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Trivia Help and Guidelines

Discussion in 'Trivia' started by Duster, Feb 5, 2015.

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  1. Duster

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    Sep 23, 2013
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    Trivia is a game played in the #Trivia channel of the Pokémon Online server. To enter, find it in the Channel List or type /cjoin Trivia.

    The Basics

    The goal of trivia is to be the first to obtain a certain number of points, which is determined at the beginning of the game, and can be found by typing /goal when a game is running. Goals will always be between 1 and 60.

    To join, type /join when a game is running. Answer the questions that appear by simply typing your answer in as if it was normal chat (You will see ±Psyduck: Your answer was submitted.) Please remember to follow the Trivia Rules, found below. Offenders will be met with a trivia mute.

    To start a game, type /start [goal] with the goal usually bring around 10 to 20 points. Avoid starting games that have goals that are too large, since these games lower activity in the chantry not to repeatedly start games that are too small.

    Monthly Trivia leaderboards can be found by typing either /leaderboard know, or /leaderboard elim. The knowledge leaderboard counts the number of points and wins in regular games, and the elimination leaderboard counts the number of wins and lives left in elimination games.

    In addition, speed trivia also exists, where users gain more points for entering the correct answer faster than others. Speed games can be started with /speed [goal] with the goal usually being around 25 or 30 points.

    Category games only contain questions from a specific question, and elimination games cause players to lose lives when answering incorrectly. These types of games can only be started by Trivia Admins (TAs), but you can ask an active TA to start these games.

    If you spot anything wrong or have suggestions for Trivia, let a Trivia Admin know (/triviaadmins).

    Trivia Rules
    • No inappropriate answers
    Posting anything irrelevant that could be seen offensively will not be tolerated. Even if you leave the game, action will be taken.​
    • No spamming/senseless questions
    Do not spam a single question in hopes of it being approved. The Trivia Admins do not mind if you submit it twice once in a while due to lag or disconnects. Also, submitting questions that are acknowledged repeats sheerly out of malice is not allowed. Troll questions will not be accepted and in extreme cases, may result in the submitter being banned from submitting any further questions.​
    • ASCII spam
    ASCII emotes and art are fine and well once in a while, but you should not abuse them exceedingly in the answers or chat.​
    • No abusing of commands
    Joining and leaving the game erratically to spam the system is not allowed and will be punished.​
    • Adhere to all server /rules at all time.
    Trivia is an official channel of Pokémon Online, and so all /rules of the server will also be enforced here.
    Submitting Questions

    Trivia is highly user-driven, meaning the questions asked are generally submitted by the same users who play. To submit a question, use:

    /submitq Category*Question*Answer1,answer2,answer3,etc

    For example, to submit the question "Name one of the Generation I starters.", you would use the command:

    /submitq Pokemon*Name one of the Generation I starters.*Charmander,Bulbasaur,Squirtle

    Answers are separated by only a comma. Remember to avoid extra spaces in answers, particularly after the * following the question as this cannot be seen by TAs and causes the answer to break.

    Guidelines for Submission

    In-depth guidelines for submitting good questions can be found here!

    Trivia admins can and will ban you from submitting if you spam poor questions.
    At the moment, Trivia is looking for questions from all categories.
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    main character in dbz
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    Thanks for your suggestion! Please note that you can submit questions on the server as well by using the command /submitq such as:

    /submitq Category*Question*Answer1,answer2,answer3,etc
Moderators: Ascarotte, E.T., Python