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Funny VMs, PMs, PO conversations

Discussion in 'The Wastelands' started by NAVIDAD PIRATE, May 5, 2014.

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    Jan 14, 2012
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    We've all had some pretty hiarlarious correspondence over PO, be it over the forums or the server, so share some of yours!

    here is a favourite of mine: user ayumi being slow as fuck

    (22:37:07) Navz: Ayumi on a scale of one to ten
    (22:37:16) Ayumi: holy shit
    (22:37:21) Ayumi: Will you ever finish that fucking sentence
    (22:37:29) Navz: it is finished
    (22:37:30) MeowMix: lmao
    (22:37:33) Ayumi: ok
    (22:37:34) Ayumi: 2
    (22:37:37) Ayumi: I am not fat
    (22:37:45) Windblown: I like how she
    (22:37:47) Navz: ok
    (22:37:51) Windblown: automatically assumes it's a fat question
    (22:37:56) Ayumi: "On a scale"
    (22:38:01) Ayumi: Those measure weight, no?

    here is a VM that important user IFM sent me when he was drunk one night:

    what an alchoholic!

    here is a funny PM that isn't mine but I thought was really funny!

    and of course, no funny thread is complete without user casedvicto-2ry
    (23:02:12) ßasedVictory: [11:00:34 PM] CasedVictory: BKC IS GOD FOR CHRIST'S SAKE
    (23:02:12) ßasedVictory: [11:00:40 PM] CasedVictory: HIS SEMEN IS RICH WHITE AND CREAMY LIKE CHEESE CAKE
    (23:02:12) ßasedVictory: [11:00:59 PM] CasedVictory: HIS STALL IS IMPENETRABLE, BUT HIS BUTTHOLE AINT
    (23:02:12) ßasedVictory: [11:01:09 PM] CasedVictory: I GET ALL UP IN HIS NUTS AND SCISSOR HIS TAINT
    (23:02:12) ßasedVictory: [11:01:14 PM] CasedVictory: BKC HE'S A SAINT
    (23:02:12) ßasedVictory: [11:01:23 PM] CasedVictory: HIS SEMEN ALL OVER MY HOLLISTER SWEATER LIKE PAINT
  2. meeps

    meeps Well-Known Member

    May 24, 2012
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    my boy chilean pansage doing work


    i guess some people dont like flying dicks on their profiles

  3. Roy Mustang


    Jan 30, 2011
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    Roy Mustang
    (16:04:30) ßasedVictory: Solid facial hair @ Roy
    (16:04:32) ßasedVictory: Respect
    (16:04:46) ßasedVictory: If I was a girl I'd sit on your face
  4. Big Bad Booty Daddy

    Big Bad Booty Daddy Big Poppa Pump

    Feb 12, 2012
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    Roy Mustang was in need of some hot guys, so Joeypals came to his rescue!


    His grammar is a bit off, but he is wondering why Roy Mustang did not alert him when he was in need of hot guys.


    It looks like user Joeypals is in need of a Burn Heal!


    Glad their differences have ended, but at least he will always be there.

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  5. Proof

    Proof Well-Known Member

    Dec 27, 2013
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    (21:42) Sasquatch: u know how it works
    (21:42) Sasquatch: if u have auth or have ever had auth
    (21:42) Sasquatch: ur dick gets polished
    (21:42) Sasquatch: by the po community
  6. Kyrk

    Kyrk KACAW

    Jun 28, 2011
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    A user known as SPS once changed his avatar to this voluptuous, arguably NSFW nurse joy image:

    This was one of the first comments about it on his profile:
  7. Shadow Sneak

    Shadow Sneak came in like

    Nov 28, 2013
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    Shadow Sneak
    (19:02:33) Crobat: DSRTHDYSNHFDMTUGH
    (19:02:34) Crobat: DTUMHFXMDTUDHGDTU
    (19:02:34) Crobat: KEDHGDTMU
    (19:02:34) Crobat: KD
    (19:02:34) Crobat: KEDGXYDJ
    (19:02:35) Crobat: GIRL
    (19:02:35) Crobat: JGIRL7Y,DJG
    (19:02:35) Crobat: IR7L
    (19:02:36) Crobat: YDTJGMTDUKETHFNMK6R8UTDH
    (19:02:36) Crobat: NDT6R
    (19:02:37) Crobat: KR68
    (19:02:37) Crobat: YFJG

    (15:55:08) +Umbreonn: Umbreonn sent out Whirlipede!
    (15:55:08) +Umbreonn: Jay Tha God sent out Gothitelle!
    (15:55:08) +Umbreonn: Start of turn 1
    (15:55:08) +Umbreonn: Whirlipede used Rock Climb!
    (15:55:08) +Umbreonn: The attack of Whirlipede missed!
    (15:55:08) +Umbreonn: The foe's Gothitelle used Future Sight!
    (15:55:08) +Umbreonn: The foe's Gothitelle foresaw an attack!
    (15:55:12) +Umbreonn: 2 things
    (15:55:14) +Umbreonn: wrong with this
    (15:55:27) +Umbreonn: WHAT IN THE FUCKING FUCK
    (15:55:29) +Umbreonn: IS MY TEAM
    (15:55:46) +Umbreonn: WHAT

