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[Other] New York vs Los Angeles

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Fiery Espeon, Jun 16, 2015.

  1. Fiery Espeon

    Fiery Espeon The fire never bothered me anyway ~

    Jul 26, 2013
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    Fiery Espeon
    Two of the greatest metropolitan cities in the United States, everyone talks about how New York is better than Los Angeles, and vice versa. New York features great skyscrapers, transportation, tourist attractions and availability. Los Angeles features Hollywood, sunny weather all year round, In N Out burgers and is home to a various number of great events. This is just a glimpse of a rivalry many East Coasters and West Coasters have with each other.

    Which city is better, in your opinion? Why?
    If you have visited both of these cities, which city did you enjoy/like the most? Explain your experiences at that city.
    If you live in one of these cities, explain why your city is better than the other ( or not).

    Starting the discussion:
    I, personally, live in New York. It's actually pretty clean, and fun to walk in. The subway gets me where I want pretty fast. I don't fear my life while walking at night. I feel NYC is more closer together, so its easier to go to other places in the city pretty fast.
  2. Ascarotte

    Ascarotte Well-Known Member Forum Moderator Channel Leader Forum Moderator Channel Leader

    Apr 18, 2013
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    Los Angeles barely registers on my radar, in all honesty. It is just somewhere out there, and I have no real impression of it. I have been to New York but not to LA.

    The subway in New York is probably the worst I've experienced in the world (out of about 10), feeling decades out of date. I like the fact that it's the city that never sleeps, and so is relatively safe at night. New York is like a lot of other cities: there are nice parts and there are really dire parts. I like that there are a lot of museums there, and comfortable places to eat. As a tourist, staying in New York is prohibitively expensive, but it is also well-connected. I don't particularly like New York, but I imagine that I would like it better than Los Angeles.
  3. Ortheore

    Ortheore One beautiful monster

    Aug 7, 2012
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    Well I've been to both cities for a couple days each so I'm basically an expert and my verdict is that NY is really fkn cold
  4. Duster

    Duster dodgerswin 2018

    Sep 23, 2013
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    the glorious city of angels features a shipload of fantastic fabulosity with stuff like:
    • patented west coast weather with temperatures that are amazing for various activities such as surfing, swimming and even sleeping!!!!
    • a potpourri of culinary cultures all over the city! experience a taste of the finest chinese cuisine in la's very own chinatown! (or you can just find leftovers in the dumpsters, which probably tastes just as good)
    • beaches! have you not ever dreamed of diving head first into the wondrous pacific ocean, full of seashells, salt water, and urine? well the fine denizens live that dream every summer day!!1!1!
    • homeless people! take a magical tour down the haven known as skid row, where you can witness the wave of homeless people that have adapted hardships such as smelling bad, living in tents, and cops
    • and of course compton
    on the contrary, what does the city of new york offer???
    • cold weather
    • cold people
    • literaly nothing else
    like honestly the only good things in new york are wu tang and meowmix
  5. ZoroDark

    ZoroDark i know everything

    Dec 25, 2011
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    ur just mad ny has water
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