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[BW2] Lift the Pseuber limit for Kyurem?

Discussion in 'Gen 5 Side Metagames' started by Dr. Doom, Jul 12, 2013.

  1. Dr. Doom

    Dr. Doom Long time hater of stall

    Jan 1, 2012
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    As most of you know, if you're building a MonoDragon team you can only have 2 of the following Pokemon:
    Dragonite, Salamence, [email protected], Garchomp, Hydreigon, Kyurem(B).

    However, I was wondering if we could make an exception for normal Kyurem. It's not a broken Pokémon by any means, and I don't think it would make MonoDragon OP if we excluded it from the 2 Pseuber rule.

    1. It's weak to hazards and MonoDragon has no Rapid Spinner
    2. It has a small movepool and only average speed
    3. Common weaknesses and lack of resistances (compared to other Dragons) undermine its bulk
    4. No good boosting moves (Hone Claws sucks)
    5. Struggles with special walls like Chansey and (if it lacks Earth Power) specially defensive Jirachi

    I don't think it would be tough to programme - after all, there are different formes in different tiers (Shaymin UU, Shaymin-S Uber).
  2. sulcata

    sulcata stéphane curry best waifu Forum Moderator Server Administrator Forum Moderator Server Administrator

    Jun 13, 2012
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    >small movepool

    Physically it has a small movepool. Specially it has every move it could every want. Draco Meteor to hit everything but Steels. Ice Beam for reliable stab. Focus Blast and Earth Power for all the Steels it can't already hit. It also carries many resistances such as Grass, Water, Electric, etc. Not to mention its bulk is quite respectable as well. With amazing 130 attack stats that can be boosted by Choice Specs or Life Orb, it doesn't even need any boosting moves, bar maybe something to up its speed (Choice Scarf) which is also more or less above average. Chansey is destroyed by the rest of Monodragon's sheer physically offensive presence (nothing wants to take a Banded Outrage from Dragonite) and if Kyurem isn't carrying Earth Power it's being poorly run since the move gets rid of nearly half its major counters.

    I'm not personally planning to remove/retest any of those dragons simply because they might be inferior compared to each other. They're all very potent threats and having more than two of them on a team is downright suicidal for the competitiveness of the tier.

    On a side note, tiers are not programmed and different forms are considered different species in terms of what is banned/limited.
  3. User Name

    User Name Life is a maze

    Dec 19, 2010
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    I think Kyurem has access to the main issue that led to the creation of a limit list in the first place: Choiced Dragon move spam. It's certainly not bad in that role; meh (at best) defensive typing, true, but that's rather irrelevant when you're nuking everything with Choiced Draco Meteors. And its bulk certainly isn't shabby either. :/