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[Community] PO Profile: Aurist

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Aurist, Aug 10, 2015.

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  1. Aurist

    Aurist I do not jump for joy. I frolic in doubt.

    Dec 4, 2010
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    HELO :+]

    SO apparently it's my turn to tell all u buttheads in PO about my life. Here we go I guess.

    ME ME ME:

    I'm 24, living in Docklands in east London. I've lived in London or 1 bus away all my life except for a like 8 month stint living in Northampton for university studying creative writing and french, where I ended up dropping out :D I live with the family of my friend in an old Victorian terrace right near Canary Wharf, home of big scary shiny glass fronted bank buildings. I also live with 2 cats and a dog, and one of those cats is the best cats ever and he loves me.

    Something which I believe only a handful(?) of people on PO know about me is that I work in porn. Like, in front of the camera stuff. Like, I get paid to be pretty and have things put in my butt and stuff. It's a difficult life but someone's gotta do it. I'd consider myself pretty successful as far as these things go, I'm multiple award nominated (not quite yet a winner), made dozens of DVDs and on the cover of several, and keep getting work to this day after a few years in the industry. There's kind of only so big you can get working in my industry in Europe, I'm planning to hopefully head to America and start working there sometime reasonably soon. I wasn't expecting to do as well as I have but it's turned out amazingly, I have a buncha fans, make decent enough money, and I really enjoy the work, especially when there's actual script and acting involved, that's a lot of fun. Plus sometimes I get to travel to other places, hopefully to other countries soon. PS I'm happy to answer any questions about my work, I'm aware the porn industry is pretty difficult to understand n stuff.

    Pretty much my main passion is music, I spend a huge amount of time making and listening to music, pretty largely weirdo shit in Rap/House/Techno/etc stuff but I cover pretty much everything because I'm always obsessively looking for new music. I used to make Harsh Noise/Drone music, I've kinda moved into the more beat oriented area of things now, sometimes making beats for rappers but generally making hyper, skittery juke/footwork music. Also Young Thug is my soulmate i swear 2 god. If anyone wants to talk to me about any of these things I will basically be your best friend.


    Been playin ingame since GSC days, I still own my original copy of Crystal which has seen hundreds of new starts. I did actually play the first pokemon games but I didn't like em too much? But GSC sold it to me.

    I've owned at least 1 pokemon game per generation since then, usually more than 1. I have this tendency to restart games over and over whenever I get bored and want to make a new team, though with XY and ORAS I haven't done that partly because I've finally been getting event pokemon and partly because raising pokemon is pretty easy now. I haven't actually finished ORAS tho, oops.

    I pretty much got into competitive via PO, so I'll drop that stuff in the next section.


    I found PO in the last couple months of 2010, when BW1 was just starting to emerge. I don't remember much about my first teams but I definitely used Grass Knot Thundurus in most of them because it was a boss. That was pretty much my foray into competitive pokemon and I started branching out from there, taking part in early UU/LU/NU (FREE DW LU), stickin around in LU but mostly just fuckin around doing not very much. Project NU was my home in PO for a long time and I was just a nobody hangin around there screwing around, I had no interest in taking part in anything or putting any effort in. It was a pretty long time of me doing shit all actually, punctuated by the occasional bit of Coyotte vs Kokoloko wars as the kokocult took over. A lot of staff drama seemed to happen that kinda passed me by but was pretty funny. Otherwise I kinda just took part in BW1 UU discussions under the leadership of BR and koko, one of the best tiers to have ever been (after a long period of the most broken shit imaginable), started playing NU and was one of the people pushing for LU to start being a tier. also FREE BAMBI FREE OMASTAR FREE MEDICHAM ENSLAVE SLOWKING

    I'm kinda hazy on the period between then and now. I got pretty deeply involved in LU and after a really long time eventually ended up leading it. Indigo became my new home basically, and while PNU people sorta slowly drifted away from PO, I found a lot more cool frends in staff. I can't exactly remember the order of things but after couple unofficial attempts I ended up leading BW NEU, in the side metas, eventually becoming a Side Metas tier leader as well as LU. Me and a bunch of others including Wavy thought a new tier was a great idea (it would be an even better idea this gen btw) and pushed for it pretty hard. Most of the staff fuckin hated it and it was really controversial that it was even allowed to exist for a while lol. It did eventually die, kind of like a lot of things in PO that I invested a lot of time and energy into. O well.

