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[Skeleton] Lanturn

Discussion in 'NU Analyses' started by Spoovo The Pirate, May 17, 2015.

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    == Overview ==

    Meet Lanturn, perhaps one of the cutest bulky Waters the game has ever created. With a rare Water/Electric typing that is unique out of OU, a great support movepool, and two lovely abilities in Volt and Water Absorb, Lanturn has a lot of things going for it in the NU tier.

    While its only good stat is its monstrous base 125 HP, compared to mediocrity everywhere else, this still enables Lanturn to act as a very bulky pivot, using its typing and abilities to check a lot of the tier at once, including several big threats like Typhlosion, Fletchinder and Klinklang, all of whom could easily incapacitate an average team with the right support. And when Lanturn isn't supporting, it even makes a deceptively good sweeper, with a surprise Agility set that can catch out even veteran players

    Sporting the perfect balance of convenience, kickass and kawaii, Lanturn is one of the NU tier's best pokemon, and for good reason. Give it a try, and the anglerfish won't let you down.

    == General Pivot ==
    Lanturn @ Leftovers
    Trait: Volt Absorb
    EVs: 40 HP / 252 Def / 216 SDef
    Calm nature (+SDef, -Atk)
    - Heal Bell
    - Volt Switch
    - Scald
    - Ice Beam / Hidden Power Grass / Toxic

    The most common Lanturn sets will generally look something like this, being able to check, threaten and support, all at once.

    With the given EVs, Lanturn hits 401 HP, which is one above a Leftovers number and thus ideal, while the Defence is maxed out to make the most of both Scald and Lanturn's base stat spread, and the remains are dropped into Special Defence, giving it great overall bulk and letting it tank many hits.

    Volt Absorb is the most useful among Lanturn's abilities, restoring its HP whenever it's hit by an Electric move, and thus letting Lanturn act as a first class Voltblocker, while the Leftovers are practically a necessity on something that lacks reliable recovery of its own.

    Heal Bell in slot 1 lets Lanturn act as a cleric for the team, removing any nasty status conditions that your team may be suffering from. Be aware of its low PP, however, and remember that Lanturn can happily absorb any Thunder Waves for the team, reducing pressure on the move.

    Volt Switch in slot 2 is a move Lanturn can use extremely well, allowing it to keep up momentum and damage Water- and Flying-types almost for free. Very few Ground-types will be willing to switch into Lanturn for fear of it throwing a Scald at them, meaning almost nothing will stop Lanturn from Volt Switching sans other Electric-types with an absorbing ability, which Lanturn often beats one on one anyway.

    Scald in slot 3 is a staple among basically all bulky Waters, and Lanturn is no exception. With this move allowing it to check the likes of Steelix, Regirock, Klinklang, Typhlosion and just about any physical attacker simultaneously, all the while receiving a STAB boost and threatening anything that hates burns, you'd be mad not to have this on your Lanturn.

    Lastly, slot 4 has a few variables. Ice Beam lets Lanturn hit Grass-types as they switch in, which is fairly important, because Grass is Lanturn's most prominent weakness, and otherwise the likes of Virizion would wall it completely (however it's worth noting that physical Virizion would still hate being burned). Hidden Power Grass however is slashed behind Ice Beam because of common switch ins, Gastrodon and Quagsire. As these pokemon are immune to both of Lanturn's STABs, they can generally switch in on it with ease and then force it out again, being some of the very few Ground-types that can actually prevent Lanturn from Volt Switching. Hidden Power Grass gives them second thoughts, dealing heavy damage in spite of Lanturn's lowly base 76 Special Attack.. Lastly, Toxic is there as an everyday option on most walls, allowing Lanturn to cripple other walls as they come in, putting pressure on the opposing cleric and wearing the likes of Regice and Jellicent down over time. All three moves are perfectly viable, and which you choose mostly depends on what you have covered by the rest of the team, or perhaps what Lanturn can help remove.

    == ResTalk ==
    Lanturn @ Leftovers
    Trait: Volt Absorb
    EVs: 40 HP / 252 Def / 216 SDef
    Calm nature (+SDef, -Atk)
    - Rest
    - Sleep Talk
    - Scald
    - Volt Switch / Discharge

    While the first set focused on team support, this one aims to be pretty much unkillable against stall teams, fixing Lanturn's problem of a lack of reliable recovery by using the classic 'Rest+Sleep Talk' strategy.

    The EV spread and hold item are identical to that of the previous set, simply because there is no reason to change Lanturn's most efficient EV spread. Rest and Sleep Talk in the first two slots are essentially the set's bread and butter, helping Lanturn stay healthy, but also letting it attack while sleeping, meaning it won't be setup bait.

