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[Community] PO Profile: Raducan

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Raducan, Jun 14, 2015.

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  1. Raducan

    Raducan Well-Known Member

    Jul 23, 2013
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    Hi so I did a 1K post ~200 posts ago and this might be very similar to that so bear with me.

    About Me

    I'm an American teenage guy. I enjoy watching/playing tennis, music, and sleeping. I recently got a job at a child development center inside of a Navy Base so that's exciting. I also got my wisdom teeth out a couple of days ago (such a struggle, I know) so I'm going through a rough patch in my life, thank you for your prayers. ;)


    I started playing Pokémon from as early as I could remember. My first game was Gold, which was literally the best thing ever. I then played Emerald, Diamond, SoulSilver, and Black as they came out. I quit playing the actual games a while ago because they simply do not interest me anymore.

    Pokémon Online

    I first came on PO around 2012 after watching some YouTube videos of competitive battling. I thought it looked fun so I decided to give it a go myself. I used to grab teams from the RMT forums (and make garbage ones of my own) for laddering in OU and Ubers. Back then I had thought that if you got above 1200 on the ladder that you were good or something. Anyway, for about a year, I came on PO very sporadically (just whenever I was bored and I was reminded of it).

    During the summer of 2013, I started being a lot more active on PO, getting involved with #Tournaments and #Trivia. I ended up signing up for POCL midseason pickups and caught the attention of @Finchinator, who was 26 and had an important job at that time. I didn't end up getting on his team for the tour, which was fine, considering they lost :D. I continued being more active on Tours and Trivia and ended up getting cstaff in each (along with BF Reviewer). During this time, I became really active on the forums and became a bunch of things (team rater, tutor, gym leader etc.). For some reason, whenever I rated someone's team, I would always recommend Choice Band Garchomp because apparently every team I rated needed "a solid wallbreaker."

    I ended up getting server mod on the first day of 2014 and that was pretty fun. Some time later, the Competitive Analyses project started up so I helped with that for a bit. Around March/April, BR quit PO (with the exception of hosting POWC), so they needed another TD to fill his spot and I got it. Shortly after that, we switched our forums from vBulletin to Xenforo so that was fun. This is also when that whole BR/Key drama happened. This was also when Cased was unbanned after he got banned for being an idiot (not surprising at all).

    Later that year, I co-hosted the POCL with BR and that went pretty great. I also got the position of Side Metagames leader. I then got promoted to server admin along with 3 others and shortly later (after BR quit again), @Weavile got owner. I then ended up hosting OGT and POWC at the start of 2015 and that was terrible. I also got promoted to Super Mod on the forums some time during those tours. This was nice because I now get to directly input my opinion on nearly every staff matter with the owners.

    I recently proposed that we establish a forum tours leaderboard so I think that'll be good once it gets started. As of now, I am working on reviving the Academy so hopefully that works. This isn't really a project I'd like to keep leading so the goal is to get it started and hopefully give it to someone else to lead. I'm looking forward to POCL this year because I actually get to participate :D

    I hope you enjoyed that, feel free to ask me questions about anything.
  2. Duster

    Duster dodgerswin 2018

    Sep 23, 2013
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    how do u feel about stanlans warwinka winning the french open

    rank thses genres of music
    r&b pop hiphop rock

    rank the following users
    duster uso wavy meeps

    whats the best cereal

    favrite past gen tier???
    rank competitive gens pls

    what do you think should be done about activity in lower tiers such as oras lu?
    do u think something needs to be done with the tier shifts?

    do u even know who i am???!!????!
    Last edited: Jun 14, 2015
  3. Edna

    Edna Chasing the Dragon Forum Moderator Forum Moderator

    Feb 20, 2013
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    PO Trainer Name:
    -What is your music style?
    -How long do you expect to stay on PO?
    -Who is (are) your favorite users ~list 5 of them
    -Draciel is bad y/y
    -Do you plan playing me on Mono someday?
  4. bananabeard

    bananabeard im bb

    Sep 24, 2012
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    whats ur name mean
    when u gonna eat chili chese fritos
    rate me 1-12
    do u like monkeys? i hate monkeys
    are ur teeth in a jar by ur bed
    have u ever ridden a camel
    have u ever drank water from a waterfall
    when u were a kid did u like dinosaurs
    when u were right now did u like dinosaurs
    do u have a green lava lamp u wanna trade me for my red one
    ok bye
  5. Joeypals!!

    Joeypals!! Don't you worry 'bout a thing~

    Dec 30, 2011
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    PO Trainer Name:
    Favorite song of all time?
    Favorite artist?
    Marry, F, Kill: Ariana Grande, Selena Gomez, Taylor Swift
    Do you actually like me? :o
    Think you'll flutter over to Mafia any time soon?
    Pancakes or Waffles?
    Hillary for 2016, yes or no? (Only one right answer)
  6. uso

    uso im cool

    Dec 21, 2012
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    PO Trainer Name:
    GRATZ RAD!!!!! ur like my fave ; )


    taco tuesday or frijole friday?

    how do you feel about having to do a ton of college apps after summer ahahahahahahahaha

    Why is joiner so ugly?

    would you order a pupperoni pizza (Be Honest)

    what's ur favorite mythical creature?

    can you do a handstand?

    forehand or backhand?

    have you ever gotten into a fight with someone?

    how cute is my cat (answer this v carefully)

    if u were on a stranded island what 3 things would u bring

    if you had the chance to kill anyone who would u kill?

    what's the most exciting thing about nevada?

    what's the worst thing you've ever done?

    what's the best thing you've ever done?

    what's the most annoying song you've ever heard?

    who killed songsing

    why doesnt kogent LOVE ME

    EDIT: rad pls talk more in our skype calls (esp since u join..)

    okay that's all for now byeeeeeee ♥
    Last edited: Jun 14, 2015
  7. Nightfall Alicorn

    Nightfall Alicorn Left Pokémon Online, most likely not coming back.