    (16:00:56) +Umbreonn: kicking his ass with the worst team since one direction
    (16:00:57) +Umbreonn: and then
    (16:00:59) +Umbreonn: aggron
    (16:01:02) +Umbreonn: fuckr
    Last edited: May 6, 2014
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  8. Sinclair

    Sinclair Call me the Pokemon Demigod

    Aug 28, 2012
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    (20:27:09) Pussy who wants to be anonymous: Speaking of replaceable members
    (20:27:18) Pussy who wants to be anonymous: When is Oak leaving
    rip oak :[
  9. SteelEdges

    SteelEdges The Poll Dancer

    Dec 15, 2011
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    Once upon a time, there was a wasteland called Tohjo. A bleak, desolate, and purgatorial place, it needed action taken by a hero, a bold messianic figure to show these lost souls eternally wandering through the night what it means to be on a Pokemon simulator. That savior was a Socrates for the modern world - his name was •Seth. Sadly, •Seth has moved onto other abandoned realms, but we have his teachings to guide us through the darkest nights. I believed the truths within would shatter the frame of this very community but Vuvu has encouraged me to make him known.

    •Seth: friends are for fun/support, i can find both elsewhere, so why make friends?

    •Seth: parundead, PO is an imbalanced pvp system that revolves around luck and counters, theres is no real way to test skill without giving 2 players the exact same team and having them battle

    •Seth: laddering is pointless, just challenge the number 1 player to a 1v1 if u have to prove something

    •Seth: weather counter = single pokemon w/ sturdy and 2 weather moves, ie sunny day and sandstorm, and 2 atk moves for either stab or coverage for when their weather poke dies

    •Seth: medicham is by far the best lead

    •Seth: pararoach, misdrevus is female so that makes being gay, hot ^^

    •Seth: i swear people have never played gen 2 before
    •Seth: if i said describe a granbul people would probably say looks like tauros
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  10. Luck>Skill

    Luck>Skill Well-Known Member

    Jun 24, 2010
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    super long but worth reading

    (22:00) Heroic GGFan: The truth scares them because it has killed many people.
    (22:00) Heroic GGFan: Others can't accept the sad reality that, after they earn their 10 minutes of fame by acquiescing to Smogon's newest flavor of the month, they return to their menial jobs and live their meaningless, insignificant lives.
    (22:01) Heroic GGFan: I have become something greater than Smogon could ever hope to be.
    (22:01) Heroic GGFan: I am a role model.
    (22:02) Heroic GGFan: Not only am I one of the greatest Pokemon players of all time, I am beloved by people all over the world. People look up to me; people listen to what I have to say.
    (22:02) Heroic GGFan: Pokemon Online is a spineless coward who couldn't be a bigger simpering sycophant if he tried.
    (22:02) Heroic GGFan: It's pitiful.
    (22:03) Heroic GGFan: I view everyone on this pathetic server with amused contempt.
    (22:03) Heroic GGFan: However, there are a few exceptions.
    (22:03) Heroic GGFan: You, MeowMix, are an exception.
    (22:03) MeowMix: :o
    (22:03) Heroic GGFan: I've been reading your posts on the forum for quite some time now.
    (22:09) Heroic GGFan: Were you upset when Smogon was hacked by a tragic hero?
    (22:09) MeowMix: not really
    (22:09) Heroic GGFan: What if Smogon died?
    (22:10) Heroic GGFan: Would you be upset?
    (22:10) MeowMix: not really
    (22:10) Heroic GGFan: I've been watching you for a long time, MeowMix.
    (22:10) Heroic GGFan: You're the one I want.
    (22:10) MeowMix: that's weird
    (22:11) Heroic GGFan: You will learn to love me.
    (22:12) MeowMix: that sounds like rape
    (22:15) Heroic GGFan: Now, I need you to do me a favor.
    (22:15) MeowMix: is it sexual
    (22:15) Heroic GGFan: No, of course not.
    (22:15) MeowMix: damn
    (22:15) Heroic GGFan: Don't talk that way.
    (22:15) Heroic GGFan: This is important.
    (22:15) MeowMix: ok
    (22:15) Heroic GGFan: I need you to give me your Pokemon Online account.
    (22:16) MeowMix: ok
    (22:16) Heroic GGFan: With your account, I can take over that horrible cesspool of ignorance and create GGFanLand in its place.
    (22:16) Heroic GGFan: Now, what's the password?
    (22:16) MeowMix: hunter2
    (22:17) Heroic GGFan: It didn't work!
    (22:17) MeowMix: oh
    (22:17) MeowMix: that's weird
    (22:17) Heroic GGFan: Your username is MeowMix, correct?
    (22:17) MeowMix: no
    (22:18) Heroic GGFan: Tell me!
    (22:18) Heroic GGFan: Hurry!
    (22:18) MeowMix: I go by Hikari on the boards
    (22:18) Heroic GGFan: HAAHAHAHHA HEEEE!
    (22:18) Heroic GGFan: HAA HAA HOOOOOO!
    (22:19) Heroic GGFan: You....you, my friend, have just fallen for the oldest tirick in the book!
    (22:19) MeowMix: :O
    (22:19) Heroic GGFan: Welcome to "Internet 101."
    (22:19) Heroic GGFan: When you befriend somebody, always test them by asking them to give you their account.
    (22:20) Heroic GGFan: A smart friend will say no because two accounts are better than one.
    (22:20) Heroic GGFan: However, I am impressed that your magnanimity knows no bounds.
    (22:20) MeowMix: yeah it's p. boundless
    (22:20) Heroic GGFan: You must admit that I'm rather intelligent.
    (22:20) MeowMix: something like that
    (22:21) Heroic GGFan: If not for me, you wouldn't be here right now.
    (22:21) MeowMix: are you my mommy
    (22:21) Heroic GGFan: I'm the reason Smogon was created.
    (22:21) Heroic GGFan: And Smogon is the reason Pokemon Online was created.
    (22:22) MeowMix: oh
    (22:22) MeowMix: so you're my grandmommy
    (22:22) Heroic GGFan: At the young age of 14, I was already the Pokemon champion of the world.
    (22:22) Heroic GGFan: In 2003, I won 13 tournaments and over 70 tournament matches.
    (22:22) MeowMix: w0w
    (22:22) Heroic GGFan: People despised me because I represented everything they stood against.
    (22:22) Heroic GGFan: I was the embodiment of veritas.
    (22:23) Heroic GGFan: I was the people's champion.
    (22:23) MeowMix: you're the rock?
    (22:23) MeowMix: the rock is my grandma?

