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[ORAS] ORAS OU Metagame Discussion Thread

Discussion in 'Past Gens Discussion' started by Finchinator, Nov 2, 2014.

  1. Edna

    Edna Chasing the Dragon Forum Moderator Forum Moderator

    Feb 20, 2013
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    Feel like we're back at gen 4 where Arena trap and Shadow tag were absolute nuisance lol.

    You're adressing good points however I do not agree with everything. The most notable things it traps are Heatran and CB Ttar, it doesn't even OHKO Mega Zard X so it can be a bit useless in some matchups. What made Goth powerfull was the Trick CM rest set coupled with Mega Eye. Dugtrio is dependant of not having rocks on the field, not getting pursuit traped by Weavile after rocks or even not facing a bulky mon that it won't ohko ( relaxed ttar ohko it after rocks and duggy doesn't). So you see, while it does trap some mons like Driller ( scarf variant is useless vs any stall, Duggy or not)

    I personally didn't have much issues with Duggy but I can understand why it's tricky. Trapping has been an issue since it exists, and is still a problem now.

    Now my concern is, without Mega Eye Duggy is not very useful, but without Duggy stall remains very viable, unless you prove me wrong

    Either way, i believe the potential suspects are interesting as they reflect the current state of the meta
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  2. Finchinator

    Finchinator IT’S FINK DUMBASS

    Jan 25, 2012
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    Finchinator / Finch
    If this was 2-3 years ago, I'd have just infracted you for this and deleted it and proceeded to deal with leading the tier in the same way I otherwise would, which I will do regardless, but instead of infracting you and deleting the post, I'm going to use this segment of the response as a reference for the future and a lesson to be taught to you and perhaps many other posters in the future.

    Posting something along the lines of this is completely productive and will only cause harm, not progress. If you believe that the tier leader(s) is not paying proper attention, then either post explaining what you believe should be looked into, like everyone else in this thread, or contact the tier leader/Draciel privately so that they become aware of this. If you have any further questions on this or anything else, I will gladly answer them (if they pertain to ORAS OU, then in this thread, but if they pertain to something else, then in private).

    I have been actively contemplating if there should be a final suspect or not, but Zamrock quit Pokemon and MetalGross resigned within the past month, so matters have not been made easy for me. I have also been busy IRL, wanted to let the metagame settle a bit more before deciding if the one controversial Pokemon (Mega Sableye) was worth suspecting or not, and needed to determine exactly what type of susepct would be the best if it happened to take place.

    Moreover, it would be appreciated if any complaints or questions on the process were directed at me in private, as I said, and you guys could give me the benefit of the doubt seeing as I've been doing this for a while now and I haven't exactly died out on you yet, so there's little reason to assume I will now!

    --- Post updated ---
    As for the state of the ORAS OU metagame and what's the come in the near future, Mega Sableye is going to be suspected and that will be going up in the next hour or two, so keep your eyes peeled and be ready to post your thoughts!

    Before we get into the present and future of the ORAS OU metagame, however, let's briefly go through everything that has happened throughout the course of ORAS. Right off the bat, Mega Salamence got banned due to an unprecedented amount of strength, bulk, and the right tools to take advantage of these things in an uncompetitive fashion. The first actual suspect of ORAS was Greninja, which got much better due to access to Gunk Shot and Low Kick to abuse Protean and hit pretty much everything hard, and it got banned. Afterwards, Mega Metagross got suspected and, in a close discussion, it got banned, too. Then, a more lopsided suspect simply due to it being overpowering, in Landorus-I, found itself getting the boot. Hoopa and Hoopa-U were introduced to the metagame, but soon after the latter walked in the door, it was sent back out of the door, but this time into the realm of Ubers after the Hoopa-U suspect. After some time had elapsed, Mega Metagross was retested and deemed to be fine in the tier. A more controversial suspect came up next, Baton Pass, and it was outright banned after some internal and external discussion. Finally, Hoopa-U got retested, but stayed banned.

    Now, we are going to be testing Mega Sableye and this, in all likelihood, will be the final suspect of the generation (although if there is something else that comes up, it can and will be looked into, regardless of when that happens). Arena Trap or anything pertaining to it will not be suspected. If you wish for an explanation, I can give one in the near future.

    Thanks to everyone for posting over the course of the past few years - you guys are the ones that make this possible! This thread will stay open due to the prospect of future suspects not being completely out of the question.

    ps: there was a shadow tag suspect somewhere in there but idr :x
    Last edited: Oct 20, 2016
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  3. AnuncioBot

    AnuncioBot Tome muito líquido!

    Aug 19, 2015
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    [LS] AnuncioBot
    Obviously Mega Eye is the best teammate for Dugtrio, but Dugtrio is still too restrictive even without MEye. You can force Rocks with Excadrill or Clefable, but this does not guarantee that Dugtrio will have his Sash broken.
    Zapdos is a great hazard controlpartner, and still can abuse gimmick as Eject Button on a bulk water to gain momentum.
    Yes, Dugtrio needs Focus Sash to be able to cover more niches and be more effective, but with Focus Sash or not, it no allow the switch, basic factor of the game, and helps numerous teammates.
    You can press Mega Sableye with Heatran, but if Dugtrio defeat Heatran, you lose your response and Mega Sableye becomes a much larger problem, but the reason was Dugtrio, not Mega Sableye.
    The presence of Dugtrio restricts even the switch Chansey, forcing scouts and overpredicts with a high risk, because when Chansey switch to defend against Mega Gardevoir or Mega Charizard Y, Dugtrio just make a double switch and the next time the threat in, Chansey is no longer in game, so in my concept a well used Dugtrio is a WinCon not very healthy against stall, limiting playstyle.
    Just said about Heatran and Chansey, while still would Raikou, M Diancie, Tyranitar and others can be defeated and how teammates are helped when your check / counter is defeated without counterplay.
    In the same way, Charizard Y is not a big problem, but Pursuit has an incredibly effective synergy by pressing Chansey in a 50/50 stay or switch, and defeating Latios.
    More offensive playstyles do not suffer so much to Dugtrio / Arena Trap, but still breaks cores and helps teammates, reducing the need of skill.
    As a final point, Trappers are not competitive or fun in a metagame where matchup influences many results.