    Oct 15, 2013
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    PO Trainer Name:
    Nightmare Moon
    Out of all the tiers and side game ones, which is your favourite, mate? :v
  8. Withoutatrace

    Withoutatrace im a filthy weeb

    Jun 11, 2013
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    PO Trainer Name:
    I wish I still had the NU team from like 2 years ago

    why are you cute
    when you do you want to meet up during the summer
    why don't you want to animefag with Weavile, Cirno, and I? ;~;
  9. Fiery Espeon

    Fiery Espeon The fire never bothered me anyway ~

    Jul 26, 2013
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    PO Trainer Name:
    Fiery Espeon
    List 7 cities you would like to visit/liked the most from each continent ?
    Favorite alt you used in the last year?
    Cutest user in PO?
    Favorite anime?
    How to revive Trivia?
  10. Cirno

    Cirno Romantic

    Aug 6, 2011
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    PO Trainer Name:
    Raducan for Owner y/y
    Oak for User y/y
    stop saying Cirno for Owner I am not Owner material
    Skype call with us
    Play Touhou

    Okay the commands are done time for questions
    What do you think of Knock Off?
    Worst thing about PO?
    Best thing about PO?
    What do you think server auth could do better?
    Promote someone to: Owner, Admin, Mod.
    Jellicent is one of best Pokemon in LU y/y
    Team MEXICO is the only good NU team y/y
    What is your favourite food?
    Why won't you skype with us?
    Why won't you socialise with us?
    Why? ;-;
    How do you identify?
  11. Raducan

    Raducan Well-Known Member

    Jul 23, 2013
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    He played incredibly well so I'm happy for him. Sad for Djokovic though.
    1. R&B
    2. Rock
    3. Pop
    4. Hip-Hop
    1. uso, Wavy, meeps
    4. Duster
    I don't really enjoy cereal as much as I used to but probably Cinnamon Toast Crunch.
    BW UU by far.
    More concise discussion rather than blocks of text that don't argue for anything.
    Not particularly.
    Yes, you're joiner. :D

    My favorite genre is Indie Rock.
    I'm not too sure. It seems that every time I think about quitting, something pulls me back in.
    bugzinator, ZoroDark, MetalGross, uso, Weavile
    Nah, he's 6th best at something. Can't be too bad. ;D
    Someday, my friend.

    It's the name of a former Romanian gymnast and I thought it was cool so I took it as an alias.
    When my teeth are able to. :(
    They're alright. I've never actually seen one so I can't say.
    No, they are in a pouch on my desk.
    Nope, I wish.
    Yes, multiple times.
    I don't, but if I did, I wouldn't trade it because green>red. :)
    bye bb ;-;

    The Cave by Mumford & Sons.
    Marry T-swizzle. Kill Ariana Grande. F Selena Gomez I guess???
    I think you're a good person.
    No chance :D
    Waffles :)

    Thanks : )
    Taco Tuesday :D
    Feels like shit tbh. And asking people for recommendations and stuff will be such a pain.
    I wish I knew.
    No, sorry pup :(
    Uhh for like 15 seconds haha
    Forehand is best :)
    Yeah I like to start fights with random PO users.
    He's very cute, especially with all the things he does to annoy you. : )
    Phone, a razor (to shave w/), and probably some cookies.
    Wavy, for stealing my car.
    Vegas, I guess. There's literally nothing here.
    One time I hit someone in the throat while playing a tennis match and they were on the ground for like 5 minutes. :(
    I ate some crickets one time.
    I don't really get annoyed by songs that much but probably Ain't It Fun by Paramore.
    I think his pursuit of a career in art.
    Buy her a milkshake or something, she'll warm up to you. : )
    I'll try but like Wavy said: I'm always eating, drinking, or there are people around. D:
    : )

    I'll answer some more later :)
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  12. buny

    buny heartbreak hotel

    Mar 29, 2014
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    PO Trainer Name:
    why did you go to a place 20 minutes from me and not visit me

    why do you think ny is better than la pls be specific

    if you had the chance would you go to antarctica to visit the penguins

    why is songsing so terrible and bad

    do you watch orange is the new black (if u dont u should)

    fav tv show/movie??

    also grats u deserve this ily
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  13. bugzinator

    bugzinator Well-Known Member

    Dec 5, 2012
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    Is it true that you only got a profile because you were the one who chose them?

    Explain this post

    Why have you been telling me that you're a 14 year old girl named Monica this whole time?

    Top 27 favourite authentic Mayan artifacts go

    Top 3 favourite tiers?

    If you could ban one pokemon from BW2 UU which would it be?

    If you could play a tennis match against any player who would it be?

    If you could play a doubles match with any player who would it be?

    Pick a tennis player for each of these users to be (You have to make me Andy Murray): Raducan, ZoroDark, MetalGross, Finchinator, bugzinator

    Who's your favourite underground PO user?

    Favourite thing to do on PO?

    Why do you pretend to like indie rock music but then message me when you're drunk telling me how much you love Trap Queen?

    Favourite song you've heard from a movie?