    Oh So Shoddy: *smiles at Buneary and leans in close to her*
    Oh So Shoddy: What is it babe?
    Buneary: No.. We shouldn't..
    Oh So Shoddy: *puts hands around Buneary's waist...*
    Oh So Shoddy: Shouldn't do what babe?
    Oh So Shoddy: *pulls Buneary close, real close*
    Buneary: You know what I mean..
    Oh So Shoddy: *nibbles on Buneary's ear*
    Oh So Shoddy: What do you mean...
    Buneary: .. I'm being serious
    Oh So Shoddy: *kisses Buneary gently...*
    Oh So Shoddy: I'm being serious too babe
    Oh So Shoddy: Kiss me
    Buneary: No.
    Oh So Shoddy: Kiss me babe
    Oh So Shoddy: You know you want to...
    Oh So Shoddy:
    Oh So Shoddy: c'mon babe
    Oh So Shoddy: kiss me
    Buneary: I'm not comfortable with this.
    Oh So Shoddy: You will be
    Oh So Shoddy: Now shut up and kiss me
    Oh So Shoddy: Fine, don't
    Buneary: Ty
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  11. Luck>Skill

    Luck>Skill Well-Known Member

    Jun 24, 2010
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    IDM Official Tester: ctc's penis looks like aegislash blade
    IDM Official Tester: yn
    Lord: my penis looks more like
    Lord: rayquaza
    The Real Guglielmo: frail?
    Lord: 90 bulk
    Lord: above average
    The Real Guglielmo: more like your penis has low usage
    The Real Guglielmo: !
  12. TGW

    TGW CaralloMan

    Apr 13, 2012
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    Posting some funny stuff I had around:

    (02:55:01) Paddington Bear: You all are troublesome users
    (02:55:08) +Sakuya Izayoi: Paddington Bear :(
    (02:55:11) Withoutatrace: FROM A RUUUUUUUUUUDE CLAN
    (02:55:13) [meepsvictory]Crobat: from a ruuuuuuuuude clan

    (22:55:23) Yveltal the [P4L]: M2H is evil
    (22:55:27) TheLegendOfCorsola: ik
    (22:55:45) TheLegendOfCorsola: he is a bad mewtwo
    (22:55:57) Yveltal the [P4L]: he is a hidden mewtwo

    (22:07:59) ±Chatot: MewtwoHidden muted AmarokReturns permanently in this channel! [Reason: You know what, I'm going to flinch your hands. gl saying more. See you next time on Shut the Fuck up!]

    (00:58:42) [Hero]Niiick: ring your bitch
    (00:58:46) [Hero]Niiick: and get her to come out
    (00:58:59) [Hero]Niiick: cos you can stick your metapod between her jigglypuffs
    (00:59:02) [Hero]Niiick: and use harden
    (00:59:06) [Hero]Niiick: then string shot
  13. ZoroDark

    ZoroDark i know everything

    Dec 25, 2011
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    (21:35:07) Scholar Marth: call of duty
    (21:35:14) Scholar Marth: has the worst community in the world
    (21:35:20) Scholar Marth: its full of people like ctc

    (16:14:50) Arte: i don't think
    (16:14:52) Arte: drink*
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  14. meeps

    meeps Well-Known Member

    May 24, 2012
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    PO Trainer Name:
  15. SteelEdges

    SteelEdges The Poll Dancer

    Dec 15, 2011
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    (20:12:07) JRDN: My friend called me and asked. “Would you have sex with a pokemon card for 10$” I said yeah and he hung up
    (20:12:13) JRDN: and won’t answer the phone.