    The two attack moves Lanturn will be using are Scald, which is all but ubiquitous on Lanturn sets due to how useful it is, also checking many opponents at the same time and threatening burns, while two Electric STABs sit in slot 4. Volt Switch is again available to let Lanturn switch while attacking, keeping momentum up and also dealing damage to anything that isn't immune (which will be rare, due to most Ground-types hating to switch in on Lanturn). However, switching with Lanturn under the effects of Sleep Talk can become confusing, as this can make it difficult to remember when Lanturn will next wake up. Therefore Discharge is listed in slot 4 behind Volt Switch, with essentially the same intended effect as Scald. Discharge has a wonderful 30% paralysis rate, and also hits harder than Volt Switch, meaning it can be much more useful in the right situations, spreading status everywhere while being essentially immune to it due to Rest.

    Heal Bell can also be used on this set in either of the last two slots, so that Lanturn has a vague chance of waking itself up early, however neither of its STAB moves are recommended for mono-attacking with, due to the high number of pokemon in the tier that are immune to at least one (or both!) of these types.

    == Agility ==
    Lanturn @ Air Balloon / Life Orb
    Trait: Volt Absorb
    EVs: 4 Def / 252 SAtk / 252 Spd
    Modest nature (+SAtk, -Atk)
    - Agility
    - Surf / Scald
    - Thunderbolt
    - Ice Beam / Hidden Power Grass

    Lanturn's infamous Agility set has been around since late gen 4, and it still catches people off guard with its deceptively good late game sweeping potential.

    Lanturn's interesting base 67 Speed makes for a good Speed tier, being just fast enough to outrun Jolly Rock Polish Torterra, Choice Scarf Rotom and anything slower after an Agility, which isn't bad at all. The Special Attack is maxed out on a Modest nature to make the most of Lanturn's admittedly average base stat, and thus the little electric fish goes fully offensive on this set.

    The Air Balloon is a fun hold item choice for this set, as it gives Lanturn a makeshift immunity to Ground moves, meaning it can switch in on not only the obligatory Earthquakes that are thrown around in NU, but also Spikes and Toxic Spikes while the balloon is intact. While this comes in useful on multiple occasions, if you feel that your Lanturn needs a bit more power, feel free to try it out with the Life Orb instead so it can punch larger holes in the opposition. If you want more survivability out of it however, consider the standard Leftovers, however note that they won't be nearly as effective on an offensive set.

    Agility is the obvious move in slot 1, due to being the crux of the set, while Surf and Scald are Water STABs in slot 2. Surf packs a little more power than Scald, and can gain it a couple of KOs that it otherwise wouldn't have gained by using Scald, but the burn rate from the latter is often too good to pass up, and it can even force switches, giving Lanturn a chance to either predict this and smack the switch in hard with an appropriate attack, or set up another Agility and become nigh on impossible to outrun.

    Thunderbolt is the only listed STAB in slot 2 this time, being the best compromise between power and reliability that Lanturn has access to, all the while not switching it out after usage like Volt Switch. Discharge can be used once again if you like the paralysis rate, however Lanturn is already very fast after an Agility, and usually won't need to paralyse things.

    Lastly, Ice Beam and Hidden Power Grass return to slot 4, again for coverage purposes. Ice Beam takes care of Grass-types, the occasional NFE Dragon that still lurks in NU, and oddities like Emolga, while Hidden Power Grass stops Quagsire, Gastrodon and similar from getting in the set's way, due to their immunity to both of its STABs. Both are perfectly viable and worth a shot in the last slot.

    == Options ==

    Water Absorb is Lanturn's other useful ability, and while it doesn't have Volt Absorb's utility, it does have its niche usage on occasion. For example, it can be combined with the Air Balloon to render Lanturn completely immune to both STABs of the Water/Ground types it hates, such as Quagsire and Gastrodon. Both are known to carry coverage, which will inevitably break Lanturn's Air Balloon, but if they don't switch out (which they will if they lack coverage), Lanturn can assault them with Hidden Power Grass, getting two guaranteed hits in before they can hit it with a Ground STAB, taking large chunks out of the both of them, especially if Lanturn is running an offensive set.

    With Volt Absorb protecting it from Electric attacks, Lanturn is a very proficient Rain Dance setter, not only boosting the power of its Water STABs while the rain is falling, but also giving it a perfectly accurate Thunder. The only downside to this is that Lanturn will likely have to hold the Damp Rock to make any good use of it, which means no Leftovers or Life Orb.