    Is this the longest you have ever gone without changing your forum avatar?
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  14. Zoroark

    Zoroark Aka Flare Forum Moderator Server Moderator Forum Moderator Server Moderator

    Jan 29, 2013
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    PO Trainer Name:
    SkyPhoenix / Zoroark
    You into cars? If so, what is your favorite one?
    NASCAR or Formula 1?
    Your current point of view about the Pokémon Online Community?
    Opinion on Pokémon Online Community's future based on it's current status?
    Where did you get such decent spanish? Did you go to Mexico and had memo give you classes? qwq
    Do you like Memo's Ice Cream?
    Favorite hobby that is not this thing?
    Miku for sTA?
    Miku > Jinora?

    K This is all I got for now.
    Last edited: Jun 15, 2015
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  15. Celestial Phantom

    Celestial Phantom YAHA

    Mar 8, 2012
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    Do you remember which Youtube user(s) and or channel(s) you were watching that made you give PO a shot? If so, list them who they were and or what channels.

    Tournaments or Trivia? We gave you the shot at them both almost simultaneously if I remember. Or you can pick out what you liked about both channels, and what drew you to them.

    Beating a dead horse here, but what do you think of the current state of both Trivia and Tours, and what changes/improvements can be made to both channels? Despite the obvious answer being people should really just talk more for fun.

    How did you feel when you learned that Finchinator wasn't 26 and didn't have a hot shot accountant job? We want full details, from rage and anger to forgiveness and acceptance to hatred and love.

    With a few years of competitive battling under your belt, you obviously are a smarmy battle aficionado like the rest of us, do you still advocate CB Garchomp on every team in OU, or do you have some other specific Pokemon that should be on EVERY TEAM?

    Do you do something similar with say Uber and UU teams too? If so what Pokemon and general set? Can be from Gen 5 Ubers or lower tiers too, if you did it last gen.

    Mod vs Admin, which do you find more fun to be?

    You have been a TD for what, like a year now? Which has been your favorite official tour to host so far? Least?

    Do you think any of the official tours should have any changes to them? If so, which tour and what changes would you make, if you could unopposed.

    Another tour type question, if you could, describe what kind of tournament you could host of your own idea (Like which tier would be played, special rules and restcitions). Basically could be like how some of Indigo does GSC CC LC Triples, Inverted Hackmons of some random tier, or have special rules like the Weapon of Choice or something of stat limitations, or hell can even do a non existing tier like (NEU/PU your take) based on usage stats. Or an entirely imaginary type of tier. Get creative.

    If you could ban anyone on staff just for fun, who would it be? (Not limited to one person)

    Do you think someone should start doing like PO Youtube again if they had the means/time to actually post stuff?

    Since everyone's answer is just all friends for what users they like most, or are friends with. Is there any user or users that you have come across that you just hate? Can be former people you know on PO/Smogon, former friends, or just general toxic users, or any combination of the three.

    Do you think there is a pet PO project that people reading this should actually think about starting up again, since most things have died off? If so, which project would you think would be the most beneficial?

    Are you one of those overly knowledgeable people that can answer every Trivia question that pops up? Is there a specific category game you like seeing?

    Outside Cirno and Bugzy, most people have already confused a PO Profile with a Well with their questions, yes?

    Are you gonna hope you battle in the POCL or are you gonna become an assistant for someone?

    Rank the current ORAS tiers based on which you think are the most "playable" triple quotes on """PLAYABLE""".

    I think that's all I can think of for now. I'll see what I can think of later. Have fun.
  16. MetalGross

    MetalGross gems…

    Nov 25, 2012
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    gratz cutie
    Favorite tennis player?
    How good are you at tennis?
    Most fun part about tennis?
    Are you excited about me coming back to Vegas for a couple of days again :D

    Favorite tier
    Favorite meeps moment
    what do you hate the most about finchinator and explain thoroughly with a 1000 word essay.

    What are your plans if PO dies out completely?
    How hard does it suck to be a TD?
    when play trivia again D:
  17. Memo'

    Memo' It's going to be LEGEN... wait for it... DARY!! Social Media Rep Social Media Rep

    Aug 23, 2014
    Likes Received:
    PO Trainer Name:
    Why you don't play #Hangman?
    Why? Why? why?
    You think HAs are cool?
    TAs or MUs are better?
    Do you like Mexicans?
    When someone says México, what's the first thing that come up to your mind?
  18. Raducan

    Raducan Well-Known Member

    Jul 23, 2013
    Likes Received:
    Tier: BW UU
    Side Games: #Trivia

    Got you covered: http://pastebin.com/ckMYnZGJ
    Except you know I changed Ludicolo to Mantine :D
    ask @MeowMix :D
    Whenever you come.
    1) I don't anime. :(
    2) You guys never invited me.

    Africa: Cape Town
    Europe: Amsterdam
    Asia: Tokyo
    North America: New York City
    South America: Rio de Janiero
    Antarctica: Penguins
    Australia/Oceania: Auckland
    Rare Poison
    I don't anime :(
    Get all of the old TAs back and just have fun :D

    Idk, owner sounds really intimidating.
    Cirno for Super Admin on server and Junior Admin on forums :D
    Okay :D
    I don't know what that is :(
    Seems like more of a lower-tier problem than anything else (I mean, I don't play those tiers but that's just what I've heard). I don't really mind it too much to be honest. Then again, all I play is OU so what do I know.
    No replay viewer / no adequate webclient
    Friends :)
    Be more active in other areas of PO.
    Owner: You (I think we've already established this)
    Admin: uso/Draciel
    Mod: SongSing E.T.
    I really don't know, but if you say so. :)
    Anything Mexican is good.
    I love seafood. Crab, lobster and the like.
    I'd be willing to if you guys asked me!
    I try my best :(
    Because ;-;

    I had no idea :(
    NY has much better transportation and everything feels a lot closer than LA does.
    He's great. I love his sense of humor + his constant randomness.
    I don't. I've actually heard bad things about that show :(
    TV Show: I don't watch TV enough to follow up on particular shows but I like watching game shows / crime dramas.
    Movie: Les Misérables
    ily2 : )

    Gotta stop here for now. Have to study up on my Mayan culture to answer bugzinator's set of questions.
  19. Nicehat

    Nicehat PO client damage calc: preview.tinyurl.com/o8e7hss

    Jun 5, 2011
    Likes Received:
    What's your favourite circlejerk?