    (22:06:40) Sonic The Hedgehog: I am 1000+ in 6 tiers which means I don’t suck

    Zuzu: i don’t accept battle with hax move
    Zuzu: like toxic and twave
    Zuzu: it’s like a noob

    (00:51:53) Cheese and Mac: are mormons the ones who eat heads off of bats?

    (23:24:03) Icebot: Brb gotta give my shedinja Fucas slash or sumtin

    (22:50:54) [CCCP]Gabe380: I just had a very weird Russian reversal idea, but it’s kind of dirty, so I won’t say it. Until I leave.

    (20:26:26) ash ketchum02: (19:26:53) ±CommandBot: The command shit doesn’t exist hahahha

    (20:24:12) BLARGH!: Anybody else feel like they’re on MyFreeCams and that all the perverts are commenting on the live action? Or is that just me
    (20:24:29) BLARGH!: pokeverts*

    (20:15:42) Sathwik: magikarp is the strongest pokemon in the world none can beat them
    (20:15:47) foolz: ^
    (20:16:07) foolz: magikarp rulez
    (20:16:15) DerBaumeister: hit him with a splash attack
    (20:16:26) Lylii_zabini: no truer words have ever been spoken
    (20:16:31) dragonrage00: magikarp will splash you to death
    (20:16:33) foolz: it has a .00000000000001% chance of OHKO

    (22:44:15) stopnswopguy: Legendaries are cheap though. you wanna prove your a good? then dont use them

    (20:59:12) Aimlesswaves: I don’t understand why my defensive blissey keeps dying to Conkeldurr. >.>

    (13:04:23) pj: shutup u cant train you maxed his speed and attack out
    (13:05:30) pj: bitch if u dont except this challenge u punk

    (23:02:31) Sewer God: smashand pass sounds like something i do with girls when im with a group of guys
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  16. Jolteonnn

    Jolteonnn Jolt.

    Jun 18, 2013
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    (22:30:19) Jolteon: Crobat honey we need your female presence

    (22:30:31) Crobat: FUCK YOU I AM MALE YOU FUCKERS
  17. Luck>Skill

    Luck>Skill Well-Known Member

    Jun 24, 2010
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    PO Trainer Name:
    POWC roster issues

    (01:14:48) ßasedVictory: I'd rather start the holocaust
    (01:14:53) ßasedVictory: Than start Unun

    @Finchinator...relax breh



    (02:08:23) Finchinator: I was
    (02:08:31) Finchinator: a ladder fag
    (02:08:31) Finchinator: for a good year
    (02:08:34) Finchinator: on the smogon server
    (02:08:37) Finchinator: and I thought VMs
    (02:08:38) Finchinator: where like
    (02:08:40) Finchinator: statuses
    (02:08:42) Finchinator: on facebook

    (02:15:11) Finchinator: hey luck
    (02:15:13) Finchinator: Ciele CrashinBoomBang Django Eo Ut Mortus Iris Jayde LuckOverSkill McMeghan MMF Tiffanyy
    (02:15:14) Finchinator: who the fuck
    (02:15:15) Finchinator: did you show
    (02:15:18) Finchinator: you little faggot
    (02:15:18) Finchinator: :]]
    (02:15:23) Finchinator: .die

    HeroofSinnoh, hero of...our hearts? (warning: this is actually pg18, if any mod is uneasy with this just edit it out, I am warning the audience and putting this under spoiler but it's a great read)

