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[Final] Starmie

Discussion in 'NU Analyses' started by Spoovo The Pirate, Feb 8, 2015.

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    Screw it. No one else seems to be posting here, so...


    == General ==

    Meet Starmie. This poor spectacle is a pokemon that has truly fallen from grace, spending the last five generations in OU. No one expected it to drop this low, seeing as it still has a solid niche in gen 6 OU, however times are tough for the forgotten hero.

    One of Starmie's best aspects is its rare Water/Psychic, which is shared by Slowbro and its brother Slowking. It isn't the most amazing typing out there, what with a few common weaknesses in Grass, Electric, Ghost and Dark, however its rare typing gives it a nice slew of resistances too, including Fire, Fighting, Ice, and opposing Water and Psychic moves, which means it can switch in on plenty of things.

    Starmie's main ability, Natural Cure, means it doesn't even fear status either, because it can simply switch out again once it's done whatever it needs to do. And this is the premise that makes Starmie such a brilliant Rapid Spinner and stall resist. As long as it can keep switching, it can't be pinned down by status, and it even has reliable recovery to keep it healthy. With decent 60/85/85 bulk, an impressive base 100 Special Attack, and blistering base 115 Speed, Starmie is a fairly well-rounded pokemon in NU. It's not the most flexible of pokemon, limited to just spnning and cleanup sweeping, but it certainly won't let you down in either of these two roles.

    As the saying should've gone, 'Catch a falling star, put it in a poke ball, and it'll never fade away...'

    == Bulky Spinner ==

    Starmie @Leftovers
    Ability: Natural Cure
    EVs: 252 HP / 4 SDef / 252 Spd
    Timid nature

    -Rapid Spin
    -Psyshock / Ice Beam
    -Recover / Ice Beam

    Starmie has more bulk than people would expect, even surviving unboosted super effective hits. 324 HP and 206/207 Defences aren't amazing, but they hold their ground.
    Uninvested Special Attack still hits 236, which is good enough to threaten frail opponents and wear them down with STABs.

    Rapid Spin in slot 1 is the crux of the set, letting Starmie remove any annoying hazards from the field. Ghosts aren't nearly as common in Gen 6 NU as Misdreavus was in Gen 5 NU, so spinning is a lot easier.

    Scald in slot 2 is there for its infamous chance of burning, as well as simply being a Water STAB, while Psyshock's there in slot 3 to hit specially bulky things such as Cryogonal, and Ice Beam's given a back slash for trouble Dragons and Grass-types. All of the offensive options are useful in the right situations.

    Finally, Recover keeps Starmie healthy, and lets it shrug off weaker attacks, such as bulky Seismitoad's Earthquake, a lot easier. It can be replaced for Ice Beam if you find yourself never using it however.

    The Leftovers are the given hold item on this set, as the passive recovery is greatly appreciated on something that fully anticipates taking hazard damage. However, the Assault Vest is a weird option that's been used on this set in the past, giving Starmie's special bulk a substantial boost, with the slight drawback of preventing non-attacking moves from being used. Be sure you want to use the Assault Vest before you try it, as it necessitates Ice Beam being used instead of Recover, and probably Wish support too.

    == Offensive ==

    Starmie @ Life Orb / Assault Vest
    Ability: Natural Cure / Analytic
    EVs: 252 SAtk / 4 SDef / 252 Spd
    Timid nature

    -Hydro Pump / Scald
    -Ice Beam / Rapid Spin
    -Thunderbolt / Rapid Spin

    This set packs much more power than the previous, meaning it can clean up late game. Hydro Pump is main STAB, hitting for heavy damage if you don't mind it occasionally missing. If you do, Scald does less damage, but always hits, and may burn.

    Psyshock in slot 2 hits on the physical side, hitting specially bulky opponents much harder than Psychic or Hydro Pump would. Ice Beam and Thunderbolt are primary choices in slots 3 and 4. Either can be swapped out for Rapid Spin, but both are good coverage against key switch-ins such as Dragons, bulky Grass-types, and bulky Waters or Fliers, respectively.
    Note that if you do choose Rapid Spin in one of the latter slots, that it doesn't work very well with the Life Orb.

    Said Life Orb is the primary hold item this time, offering a free power boost with little cost, seeing as Starmie is a late game cleaner here. The Assault Vest is still viable though, because the extra bulk is appreciated, and Starmie isn't using any non-attacking moves on this set. That said, Recover can be considered if you can find room for it.

    Natural Cure is the primary ability again, however Analytic gets a mention here for the power boost it gives. Starmie is fast, and this tends to work against Analytic, however it can come in useful.

    == Other Options ==

    Reflect Type can make Starmie really annoying, by copying the target's type, and thus their resistances. As pokemon tend to resist their own types (such as a Typhlosion resisting Fire moves for example), this can give Starmie many walling and utility opportunities, not to mention surprise STAB boosts. It can also let Starmie escape from Pursuit users such as Skuntank unscathed, however it's not the most reliable or easily used of tactics, and can also readily backfire, should the opponent switch in a pokemon weak to one of its own attacks (example; Scrafty)

    Starmie can function as a standard rain setter with Hydro Pump, Thunder, Rain Dance, and a filler move ( such as Rapid Spin, Ice Beam, Psyshock, Recover, etc).

    Max/Max defensive sets aren't out of the question, with Bold 252 HP / 252 Def / 4 SDef or Calm 252 HP / 4 Def / 252 SDef. They can be engineered to best adhere to whatever is required of Starmie, however if you want a fully defensive spinner, there are usually better options in the likes of Cryogonal, Torkoal or even Wartortle.

    The rest of Starmie's offensive movepool consists of Grass Knot, Psychic, Flash Cannon, Dazzling Gleam, and various Hidden Powers. There's also Signal Beam and Power Gem, however these will rarely be seen.

    Starmie's perfectly capable of running a Choice + Trick set, however this is far from the best of its capabilities. Rest is in its movepool too, and this combines well with Natural Cure to absorb status, but this is usually just begging for a Pursuit trapper to come in and take advantage, so it's rarely seen.

    Starmie has access to Gravity, and a fair few low accuracy moves including Hydro Pump, Thunder and Blizzard. Cosmic Power is also in its movepool, but unlikely to come in useful.

    == Checks and Counters ==

    Things that absorb the primary STAB (Water) are good starts, however it's appreciated if they can take the coverage moves well too. Heliolisk takes everything except Psyshock well enough, and punishes Starmie with any Electric STAB. Seismitoad can take only the Water moves well, but if it gets in, can take one of anything (aside from the rare Grass Knot/Hidden Power Grass), and hit back with a powerful Knock Off. Jellicent's in a similar boat, taking Water STABs, Ice Beam, and sometimes even Psyshock well, but Thunderbolts will hurt. Shadow Ball will hurt Starmie in return too.

    Special walls are good answers if they don't fear Psyshock. Specially bulky Scrafty fits this description perfectly as long as it doesn't get burned from Scald. Even if it does, it can heal that off with Shed Skin and use Starmie as Bulk Up fodder. Repeated Hydro Pumps will hurt though.

    Sucker Punch is a good way past Starmie, especially if the user is an unexpected lure, like Emboar. This is far from the most reliable means however.

    Lastly, anything with a Scarf and decent Speed stat can revenge Starmie, as long as they pack a super effective STAB or coverage move. These include Sawk (Knock Off), Rotom-A (Electric STABs), and even things like Glalie (Freeze-Dry). Naturally faster things like Electrode get the job done too.
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