    Why play PO instead of PS?
  20. Roku

    Roku sup nerds

    Jul 20, 2011
    Likes Received:
    ey bby u wan sum fuk?

    What's your favorite book?

    Rank all 7 seasons of Avatar
  21. Raducan

    Raducan Well-Known Member

    Jul 23, 2013
    Likes Received:
    Most likely.
    That was just an attempt to milk an extra like from carefree like-giver Finchinator. It actually worked, too.
    How else am I going to get you to talk to me? :(
    1. Jade Head Pendant from 6th-9th Century Mexico/Guatemala
    2. Sceptor with Profile Figures from 7th-8th Century Guatemala
    3. Ceremonial Handle from 9th-13th Century Mexico
    4. Vessel with Mythological Scene from 8th Century Mexico/Guatemala
    5. Pair of Earflare Frontals from 3rd-6th Century Guatemala
    6. Cylindrical Vessel from 1st Century B.C.-1st Cenutry A.D. Guatemala
    7. Deity Figure from 3rd-6th Century Honduras
    8. Costumed Figure from 7th-8th Century Mexico
    9. Censer Support from 8th-9th Century Mexico
    10. Double-Chambered Vessel from 5th Century Mexico/Guatemala
    11. Cylindrical Vessel with Throne Scene from 8th Century Guatemala
    12. Head of a Rain God from 10th-11th Century Mexico
    13. Yoke-Form Vessel from 5th Century Guatemala
    14. Tripod Plate from 9th-10th Century Mexico
    15. Standing Figure from 9th-10th Century Mexico
    16. Spouted Vessel from 1st Century B.C.-1st Century A.D. Mexico/Guatemala
    17. Seated Figure Censer (Incensario) from 4th Century Mexico/Guatemala
    18. Carved Bowl from 6th Century Mexico/Guatemala
    19. Mirror Bearer from 6th Century Mexico/Guatemala
    20. Pair of Earflare Frontals from 7th-8th Century Guatemala
    21. Cylindrical Vessel from 1st-2nd Century Guatemala
    22. Relief with Enthroned Ruler from 8th Century Mexico/Guatemala
    23. Tetrapod Bowl from 2nd-1st Century B.C. Guatemala/El Salvador
    24. Plate with Trumpeter from 8th Century Mexico/Guatemala
    25. Tripod Bird Bowl from 3rd-4th Century Guatemala
    26. Tetrapod Bowl from 1st-2nd Century Guatemala
    27. Censer with Seated Figure from 5th-6th Century Guatemala
    BW UU, ORAS OU, BW Monotype
    Steffi Graf
    Steffi Graf
    Raducan: David Ferrer
    ZoroDark: Stan Wawrinka
    MetalGross: Milos Raonic
    Finchinator: Novak Djokovic
    bugzinator: Andy Murray :)
    Some times I have to put up a front :(
    Us by Regina Spektor
    Nah, I've gone longer.

    Not at all, sorry :(
    I know nothing about either. :(
    It's pretty good right now. All of the so-called "bad" users are bearable.
    I can't say to be honest. It's really at a stale position at the moment.
    I took 3 years of Spanish class. :D
    I've never gotten ice cream from Memo :(
    Tennis! :D
    Thanks for asking!

    Trivia is better, in my opinion. It's not really Tournaments' fault that I don't like it as much, I just simply find Trivia more appealing. Just a preference in interests is all. That's not to say I don't like Tournaments though, because I do. I love the ease of just hopping into a live tournament and finishing it right there. It's also good for developing people's competitive battling skills and what not.
    Trivia is a little flat. I know that there are some great ideas that TAs have of trying to improve the channel as a whole and I hope those will work (like mental math). Tournaments has always been the most successful and it still currently is. I don't really know what changes can be made to Tours, to be honest. Probably something to make it more competitive but I dunno how to achieve that.
    I was mortified. I thought I was talking to an educated, civil person of society; instead, I got the opposite. It was a mix of anger, surprise, and appreciation.
    Absolutely not. Clefable should be on every team :D
    Yeah... I'm kind of a lazy builder to be honest. I used to always go with Ho-Oh in XY Ubers and Mienshao in BW UU. Ironically, I didn't use CB Garchomp too much despite how much I recommended it.
    Admin, the ability to permanently restricting a user's access is very assuring.
    Favorite: Battle of the Week series, it was just a whole lot of fun.
    Least Favorite: POWC 2015
    I would make a post-count requirement for people signing up for Official Tours. What happens more often than not is some random user signs up and then doesn't come onto the forums ever again, giving people free wins the first round(s) of a tournament.
    I'm not really sure to be honest. I don't like old gens so that's out of the question. Inverted BW UU with no Chandelure or Victini would be fun.
    Finchinator and jinora
    Definitely. I absolutely encourage anyone who thinks they can do it to step up and do it. It would make things a lot more enjoyable and entertaining.
    I apologize in advance if I offend anyone but I really didn't like Wriggle Nightbug. I believe she had the best intentions but some times she was just way too rude/stubborn. It was hard working with her in Trivia out of fear that she would chastise you for what you would say.
    Competitive Analyses. Although, that would take an enormous effort; something that can't be provided by just a handful of people.
    Definitely not. I am probably in the below-average range for knowledge among TAs. Everyone is literally so smart. :(
    I enjoy seeing Sports / Music because they are areas I'm interested in.
    I guess, I don't really mind what types of questions people ask me.
    I'm actually managing!
    ORAS Ubers
    Thanks for asking!
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  22. Finchinator