    (07:09) [Unholy]Fluttershy: *relaxes*
    (07:12) HeroOfSinnoh: *Puts arm around Mary*
    (07:12) [Unholy]Fluttershy: *stares at*
    (07:13) HeroOfSinnoh: Are you alright ...? You don't seem to be doing any moves ...
    (07:13) [Unholy]Fluttershy: Im great
    (07:14) [Unholy]Fluttershy: *nuzzles nose*
    (07:18) HeroOfSinnoh: *Puts hand under blouse*
    (07:19) [Unholy]Fluttershy: *bites her lip*
    (07:21) HeroOfSinnoh: *Slowly rubs her back*
    (07:21) [Unholy]Fluttershy: *is enjoying this*
    (07:22) HeroOfSinnoh: *Motions Mary to take his shirt off*
    (07:22) [Unholy]Fluttershy: *takes Shays shirt off*
    (07:24) HeroOfSinnoh: *Gets on top of Mary*
    (07:24) [Unholy]Fluttershy: *Looks at*
    (07:25) HeroOfSinnoh: *Strokes her hair and kisses*
    (07:25) [Unholy]Fluttershy: *kisses back*
    (07:27) HeroOfSinnoh: *Kisses neck and licks it*
    (07:27) [Unholy]Fluttershy: *moans softly*
    (07:30) HeroOfSinnoh: *Goes down from the neck and kisses lower chest area*
    (07:30) [Unholy]Fluttershy: *moans a bit more*
    (07:32) HeroOfSinnoh: *Unbuttons the top buttons of Mary's dress*
    (07:35) HeroOfSinnoh: *It exposes her bra and skin*
    (07:35) [Unholy]Fluttershy: *stares at*
    (07:38) HeroOfSinnoh: *Kisses the exposed parts and sucks at the skin*
    (07:38) [Unholy]Fluttershy: *moans even more*
    (07:39) HeroOfSinnoh: *Unbuttons the other buttons and completely removes her blouse*
    (07:40) [Unholy]Fluttershy: ...
    (07:41) HeroOfSinnoh: ... Anything wrong?
    (07:41) [Unholy]Fluttershy: I'm fine...
    (07:41) HeroOfSinnoh: Are you sure, darling?
    (07:41) [Unholy]Fluttershy: I'm sure hun
    (07:42) HeroOfSinnoh: ..Then do something to me. Come on. Lead the way.
    (07:42) [Unholy]Fluttershy: *drops to her knees*
    (07:44) [Unholy]Fluttershy: *takes out Shays cock and starts sucking on it*
    (07:44) HeroOfSinnoh: *Gasps*
    (07:44) HeroOfSinnoh: Ohh, that feels so good
    (07:45) [Unholy]Fluttershy: I know it does *puts it all in her mouth and keeps sucking*
    (07:45) HeroOfSinnoh: *Is amazed by your blowjob giving skills*
    (07:46) [Unholy]Fluttershy: I catch on really quick *goes as fast as she can*
    (07:47) HeroOfSinnoh: *Holds out her hair behind her*
    (07:47) HeroOfSinnoh: Oh wow ...
    (07:47) HeroOfSinnoh: I love it
    (07:48) [Unholy]Fluttershy: *keeps on sucking without letup*
    (07:48) HeroOfSinnoh: *Feels it coming ...*
    (07:48) [Unholy]Fluttershy: *keeps going*
    (07:49) HeroOfSinnoh: *It's close*
    (07:49) [Unholy]Fluttershy: *sucks on it harder*\
    (07:50) HeroOfSinnoh: *Sprays cum all over Mary's face*
    (07:50) HeroOfSinnoh: ohhh
    (07:50) [Unholy]Fluttershy: *swallows some*
    (07:51) HeroOfSinnoh: *Lifts up Mary and puts her in bed again*
    (07:51) [Unholy]Fluttershy: That good enough to lead the way?
    (07:52) HeroOfSinnoh: The best.
    (07:53) [Unholy]Fluttershy: :P
    (07:53) HeroOfSinnoh: *Kisses Mary's stomach*
    (07:53) [Unholy]Fluttershy: *is enjoying this*
    (07:55) HeroOfSinnoh: *Licks and sucks around Mary's Belly button*
    (07:55) [Unholy]Fluttershy: *moans slightly*
    (07:56) HeroOfSinnoh: Mm, yummy.
    (07:56) [Unholy]Fluttershy: Oh, you
    (07:57) HeroOfSinnoh: *Rolls over and gets Mary on top of him*
    (07:57) [Unholy]Fluttershy: *looks down at Shay*
    (07:57) HeroOfSinnoh: *Slowly unstraps her bra*
    (07:58) [Unholy]Fluttershy: *slowly takes it off*
    (08:01) HeroOfSinnoh: *Pulls Mary close to me*
    (08:01) [Unholy]Fluttershy: *is staring at you*
    (08:01) HeroOfSinnoh: *Buries his face in Mary's breasts*
    (08:01) HeroOfSinnoh: Ohh, so soft
    (08:02) [Unholy]Fluttershy: I know that
    (08:03) HeroOfSinnoh: *Sucks on her nipples*
    (08:03) [Unholy]Fluttershy: *moans slightly*
    (08:03) HeroOfSinnoh: They are hard.
    (08:03) [Unholy]Fluttershy: Indeed
    (08:04) HeroOfSinnoh: *Licks around the nipple*
    (08:04) [Unholy]Fluttershy: Oh god, the milk is coming
    (08:05) HeroOfSinnoh: Wow
    (08:05) HeroOfSinnoh: breast feed me?
    (08:05) [Unholy]Fluttershy: Should I?
    (08:06) HeroOfSinnoh: *Nods*
    (08:06) [Unholy]Fluttershy: *starts milking*
    (08:06) HeroOfSinnoh: *Puts his head turned upwards on Mary's lap*
    (08:07) [Unholy]Fluttershy: *keeps milking*
    (08:07) HeroOfSinnoh: *Puts hand on Mary's head, pulls her down and kisses her and says* Feed me, love
    (08:08) [Unholy]Fluttershy: *pulls Shays head against her breast and keeps putting the milk into his mouth*
    (08:09) HeroOfSinnoh: *Swallows the milk and suckles for more.*
    (08:09) HeroOfSinnoh: Best milk I've ever tasted
    (08:10) [Unholy]Fluttershy: *keeps letting out milk*
    (08:10) [Unholy]Fluttershy: I know
    (08:11) HeroOfSinnoh: *Keeps sucking her breasts while putting a hand inside her skirt*
    (08:11) [Unholy]Fluttershy: *lets out more and more milk*
    (08:12) HeroOfSinnoh: *Licks the breasts more and kisses her mouth, tongue touching against her furiously*
    (08:13) [Unholy]Fluttershy: *still letting out milk and kisses back*
    (08:13) HeroOfSinnoh: Lead the way
    (08:14) HeroOfSinnoh: I have a chiselled chest and 6 pack ;) ...
    (08:14) [Unholy]Fluttershy: Tell me where to start
    (08:14) HeroOfSinnoh: Anyplace you like darling
    (08:15) [Unholy]Fluttershy: So many hard choices a woman must make.......just start me off somewhere
    (08:15) HeroOfSinnoh: Start from the face, and go down.
    (08:16) [Unholy]Fluttershy: *starts kissing*
    (08:17) [Unholy]Fluttershy: *starts licking Shays neck and goes down to his chest*
