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[Skeleton] Audino

Discussion in 'NU Analyses' started by Spoovo The Pirate, Feb 23, 2015.

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    == General ==

    The Chansey of NU hasn't really changed much since last generation. Just a couple new moves here and there, none of which are particularly gamebreaking.

    Oh, and she got a mega evolution.

    With 103/86/86 bulk when normal, and 103/126/126 bulk when mega evolved, Audino is your cookie cutter wall/supporting thing in NU. Useful Fairy typing actually gives its mega form a couple of useful resistances to take advantage of, while normal Audino can use the Leftovers and only has one weakness. So both have their strong points.

    However, Mega Audino has one crippling flaw in an awful ability. What was Game Freak smoking when they gave Mega Audino an ability that can only be used in double or triple battles? Why not Fur Coat or something?!

    This therefore leaves Audino as one of those rare pokemon that is actually considered better than her mega evolution in most cases. Because normal Audino can rely on the wonderful Regenerator to keep itself healthy, plus 205 HP Wishes and Heal Bell to support the team. Mega Audino... essentially has no ability.

    It's a choice of pick your cuddly poison; choose between an insanely bulky Normal/Fairy type with useless ability and some attacking power, or a less - but still respectably - bulky Normal-type with no offensive presence, but a brilliant ability.

    == Support ==

    Audino @ Leftovers
    Ability: Regenerator
    EVs: 252 HP / 4 Def / 252 SDef
    Calm nature

    -Heal Bell / Toxic
    -Flamethrower / Toxic

    Audino functions as one of the tier's leading special walls, mostly due to its increased longevity over past generation rival Lickilicky. Going physically defensive instead can be done, perhaps with the Rocky Helmet as a hold item to discourage physical attacks and perhaps lure in Steels (thinking that Audino may mega evolve), however the likes of Vileplume and (Mega) Steelix tend to function better as physical sponges.

    Wish and Protect are fairly obvious on the set, seeing as one of Audino's best selling points is being able to reliably pass Wishes to team-mates. Heal Bell in slot 3 keeps the team status free, which is incredibly useful for something with so much longevity to run. Meanwhile, Flamethrower in slot 4 stops Audino from becoming Taunt bait. It also hits incoming Steel-types, which Audino tends to draw in because of its mega evolution's Fairy typing.

    Heal Bell or Flamethrower can be swapped out for Toxic, but there's a consequence either way. Without Heal Bell, opposing status can become problematic for the team, whilst Audino is Taunt bait without Flamethrower to hit back with. If one of these situations doesn't bother you, feel free to swap out the appropriate move for Toxic.

    The Leftovers are basically non negotiable for the hold item. Audino really appreciates the passive recovery that they bring, as it makes Audino that much harder to bring down, essentially letting it restore 40% of its HP by simply pivoting.

    == Defensive Calm Mind ==

    Audino @ Audinite
    Ability: Regenerator -> Healer
    EVs: 244 HP / 248 Def / 16 SAtk
    Bold nature

    -Calm Mind
    -Draining Kiss / Dazzling Gleam
    -Heal Bell / Wish
    -Wish / Flamethrower / Shadow Ball

    Mega Audino's best bet for viability would be as a defensive Calm Mind user, seeing as it has everything it needs to break through stall teams and wall offensive ones.

    A Bold nature is given this time to give Audino maximal setup room, while 248 Defence EVs hits Audino's absolute max jump point, 16 Special Attack breaks 200 after mega evolving for those OCD about numbers, and the remains are chucked into HP for bulk. The 16 Special Attack EVs can be reassigned if you don't care about pretty numbers, however.

    This set allows Audino to function both mid and late-game. Mid-game it can just do what it usually does; come in and tank a hit, use Wish or Heal Bell as appropriate, and pivot back out again to take advantage of Regenerator. Holding the mega stone also lets it sponge Knock Offs more easily than most, which is very useful.