    The offensive set can run Hydro Pump in Surf's place if you need more power, as it has Thunderbolt for a reliable STAB if you need it, however the accuracy is off-putting, and Lanturn is hardly a wallbreaker.

    Outside of Toxic, Lanturn can run obscure Hidden Powers like Fire if it needs a means of swatting the rare Shedinja. Dazzling Gleam, Signal Beam and Icy Wind are about the only other moves in Lanturn's movepool that would qualify as 'interesting'. The latter could come in useful on occasion for slowing opponents down, particularly on the Agility set to deal with Choice Scarf users, while the former two have specific coverage. Dazzling Gleam hits Dark-, Fighting- and the rare Dragon-types, while Signal Beam hits Grass-types, Psychic-types, and also Dark-types. Neither of these two are recommended over the listed moves, however.

    Lanturn's bulk gives Charge Beam at least some reason for usage, while Stockpile is interesting, but far from viable unless you can remove any trace of status. Granted, Lanturn has Heal Bell for this, but that puts too much pressure on it to attempt setup, and you're simply better off using Calm Mind Mega Audino for anything like this.

    It isn't unheard of to see Lanturn running more obscure hold items such as the Rocky Helmet or Assault Vest, however these are generally deemed less efficient than the simple Leftovers or Air Balloon. The Choice Specs are also seen on occasion, giving Lanturn a surprising power boost, however it doesn't like being locked into one move, giving how easily walled its STABs are.

    Lastly, it's worth noting that Lanturn has a few physical moves in its movepool, including Waterfall, Wild Charge and even priority in Sucker Punch. However, its base 58 Attack is simply too poor to even attempt a sweep with, so please don't try this.

    == Checks ==

    As mentioned a few times in the analysis, Quagsire and Gastrodon are solid answers to Lanturn due to their immunity to both of its STAB moves. If it doesn't have Hidden Power Grass or Toxic, the two can wall it infinitely and then simply throw Ground STABs at it until it dies. Unaware Quagsire still fears Scald however, it's worth noting, but can potentially bluff Water Absorb by simply coming in on a Volt Switch and being a Quagsire. If Seismitoad drops back down to NU in the future, it will also be included among these two.

    Similarly, bulky Grass-types that absorb Water like Storm Drain Cradily and Dry Skin Parasect can take on Lanturn fairly easily, with Cradily even having enough bulk to take Ice Beams without feeling threatened, then fire back STAB Seed Bombs for the KO.

    Heliolisk deserves a mention because it tanks everything Lanturn has pretty easily thanks to its access to Dry Skin, but on the flip side, Heliolisk will have to got to a lot of effort to actually damage Lanturn due to its bulk, in spite of the lizard's power. The ResTalk set in particular can easily Restloop any move other than Hyper Voice, which can 3HKO after Leftovers recovery.

    Bulky Ground-types like Claydol can come in on a Volt Switch or another Electric STAB, and then exchange blow for blow with Claydol using Earth Power (or Earthquake), and Lanturn retaliating with Scald. Earthquake will deal more damage to the physically frailer Lanturn, however Earthquake can be crippled with Scald, so it's less recommended. Assuming Stealth Rock and Leftovers on both sides, both pokemon can 3HKO the other, so unless Claydol is running a mixed set on a negative Speed nature, it will outrun Lanturn and beat it.

    Jellicent is immune to Scald, and doesn't take enough from Lanturn's Electric STABs to feel threatened. It can then easily recover off whatever damage it may have received, and then wear Lanturn down with the combination of Will-o-Wisp, Taunting it, and whatever attacking move it has, be it Scald, Shadow Ball, Ice Beam or even Giga Drain. Assault Vest Eelektross can tank Lanturn's hits for days if needed, and then just spam Giga Drain to steal the HP back. Cryogonal makes an interesting means of dealing with Lanturn, having its supreme special bulk to tank hits easily, Recover to heal itself, and the rare STAB Freeze-Dry to hit Lanturn for super effective damage. Cryogonal will fold to Toxic, it's worth noting, but in any other situation, it will beat Lanturn one on one. Bulk Up Throh and Hariyama can both set up on Lanturn with relative ease due to their bulk, and also due to Guts encouraging Lanturn to burn them. Gurdurr can also accomplish this, and has Drain Punch to heal itself, however its special bulk is far worse than theirs in spite of the Eviolite.

    Lastly, if Lanturn manages to kill something, it's easily revenge killed by just battering it with hard hitting STABs. The likes of Sawk's Close Combat (or Earthquake), Virizion's Leaf Blade, offensive Vileplume's Giga Drain, and various other powerful STAB moves. Lanturn may be bulky, but it won't last against heavy offence.

    How's this looking?
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