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[Final] Scolipede

Discussion in 'Gen 5 UU Analyses' started by AmourShipper, Jul 14, 2013.

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    Manly and powerful centipede, it's really good in UU and deserves an analysis imo.


    On Wiki

    • Second fastest Spiker in UU
    • Has a decent typing that gives it nasty weaknesses, but useful resistances
    • Has both Spikes and Toxic Spikes
    • Useful 90 Attack and strong STAB Megahorn
    • Great physical movepool too, with EQ, Rock Slide, and Aqua Tail
    • Has cool moves in SD and Substitute too
    • SR weak
    • Rather poor weaknesses
    • Pretty frail in general
    • Nonetheless, if you need a fast spiker or a simple physical sweeper, always consider Scolipede

    == Dual Spikes ==
    Scolipede @ Focus Sash
    Trait: Swarm
    EVs: 4 HP / 252 Atk / 252 Spe
    Jolly Nature
    - Spikes
    - Toxic Spikes
    - Megahorn
    - Aqua Tail

    • Two hazards and the speed to get them up quickly make Scolipede excellent
    • Outspeeds non Scarf Mienshao, an amazing benchmark
    • Quad resists Shao's HJK too, so it can come in on it and grab some free Spikes
    • Spikes and Toxic Spikes are the hazards Scolipede is here for
    • Megahorn is awesome STAB, with the power and Swarm
    • Aqua Tail provides the best overall coverage, hiting Fire-types and Gligar for some

    == Swords Dance ==
    Scolipede @ Life Orb / Lum Berry
    Trait: Swarm
    EVs: 4 HP / 252 Atk / 252 Spe
    Jolly Nature
    - Swords Dance
    - Megahorn
    - Earthquake
    - Rock Slide / Aqua Tail

    • Swords Dance can boost its usable Attack to frightening levels
    • Power, coverage, and speed allow Scolipede to pull a sweep out of thin air
    • Has the Speed advantage over Heracross, also has Aqua Tail for Gligar
    • Megahorn is strong STAB
    • EQ and Rock Slide have great coverage together
    • Aqua Tail is awesome to nail Gligar if that's what you're looking for

    ==Other Options==
    • Screech+Pursuit
    • Iron Defense
    • Poison Jab
    • Substitute+Salac Berry
    • Superpower
    • Double-Edge
    • Agility
    • Baton Pass

    ==Checks and Counters==
    • Cofagrigus and Dusclops
    • Hitmontop
    • Crobat
    • Togekiss
    • Scarf Fire-types
    • Azelf can check it but can't switch in on a Megahorn
    • Cinccino
    • Outspeeding it in general

    == General ==

    Scolipede has a great 112 Speed, allowing it to outpace a vast majority of the UU tier. In addition, Scolipede has a great physical movepool, a usable 90 Attack, and [[Swords Dance]], which make it a very potent offensive threat. Scolipede also has access to [[Spikes]] and [[Toxic Spikes]], and with its Speed and power, it is one of the best spikers in the UU metagame, and fits in well onto offensive teams. In addition, its typing also gives it a double resist to Grass and Fighting-type moves, and Scolipede also has usable physical bulk.

    That said, Scolipede does have its flaws. While its Attack is above average, it can still be rather underwhelming without any boosts. Scolipede also has many exploitable weaknesses, including to Stealth Rock. It also has to compete with {{5guu|Accelgor}} for a fast spiker, as Accelgor also comes with better Speed and [[Final Gambit]]. {{5guu|Durant}} and {{5guu|Heracross}} also give Scolipede competition as a Bug-type sweeper. Despite this, however, Scolipede can surely perform for any team in need of a spiker or physical sweeper.

    == Spikes ==
    | pkmn = Scolipede
    | item = Focus Sash | item2 = Life Orb
    | ability = Swarm
    | nature = Jolly
    | evs = 4 HP / 252 Atk / 252 Spe
    | move1 = Spikes
    | move2 = Megahorn
    | move3 = Earthquake | move31 = Aqua Tail
    | move4 = Rock Slide | move41 = Toxic Spikes
    | gen = 5

