage). However, if you end up facing a lot of opposing Calm Minders, perhaps Psyshock will appeal more, bypassing the opponent's Special Defense boosts by hitting their vulnerable Defense stat?

    Focus Blast is a great, albeit inaccurate coverage option, hitting the many Dark-types that would love to prey on a helpless mime. It also lets Mr. Mime muscle its way past special walls like Lickilicky. However, Hidden Power Ground is listed alongside it as it hits most of the tier's prominent Pursuit trapping threats (Skuntank, Houndoom, Drapion) more reliably, and in most cases hits them harder as well. A +2 super effective Hidden Power Ground is difficult for anything to brush off.

    In slot 4, Thunderbolt is listed as the main coverage option for the tier's many bulky Waters, particularly Wartortle who can use Haze to annoy Mr. Mime with. Shadow Ball is listed next to it if bulky waters aren't a problem, as it has perfect coverage alongside Focus Blast and also stops other Psychic-types and Misdreavus from getting in the way. Lastly, Baton Pass gets an honourable mention in the last slot to let Mr. Mime reliably escape Pursuit traps, not to mention being able to pass any boosts it may have acquired.}}

    {{Options|Mr. Mime has a couple more fun options in its attacking movepool that could see some usage. Energy Ball, Signal Beam, Icy Wind and unlisted Hidden Powers are all available on the special side, while Foul Play is an interesting option that could turn the tables on an incoming sweeper. Choice sets are perfectly usable, as Mr. Mime has ready access to Trick and great base stats to abuse either a Choice Specs or Scarf, but this is hardly unique.

    Torment can buy Mr. Mime more turns, especially in tandem with Substitute. Having three common weaknesses reduces the move's effectiveness, but against the right opponent it can prove devastating. Mr. Mime can set up Rain or Sun for a team, and has both Thunder and SolarBeam to abuse in tandem with the respective weather.

    Dual Screens is something Mr. Mime can do fairly well, but with the likes of Audino and Gardevoir also existing in the tier, consider Mr. Mime more or less outclassed in this role.

    Technician is Mr. Mime's Hidden Ability, but it benefits very little from it, with the exception of boosting Hidden Power to a reasonable 87.5 base power (assuming Hidden Power had a power of 59 originally. Base 60 power Hidden Powers tend to require horrible IVs, and thus are unpopular). It's rare that Technician boosted Hidden Powers will be of any practical use though. Charge Beam and Magical Leaf are two moves that TechiMime can use, it's worth noting.

    Lastly, Thunder Wave, Toxic, Teeter Dance and Hypnosis are status inducing moves that Mr. Mime can use efficiently. Fake Out simply isn't worth it, due to Mr. Mime's awful base Attack.}}

    {{Checks|Mr. Mime is a tricky customer to legitimately counter due to it often being a part of a Baton Pass chain; one that you'll be lucky if you can hit it at all.

    The first thing that springs to mind with Mr. Mime is Prankster users. Thanks to their ability, Murkrow, Volbeat and Whimsicott will always be 'faster' than a Mr. Mime, and all of them have their means of crippling a Baton Pass chain. Murkrow has Prankster Taunt and Haze at its disposal, as well as being immune to Mr. Mime's STAB, making it a solid answer to the dedicated Baton Passing sets. Volbeat has a fast Encore that it can use to lock Mr. Mime into one move. Note that Volbeat likely can't damage Mr. Mime if it is running Soundproof, but preventing it from doing anything useful is lucrative enough on its own. Whimsicott on the other hand has both Taunt and Encore, which can force Mr. Mime to Struggle itself to death pretty easily unless it runs an attacking move.

    Roar and Perish Song won't work on Mr. Mime most of the time due to its ability, Soundproof, but Whirlwind will easily phaze it out, and Dragon Tail and Circle Throw will work well if Mr. Mime doesn't have a Substitute. Note that this is extremely likely on a Baton Pass chain. Also note that once Mr. Mime's Baton Passed away, the recipient can simply be phazed out with Roar (assuming No Suction Cups or similar).