    Finchinator IT’S FINK DUMBASS

    Jan 25, 2012
    Likes Received:
    PO Trainer Name:
    Finchinator / Finch
    Five best contributors of PO dating back to when you became a part of the community?

    Best type of dog?

    Tits or ass?

    If you could remove one official tournament from PO, which would it be and why?

    What artist wrote a song with the following lyrics (don't look it up):
    "I remember how we felt, sitting by the water. And every time I look at you, it's like the first time."?

    Biggest disappointment you've ever experienced when playing pokemon (it must pertain to pokemon/this community)?

    Will you try and keep touch with people you befriended over the years you've played this game after you stop playing?

    Describe the current state of PO leadership in less than 50 words, go!

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  23. VirajVora

    VirajVora VirajVora...

    Apr 29, 2014
    Likes Received:
    PO Trainer Name:
    Viraj / Virus
    1) Hie...[​IMG]

    2) How are you ?

    3) What are you ?

    4) Where are you ?

    5) Most importantly, Why are you ?

    6) Do see you yourself strict ? If yes, are you more strict then Samphire ?

    7) Who is meeps ?

    8) Thats enough for trolls, serious stuff, we all are Pokemon fans but somewhere in my inner heart I feel this is ruining my heart, do you feel the same ?

    9) You didn't talk much of your personal life, care to share ? What are your future plans for your life ?

    10) You seem to be a cool guy... Do you watch anime ? If yes, what kind of anime do you watch ? Any examples of those anime ?

    11) How do you look yourself when you see so many badges on your nameplate ?

    12) Do you watch Pokemon anime ? Do you feel Pokemon anime has degraded a lot ? Of all Pokemon anime, which season do you liked the most and why ?

    13) What are your Dreams... Dreams are not future plans... My future plan is to become a Game Designer but my Dream is to visit America and participate in Pokemon World Championships for atleast once...

    14) I need the true answer... If some unknown person of around your age slapped you, what will you do ? Slap him back and pick a fight, Run Away, Look at him and wait for what he says, Cry, Ask him in angry tone what was he upto, Stay peaceful and ask what happened... This will decide what are you in real life...

    15) Again I need another true answer... If you have to save one of the following, which one will you decide ? Your family relative like your Mother or some important person like President of a country ? This will decide whether you think more of owns family or on national grounds...

    16) What is your subject of expertise ?

    17) What do you think of me ? Say truth, I won't feel bad even if it is negative...

    18) Did I bore you asking too many questions ?

    19) Enough of serious stuff, too bored, will you please ban @gengar17 and @SkyPhoenix ? They actually suck...

    20) Do you like my ...'s ? If you do, I'll surely keep using them... If you don't no need to reply...

    21) Can you teach me how to beat Diamondslight in CC ? (Please don't ask me the same question again ;-;)

    22) How to hack PO ?

    23) Will I be banned for asking so many questions ?

    24) This is just a simple troll question to make it reach 25... Will you answer it ?

    25) Byeee...[​IMG]
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  24. Draciel

    Draciel ALLEZ! ALLEZ! ALLEZ!

    Sep 19, 2013
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    PO Trainer Name:
    hey Rad :]

    If you were to become Owner, what immediate changes would you push for?
    How do you think leaders of side channels could improve?
    What's your opinion on the current state of #Tournaments?
    One user to mod, one mod to admin, one admin to owner.
    Who would you rank among the top five most active contributors on PO right now?
    Which users do you look for immediately if they are online when you come on?
    Do you miss anyone in particular, who used to come on PO but doesn't anymore?
    Do you see yourself playing NU in future?
    Do you agree that Nadal > Federar :]
  25. Raducan

    Raducan Well-Known Member

    Jul 23, 2013
    Likes Received:
    Steffi Graf
    Laughing at bad shots
    Yes! Hope you enjoy it.
    BW UU
    Any time he insults Finchinator.
    I'll get back to you on this.
    Play more tennis probably. I'd still talk to PO people though.
    It's not too bad, but hosting team tours are a nightmare.
    When @jinora codes mental math for trivia. :(
    But seriously, any time you want to play, I'm up for it.

    Some times I pop in and give it a go! I definitely play it more than Mafia.
    I don't know many but most people in VR are pretty cool so yeah :)
    TAs because super smart.
    Mexican food

    I'm not really in one. I have people who I talk to very closely but not an entire group.
    I probably ladder more often on PS! than I do on PO to be honest. I enjoy PO's community more though.

