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[Guide] PO Theme Omnireference

Discussion in 'Arts and Graphics' started by SongSing, Aug 23, 2014.

  1. SongSing

    SongSing KILLL

    Jan 2, 2013
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    Hi, hello, SongSing here. This is Pokemon Online Theme Omnireference. I'm so glad you could join me today.

    Style Options:
    • ServerChoice - styles the whole widget
    • ServerChoice #serverList - styles the list of servers
    • ServerChoice #description - styles the server description box
    • ServerChoice #nameEdit - styles the name textbox
    • ServerChoice #advServerEdit - styles the advanced connection box
    • ServerChoice #teambuilder - styles the Teambuilder button
    • ServerChoice #advancedConnection - styles the advanced connection button
    • ServerChoice #switchPort - styles the little refresh button
    • ServerChoice #announcement - styles the announcement thing
    • ServerChoice QWidget#serverChoiceFrame - styles the large frame containing all of the server info
    • ServerChoice #serverChoice - styles the smaller frame within the serverChoiceFrame
    ** Note: Buttons can be styled with QPushButton, no need to do them individually unless you want them to look different from eachother. Same goes for text boxes and QLineEdit.

    Player List:
    Style Options:
    • #playersWidget - styles the container
    • #playersWidget QAbstractItemView - styles the lists within the container (the player list, channel list, and battle list)
    Main Chat:
    Style Options:
    • QTextEdit#MainChat - styles the chat box
    • QTabWidget#MainChat QTabBar::tab - styles the tabs
    • QTabWidget#MainChat QTabBar::tab:hover - styles the tabs when hovered
    • QTabWidget#MainChat QTabBar::tab:selected - styles the tabs when selected
    • QTabWidget#MainChat QTabBar::tab:!selected - styles the tabs when not selected
    • QTabWidget#MainChat::tab-bar - styles the actual row the tabs are on
    • #FindBattle - styles the Find Battle button specifically
    • #Register - styles the Register button specifically
    • #Exit - styles the Exit button specifically
    • #Send - styles the Send button specifically
    • Client > * > * > QLineEdit - styles the textbox specifically (all textboxes can be styled with QLineEdit) (This really needs a name like the buttons have, maybe in the next PO release :\)
    ** Note: Buttons in general can just be styled with QPushButton
    • #Announcement - styles the announcement at the top
    • #passwordDialog - styles the password dialog from when you log in
    • #exitWarning - styles the warning shown when you exit and have exit warning enabled

    Style Options:
    1. TrainerMenu #name
    2. TrainerMenu #colorButton
    3. TrainerMenu #infos
    4. TrainerMenu #winningMessage
    5. TrainerMenu #losingMessage
    6. TrainerMenu #tieMessage
    7. TrainerMenu #avatarLabel
    8. TrainerMenu #avatar
    9. TrainerMenu #avatarNumber
    10. TrainerMenu #avatarSelect
    11. TrainerMenu #profileList
    12. TrainerMenu #saveProfile
    13. TrainerMenu #newProfile
    14. TrainerMenu #deleteProfile
    15. TrainerMenu #boxCenter
    16. TrainerMenu #pokedex

    More to come!

    (If you have any questions/comments or would like to know how to style something, feel free to comment!)
    Last edited: Sep 6, 2014
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