    For sets that don't have Baton Pass, fast Pursuit trappers like Houndoom and Drapion can easily remove Mr. Mime from the battlefield as long as they can switch in safely. Revenge killing would be the most reliable method, but having to sacrifice something to a Mr. Mime isn't always preferable. Special walls like Lickilicky can't take a +2 Focus Blast very well, but can easily survive one, and simply strike back with either a Body Slam or Dragon Tail. Body Slam will 2HKO at the worst - possibly paralysing it and removing its sweeping chances completely - while Dragon Tail will phaze Mr. Mime out and postpone the threat.

    Other special walls like Regice, Grumpig, Mantine and Audino don't do so well, the latter due to it not having anything to hit Mr. Mime with (in most situations), while the former three are all primarily special attackers. Mr. Mime can sponge special hits fairly well, and thus they won't be able to kill it quick enough. All of these walls are weak to at least one move that Mr. Mime could be carrying as well, be it Focus Blast, Shadow Ball or Thunderbolt. Munchlax gets a mention as well, due to it essentially being another Lickilicky except without the reliable recovery, but with the more reliable Whirlwind.

    If Mr. Mime lacks Thunderbolt, Mandibuzz walls it pretty well, being able to take a +2 anything, and then strike back with a Brave Bird for the KO. A well-timed Sucker Punch from the likes of Skuntank will decimate Mr. Mime in spite of its Filter, but the user has to be careful, as it may just end up Sucker Punching nothing, should Mr. Mime use Nasty Plot, Baton Pass or Substitute. The latter of these three would be the worst case scenario, because it'll make Mr. Mime that much harder to deal with. Reliable priority such as Ice Shard, Shadow Sneak and Quick Attack won't be as powerful but are guaranteed to hit, which is worth its weight in gold sometimes.

    If all else fails, offensive Mr. Mime can be easily revenge killed by something physically based with a Choice Scarf. Pinsir is the prime mention, packing a brutally powerful X-Scissor, while hard hitters like Emboar are also great choices. Choice Scarf Ditto also acts as a good revenge killer if Mr. Mime packs Shadow Ball, too.}}

    Last edited: May 24, 2015
  2. The Real Elmo

    The Real Elmo Caterpie hungers...

    Sep 9, 2010
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    oh god burn it with fire.

    Bug Buzz won't work most of the time thanks to soundproof. Probably want to note that.

    Psybeam is base 65 power. Tech only powers up base 60 or below, so Psychic or Psyshock will always be the better option.
    Charge Beam DOES get boosted to a respectable 75 Base power with the additional chance to boost, making it a fine alternative to Tech Shock Wave or Thunderbolt

    Munchlax does get the more reliable Whirlwind to Phase Mr. Mime or another mon in the BP chain even from behind a sub, which is something Dragon Tail can't do (not to mention the 90 acc).

    Gonna go to bed now. I'll edit in or post again with anything else I can think of ^_^
  3. Dr. Fuji

    Dr. Fuji Active Member

    Mar 8, 2011
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    Dr. Fuji
    I have used TechMime in NU/NEU to modest success it's actually a pretty decent set this is what I have been using:

    Mr. Mime (F) @ Leftovers
    Trait: Technician
    EVs: 4 HP / 252 SAtk / 252 Spd
    Timid Nature (+Spd, -Atk)
    - Hidden Power [Ground]
    - Charge Beam
    - Psyshock
    - Calm Mind

    With 30 Special Defense and 28 Special Attack IV's this gives it 88.5 (can't remember if it rounds up/down) base power HP Ground and 75 base power Charge Beam you could easily go more offensive with Nasty Plot/Life Orb if you wanted as well.
  4. Spoovo The Pirate

    Spoovo The Pirate Meep! Article Contributor Article Contributor

    Sep 29, 2012
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    Holy crap, you're back Fuji? O.o

    Yeah, I believe it rounds down rather than up, seeing as everything else does in this game (look at stats, for example).

    Also, good points Elmeaux. I'll get those changed soon. :3
  5. The Real Elmo

    The Real Elmo Caterpie hungers...

    Sep 9, 2010
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    awesome ^_^
  6. Incon

    Incon I feel incapable of seeing the end.

    Apr 13, 2012
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    That picture is terrifying.

    Spoovo, your analyses are so in depth. Approved.