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[BW2] NU Spotlight: Mesprit

Discussion in 'Gen 5 NU' started by AmourShipper, Jul 26, 2013.


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  1. AmourShipper

    AmourShipper meh i'm bored

    Dec 31, 2012
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    Mesprit has always been a rather odd one of DPP's Lake Trio. In DPP, Mesprit was a pretty solid member of UU; it was a very versatile Pokemon, capable of being supportive and offensive. Despite competition from Uxie and Alakazam, Mesprit's high level of versatility was enough to keep it high in usage throughout the era of DPP UU. As BW came along, Mesprit started off its time in LU; and it was still an extremely versatile and unpredictable Pokemon, and had enough to remain in the tier throughout most of BW1. However, it had to compete with other Psychic-types running dominant in the tier, such as Slowking and Uxie, and as such, it eventually bordered NU levels of usage.

    As BW2 rolled in, Mesprit made its fall into NU, where it made quite an impact, holding a solid Top 5 spot in the NU usage statistics. It provided another useful check to the ever prominent Sawk, alongside the other already dominant Psychic-type, Musharna. Mesprit's versatility earns itself a spot on many teams, and it can serve many roles, and can often be what you're looking for. As it is today, Mesprit has cemented itself a spot as a prominent part of NU, and will continue to remain this way for months to come.

    Mesprit's Qualities

    One of Mesprit's greatest assets is its balanced stats; it has great offensive stats, and some very usable defenses as well. This means that Mesprit can take hits pretty well, while also hitting fairly hard. Mesprit's Speed isn't too bad by NU standards either, and although it's short of some other prominent Pokemon such as Sawk and Houndoom, it still outspeeds a number of Pokemon in the tier, such as Samurott, Garbodor, and Ludicolo. Mesprit's Psychic typing is also a great thing to have in NU; Mesprit can fit in perfectly into Dark / Fighting / Psychic cores, and Mesprit also serves as a great Sawk check to boot.

    Mesprit also has an incredible movepool. It has a great offensive movepool to work off of its solid offensive stats; it has BoltBeam coverage on both ends of the spectrum, meaning Mesprit can hit a lot of the tier for great damage. Mesprit also has reliable STAB moves in Psychic and Zen Headbutt, as well as U-turn to make it a very usable hit-and-run attacker. It also has a great move in Calm Mind, meaning it can serve as a boosting sweeper to become a legitimate threat. It also has a great support movepool to work with as well; it packs Stealth Rock and Thunder Wave, meaning it can spread paralysis and also be a great hazard setter for your team. It can also run Rain Dance, Sunny Day, and Trick Room, and as such, it is a staple on those kinds of playstyles. It has Light Screen and Reflect to use pretty well, although it has competition from Gardevoir and to an extent Meganium in this regard. Mesprit also has Healing Wish, so it can fully heal a weakened teammate; this is a very useful quality.

    Levitate is also a pretty good ability, so Mesprit can come in on an Earth Power or Earthquake for absolutely free; this also means Mesprit doesn't get worn down too quickly because it doesn't care about Spikes or Toxic Spikes at all.

    Playing with Mesprit

    Mesprit can run a number of sets that allow it to be useful. If you're looking for a bulky special sweeper, Calm Mind Mesprit is very good, as Mesprit can come in on a Pokemon such as Sawk or Gurdurr, and it can set up Calm Mind numerous times to become an extremely threatening Pokemon. It has great coverage in Psychic as well as Thunderbolt, Ice Beam, Shadow Ball, and Hidden Power. Substitute is also a very useful tool to make it a threatening Pokemon against stall. Mesprit can also run Choice sets pretty well. Choice Specs, Choice Band, and Choice Scarf are all pretty viable options to make use of; and Mesprit can serve as either a hard hitter or revenge killer; Choice Band is also highly unique to stand out from Musharna and Gardevoir. Support options are also a great piece if you're looking for something to spread paralysis and set up Stealth Rock; if that's what you're looking for, Mesprit can definitely fill.

    Playing against Mesprit

    Because Mesprit is so versatile, it is never easy to figure out just what it's going to do until it enters the battle. Even then, it's probably going to accomplish quite a bit already. However, Pursuit support is probably your best friend when looking into going against Mesprit; Houndoom and Drapion are both great bets, as they can come in on a Psychic from Mesprit, and keep it in a bad position between Crunch and Pursuit. Be careful though, as a well timed Thunder Wave or Trick can lead to their demise. It is also ideal to use extremely fast Pokemon such as Swellow and Archeops to deal quick and heavy damage to Mesprit, as its lack of reliable recovery will mean it will get worn down over the course of the match. If Mesprit is running Calm Mind, Encore can also be a fun way to keep it from doing anything against you, of which then you can grab in a Pursuit trapper to remove it from play.

    Fitting Mesprit onto your team

    Mesprit is a relatively easy Pokemon to fit onto a team, because it can fulfill a number of roles; such as a bulky special sweeper, a supporter, a Sawk check, and a Choice user. Mesprit's a self sufficient Pokemon, and as such, it's more of a glue Pokemon rather than one to build your team around. That said, Mesprit does appreciate some teammates to threaten its common counters; Sawk and Gurdurr are great to handle the ever prevalent Drapion and Houndoom, while the aforementioned Drapion and Houndoom can again be useful to remove Musharna and opposing Mesprit from play. Mesprit fits perfectly into the common "Dark/Fighting/Psychic" cores that run rampant in NU, and is a great addition if you're looking other teammates such as Houndoom and Sawk. The offensive sets also appreciate entry hazard support; Garbodor and Seismitoad make great choices to do this, and the former works well with Mesprit as a duo to keep Sawk well in check. Klinklang is also a great teammate for the shared synergy with Mesprit, and the two of them can work well together as a sweeping core.

    Get out there!

    Mesprit is easily a prominent Pokemon in NU, and can fit very well onto many teams for the many things it brings to the table. It can support its team, or simply sweep on its own. With everything in mind, Mesprit is definitely a Pokemon you should consider when building a team. Now I'll question as to why you are still reading this? Because honestly, I have nothing else to say. Now stop reading this; the time to use Mesprit is now.