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[Skeleton] Camerupt

Discussion in 'NU Analyses' started by Spoovo The Pirate, Feb 25, 2015.

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    Let's do this.

    == General ==

    Camerupt has been an NU staple for three generations now, functioning as a hard hitting tank. It seemed to have hit its peak in Gen 5 NU where it could function both offensive and defensively, but that was until they introduced its Mega Evolution in gen 6.

    Now Camerupt is arguably the best Fire-type in the tier, sporting an incredible base 145 Special Attack and base 120 Attack, along with respectable bulk as well!

    It still suffers from its 4x Water weakness, which isn't so helpful when Water is the most common type in the game, however Mega Camerupt makes up for this with the sheer power and utility it brings to the table.

    Mega Camerupt gains the amazing Sheer Force as an ability, and while it can't abuse a LIfe Orb with it, because it's forced to hold its Cameruptite, it doesn't even need the Life Orb to break through the tier using only its STABs. Fire/Ground has brilliant neutral coverage on its own, meaning Camerupt only needs two attacking moves more often than not, and this means it generally has two free moveslots for whatever you may need. With all the utility options Camerupt has access to, it can support the team, or run surprise coverage, giving it some unpredictability, and only increasing its threat levels for the tier.

    *The only real downside to Mega Camerupt is that it is painfully slow, and thus easy to outrun. For a pokemon with a 4x Water weakness, this doesn't bode well, however almost nothing can switch into it safely, so as long as you can keep the camel alive, it can carry the team across even the harshest of competitive environments.

    == Etna ==

    Camerupt @ Cameruptite
    Ability: Solid Rock / Magma Armor -> Sheer Force
    EVs: 252 HP / 4 Def / 252 SAtk
    Modest / Quiet nature

    -Fire Blast
    -Earth Power
    -Stealth Rock
    -Protect / Ancient Power / Hidden Power Grass

    This is what you can expect from Camerupt in Gen 6 NU. Retiring its old defensive set from Gen 5 NU, it now specialises in bulky offence.

    The given EVs are fairly simple, optimising Mega Camerupt's power and overall bulk. While its base 70 HP isn't all that impressive, 100/105 defences are very respectable, and Camerupt has a lot of survivability with max HP. After that, the Special Attack is maxed out to optimise its killing power.

    A Modest nature is the given, seeing as Mega Camerupt tends to attack only on the special side. Quiet can be used as an alternative however, because not only does it turn Camerupt into something fearsome under Trick Room conditions, it also allows the beast to mix offences if needed. If using a Quiet nature, minimising the Speed IVs is an option.

    The starting ability doesn't make a huge difference, but both have a slight effect. Solid Rock is the primary listing, because it means Camerupt can switch into a weaker super effective hit and not fear it too much. Magma Armor however prevents Camerupt from being frozen, which will rarely come in useful, but the option's there. After all, people run Shell Armor to prevent critical hits, and they're even less likely (assuming no boosting moves/abilities).

    As for the moves, they're fairly self explanatory. Fire Blast is Camerupt's nuke, dealing obscene damage with the only slight drawback of less than stellar accuracy. Earth Power is secondary STAB, hitting reliably in tandem with Fire Blast's power, and covering Fire Blast's resisted hits fairly well. Earth Power is less spammable though, because many more pokemon are immune to it due to Flying typing or Levitate.

    Stealth Rock in slot 3 is another near staple move on Camerupt. Because it only really needs two attacking moves, it can get away with running support options in at least one of its remaining two slots. Stealth Rock fits this perfectly, seeing as Mega Camerupt is essentially a volcano. If it spits out searing hot fire and can make the ground erupt, why not spit out some rocks? They'll help support the team and damage those Flying-types that Camerupt dislikes.

