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Gen 5 1v1 Ubers Sableye

Discussion in 'Gen 5 1v1 Analyses' started by iBlue, Sep 23, 2013.

  1. iBlue

    iBlue New Member

    Nov 6, 2012
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    iBlue/El Testo
    found another set that works great in 1v1 ubers...
    its about the same as in normal 1v1 just with some adjustments that make it fit into the tier

    ==Metal Burst (2)==
    Sableye @ Sash
    Keen Eye (No Prankster or Stall!)
    252 hp / 252 def / 4 atk
    + def /- sp def
    - Metal Burst
    - Fake Out
    - Sucker Punch
    - Foul play

    This set is 2 tactics in one, both use Fake out at the start to break through sashes.
    As you can see it is designed to survive many hits of physical attackers while taking as much damage as possible from special ones.
    It aims at 2HKOing most Arceus with Foul play, which does about 60% without choice band (but also without defense/hp investment).
    Most Arceus will use Trick (CB) when facing a Sableye because they expect you being locked either into Taunt, Metal Burst or Will-o-Wisp.
    I don't think i have to tell you how to deal with ghost types...
    When facing special attackers Metal Burst comes into use. Sash makes you survive at 1 hp (do I need to explain that?!) and metal burst does 455 damage...
    If the opponent survives that (which is really rare) you have Sucker Punch.
    Shadow Claw from Arceus without CB does about 27%.

    ==Checks and Counters==
    - Multi-Hit-Attack users: only if theyre very strong or lucky, defense investments stops such things (also pretty rare in 1v1 ubers)
    - Flinchers: Also quite luck based probably beaten by Foul Play
    - Unexpected status Attacks

    PS: yeah im back
  2. Youngster Raz

    Youngster Raz Member

    Apr 25, 2013
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    And what exactly do you do against expected status attacks? Darkrai? It's not listed under checks and counters, but I don't see a way of reliably beating it.
  3. Dr. Fuji

    Dr. Fuji Active Member

    Mar 8, 2011
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    Dr. Fuji
    I don't see why you shouldn't use Prankster or Stall sure you're slower then almost everything you'd run into in Ubers but Stall could still have occasional usage hitting something very slow like a Banded Ferrothorn while Prankster lets you use priority Taunt to stop Darkrai shenanigans I would at the very least give Taunt, Prankster, Stall and Shadow Sneak (priority alternative that doesn't require them to attack) mentions if not slots on the set.