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[BW2] Cool stuff to use in LU

Discussion in 'Gen 5 LU' started by Dr. Doom, Sep 26, 2013.

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  1. Dr. Doom

    Dr. Doom Long time hater of stall

    Jan 1, 2012
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    A thread for posting unusual sets and Pokémon. Whether you came up with them yourself, or they're variations on existing sets, or if they're just sets you feel need more love, please share them.

    Kicking off with one of LU's most powerful Pokémon:

    Moltres @ Life Orb
    Modest Nature (+SAtk -Atk)
    Trait: Pressure
    EV: 152 HP, 4 Def, 252 SAtk, 100 Spd
    Fire Blast/Flamethrower
    Hidden Power Grass/Roost

    Late game, this set is lethal. Agility lets it outrun the whole tier. Fire Blast gets STAB, although if you need something reliable use Flamethrower. Hurricane is the alternate STAB, which is non negotiable despite the accuracy. Without it, Moltres wouldn't be nearly as threatening. Hidden Power Grass hits the Rock types that resist the STAB for SE damage and also OHKOs Kabutops and Omastar switch ins. However, Roost can be used to heal off Life Orb recoil and possible SR damage. EVs let it outrun Scarf Manectric at +2.
  2. Tyki

    Tyki Change

    Nov 13, 2011
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