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4th Gen Ubers Threat List

Discussion in 'Gen 4 Analyses' started by Cpt. Falcon, Dec 1, 2010.

  1. Cpt. Falcon

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    Jul 12, 2010
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    Pokemon Online: Uber's Threat List
    Captain Falcon

    This is the threat list for the tier of gen 4 ubers... I will start by covering the primary offensive and defensive threats, these will primarily be Pokemon that smogon has in the uber tier and have a high usage on the beta server.

    These are the primary Pokemon I will be covering

    Offensive: Arceus, Darkrai, Deoxys-s, Dialga, Garchomp, Giratina-O, Groudon, Kyogre, Latias, Palkia, Rayquaza, Shaymin-s

    Defensive: Blissey, Forretress, Lugia, Skarmory (adding tomorrow hopefully)

    Lesser threats added at a later date


    Type: Normal
    Base Stats: 120HP / 120Atk / 120Def / 120SpA / 120SpD / 120Spe
    Trait: Multitype

    Arceus is among the most versatile and deadly Pokemon in the metagame. It has the highest base stat total of any Pokemon and access to a plethora of options which allow it to do anything from be a straight up sweep to an extremely effective wall. Its ability Multitype allows it to become the type of the Plate that it holds. Arceus has access to stat boosting moves such as Swords Dance and Calm Mind. It is one of the few users of STAB Extremespeed and in combination with Swords Dance is largely regarded as the single most deadly Pokemon in the game. Calm mind in combination with moves such as recover will-o-wisp and Judgment, Arceus' signature move which is base 100 power and has the same type as the plate Arceus holds, make for a very effective wall who can take physical and special hits with ease. This generation Arceus was limited to 100 EV's per stat, due to the fact it was only legally obtainable at level 100, this makes all Arceus you will encounter bulky and a force to be reckoned with.


    Type: Dark
    Base Stats: 70HP / 90Atk / 90Def / 135SpA / 90SpD / 125Spe
    Trait: Bad Dreams

    Darkrai is a Pokemon who is outsped by few with its massive base 125 speed and who can set up and sweep using it's 135 special attack to it's advantage while it's opponent is quickly put to sleep by it's signature move Dark Void, helpless, loosing 12.5% of it's HP each turn from Darkrai's ability, Bad Dreams. Darkrai is only outsped by a handful of Pokemon, this makes it's 80% accuracy sleep move, Dark Void extremely useful. In uber's Darkrai is one of the most successful leads as well as mid-late game sweepers. Scarf lead Darkrai can outspeed just about every Pokemon and either put them to sleep, hit them with a STAB dark pulse or even trick a Choice Scarf onto the opponent's lead. Darkrai can also be exploited in a position other than lead, switching in to revenge kill or even take a not very effective/psychic attack. Darkrai can use nasty plot to boost it's already good Special Attack to astronomical levels, leading to a high chance of a clean sweep for unprepared, slower teams. Bad Dreams is also a successful way to break sashes if you know you need to before OHKOing with either STAB dark pulse or Focus Blast.

    Deoxys Speed Forme

    Type: Psychic
    Base Stats: 50HP / 95Atk / 90Def / 95SpA / 90SpD / 180Spe
    Trait: Pressure

    Deoxys-S is the single fastest Pokemon in the game and paired with this is an unbelievable support movepool that makes it one of the most used leads in the metagame. Deoxys-S gets access to Spikes, Taunt, Stealth Rock, Reflect and Light Screen. This impressive move pool and unsurpassed speed allow it to outspeed and taunt any opposing leads who try to set up hazards as well as give it the ability to put up it's own hazards and start off a battle with a strong advantage for the user. Reflect and Light Screen can be paired together with Light Clay to set up barriers that will help teammates survive crucial hits. In terms of attacking Deoxys-S can either use Extremespeed or Superpower effectivly. It also gets an amazing special move set with attacks like Thunder, Ice Beam and Shadow Ball to make it a quick way to deal some damadge to opposing Pokemon.