    Late game however, Audino can mega evolve, and start setting up once a hole has been made in the opponent's team. Calm Mind is the only staple choice, letting Audino boost its Special stats with little hindrance, and become all that much harder to kill.

    Slot 2 contains a Fairy STAB. Draining Kiss isn't powerful, but the power difference won't matter after several boosts, and also drains a considerable amount of HP away from the target (assuming no resist). Dazzling Gleam hits noticeably harder, but doesn't have the draining effect, and thus isn't as recommended. Hitting harder is always something to consider however, as Dazzling Gleam has no drawbacks.

    Wish and Heal Bell are crammed into slot 3, as Audino has to make the choice of either mono-attacking or losing out on a support move. If you want coverage, you must choose between these two. Wish helps Audino stay healthy, while Heal Bell stops status from ruining its day. Heal Bell is best recommended alongside Draining Kiss, as otherwise Mega Audino has no recovery, and can eventually be worn down.

    Lastly, slot 4 has the option of Wish, should you have chosen Heal Bell in slot 3, or coverage options. Flamethrower hits slightly harder than Shadow Ball, but doesn't have as brilliant neutral coverage alongside Fairy, as most Fire-types and random things like Qwilfish resist both moves. However Shadow Ball and fairy combined are only resisted by Pyroar, who can do absolutely nothing to Mega Audino in response. Both are perfectly viable however, as Flamethrower hits Steels harder, and Shadow Ball hits Poison-types harder.

    Psyshock is another move to consider in this slot as well, as that hits Poison-types hard as well and helps Mega Audino beat special walls.

    == Mega ResTalk ==

    Audino @ Audinite
    Ability: Regenerator -> Healer
    EVs: 244 HP/ 248 Def / 16 SAtk
    Bold nature

    -Calm Mind
    -Sleep Talk
    -Draining Kiss / Dazzling Gleam

    This set doesn't intend to multi-function like the previous, instead acting akin to the infamous Crocune in UU. However, Mega Audino has something in its favour that nothing is immune to Fairy STAB, and nothing in NU is 4x resistant, so it has premise.

    The EVs are the same as last time, all but maximising physical bulk while appeasing the Special Attack to a nice, clean 200. Calm Mind is staple, as it was in the previous set. Rest and Sleep Talk are also staple, being Mega Audino's means of surviving. They stop Audino worrying about status, and don't turn it into a complete fodder whilst it sleeps.

    Lastly, the same two Fairy STABs are re-listed. Draining Kiss makes Mega Audino harder to kill due to regaining Mega Audino HP from it, while Dazzling Gleam simply packs more power.

    There's not much to be said otherwise. Anyone who's used a Crocune will know how this works. Make efforts to remove Steel- and Poison-types from the field, get some hazard support out there if possible, and Mega CroDino is nearly unstoppable. It also makes a good Knock Off sponge early game if you need one. If you're planning on bringing it out for this purpose early or mid game, that's why Regenerator's listed as the pre-Mega ability.

    == Dual Screens ==

    Audino @ Light Clay / Leftovers
    Ability: Regenerator
    EVs: 252 HP / 168 Def / 88 SDef
    Calm nature

    -Light Screen
    -Wish / Healing Wish
    -Magic Coat / Encore / Toxic

    This is essentially a dusty old set from gen 5 NU, but no less viable. With Audino being one of the tier's leading walls, and one very capable of using Dual Screens, it would make sense to list this one.

    With Regenerator and Wish support, Audino becomes not only very difficult to kill from behind screens, but also much more capable of supporting the team with its Wishes. Healing Wish is backslashed after Wish on this set as, in exchange for Audino's life, it'll give the opponent a clean bill of health, and screen support at the same time, making for a near perfect setup opportunity. Losing Audino isn't always recommended however, so that's why it's a back slash.

    Slot 4 has Magic Coat, Encore, and Toxic. Toxic's only really there so that Audino isn't useless against other walls, while Encore can lock a slower opponent into something useless (think Shuckle for slow. Literally), and Magic Coat can discourage Taunting or bounce back opposing hazards. Difficult to use, but it pays off when it works.

