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[Skeleton] Durant

Discussion in 'NU Analyses' started by Spoovo The Pirate, Feb 4, 2015.

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    Sep 29, 2012
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    I'm (potentially) back, people!

    == General ==

    *Very fast.
    *Simple to use.
    *Hits like a goddamn nuke. IF it hits.
    *Decent physical bulk, horrendous special.
    *Great typing with only one weakness, and useful resistances.
    *Movepool isn't brilliant, but enough.

    == Hone Claws ==

    Durant @ Life Orb / Lum Berry
    Ability: Hustle
    EVs: 252 Atk / 4 Def / 252 Spd
    Jolly / Adamant nature

    -Hone Claws
    -Iron Head
    -Stone Edge / Rock Slide / Crunch

    *Simple bread and butter set for a risk-it-all pokemon like Durant. Find a chance to use Hone Claws, which boosts its power and compensates for Hustle, and kill literally everything that doesn't resist come the next turn.
    *Hone Claws is listed because it's Durant's best chances of sweeping. Without it, 80% accuracy on everything is very risky.
    *Iron Head and X-Scissor are powerful, reliable STABs. Iron Head hits Rock, Fairy, and other common types for good damage, while X-Scissor has better neutral coverage on its own, and hits Psychic, Dark, and Grass-types hard.
    *Rock move is main coverage, hitting most of the Fire-types that wall both STABs, and also taking out bulky Fliers. Crunch is a backup option for hitting bulky Ghosts like Jellicent, as it will otherwise take one of any hit and fire back a Scald, which will likely burn.
    *Max Attack and Speed are there for simplicity. Durant is not a complicated pokemon. Jolly preferred to make the most of the Speed stat, however Adamant offers more power.
    *Life Orb boosts attack even further at the cost of 10% HP. Durant isn't built to last anyway, so there's little drawback. Lum Berry is a fine alternative though, letting Durant switch into or be hit by status and not worry.

    == Four Attacks ==

    Durant @ Choice Band / Scarf
    Ability: Hustle
    EVs: 252 Atk / 4 Def / 252 Spd
    Adamant / Jolly nature

    -Iron Head
    -Rock Slide / Crunch

    *Forgoes a risky turn of setup in exchange for immediate stat boost. Harder to use though, due to poor accuracy.
    *Basically the same as last set otherwise, except with the addition of Superpower in slot 4 to deal with bulky Normal- and Steel-types.
    *Choice Band and Scarf are immediate stat boosts. Adamant works best for Band, and Jolly for Scarf. Life Orb can be used here too.

    == Other Options ==

    *Thunder Fang hits some bulky waters harder than anything else Durant has access to... just barely. Super effective Thunder Fang hits for 130 base power, while neutral X-Scissor with STAB hits for 120 base power.
    *Feint Attack and Aerial Ace bypass Hustle if you're paranoid about missing. But if you are, you probably shouldn't be using Durant.
    *Random supporting options like Thunder Wave can be used, and Baton Pass is available for both boost passing and scouting.
    *Substitute's available for avoiding status and making things difficult for status reliant opponents.
    *Truant + Entrainment for trolling?
    *Random other hold items, like Expert Belt, Muscle Belt, Leftovers, even Assault Vest?

    == Checks and Counters ==

    *Bulky Steel-types are an initially good switch in to Durant, as they resist both STABs, and take all moves bar Superpower neutrally or better. The likes of Steelix are ideal, being able to tank almost anything, and then just hit back with a powerful Earthquake. Boosted Superpower will still hurt though.

    *Bulky Waters are also good choices if they have a typing that resists Bug, such as Jellicent or Pelipper. They can fire back a Scald or similar for heavy damage, but must watch out for coverage moves, namely Crunch and Rock Slide/Stone Edge respectively.

    *Things with a Choice Scarf and a powerful special STAB are good choices for revenge killing. Fast Fire-types like Typhlosion are ideal, easily OHKOing with a Fire STAB. Literally any Fire move threatens, STAB or non.

    A bit shallow, because I'm just getting back into the NU metagame, but how's this look? Any suggestions?