    Type: Dragon/Steel
    Base Stats: 100HP /120Atk / 120Def / 150SpA / 100SpD / 90Spe
    Trait: Pressure

    Dialga has a wide array of niches it can fill, It has acceptable stats in both attacking stats as well as both defenses and an acceptable HP, Access to support moves allow it to fill a supportive roll as well. Dialga is very successful at running mixed sets, Draco Meteor, Thunder, Outrage, Brick Break and Fire Blast are some notable attacking moves that Dialga has access to. Bulk up is a move that can make Dialga extremely bulky while giving it a frightening Attack stat as well, with Rest and Sleep Talk Dialga becomes a boosting wall who can rest off any unwanted damage or statuses. Dialga also gets Stealth Rock, great for breaking sashes, along with Thunder wave and Toxic. Any choice item can also be used successfully with Dialga for a more powerful sweeper.


    Type: Dragon/Ground
    Base Stats: 108HP / 130Atk / 95Def / 80SpA / 95SpD / 102Spe
    Trait: Sand Veil

    Garchomp is a fast and powerful Pokemon, it's 102 speed allows it to outspeed the ever so common base 100 speed Pokemon without fail. Garchomp has access to Swords dance, allowing it to set up and sweep along with some powerful STAB moves and typing that gives it nearly unresisted STAB. It is common to see Garchomp With Choice Scarves/Bands as he is an extremely fast and powerful Pokemon. Choice Scarf Garchomp is a very successful revenge killer as it outspeeds nearly the entire tier. Swords Dance in combination with Outrage Stone edge and Earthquake makes a very successful way to sweep unprepared teams.


    Type: Dragon/Ghost
    Base Stats: 150HP / 120Atk / 100Def / 120SpA / 100SpD / 90Spe
    Trait: Levitate

    Giratina-O is a great mixed attacker with STAB typing that is only resisted by steel types. He receives basic Dragon moves like Draco Meteor and Outrage along with Shadow ball, Thunder, Aura Sphere and Earthquake. It gets high priority in the STAB move Shadow Sneak along with a 2-turn signature move Shadow Force. Giratina-O gets calm mind which can be used to allow it to sweep. It is also a fairly good user of Will-o-wisp which cripples the metagames' main threat, Arceus.


    Type: Ground
    Base Stats: 100HP / 150Atk / 140Def / 100SpA / 90SpD / 90Spe
    Trait: Drought

    Groudon is a Pokemon that brings with it to the field, besides impressive stats, infinite sun in it's ability Drought, Groudon is a potent sweeper with access to both Swords Dance and Rock Polish along with bulk up. Groudon gets Stealth Rocks Toxic and Thunder Wave which make it a fair choice for a support Pokemon. The combination of Rock Polish and Swords Dance rivals even Extremekiller Arceus in it's sweeping abilities. +2/+2 Groudon outspeeds almost everything and is powerful enough to OHKO almost the entire tier.


    Type: Water
    Base Stats: 100HP / 100Atk / 100Def / 150SpA / 140SpD / 90Spe
    Trait: Drizzle

    Kyogre is a Pokemon who, like Groudon, brings endless weather to the field, in Kyogre's case it is rain. Kyogre's infinite rain when paired with it's base 150 Special Attack and perhaps the deadliest move in the entire game, Water Spout, makes Kyogre able to come out onto the field with a 1.5x multiplier from the rain on a base 150 STAB attack. This makes kyogre a deadly Pokemon. Kyogre mainly either runs a scarf set, with Water Spout Ice Beam and 100% accuracy Thunder to outspeed and revenge kill almost any Pokemon in the game, or a slower but arguably more deadly set with calm mind and rest, thus boosting Kyogre's special attack through the roof and allowing it to use surf as a powerful STAB move to knock out opposition.


