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How to become a Battle Factory Reviewer

Discussion in 'Gen 6 Battle Factory' started by sulcata, Mar 11, 2014.

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  1. sulcata

    sulcata stéphane curry best waifu Forum Moderator Server Administrator Forum Moderator Server Administrator

    Jun 13, 2012
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    Some of you may be wondering what we look for in Battle Factory reviewers (now that we do not have an application thread), so I decided to compile a list of things that we consider to be good indicators of potential reviewers. This is by no means a comprehensive list, although it does cover a large amount of what we look at. Do not repeatedly ask to be a reviewer, as it's a really fast way to get on someone's bad side. Simply pointing out your activities to the BF leaders and having other reviewers vouch for you will go a long way.

    • Post intelligently in subforums and suspect discussions of the tier you are applying to. This shows us that you have a legitimate interest in the tier and that you are knowledgeable of the metagame.
    • Have a positive attitude on the forums and server. Do not repeatedly troll and break rules. While the primary requirement is competitive savviness, poor attitude prevents reviewers from functioning well as a system.
    • Be active in the competitive community either through the ladder, scripted server tours, forum tours, or challenges. We need to see that you not only know about the tier, but also know how to play it.
    • Regularly submit quality Battle Factory sets to your tier or other tiers to show that you are capable of set building and have an interest in Battle Factory itself. Try this guide if you have trouble with the Battle Factory commands.
    • Make helpful suggestions in Set Suggestions and Changes.

    By no means is this an end all be all checklist. It is not expected for candidates to fit in every qualification listed, nor are these everything that we look at.
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