    Why not.
    A book I read ages ago: Crazy Horse Electric Game
    I really can't, I know nothing about it. Sorry :(
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  26. SongSing

    SongSing KILLL

    Jan 2, 2013
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    PO Trainer Name:
    hey ur kinda rude

    im a great artist in fact im going to do all my requests tomorrow

    also i would be a great mod i would ban all of the annoy people so that only quality users could be on the sim

    list 10 reasons why im better than uso

    why u dont want pupperoni pizza

    why do you lie about not watching anime you weaboo?

    do you play crush bros 4 ds whats ur fc

    wanna play tennis later ?

    whats the best thing ive ever done

    whats the best thing uve ever done

    uso's cat is p cute

    dr pepper 23 is good and regular dr pepper is good too

    do u know about hot dr pepper

    if you could play tennis anywhere in the planet where

    why did you choose asian at the character selection screen are they better stats ?

    why do you want a divorce so badly?

    whats best songsing thread in the world

    whens songsing profile

    ok lov u

    oh hey this is songsing 600 post

    shout out to raducan for getting a profile
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  27. Weavile

    Weavile Phoenix

    Jul 17, 2010
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    Now you and I are pretty much polar opposites in terms of interests outside of Pokémon to the point that it's actually pretty funny. But you're a hard worker and a real nice chap so you're a fren. I'd be happy to welcome you to our Skype sessions as Cirno and Trace have suggested, but I feel like you'd be lost with the topic most of the time. Even so, if you want in just ask <3

    One thing to improve each of;
    Forum Tours
    Server Mods/Admins
    Owners (that is, me and you right now, telling me Oak is inactive isn't really productive at this point)

    Xdevo for power?

    Do you think spending nearly an hour to hunt for a single leaf drop in an RPG that you need to progress is a good idea?

    Ban/Unban/Drop a Pokémon from/into each of the following;
    OU, UU, LU, NU, Monotype, Inverted

    Favourite non-tennis sport?

    Most missed user who is no longer active.

    One promotion in any area of PO, can be anyone for any position.

    Have you ever actually tried watching an anime? I don't mean to go on a tangent here but it's a medium not a genre, it has its tropes but it's highly varied and I'm positive there are many you'd like if you watched them.

    Give me a good excuse to do shoutouts without having to quit.
  28. Raducan

    Raducan Well-Known Member

    Jul 23, 2013
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    Hikari, Weavile, Crystal Moogle, Withoutatrace, Fuzzysqurl
    I would remove the POVT. The format of it takes so much to set up and the concept of the tour is rather complicated in comparison to the other tours.
    That's definitely a Taylor Swift quote.
    I can't say, really. I guess any time I lose to someone I should beat in a major tour or something but you know I don't get too upset over these things.
    Yes, some more than others.
    It's filled with great people and they all have good intentions of helping PO. However, some don't execute as well as they intend and others are just stubborn.

    Just a teenage boy.
    The middle of nowhere.
    The funniest person you'll meet on these forums.
    Being anywhere near Finchinator ruins my heart, tbh.
    I have no idea what I'm going to do with my life. At this point, my profession would be akin to that of a hermit.
    I don't, sorry. :(
    With a magnifying glass.

    I haven't watched a Pokémon anime since I was like...7 or something, so I couldn't tell you.
    My dream is to play tennis on the moon.
    What if this person happened to be female? Knowing me in impulse situations, I would probably run away haha.
    My mother because Obama isn't getting three terms regardless.
    Being annoying.
    I think you're one of the most amusing users on the forums.
    Not at all.
    I like both though. :(
    Keep doin' you.
    I have literally no experience in CC or playing Diamondslight so I couldn't tell you. Play him while he's drunk I guess??

    Bye! Thanks for asking.

    Hey friend :]
    -Demote all inactive people
    -Promote uso to sTA
    -Change the name "Staff Area" to "Forum Staff" because the name is just terrible.
    -Ban Finchinator
    Be more interactive with their channel and staff rather than sitting back and just promoting/demoting.
    It's pretty good right now; MUs do a pretty good job.
    Owner: Cirno
    Admin: You/uso
    Mod: E.T.
    Weavile, Withoutatrace, Fuzzysqurl, You, Cirno
    I would say bugzinator, but not really, since I mostly talk to him on Skype. I guess Weavile.
    Navz, Dude24, Master12345, Mylo Xyloto, Vahle, Hikari
    Maybe I'll pick it up, who knows!
    No, sorry. Fed's my fav.

    I'll do more when I get a chance.
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  29. Ascarotte

    Ascarotte Well-Known Member Forum Moderator Channel Leader Forum Moderator Channel Leader

    Apr 18, 2013
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    What is your favourite trivia category?
    If you were on a quiz team, what would your specialist category be?
    What do you find most difficult about submitting trivia questions?
    Of the regular TAs (non-auth), which would you promote to sTA and why?
    To what extent do you think Trivia is actually 'too difficult'?

    What staff member do you think you are most similar to in terms of personal interests and/or character?
    What staff member do you think you are most different to?
    Why do you and many others like using female alts?
    Have you ever played the Pokemon TCG? If not, why not?

    Who is the most attractive big name tennis player (give one for men and one for women)?
    What is your favourite national cuisine and why?
    Do you like to cuddle?
    Rank/rate the following Beyonce songs: Halo, Sweet Dreams, Listen, Irreplaceable, Crazy in Love, If I Were A Boy, Single Ladies, Beautiful Liar, Baby Boy, Deja Vu
    What would you put in Room 101?
    What is your favourite classical composer?
    Describe Kanye West using one noun, one adjective and one adverb.
    What quality do you like best in a dictator?
    How important do you consider branding when making purchasing decisions?
    What do you think is the most aesthetically pleasing vegetable?
    If you were a Pokemon, what would your highest stat be?
  30. [OG] Swanna Lady

    [OG] Swanna Lady Y.......Yo......You.....YOU'RE FAT!