    Type: Dragon/Psychic
    Base Stats: 80HP / 80Atk / 90Def / 110SpA / 130SpD / 110Spe
    Trait: Levitate

    Latias' usefulness is largely aided by it's signature item Soul Dew, this gives it the equivalence of a free calm mind boost as soon as it enter the battle. Latias' two main moves that contribute to it's ability are calm mind and recover. Latias outspeeds much of the tier with its base 110 Speed and has the ability to switch in on almost any special move. Latias takes minimal damage from any attack Kyogre throws at her and can use either Thunder or Grass Knot to seriously cripple or even OHKO Kyogres. After she sets up a calm mind or two she is extremely challenging to take down and teams that lack physical attackers may rely on a lucky crit to take latias down. Latias also notably gets wish which she can use to heal nearly fallen team mates, she also has Toxic and Refresh to shrug off her own status or cause Toxic Poison to an opponent.


    Type: Dragon/Water
    Base Stats: 90HP / 120Atk / 100Def / 150SpA / 120SpD / 100Spe
    Trait: Pressure

    Palkia is truly a force to be reckoned with in the ubers environment. Its typing is great both offensivly and defensively, getting rid of many major weaknesses in exchange for neutrality, along with Water Dragon STAB which is virtually unresisted. Palkia is fast enough to run a devastating Scarf set and has attacking stats that make it possible to have mixed sets. Palkia is a main counter to Pokemon such as Kyogre as it can take any hit and turn back with Thunder, Draco Meteor, Spacial Rend, Surf, Thunder and a plethora of other moves. Substitute Focus Punch sets are viable as one of its main threats blissey is OHKO'd by a Focus Punch with Expert Belt or Life Orb. Palkia is a great combination of offense and defense that make it a true monster in the uber metagame.


    Type: Dragon/Flying
    Base Stats: 105HP / 150Atk / 90Def / 150SpA / 90SpD / 95Speed
    Trait: Air Lock

    Rayquaza has a striking 150 base stat in both Attack and Special attack making it one of the most viable Pokemon to run a mixed set. In it's fairly large movepool perhaps the most interesting move is it's high priority Extremespeed. It gets both Dragon Dance and Swords Dance as boosting moves, turning it into a potent sweeper. Rayquaza notably gets basic dragon type moves along with both Fire Blast and Overheat which, due to its ability, are never hindered (nor helped for that matter) by rain or sun. Rayquaza also gets Waterfall and Earthquake adding to its capabilities coverage wise. Rayquaza isn't exactly bulky but it's obscenely high offensive stats make it a powerful threat nonetheless.

    Shaymin Sky Forme

    Type: Grass/Flying
    Base Stats: 100HP / 103Atk / 75Def / 120SpA / 75SpD / 127Spe
    Trait: Serene Grace

    Shaymin-S is pretty much the Jirachi of ubers. It gets STAB air slash which, thanks to Serene Grace has a 60% chance to cause the target to flinch when hit. Also Shaymin's signature move Seed Flare has an 80% chance of sharply lower Special Defense The flinch rate allows shaymin to often take out nearly any opposition, despite bulk, with a little bit of luck. Choice Specs and Scarf are the two most used items on Shaymin as a Scarf Shaymin-S outspeeds the entire tier excepting scarfers. Specs Shaymin can take out almost any Pokemon with Seed Flare, including a 2HKO on Blissey. Shaymin-S can also run a SubSeed set as it is the fastest Leech Seeder in the game. Shaymin-S can be deadly but your success with Shaymin-S is primarily based on luck.
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  2. Manaphy

    Manaphy ıoı

    Aug 9, 2010
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    Just a suggestion, but you should space the stats, and abbreviate like for Attack = Atk. Also, bolding abilities and stats that make the Pokemon stand out is nice.

    For example:

    Type: Normal
    Base Stats: 120 HP / 120 Atk / 120 Def / 120 SpA / 120 SpD / 120 Spe
    Trait: Multitype
  3. ladysalamence

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    Aug 3, 2010
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    Broken pics? Or is that how it's supposed to be?
  4. meztips

    meztips The name is Bond.

    Jun 4, 2010
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    He didn't post any pics. But hat's also something you should do, Captain Falcon. Post sprites to go with each pokemon for those of us who don't recognize them by name.
  5. eric the espeon

    eric the espeon is an espeon.

    Apr 21, 2010
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    Sprites are ok if you want, but they will only be useful while on forums. When we upload we'll need to change all the images to ones hosted on PO anyway.