    (08:17) HeroOfSinnoh: Ohhhh
    (08:17) HeroOfSinnoh: *Enjoys and touches Mary's breasts*
    (08:18) [Unholy]Fluttershy: *moves down even further and sucks on his cock some more*
    (08:19) HeroOfSinnoh: Oh yeah baby
    (08:19) [Unholy]Fluttershy: *keeps going*
    (08:20) HeroOfSinnoh: ohh, the milk from your breasts are splashing everywhere
    (08:21) [Unholy]Fluttershy: *puts all of it in her mouth and keeps suckin* isnt it?
    (08:21) HeroOfSinnoh: mhm
    (08:21) HeroOfSinnoh: y'know
    (08:21) HeroOfSinnoh: something isn't right
    (08:21) [Unholy]Fluttershy: What would that be?
    (08:23) HeroOfSinnoh: You still have you pants on
    (08:23) HeroOfSinnoh: :P
    (08:23) [Unholy]Fluttershy: Weird, I took them off a long time ago
    (08:24) HeroOfSinnoh: Let me fix it for you.
    (08:24) HeroOfSinnoh: *Takes Mary's pants off exposing her panties*
    (08:24) HeroOfSinnoh: Ohhh, you're so wet
    (08:24) [Unholy]Fluttershy: Aren I
    (08:24) [Unholy]Fluttershy: *arent
    (08:25) HeroOfSinnoh: *Takes off Mary's panties*
    (08:25) HeroOfSinnoh: May I?
    (08:25) HeroOfSinnoh: or do you want to suck me more?
    (08:26) [Unholy]Fluttershy: You may
    (08:26) HeroOfSinnoh: *Brings mouth closer and licks Mary's wet pussy*
    (08:26) HeroOfSinnoh: It tastes like heaven
    (08:27) [Unholy]Fluttershy: *moans slowly*
    (08:27) HeroOfSinnoh: *Opens it wider with his fingers and licks it even more*
    (08:28) [Unholy]Fluttershy: *moans louder*
    (08:29) HeroOfSinnoh: *Makes Mary lie down on the bed, and stretches out to suck her pussy while giving his cock to her mouth*
    (08:30) [Unholy]Fluttershy: *starts sucking*
    (08:31) HeroOfSinnoh: *Holds Mary's legs with his hands forcing them to spreak out and starts kissing her pussy*
    (08:31) [Unholy]Fluttershy: *moans even more*
    (08:32) [Unholy]Fluttershy: Oh god, it's coming
    (08:34) HeroOfSinnoh: *Keeps sucking her pussy*
    (08:34) [Unholy]Fluttershy: *so close...*
    (08:35) HeroOfSinnoh: *Spreads out the legs even more and starts sucking faster*
    (08:35) [Unholy]Fluttershy: *cums all over the place*
    (08:36) [Unholy]Fluttershy: gawd....
    (08:37) HeroOfSinnoh: *Swallows everything on your pussy and licks what is on your stomach and breasts*
    (08:37) [Unholy]Fluttershy: .....
    (08:37) HeroOfSinnoh: mmm, I've never tasted a girl's cum before
    (08:38) [Unholy]Fluttershy: You just did
    (08:38) HeroOfSinnoh: Ik
    (08:38) [Unholy]Fluttershy: xD
    (08:38) HeroOfSinnoh: It feels great
    (08:38) [Unholy]Fluttershy: I know
    (08:38) HeroOfSinnoh: Now I'm going to put it in
    (08:38) HeroOfSinnoh: You ready ...?
    (08:39) [Unholy]Fluttershy: We're not here for nothing
    (08:39) HeroOfSinnoh: *Turns to the same side as Mary, kisses her lips.*
    (08:39) HeroOfSinnoh: *Puts his cock slowly inside Mary's tight pussy*
    (08:40) [Unholy]Fluttershy: Gawd
    (08:40) [Unholy]Fluttershy: You are huge
    (08:40) HeroOfSinnoh: Ik ;)
    (08:41) [Unholy]Fluttershy: :d
    (08:41) HeroOfSinnoh: *Humps while kissing Mary on her neck*
    (08:42) [Unholy]Fluttershy: *moans loudly during*
    (08:43) HeroOfSinnoh: *Lifts Mary by the armpits out of the bed, and keeps her against the wall and keeps humping while lifting her*
    (08:43) [Unholy]Fluttershy: *is enjoying this immensley*
    (08:44) HeroOfSinnoh: *Sucks be breasts while humping*
    (08:44) HeroOfSinnoh: So much milk still there
    (08:44) [Unholy]Fluttershy: Is it coming?
    (08:44) HeroOfSinnoh: Yes ... on its way
    (08:45) HeroOfSinnoh: *Humps faster*
    (08:45) [Unholy]Fluttershy: Same here
    (08:46) HeroOfSinnoh: *Puts his middle finger into Mary's ass*
    (08:46) [Unholy]Fluttershy: ...I'm about to come
    (08:46) HeroOfSinnoh: Same
    (08:47) HeroOfSinnoh: *Keeps inserting the middle finger in and out while humping and sucking Mary's breats
    (08:47) [Unholy]Fluttershy: Mmhmm
    (08:47) [Unholy]Fluttershy: *moans as loud as she can*
    (08:47) HeroOfSinnoh: It's so close ...
    (08:48) [Unholy]Fluttershy: same
    (08:48) HeroOfSinnoh: One more long kiss ... till it comes
    (08:48) [Unholy]Fluttershy: Do it
    (08:49) HeroOfSinnoh: Kisses Mary, tongue touching against her tongue*
    (08:49) [Unholy]Fluttershy: *sucks on Shays tongue*
    (08:50) HeroOfSinnoh: Uh oh, its coming
    (08:50) HeroOfSinnoh: *Splashes cum all over Mary's pussy*
    (08:50) [Unholy]Fluttershy: Same
    (08:50) HeroOfSinnoh: Ohhhhhhhhh
    (08:51) [Unholy]Fluttershy: *cums as well*
    (08:51) HeroOfSinnoh: oh my god
    (08:51) HeroOfSinnoh: ohh
    (08:52) [Unholy]Fluttershy: dear lord...
    (08:53) [Unholy]Fluttershy: how.....was that?
    (08:53) HeroOfSinnoh: *Puts Mary back on the ground on her feet and hugs her tightly with her breasts tightly touching against my body and kisses her
    (08:53) [Unholy]Fluttershy: *jugs and kisses back*
    (08:53) HeroOfSinnoh: That was amazing...
    (08:54) [Unholy]Fluttershy: I think...Im going to go....and recollect my thoughts
    (08:54) HeroOfSinnoh: Ah. Alright
    (08:54) HeroOfSinnoh: I need to do the same
    (08:54) [Unholy]Fluttershy: See you next time
    (08:54) HeroOfSinnoh: Will your fiance b mad?
    (08:54) HeroOfSinnoh: You too
    (08:54) [Unholy]Fluttershy: Lol
    (08:55) [Unholy]Fluttershy: Im marrying a woman
    (08:55) HeroOfSinnoh: Oh, good.
    (08:55) HeroOfSinnoh: Threesome next time then
    (08:55) [Unholy]Fluttershy: DOn't even get started...
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  18. Sinclair