    This is Scolipede's cookie cutter set; with its great Speed, Scolipede can set up Spikes incredibly quickly, while posing an offensive threat with its strong STAB Megahorn and great coverage. Scolipede stands out from Accelgor with its stronger STAB, Swarm, and better physical bulk. Its Speed and power allow it to gain the advantage over many of the other Spikers in UU as well. [[Spikes]] is the main move of this set, and Scolipede aims to set them up as quickly as possible, especially in the lead position. Megahorn is a powerful STAB move that hits Mew and Shaymin quite hard, while in general being Scolipede's primary form of damage. Earthquake hits {{5guu|Empoleon}} and {{5guu|Bisharp}} for strong damage, while [[Aqua Tail]] handles {{5guu|Rhyperior}}. [[Rock Slide]] hits Crobat quite hard, while [[Toxic Spikes]] is a secondary entry hazard to poison incoming foes. A Focus Sash is preferred if Scolipede is a suicide lead, while a Life Orb is used if Scolipede aims to be an offensive Spiker.

    == Swords Dance ==
    | pkmn = Scolipede
    | item = Life Orb | item2 = Lum Berry
    | ability = Swarm
    | nature = Jolly
    | evs = 4 HP / 252 Atk / 252 Spe
    | move1 = Swords Dance
    | move2 = Megahorn
    | move3 = Earthquake
    | move4 = Rock Slide | move41 = Aqua Tail
    | gen = 5

    Scolipede is also a capable of going a sweeping route, using its access to Swords Dance and great coverage to sweep teams. Although Heracross and Durant give Scolipede some competition, it has an excellent Speed and well rounded coverage to make its mark. [[Swords Dance]] is the centerpiece of this set, boosting Scolipede's good Attack stat to frightening levels. [[Megahorn]] is a powerful STAB move that hits extremely hard, especially after a Swords Dance boost. [[Earthquake]] is a great coverage move that nails many Pokemon that resist Megahorn, such as {{5guu|Chandelure}} and {{5guu|Empoleon}}. [[Rock Slide]] rounds out the coverage and hits {{5guu|Togekiss}} and other Flying-types hard. [[Aqua Tail]], however, hits Gligar and Rhyperior harder.

    === Other Options ===
    Scolipede has plenty of other options at its disposal. [[Poison Jab]] can be a secondary STAB move that hits {{5guu|Heracross}} harder than any of Scolipede's other moves, but does not provide any additional coverage. [[Poison Point]] is a cool ability that can poison opponents who make contact with Scolipede, which can be useful in certain situations. [[Salac Berry]] and [[Substitute]] can be used alongside Swarm to make Scolipede a similar sweeper to SubPetaya {{5guu|Empoleon}}, although it has some difficulty setting up due to being rather frail. [[Choice Band]] is a decent option for Scolipede, but it lacks power compared to {{5guu|Heracross}} or {{5guu|Escavalier}}, thereby making it an inferior choice. [[X-Scissor]] can also be used for reliability over power, but the loss in power is very significant.

    === Checks and Counters ===
    {{5guu|Crobat}} is the best counter to Scolipede, outspeeding it and destroying it with [[Brave Bird]] while taking little from its attacks. {{5guu|Gligar}} and {{5guu|Golurk}} can take most of Scolipede's moves and hit back decently hard. Bulky Ghost-types such as {{5guu|Cofagrigus}} and {{5guu|Dusclops}} laugh at Scolipede's moves, and can burn it with [[Will-O-Wisp]], and the former can also use it as setup bait. {{5guu|Sableye}} is in a similar boat, and can also run priority [[Taunt]] to prevent Scolipede from setting up. {{5guu|Hitmontop}} has Intimidate and can spin away Scolipede's hazards. Any Flying-type can handle an unboosted Scolipede rather well.[/HIDE]
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  2. NidoTheKing

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    I'd mention Life Orb in the first set because it OHKOs Shaymin that way. Don't do 4 Hp EVs because I think (I may be wrong) it makes the HP divisible by 4.

    I personally don't like the Double Spiker because there are more Poison types in the tier, so it can slash a filler move like Earthquake or Rock Slide. Poison Point is also worth a mention in OO.

    That's all I got. Maybe mention Weezing in Counters section? I don't know if common enough but it works.

    EDIT: 100th post! Dance party!
  3. Xinc

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    Aug 1, 2011
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    Scolipede can at least one spikes layer on a Mienshao, but mienshao can give Scolipede some issues with a Stone Edge. Mention that without Aqua Tail, Gligar is close to untouchable. Rhyperior can tank an attack from Scolipede and ko with Rock blast.