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Server Tournament Rankings - February 2015

Discussion in 'Server Tournaments' started by Draciel, Mar 1, 2015.

  1. Draciel

    Draciel ALLEZ! ALLEZ! ALLEZ!

    Sep 19, 2013
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    Hey, it's me again! Welcome guys, to the Server Tournament Rankings for February. February might have been the month of love, but sadly that wasn't the case in Tournaments; as it was an all out war for those tournament points, with our players fighting tooth and nail for a place on the podium. So let's get the show started, shall we?

    Excerpt from one of Celestial Phantom's post, sometime in the past

    For those new to the show, we take the top 10 or so spots on both leaderboards for scripted server tournaments for everyone to see how much players fight to win our scripted server tournaments. Top 3 spots on each leaderboard get a special little trophy for the following month corresponding to the leaderboard they placed on. 1st place takes home the gold, 2nd place the silver, and finally 3rd place the bronze. In the event of a tie between players then they each get a trophy for the following month. All trophies will last for one month after issue, so be sure to relish in the accomplishment of winning, and show it off like a prize by wanting to win it every month! Now time to start the show with our leaderboards for the month.

    Regular Leaderboard
    #1: carl murray ~ 136 points
    #2: crimson blaze ~ 79 points
    #3: [tr]gengar17 ~ 78 points
    #4: [tr]karkinos64 ~ 61 points
    #5: baby jane ~ 60 points
    #6: la.hellhound ~ 56 points
    #7: la.casparov ~ 54 points
    #8: la.firer ~ 42 points
    #9: la.cienega ~ 35 points
    #10: draciel ~ 28 points
    #10: e.t. ~ 28 points[/tr][/tr]

    Soaring high above the rest of the competition, and coming in first place for the month of February is none other than our newest Megauser @Carlmurray with a total of 136 points. Showing great determination and will to succeed, he somehow managed to hang on to the First place which he earned in January. As a reward he gets to keep the prestigious Gold trophy for another month; congratulations!!

    The fight for the Silver trophy came down to the wire, with two familiar names battling it out once again to grab the second spot on the podium. In the end @Crimson Blaze came out on top, albeit by a whisker with 79 points to his name. He takes home the SIlver trophy for the second consecutive month; congratz! @gengar17 fell just 1 point short with a tally of 78 points, but he doesn't walk away empty-handed : he receives our Bronze trophy and third place on the podium. So congratulations to him as well!

    Event Leaderboard

    #1: [tr]gengar17 ~ 21 points
    #2: carl murray ~ 18 points
    #3: crimson blaze ~ 10 points
    #4: la.melle2402 ~ 8 points
    #5: bulbapedia ~ 7 points
    #5: [tr]karkinos64 ~ 7 points
    #5: [hp]serga ~ 7 points
    #8: fedee ~ 6 points
    #8: la.firer ~ 6 points
    #8: baby jane ~ 6 points
    #11: la.cienega ~ 5 point[/tr][/tr]

    The event leaderboard turned out to be a much closer fight; but it's @gengar17 who walks away with the Event gold trophy with 21 points; whereas @Carlmurray finished a close second with 18 points. In third place once again is @Crimson Blaze with 10 points, and he gets the Bronze trophy for his achievement. Congratulations to all three, keep it up!!

    To the Winners:


    Congratulations again!! Be sure to show off your badges in style ( by participating in suspect discussions I mean :^] )

    To the Others:


    Good luck for the next month! I'd love to see some new names on the leaderboard, so give it your best shot.

    Important, please read:

    Dear readers! Are you a new user who stumbled upon this thread? Don't stop reading now, as the next few lines might change the way you feel about this game ( for the good I swear :] )

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    Getting bored with our scripted tournaments? look no further than the forum tournaments that Pokemon Online hosts! With different rules and ban lists, and an ever changing way to play the game among friends, forum tournaments are a way to keep the game exciting -

    There are numerous way to get more involved on PO, and we are always looking for contributors in various aspects, be it server or forum wise. And most of all, it's fun to get involved in the PO community. So step it up :]
  2. Casparov

    Casparov This is supposed to be a Medal!

    Jun 3, 2014
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    Gratz frens! And rip me :(
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  3. Edna

    Edna Chasing the Dragon Forum Moderator Forum Moderator

    Feb 20, 2013
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    Grats everyone except Gengar! Also @gengar17 l2read thx
  4. TraceofLife

    TraceofLife Lucky Strike

    Jan 17, 2014
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    Grats m8
  5. gengar17

    gengar17 someone turn this nothing into gengar

    Jun 8, 2014
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    grats @Carlmurray 4 mu .. and also leaderboard stuff, also grats everyone else not 4 mu.
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  6. Crimson Blaze

    Crimson Blaze New Member

    Jul 4, 2014
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    Crimson Blaze
    Congrats Carl Murray 4mu :D
    Congrats everyone :)