    Sinclair Call me the Pokemon Demigod

    Aug 28, 2012
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    Having a great conversation in IDM skype group when...

    [4:53:24 PM] Key: It was like a movie montage
    [4:53:43 PM] Key: We were like bonding n walkin
    [4:54:11 PM] Key: Thought it would be a good idea to run in front of everybody
    [4:54:17 PM] Key: Jump up n let out a fart
    [4:54:24 PM] Key: Nah
    [4:54:40 PM] Key: They were like wtf are you doin
    [4:54:43 PM] Key: So I was like
    [4:54:51 PM] Key: I gotta go to the restroom
    [4:55:03 PM] Key: Hopped in this restruaunt
    [4:55:13 PM] Key: Cleaned myswlf up
    [4:55:20 PM] Key: And like
    [4:55:30 PM] Key: I didnt want the next guy to see
    [4:55:34 PM] Key: My underwear on there
    [4:55:42 PM] Key: What if he recognized me later
    [4:55:46 PM] Key: So I put them
    [4:55:51 PM] Key: In the top of the toilet

    Key celebrating his victory..

    [4:57:06 PM] Key: I shit myself and nobody was
    [4:57:11 PM] Key: The wiser
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  19. Afro Smash

    Afro Smash Mfw I'm living the Australian dream

    Jul 8, 2012
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    Afro Smash
    (01:16:46) Proof:
    (01:16:56) Proof: hearing cased be a faggot without just seeing it typed out
    (01:16:58) Proof: is funny
    (01:16:58) Proof: :]
    (01:17:34) Afro Smash: 'against one of my best friends on po finchinator'
    (01:17:38) Afro Smash: how things have changed
    (01:18:19) Proof: "I just felt risky that day u kno? I was feelin good, feelin pretty fine"
    (01:20:19) Proof: Wow cased is a really bad narrator
    (01:20:25) Proof: he should stick to doing poorly in POCL
    (01:20:30) Afro Smash: hard to talk when you got dicks in your mouth
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  20. Bob Backspin

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    Dec 9, 2012
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    Sorry Reese