    Thunder Wave and Knock Off are other things to consider for this slot. Thunder Wave can help by crippling an opponent and buying more setup room, while Knock Off can simply remove hold items, and stop Audino from becoming Taunt bait. If you're using Knock Off, you might as well change the nature to Careful for at least a bit more power.

    The EVs on this set are slightly different to previous sets. The HP is maxed out, while the Defences are configured so that they're as close as possible, at 250 and 253 respectively. This makes sure that Audino has no weak points when setting up, and optimises efficiency.

    == Other Options ==

    Audino's movepool isn't far from endless, which is nothing unusual for a forgotten Normal-type supporting thing.

    It can set up many field effects, including Rain Dance, Sunny Day, Trick Room and Gravity, all of which can be utilised with an appropriate set. The latter two don't work so well with bulky setters like Audino though, as Gravity and Trick Room teams tend to take a fast and furious approach rather than slow and steady.

    Simple Beam, Entrainment, Role Play and Skill Swap all affect abilities, but finding any viable use out of them will be difficult at best. Klutz and Skill Swap could find some use together if you don't mind losing Regenerator.

    Audino has a huge offensive movepool, consisting of Psyshock, Ice Beam, Thunderbolt, Grass Knot, Flamethrower, Surf, Psychic, Shadow Ball, Hyper Voice and Signal Beam on the special side, and Wild Charge, Fire Punch, Ice Punch, Drain Punch, Zen Headbutt, Double-Edge, Low Kick and Return on the physical side. Offensive moves on an Audino are never recommended though, due to its lack of offensive presence. Base 60 offences are awful at the best of times, and even Mega Audino's base 80 Special Attack is far from wallbreaking.

    Having said that, the Calm Mind set can be tweaked to preferences. It can run a more offensive spread with 252 HP / 252 SAtk / 4 Spd Modest to hit harder, or use Refresh instead of Heal Bell to keep itself status free without risk of running out of PP.

    Yawn can put opponents to sleep and force switches, but isn't recommended in a tier where there are more reliable sleep inducers like Vileplume.

    == Checks and Counters ==

    Seeing as it is rarely Audino's intent to stay in and fight something, actually countering it can be difficult, because you'll more often than not have to deal with whatever Audino is supporting. It therefore makes sense to employ something that can stop Audino from supporting (or setting up, for Calm Mind sets).

    The easiest way of accomplishing this would be a Taunt or Encore user. Whilst Audino has been known to hold the Mental Herb or use Magic Coat to get around these situations, they're generally a surefire way of shutting Audino down. As long as the user isn't weak to whatever attacking move Audino may use (if any), it'll generally stop Audino from being a nuisance. However, they won't stop Audino from simply switching out and spamming Regenerator.

    Tricking Audino a choice item would be the next best option, however this is somewhat risky due to Audino often holding a mega stone. If you can see Leftovers recovery, or otherwise know that Audino is not holding a mega stone, then this is still a valid tactic. Move locked Audino can still support however, using one move at a time and again abusing Regenerator.

    Calm Mind Audino sets need to be hit hard and fast, preferably by physical, super effective STABs. Bulky Steels like Mega Steelix would be the first port of call as long as Audino isn't carrying a coverage move like Flamethrower, being able to easily 2HKO any set with Heavy Slam. Poison-types like Assault Vest Drapion are also a fairly reliable answer, packing enough bulk to sponge the attacks, and enough power to threaten with Poison Jab. If you don't have an offensive answer, Audino can once again be Encored into repeatedly Calm Minding, Taunted, or phazed out, however these are only temporary answers.

    Normal Audino's longevity makes it difficult to actually kill, but simply pummelling it with powerful Fighting hits is usually a good way to wear it down. Just watch out for retaliatory status moves such as Toxic, however the likes of Throh and Gurdurr won't even care about those while they stomp Audino into the ground.
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