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[Announcement] Ubers Tiering Policy

Discussion in 'Gen 7 Ubers' started by ZoroDark, Sep 29, 2014.

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  1. ZoroDark

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    Dec 25, 2011
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    It took some time but it's finally here. Massive thanks to @Isa for helping me out in a huge way.


    Ubers is both a tier and a ban list, which makes its tiering more complex than any other tier.

    While Ubers aim to be the metagame with the least amount of bans, this should not come at the cost of playability. Ubers is a tier first, ban list second. This allows for bans of aspects that the community deem necessary to play the game in an enjoyable manner. This has historically made it possible to ban or limit aspects that have been deemed to reduce the quality of the metagame, such as introducing Sleep Clause and banning various luck-based strategies. If a ban is to be made in Ubers, it has to be very precise and minimize the damage dealt, while being as simple as possible. Therefore, individual Pokémon should not be banned from the Ubers tier unless absolutely necessary, whereas bans of moves, abilities and items, including Mega Stones and other form-shifting items, that allow their users to reach a level of potential unenjoyability and/or brokenness deal less overall damage to the tier due to their smaller range of impact.

    More concretely, if you're arguing for anything to be banned from Ubers, it's very important to remember these 3 points.
    • Overcentralization isn't an argument.
    • Ubers will not ban to preserve metagame balance. See: OU.
    • Ubers will only make bans to preserve a playable competitive metagame.
    To summarize, Ubers is a tier primarily and should have the ability to ban unhealthy elements, just like any other tier, although with a higher standard for what's bannable and what's not.
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