    Lastly, slot 4 has a few options. Protect is the primary selection, because it guarantees Camerupt a safe mega evolution, and can also stall for turns, whether this is needed for move scouting or poison damage. Ancient Power is a bit of an odd option, but it gives Camerupt a way around bulky Flying-types like Pelipper and Fletchinder. It can be swapped for Rock Slide if you need to hit, say, Mantine instead, but both moves are boosted by Sheer Force, so they're worth considering. Lastly, Hidden Power Grass is there to annoy Quagsire, Seismitoad and friends, as they're generally safe switch ins to Mega Camerupt.

    == Other Options ==

    Mega Camerupt can invest in more Speed if needed, due to its awful base 20 leaving it outrun by... more or less everything. A mere 4 Speed EVs lets it get the upper hand on Speed-less Torkoal more easily, while 84 will be needed for base 30s like Magcargo, and 124 or better can be used to outrun Quagsire. Running a lot of Speed investment on a base 20 is generally considered slightly insane though.

    Fully investing in one of the defences can also be done, to give Camerupt more bulk on one side. It often packs enough power without heavy Special Attack investment anyway, so it's not out of the question. 252 HP / 4 Def / 252 SDef Calm makes Mega Camerupt into a fairly reliable tank, while you can employ Will-o-Wisp to burn things and shore up its physical bulk.

    Physically attacking is restricted to about Rock Slide and Earthquake, but Camerupt does have a couple other options available to it, such as Body Slam and Iron Head. Most of Camerupt's offensive movepool is already listed in the main analysis however, with the exceptions of Solar Beam, Flash Cannon and alternate Hidden Powers, as well as its trademark Eruption. The latter is better left to Typhlosion though, who packs a far better Speed stat and Flash Fire to abuse it with.

    Camerupt has Roar, Toxic and Yawn for support options. It also learns Growth for some reason, but it's too slow to attempt a sweep with this unless it somehow has Sunny Day AND Trick Room support at the same time. Speaking of Sunny Day, Camerupt can set that up itself, however something else is generally better off doing it, because Camerupt can't mega evolve and hold a Heat Rock at the same time.

    Lastly, normal Camerupt can be used, however it's not recommended, as normal Camerupt isn't very good by comparison. This does mean that it can hold the Leftovers and run its classic gen 5 defensive set, however.

    == Checks and Counters ==

    Camerupt is extremely powerful, and reasonably bulky, but also VERY slow, with a 4x Water weakness. It therefore makes sense that targeting it with a Water move would be ideal.

    Specially bulky Water-types that aren't weak to one of Camerupt's STAB attacks would be good initial switch-ins, with Milotic, Jellicent, Mantine and Starmie all being notable choices. As long as they can take one hit, they can threaten with a Water STAB and threaten Mega Camerupt out again. Mantine and Starmie will be more pressured than the former two however, due to no recovery and less bulk (respectively). If Camerupt is dumb enough to stay in, about any Water STAB will generally silence it, with even an uninvested Starmie's Scald OHKOing after Stealth Rock damage.

    Outside of Water-types though, it can be difficult to get around Mega Camerupt. Very little can switch into either STAB without risk, and even less can directly threaten back. Even things that resist both STABs, like Archeops, are easily 2HKOed by a Fire Blast after Stealth Rock damage, and can't deal enough damage to threaten back in time. Assault Vest Lunatone would be about the closest thing to a non Water-type counter to Mega Camerupt. Even special walls like Audino and Lickilicky are easily fried by its Fire Blast, being 2HKOed after Stealth Rock damage.

    Thankfully though, Mega Camerupt is not difficult to outrun, so if the switch in can tank one move and hit back, it can be considered a check. For example, Assault Vest Regirock can take ONE of any hit, and fire off an Earthquake for upwards of 55% damage. Be wary that Earth Power can KO after just a little residual damage, so this approach is generally best used for revenge killing. Mega Camerupt's low Speed means that it racks up damage quickly, and thus can be revenge killed fairly easily.

    Obscure answers such as Flash Fire Flareon holding an Air Balloon can be done, however this is only reliable if Camerupt doesn't pack a coverage move, and will likely only force Camerupt out.

    ...how's this looking? Anything else worth adding? I've heard news of bulkier spreads that pack less Special Attack investment...
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