    On 2014-04-30, at 2:42 AM, Reese Wood wrote:
    > hey

    On 2014-04-30, at 2:42 AM, Reese Wood wrote:
    > im talkin to the ex again

    On 2014-04-30, at 2:52 AM, Reese Wood wrote:
    > she wants the D

    On 2014-04-30, at 2:53 AM, Reese Wood wrote:
    > i wish i had more liquer
  21. Kyrk

    Kyrk KACAW

    Jun 28, 2011
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    (21:54:39) meeps: WHO GAY
    (21:54:41) Artemisa: there are thunderstorms in okc
    (21:55:20) meeps: pls answer me
    (21:55:21) meeps: need to know
    (21:55:24) meeps: for research purposes
    (21:55:25) Artemisa: thats not goid
    (21:55:28) Artemisa: good
    (21:55:33) Artemisa: im not gay
    (21:55:38) meeps: good job arte
    (21:55:38) Artemisa: 10day is gay
    (21:55:42) meeps: if anyone is gay pls stand up
    (21:55:42) Artemisa: i think
    (21:55:49) Artemisa: >stand up
    (21:55:59) meeps: you know
    (21:55:59) meeps: like
    (21:56:01) meeps: stand up for youself
    (21:56:04) Artemisa: just ask most of indigo
    (21:56:20) meeps: if you're gay
    (21:56:22) meeps: let me know
    (21:56:44) •Kyrk: (21:55:42) meeps: if anyone is gay pls stand up
    (21:56:49) •Kyrk: Roku would fucking fly

    (21:56:50) Roku: dot steeledges pls
    (21:56:52) meeps: ITS A BIRD
    (21:56:52) meeps: ITS A PLANE
    (21:56:52) meeps: NO ITS A FAGGOT LO!L
    (21:56:52) ±Chatot: meeps removed Roku from the channel member list!
    (21:56:52) ±Chatot: And Roku was gone!

    (21:56:58) Artemisa: nice
  22. Insane Soul

    Insane Soul Griffith did nothing wrong.

    Jun 22, 2011
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    Insane Soul
    (21:16) VuvuzelaBzz: i just punched myself in the face by mistake as a i sneezed
    (21:16) VuvuzelaBzz: ;(

    User Xdevo presents questions in his most secure sexual orientation:
    (20:28:55) Insane Soul: today i went to visit a female friend at a coffee place
    (20:29:06) Insane Soul: and she got me a double date with twins for tomorrow
    (20:29:20) Insane Soul: still have no pics :/
    (20:29:37) +Xdevo: did you
    (20:29:43) +Xdevo: get your dick wet
    (20:30:14) Insane Soul: only because it was raining
    (20:30:29) +Xdevo: why was your dick out
    (20:30:31) +Xdevo: in the rain
    (20:30:49) Insane Soul: you ask too
    (20:30:54) Insane Soul: many querstions
    (20:30:59) Insane Soul: i needed fresh air
    (20:31:04) +Xdevo: I need to know these things
    (20:31:07) +Xdevo: for science
    (20:31:10) Insane Soul: ok
    (20:31:20) Insane Soul: i shall provide you with answers
    (20:32:23) +Xdevo: those were the only questions
    (20:32:35) Insane Soul: ok
    (20:32:44) Insane Soul: come by later if you need more answrs
    (20:32:50) +Xdevo: will do

    Aurist tries out the Randomizer Nuzlocke:
    (17:38:58) +Aurist: next catchable mon
    (17:38:58) +Aurist: DEOXYS
    (17:38:58) +Aurist: AHHHHHHHHHHHHH
    (17:39:11) ±Dratini: lusted was mysteriously kicked by Kat!
    (17:39:43) +Aurist: lol
    (17:39:45) +Aurist: out of pokeballs
    (17:39:53) +Aurist: had to kill it
    (17:40:01) The Real Elmo: the curse of aurist
    (17:40:02) +Aurist: wouldnt get caught
    (17:40:04) The Real Elmo: not enough balls
    (17:40:36) +Aurist: never enough

    "Johnny Blaze" Key
    (23:01) Insane Soul: here's a good question
    (23:02) Insane Soul: would you have sex with some idiot actress you find attractive
    (23:02) Insane Soul: but the aftermath would be that your dick burns for an hour
    (23:02) Insane Soul: and everytime you bang her, you dick would burn for an hour
    (23:02) Insane Soul: or fuck some old man with a gut
    (23:02) Insane Soul: and have an hour long orgasm, even if you didnt find him arousing?
    (23:03) Key: id take the first one
    (23:03) Key: ive accidentally
    (23:03) Key: touched the tip of my penis
    (23:03) Key: after removing the seeds
    (23:03) Key: from some jalapenos
    (23:03) Key: multiple times this happened
    (23:03) Key: also after eating some crayfish
    (23:04) Key: dick was feeling real spicy
    (23:04) Key: for at least an hour
    (23:04) Key: im used to it
    (23:04) Key: at this point
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  23. Professor Oak

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    Apr 21, 2010
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    Professor Oak
    We've locked threads like this before (see: QOTD thread) because users keep posting unfunny logs, as well as breaking forum rules in these types of thread.

    I'm locking this topic for the same reason.
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