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Tournament Schedule

Discussion in 'Tournaments' started by Weavile, Aug 5, 2014.

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  1. Weavile

    Weavile Phoenix

    Jul 17, 2010
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    Approved Tournaments:

    Nuzlock OU
    Hosted by Joeypals
    -ORAS OU [Sleep, Species, Wifi, Self-KO Clauses]
    -Nuzlocke Rules (if a Pokemon faints, no one can use it for the rest of the tournament starting at the beginning of each round)
    -Logs of all matches must be reported to me via post, VM, or PM so that I can properly work out the list of what is removed
    -Best of 1 (Finals are BO3)
    -Round 1 lasts 2 weeks, following rounds last 1 week

    Ghosting Tour 2
    Hosted by CuboneThugsnSkarmory
    -ORAS OU tour
    -Teams of 3; 1 player and 2 Ghosters, Teams decide a captain in charge of arranging times, each team will decide a name
    - Free agents (people without a team) can sign-up and will create teams.
    -Battles will be without Timeout Clause and Spectators must be allowed.
    -Standard Clauses
    -Battle Logs will be saved and sent to the host to be posted

    Random OU Tour
    Hosted by Oh So Penspin
    The tournament is very similar to the ladder challenge by @Hannah quite some time ago. At the start of every round, I'll give every participant a team they have to use for that round. The teams are determined by a random number generator, which will generate 6 numbers between 1-50 (50 can be changed, the 6 as well so people can decide which mons they bring). These numbers will correspond in the ORAS OU usage statistics (1 = Talonflame, 2 = Heatran etc) at the moment of the start of the round. To avoid any confusion, I'll give participants their teams both in numbers and in Pokemon, so that there can be no errors in that. Teams will be sent by PM, so that they remain unknown to the other players.

    Initially there will be 16 spots for signups, but this can be changed if there is sufficient interest. All rounds will be BO1, as a BO3 finals will take too much time with sending new teams every time. Round will take 1 week each, with the exception for the first round, so I can start a new round every Monday. All battles will be played in ORAS OU with the standard clauses, with Freeze Clause and Disallow Specators being optional.

    Hosted by Edna
    Since we haven't decided yet if we want to have back Monocolor back in the server, I thought it would be a great start of doing a forum tour
    Ban list same as OU
    List of the pokemons by color:http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/List_of_Pokémon_by_color

    Finals on BO3

    STABmons Tournament
    Hosted by Funbot28
    So basically the idea of this tourny is to allow mons to access all moves available according to their typing. (Ex: Keldeo can now learn Water Spout and High Jump Kick) on top of all their regular moves. These new moves also transfer between evolutions (Ex: Sylveon can learn all normal moves because of Eevee, but cannot learn Fire moves from Flareon), and not for mega evolutiosn (Ex; Gyarados cannot learn Dark moves). Generation jumping is also not allowed (Ex: Togekiss cannot learn Normal moves).
    • Regular OU bans + clauses
    • Shell Smash
    • Belly Drum
    • Shift Gear
    • Dark Void
    *Note these moves are still available to their natural users

    Follow The Leader
    Hosted by Cheezeburger
    All information needed about the Smogon tier is found here.
    TLDR; All pokemon in slots 2-6 may ONLY use moves and abilities that the BASE pokemon in slot 1 has. (so not the mega's ability, if they are different.
    • If a Mega Pokemon is in the first slot, teammates have access to the base form's ability. (MegaZard X cant pass Tough Claws to its teammates, but it can pass Solar Power.)
    • Followers are bound to the same illegalities and restrictions as their leaders (if Clefable is your leader, you cant run Softboiled and Unaware on the same Pokemon.)

    • Standard OU banlist and clauses.
    • Smeargle, Shedinja, Regigigas, Slaking, Huge/Pure Power, Shadow Tag, Imposter, Arena Trap, Gale Wings, and Chatter are banned.
    • Aegislash is unbanned.
    I am not familiar with smogon's OU bans, but since this is PO I figured I could run with the OU bans on PO anyways.
    If all that looks familiar, it's because I literally just copy/pasted from the thread I linked.

    Long Live The King
    Hosted by Portia
    As the title may have failed to suggest, I would like to propose a tournament idea which loosely mimics the concept of 'checkmating'.
    Simply put, the idea is such; guard your 'king' in battle.

    To elaborate...

    One Pokemon, the mega to be specific, will be assigned 'kingship'. The teams will follow the general OU format, with some exceptions and restrictions.
    The match will be considered over when the king of either side faints. In the event that both kings die on the same turn, the Pokemon that fainted first loses, without exception. That means if your king explodes or final gambit's another king, you auto-lose.
    Your job as a participant is to pressure your opponent into using their mega, and killing it. Defeating all your opponent's pokemon is not the objective; sniping the king is. And that's how you secure the win.

    Pokemon in the Ubers category, including mons banned from OU such as Greninja, are prohibited.
    2) Phasing moves (Roar, Whirlwind, Dragon Tail and Circle Throw) are banned. Phasing moves would make it easier to force the opponent's mega out, which I'd rather not have. Your aim should be to pressure your opponent into sending their mega out (the mega is usually an important pokemon on any OU team, so force them to use it and smash it up)
    3) Healing Wish and Lunar Dance are banned. Wish is allowed, because you're taking a risk by sending in your mega to receive the healing.
    4) Recovery moves in your mega of any form are prohibited. This also includes rest, aqua ring, ingrain and leech seed. I'm still iffy about drain punch and giga drain, but they'll probably get a pass.
    5) Standard OU bans that don't contradict with the exceptions, such as KO moves.

    Baton Pass is allowed, however the baton-pass user cannot carry any boosting moves, nor can it pass on any stat boosts (such as from a speed boosting ninjask). What's the point, then? Well, scouting and safely getting your mon out of situations. You may also use it to pass substitutes. Aqua Ring and Ingrain are not to be passed on to your Megas, in compliance with the no healing moves ban.

    Each round will be BO1, finals may be BO3.
    2) Your team must have one mega. This is to stop 'intelligent' people slapping on 2 megastones on 2 different mons, losing one, and being all 'har har that wasn't my mega it's carrying custap berry actually my other mon is the mega'. tldr; one megastone per team.
    3) All matches will be played in the ORAS Ubers tier, to accommodate the baton pass allowance.
    4) All teams must be PM'd to me for approval before they're accepted.
    5) All battle replays must be posted on the main thread or PM'd to me directly. Any match that takes place without a log will be considered void.
    6) All official PO rules apply.

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