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Discussion in 'Past Gens Discussion' started by SOMALIA, May 22, 2015.


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    Oct 26, 2010
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    I. Differences in mechanics with newer generations

    - You can paralyze Electric types and sleep Grass types With spore/sleep powder.

    - Sleep turns do not reset upon switching.

    - Steel types resist Dark and Ghost type attacks.

    - Ghosts can get trapped via abilities.

    - Explosion halves the defense of the target.

    -Sturdy ONLY protects against one hit KO moves such as Sheer Cold, Fissure etc.

    - Volt Switch doesn't exist.

    - Extremespeed has +1 priority, Eg. Weavile Ice Shard can outpace Dragonite's Extremespeed granted D Nite didn’t get any DD boosts/Agility to be faster than Weavile.

    - Infernape is the King.

    - No fairy types exist.

    - Rotom forms are all GHOST/ELECTRIC however they still have their signature moves but lack STAB in them. Eg. Rotom Wash has Hydro Pump but doesn’t get STAB boost.

    - No team preview.

    - Encore lasts 2 to 6 turns while Taunt lasts for 2 to 4 turns.

    II. Leads in DPP OU


    III. Metagame knowledge in a pickle


    When you build a team in dpp with no knowledge its pretty much guranateed you'll create something that won't work or win you many games, especially at the tour level. Or this reason you need to know what each Pokemon does and the roles it can play. This can be quite tricky even for veterans as versatile Pokemon such as Dragonite can play Banded, Mixed Life Orb, Dragon dance amongst a few other sets making it hard to safely scout what its set might be. Over time you will take this into consideration when team building as a lot of great wallbreakers exist in this tier.

    To give you an idea on the dpp ou metagame, every type of playstyle ranging from trick room offense to stall works well. You can be quite creative in this metagame but at the same time have to respect the power of some of the Pokemon that exist as well. The majority of teams in this day and age in dpp ou tend to be ranging from Heavy Offense to Bulky offense; in fact stall is not used as much anymore. My advise to anyone who is new to this generation is to start with more offensively inclined teams, it makes you a better player within a shorter amount of time due to you having to avoid revealing your lategame sweeper too early, having to guess the opponents potential lategame sweeper from the rest of team and have a backup plan if for instance a certain setup mon gets up a boost or starts to sweep.

    For instance, you have a weavile to finish of Dragon types (Dragonite, Kingdra and Flygon) that lock themselves into outrage since you have a Kingdra forcing them to. This in turn allows for you to get rid of their Dragon-type which is huge in dpp ou. You can take advantage of this by utilizing something like Infernape or Jirachi to clean.

    My advice is to read up on individual Pokemon analysis which is available on Smogon and understand what the major threats do. Below I will skim through some things that should be running through your head when you play.

    -Have a general plan no matter what or even several. Look at the team I linked below which is hyper offense. I have several win condition and have went through of producing worst case scenarios and having something to take advantage of it.

    It is quite easy to be anti-metagame in DPP OU, as the metagame isn’t new and despite a few changes happening now and then in terms of new sets getting used and popularized, the majority of things stay the same. For instance, the metagame sees a lot of lum berry fast Tyranitar that can Stealth Rock, this is a lure to bring in the very common Breloom and roast it with Fire Blast. I decided to use jolly superpower loom to nail them in one hit rather then get outsped and just get bamboozled.

    In short if you don’t know the metagame, no matter how skilled you are in other generations, you won't be able to produce your best. For instance, knowing that the most common Infernape nowadays is choiced and that Offensive Suicune is super common allow you to prepare for them beforehand and make a gameplan during the game to execute your win.

    Notorious tactics:

    Luring in Steel-types such as Skarmory and Forretress with U-turners such as Scizor, Flygon, Jirachi etc and trap and demolish with Magnezone. In a similar vein, Dugtrio can trap Heatran, Blissey, Jirachi, Tyranitar; all of which are a hindrance to lategame sweepers such as Agility Life ORB Zapdos

    Hyper offense overload with physical attackers with aide of dual screens, can prove problematic.

    Gliscor Baton Passing SD / Agility to end game Metagross.

    Early toxic spikes + spikes with fast punishers such as Life Orb Aerodactyl, Infernape, SuperRachi

    Common late game sweepers to watch out for include:

    IV. Teambuilding in DPP OU

    I made a video on this and will leave the link, it was during BW OU but the point still stands. DPP OU is quite balanced metagame and thus you can be fairly successful following typical team frameworks which I explain in the video.

    Making assumptions on the opponents team from the first two or so Pokemon is a skill that can only be built through experience.

    For instance watch turn 12 of this battle vs a high level battler who I will keep anonymous:


    Looking at his team (Azelf, Snorlax, Gyarados and Flygon where revealed by that stage) it was clear that:

    1) Rotom-W looked at that point to have a field day.
    2) I felt he had a Heatran or Tyranitar hiding on his team due to him lacking a Steel-type or anything to reliably take powerful special Attacks, i went for Low Kick as it would pay off very very well if it worked out well, besides I was in a bad situation at that stage. I figured if he had Tyranitar at that point he'd bring it in as it was the "safe" play however thanks to my metagame knowledge it was obvious what the switch would be.
    3) This also links to risk vs reward which every player should understand well, that was an excellent example of taking a calculated risk and not a random hunch. Pair this with metagame knowledge and you pretty much have a good chance lategame compared to the majority of other players.

    V. Sample teams

    If one wants to get into the metagame it is cool to build your own teams however I guess some people prefer using developed teams at first and work vice-versa which is completely understandable. Below are my best teams throughout the past few years. I don't have as many teams as many other great dpp players however these teams are good enough for me to win consistently in the tier.


    I have many teams however only my best are shared, I will update this pastebin with more teams as I make them.

    If you need more help feel free to PM me on forums.
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