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[Skeleton] Cryogonal

Discussion in 'Gen 5 UU Analyses' started by AmourShipper, Dec 8, 2013.

  1. AmourShipper

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    Dec 31, 2012
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    It's winter, and a snowflake Pokemon! Anyways, Cryogonal is decently viable in UU, even if not anything amazing.


    == General ==
    • Great special bulk, although no physical bulk at all
    • Ice typing is also poor defensively
    • Has a very shallow movepool as well so it's limited in what it can do
    • Reliable recovery, access to Rapid Spin, and Speed+power give it a niche in UU though
    • Unlike other spinners, Cryogonal can keep itself healthy, and has Levitate so it doesn't mind Spikes
    • With Ice STAB it beats Roserade
    • Also can wall some threats like Zapdos and Yanmega
    • A niche Pokemon, but when played to its strengths it can perform well

    == Rapid Spin ==
    Cryogonal @ Leftovers
    Trait: Levitate
    EVs: 248 HP / 8 Def / 252 SpD
    Calm Nature
    - Rapid Spin
    - Recover
    - Ice Beam
    - Toxic / Haze / Reflect

    • This set embodies Cryogonal's main niche
    • Uses its great special bulk, immunity to Spikes, and recovery to make it a fairly consistent spinner
    • Recovery is what makes this stand out from other spinners like Blastoise or Hitmontop
    • This beats Roserade, and most spinblockers like Cofagrigus and Sableye
    • Rapid Spin is there because it is Cryogonal's main niche; remove hazards
    • Recover allows Cryogonal to stay healthy to keep spinning and walling certain threats
    • Ice Beam is reliable STAB that hits pretty hard
    • Toxic is to wear down switch-ins like Chandelure and Snorlax
    • Haze though can prevent it from being setup fodder
    • Reflect allows it to escape Pursuit safely

    == Offensive ==
    Cryogonal @ Icicle Plate
    Trait: Levitate
    EVs: 40 HP / 252 SpA / 216 Spe
    Timid Nature
    - Rapid Spin
    - Ice Beam
    - Hidden Power Ground / Hidden Power Fire
    - Recover

    • With its neat Speed tier, good offensive presence, and special bulk, Cryogonal can also spin in an offensive manner
    • Ice is a pretty good offensive typing, and Cryogonal can beat spinblockers well here too
    • Rapid Spin is a given, it's Cryogonal's main niche
    • Ice Beam is reliable and powerful STAB to use
    • Hidden Power Ground hits Chandelure and other Fire-types hard, plus Steels
    • Recover keeps Cryogonal healthy

    === Other Options ===
    • Barely anything
    • Dual Screens
    • Frost Breath to bypass CMers
    • Acid Armor
    • Rain Dance

    === Checks and Counters ===
    • Chandelure
    • Snorlax
    • Fighting-types, Heracross and mienshao to name a few
    • Most physical attackers because its physical defense is miserable
    • Repeatedly force it out
  2. Spoovo The Pirate

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    Sep 29, 2012
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    Would increasing the physical bulk on the defensive set be worthwhile? I mean, Cryogonal's special bulk is so ridiculous that it's all but unkillable with special attacks, yet it'll fold easily on the physical side. Investing a little in Defence could perhaps save it from a couple of KOs here and there?

    I've no idea on an actual number to hit, but I personally like 248 HP / 164 Def / 96 SDef Calm, as it has the Blissey effect of really boosting its physical 'bulk' while having basically no effect on the special side:

    252 SpA Chandelure Fire Blast vs. 248 HP / 252+ SpD Cryogonal: 228-270 (66.2 - 78.4%) -- guaranteed 2HKO
    252 SpA Chandelure Fire Blast vs. 248 HP / 96+ SpD Cryogonal: 254-302 (73.8 - 87.7%) -- guaranteed 2HKO

    0 Atk Snorlax Body Slam vs. 248 HP / 0 Def Cryogonal: 244-288 (71.1 - 83.9%) -- guaranteed 2HKO
    0 Atk Snorlax Body Slam vs. 248 HP / 164 Def Cryogonal: 171-202 (49.8 - 58.8%) -- 99.6% chance to 2HKO

    Just for example lol. Losing ~8% special bulk for ~24% physical bulk seems like a worthwhile trade to me?