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Universal Official Tournament Rules

Discussion in 'Official Tournaments' started by Weavile, Jul 23, 2014.

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  1. Weavile

    Weavile Phoenix

    Jul 17, 2010
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    Rules and Guidelines:

    - Each official tournament must be assigned a "primary host", preferably one of the Tournament Directors, (TDs) the primary host will be given the deciding vote in all decisions that directly affect their tournament. This does not include decisions about tournament bans.

    - All ongoing suspect retests and testbans are ignored by offficial tournament tiering until a decision is made.

    - Tier changes that occur once the round thread has been up for 12 hours do not apply to the round they were made in, but will apply for all subsequent rounds.

    - Tournament directors are prohibited from joining any tournament that they are host, or co-host of. They also may have no role in decision-making regarding a tournament in which they are participating. They may however discuss tournament ban duration if they were not directly affected by the incident in question. They may however perform "grunt work" to help with the tournament if they so wish.

    - Activity wins are to be given based primarily on PO Forum activity, if the will to contact an opponent on PO's forums has not been shown then activity on external mediums such as Smogon's forums, IRC or Skype must be proven through screenshots and posted before the deadline of the round. Proof of activity outside of PO forum VMs and public forum posts must be submitted before the deadline of the round or it cannot be expected to be counted toward activity wins.

    - A user may be removed from a tournament at any time if they have been reported and proven by their opponent to have been excessively disrespectful during or immediately after their battle, this includes links to inappropriate imagery. However a spectator may only be punished by server rules, as the "ignore spectators" button exists.

    - If a user incurs a temporary server ban of longer than 24 hours while in an official tour, they will forfeit any match they had for the current round automatically. If they suffer a permanent ban, they are of course permanently removed from the tournament.

    - Server or forum banned users may not participate in any official tournament. If this rule is found to have been circumvented in a team tournament, the team with the banned player will face penalties, at minimum their wins from that player in all previous weeks will be changed to losses. (The teams these wins were against will not gain wins).

    - All official team tournaments must post an "Official Decisions and Announcements" thread. These threads are to be posted in only by the TDs and the host of the tournament if he/she is not a tournament director, and will record decisions made by the TDs and host regarding the tournament from signups to finals. This does not include appeals made by players for unbans. These threads can also be used to announce tier changes and when they will begin to effect the current tournament.

    - If a user is found to have played a match with a banned or otherwise illegal Pokémon, Item, Ability, Move, ability-move or move-move combination, they will forfeit the match, regardless of circumstance. Check your team properly.

    - Tournament bans will be issued on a case-by-case basis by the TDs to fit the situation at hand. Ban worthy offenses include but are not limited to: Signing up on multiple accounts to one tournament, deliberately concealing your known identity to sell for a lower price in auction-based tournaments, ghosting or in any way playing for another player.

    - All players are encouraged to PM their teams to the host and co-host(s) as soon as you know what team you're using . This will be used to assess disconnect situations and assign fair wins. If you fail to send in your team and your opponent does send theirs in, in the event that you disconnect your opponent will be given the win without condition. This also applies if the team that was sent in is not identical to the one used.
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