    Sep 20, 2014
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    PO Trainer Name:
    [OG] Swanna lady

    Favourite Taylor Swift song?
    Least favourite Taylor Swift song?
    Have you played Shadow of the Colossus? If so what was your favourite and least favourite colossus?

    Explain this. I exist.

    Who's song lyric is this? "Hey, you call me up again just to break me like a promise, so casually cruel in the name of being honest"
    What are you eating tonight?
    Why are PO's initials the same as one of the Teletubbies?


    Why is Draciel so amazing?
  31. Raducan

    Raducan Well-Known Member

    Jul 23, 2013
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    Sorry :(
    Ok, I'm gonna hold you to that.
    That works.
    1. You make art.
    2. You make YouTube videos.
    3. You make scripts.
    4. You are more random.
    5. Your spelling is funny.
    6. You make posts on Wavy's website.
    7. You make posts on Wavy's forums.
    8. You have more zesty points than uso.
    9. You built MSO.
    10. You built a workable webclient.
    I don't really know what pupperoni pizza contains but it sounds really gross.
    I don't want people making fun of me for it. :(
    Nah, I don't. :(
    You built me many banners. :)
    I ate ice off of the ground of a cave once.
    No, but that sounds gross.
    Somewhere underwater.
    "My life is a rotten pear"
    Hopefully soon.
    Thanks, buddy. :)

    Server Tours - More competitive discussion rather than random discussions.
    Trivia - Mental Math!
    Mafia - No idea. Probably simpler system so dummies like me can play.
    Forum Tours - Leaderboard. Guess that doesn't count because it's already happening but probably post-count requirement for Official Tours.
    Server Mods/Admins - More contribution to other areas of PO.
    Owners - Probably having more interest in projects other than what they are already working on. Even if that means just checking up on certain things regularly to make sure they don't die.
    Depends on the importance of the progression. If it's something worth it, why not.
    OU - Ban Mega Altaria
    UU - Ban Salamence
    LU - Ban Azelf
    NU - Ban Typhlosion
    Monotype - Ban Aegislash
    Inverted - Ban Chansey/Avalugg cores
    Probably Swimming.
    uso for sTA
    I haven't seriously tried to watch anime. I mean, it can't be that bad if so many people enjoy it so maybe I'll give it a go some time soon.
    3K thread, 1000 likes thread, give yourself a profile, make a "random shoutouts thread" and no one will complain (except that might encourage other people to do the same)

    Probably Sports.
    I was, for a couple of years, and it was chemistry!
    Striking the balance between obscure and common.
    Probably Bastet. He's a wealth of knowledge and seems pretty nice and active.
    To some degree. I'm sure there are a plethora of questions that no one has ever gotten right but we're doing a good job finding those and getting rid of them so it should get better as we go.
    I don't know, really, I don't think about it too much. I guess it's because I get hit on by random people and if they go too far, I can ban them.
    Nah. It's not something that ever interested me.
    Men: Roger Federer
    Women: Maria Sharapova
    Hamburger probably. I don't know, America doesn't have too many national cuisines.
    Crazy in Love -> Halo -> Baby Boy -> Irreplaceable -> Beautiful Liar -> Single Ladies -> Deja Vu -> Listen -> Sweet Dreams -> If I were a Boy
    Giant snapping turtles.
    Musician, Impulsive, Foolishly
    Much more than I should. It's a really bad habit. :(
    Probably Speed.

    State of Grace
    We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together
    Haha, you're not that bad. There are definitely a lot worse.
    No idea.
    Hopefully pizza!
    Because coyo.
    Because he's 6th best!

    Yay, I'm finally caught up.
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  32. snaga

    snaga .

    Sep 26, 2014
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    PO Trainer Name:
    Tips for new users to get more known in the community?
    Opinion on professional Ping-Pong?
    Will you try and transition over to smogon(if you haven't already)?
    Who is the chick in your avi?
    Would you give up tennis for 3 months to get more than 2,000 people on po everyday?
  33. Wavy

    Wavy prince of the sea Server Moderator Server Moderator

    Aug 6, 2010
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    1) Glug or Chug?

    2) Why?

    3) Hello.

    4) Favorite prince?

    5) Are we good pals?

    6) Are you eating right now?

    7) Are you studying right now?

    8) Are people standing around you right now?
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  34. ZoroDark

    ZoroDark i know everything

    Dec 25, 2011
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    i felt bad asking questions because you had already gotten a shitload but you're caught up now so here we go :D

    do you really think sharapova is hotter/cuter than eugenie bouchard?
    have you ever played wii tennis? do you go rly hard when you do that?
    favorite sport to watch outside of tennis?
    pick up line that you think would work on eugenie bouchard?
    favorite / least favorite class?
    why have we actually never played trivia as far as i can remember :o?
    saved the hardest one for last; what's your favorite thing about user: Finchinator?
  35. Dasdardly

    Dasdardly Uknown Bird

    May 20, 2011
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    PO Trainer Name:
    Dasdardly, Eureka
    *What's your favorite album from:
    1. This year?
    2. Last year?
    3. Of all time?

    *If you could take any band to a deserted island with you, which would it be? (Assume that they'll have only acoustic equipment.)

    *Ever been to any sweet live shows?

    *Who's your most overrated outfit?

    *What's your favorite book?

    *Which member of PO do you miss the most (if any)?

    *Do you game any outside of PO?
    *What kind of games do you play?

    Gratz on this thing *-*;
  36. Big Bad Booty Daddy

    Big Bad Booty Daddy Big Poppa Pump

    Feb 12, 2012
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    PO Trainer Name:
    do you miss me

    favorite quote of me

    why are you still here

    list 5 reasons why im the best user in PO history

    gif of your face when samph left
  37. TraceofLife

    TraceofLife Lucky Strike

    Jan 17, 2014
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    PO Trainer Name:

    What do you think of me?
    Am i a good user/mod?
    What should i do to contribute on PO more?
  38. E.T.

    E.T. SSSSSSSSSSSSS! Super Moderator Server Administrator Articles Leader Super Moderator Server Administrator Articles Leader

    Aug 22, 2013
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    PO Trainer Name:
    1. How are you? Are your teeth starting to feel better?

    2. What is your favorite Pokémon? Why?

    3. What is your least favorite Pokémon? Why?

    4. Have you ever been to Disney Land or Disney World? If not, would you like to go? If yes, how was it?

    5. Have you ever ridden roller-coasters or amusement rides? If so, which ones were the scariest, most thrilling, and most fun? If not, would you? Why?

    6. What was the last movie you watched? What did you think about it?

    7. Is there a new movie that you would like to go see? Why?

    8. Out of the users who have posted in this thread, whose avatar do you like the best? Why?

    9. Do you follow sports outside of tennis? If so, which ones? Among those, of which teams/players are you a fan?

    10. What is your favorite TV show of all time? Why?
  39. Raducan

    Raducan Well-Known Member

    Jul 23, 2013
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    Contribute, interact, don't be afraid to talk to people.
    It's not something I'd watch regularly but I think it's cool.
    Probably not as long as I'm on PO. I do go on Smogon often though, but I don't do anything substantial on there other than troll my friends and do some posting req stuff.
    Florence Welch from Florence+The Machine.
    No, especially because this time of year is when I play tennis the most.

    Chug sounds and feels more simple.
    Hey buddy.
    The musician.
    I only do that during Skype calls.
    Read above.
    Read above.

    Ask me anything you want :)
    Hotter, yes. Cuter, no. Maybe if Bouchard was older.
    Yes haha. And no, tennis ain't even my fav on Wii Sports.
    American football.
    "If you were a maple leaf I'd pick you to be on my flag." ~ Windblown
    Favorite: Organic Chem
    Least Favorite: Math (all of them)
    We have, just not recently. Like I told Metal, ask me any time you want and I'll play with you.
    Persistence, I guess. Hard to pick a favorite when you don't like anything about him.

    Keep in mind that I don't listen to a lot of albums but here we go:

    1. How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful by Florence+The Machine
    2. Ghost Stories by Coldplay or Ultraviolence by Lana del Rey
    3. Sigh No More by Mumford & Sons
    Coldplay or Mumford & Sons.
    Not really. All of my favorite bands are British so they rarely come near here.
    Meat Dress by Lady Gaga.
    The Crazy Horse Electric Game by Chris Crutcher
    I like generic party-type games like Smash but yeah, not really a hardcore gamer.
    Thanks *-*

    Yes, dearly.
    I have a new one:
    (18:49) Versace Python: im playin GSC
    (18:49) Versace Python: for central
    (18:50) Raducan: lmao
    (18:50) Raducan: dude i can see you after week 1
    (18:50) Raducan: "fuck this tier"
    (18:50) Versace Python: nah
    (18:50) Versace Python: i like GSC
    <Cased> jesus christ
    <Cased> i hate GSC sub me out
    <Cased> fuk lavos
    <Cased> fuk GSC in general
    1. You managed to get forum unbanned.
    2. You managed to get LUTL after being banned.
    3. You're hilarious when you're not edgy as shit.
    4. You say some of the best stuff one can put in quotes.
    5. You like fruit snacks :3

    I think you're a solid contributor to PO Side Games.
    Good for users' standards. Don't know how you are as a mod because I don't really pay attention so I can't say anything about that. Can't say I've ever seen/heard anything bad from you though.
    Help run forum tours, help with competitive analyses, help with mafia themes (I don't know if you're already doing this or not because I don't pay attention), give your honest opinion on staff matters.

    I'm great. And yes, I can actually eat hard foods now!
    Suicune, because it's majestic, blue, and a dog.
    Vanilluxe, it's design is just terrible.
    No, I haven't. Honestly, it's really awkward when people talk about it around me because I just nod like I know what's going on but I avoid talking because I've never actually been to either. I'd like to go because everyone always tells how fun it is but tbh it never interested me as a child.
    Yes, I have. I don't even remember which ones I've gone to but they're in California. And I especially don't remember the rides themselves if I don't remember the park.
    The last movie I watched was "Super Troopers." I don't remember too much of it to be honest because it was 3 AM and I was so tired but I think it was funny!
    I'd like to see Paper Towns because I've actually read the book and it rarely happens that I've read the book of the movie so I'm excited for this one!
    Probably BananaBeard's. I just love that kind of art.
    I definitely don't. But for the sake of answering the question, the closest is probably the Denver Broncos in the NFL (American Football).
    I don't watch TV much, and I've never actually followed a show all the way to the end (yeah I know I'm boring). I'll just say SpongeBob Squarepants :D.
    Last edited: Jun 19, 2015
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  40. Windblown

    Windblown sable knight

    Aug 12, 2012
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    as a non-mafia player, what about the channel/game/players repels you? do the tales of mafia players being immature and salty and generally uncooperative really just kill any incentive?

    I remember I ghosted you through all one mafia game and you almost won or something close like that!
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