    It took me a really long time to eventually become server staff, I was happy to put a lot of energy into tier related things and wasn't really interested in the responsibility of dealing with Tohjo cancer. At some point I was just like OK then and became one. Now that's a thing I am and have been for a long time so that's cool I guess. I've been in and out of PO quite a few times, cuz I've been pretty ambitious as far as plans to add something new and cool to PO goes and PO isn't really a place where lots of active people who want to take part in a community reside, and that can be frustrating. Some of that frustration among a bunch of people led to something I'm sure you've read about already in other profiles, the "demands list". Indigo at the time was pretty toxic and PO felt like it was stagnating hard, not really gonna bore you with the details but I'll hold my hands up and say my bad for signing that list, at the time it felt like the right thing to do and it really really wasn't. Anyway nothing got better and I've had several quits and comebacks since, lol.

    I feel like I have a lot invested in keeping PO alive, frustrating as it has been to try. I like a lot of people on here and I think a smaller alternative to smogon is a cool thing to have, plus I find smogon's community weirdly impenetrable. Unfortunately most ppl on PO are here just to stick with their friend groups rather than take part in the community as a whole, if there really even is one, and so not much can really get done. I swear I'ma keep trying until this damn place is dead. I definitely used to be pretty intense and angry at points on here, but I think over the years I've learned to chill and just have fun. I like PO, is cool.


    Accelgor - stunfisk fren <3 lets talk more k

    Ascarotte - ur cool, one of the like 3 londoners on here, we should probably hang out IRL

    BR/Ellie/Hikari/700 more girl names - not enough words but you made PO PO for such a long time

    CasedLose - ur a good frend when ur not being aids! :D plus u made last stunfisks a great thing to be a part of, and you'll do the same for delibirds too. fite me irl at smash

    Celestial Phantom - co-leaders many times now! we've both found each other to be stubborn but ofc i like u :+]

    choolio - ur a chill fren. Delibirds are gonna ruin everyone. LEts gooo

    Cirno/Alice - one of my favouritest people on the whole of all the pokemon, we talk all the time and you're one of the reasons I continue to log into this godforsaken place. Sorry I keep talking about sex stuff a lot in indigo it's hard not to, I have little other places where ppl will talk to me about my work etc. <3

    coyotte - PO misses your presence

    Crobat/[insert weeb alt here] - you're like an eternal presence in indigo and get forgotten a lot because you change to a different anime alt every 3 minutes. that stuff can get confusing i hope u can forgive us.

    Crystal - no amount of credit I could give you for the work you do and energy you put in for PO would be enough, honestly. it must be pretty obnoxious and thankless doing all the work you do, but really thank you. Plus ur nice and cool.

    Da Raikage - gr8 TL imo, cool fren

    Dewbong - one of few genuine frens in tohjo. we gotta smoke together some day i swear

    Django - PNU frend. come back to PO

    Draciel - I dont honestly know a lot about u but we talk every day and ur cool

    Elmo - nicest person on PO, great frend, and you are so much better than me at smash bros

    Emac - PNU + stunfisk frend, i miss u come back

    Email - UR VVVV CUTE

    Eternal/King Eternal - if ur reading this, hi

    Finchinator - ur cool and ur motivation is pretty inspiring

    fitzy - god of broken mons, we disagree a lot on tiering related things but ur still cool!

    Fuzzysqurl - thx for all the dev work, and i envy ur plushie collection

    gengar17 - we dont rly talk but I like u and why did noone buy u for POCL its a travesty

    Harlot - u might be dead of drugs or something, i hope not. lets talk more music sometime

    Hannah - ur cool and nice! i hope u come back someday.

    Ice Tea/Kea - rage channel fren ILU

    Insane Soul/Pedro - u brought a lot of fun and chill to staff along with ur aids memes :+] come back ok <3

    Isa - ur great, ur fren and i swear im gonna make u play EU4 multiplayer with me one day

    Jirachier/clanfag - 친구 ㅅ_ㅅ

    kody/mirin gains/etc - RC fren, i like u

    kokoloko - u and BR made BW UU the best tier to exist, kokocult was fun, and ur XY UU tiering is aids

    Luck>Skill - ur basically my pokemon dad, teambuilding dumb shit with you was the reason i kept playing pokemon, RIP Luck's Class Rest in PNU

    Machineae - I MISS U come back, lead NU, and sit on my face

    Mahnmut - the silent giant. i dont see u talk much no more but <3

    Meh - HI MEH. :+] RIP Luck's Class

    meeps - ur cute!

    Mfhoundoom/Cubonethugsnskarmory etc - ur chill and u have the best usernames on PO, im psyched for what names u go for next

    NaCl - i had enough faith in u to push for u as LU leader and u havent let me down OoOoO

    NananaBatman - ur cool

    Nikitas - i was ur stunfisks cheerleader when only me and Vuvu believed in u and u got the best record in the whole tour, hope ur doin good bruh

    New Breed - multiple time stunfisk fren :+]

    pokemonnerd - PLAY POKEMON MORE. ilu pnerd.

    Professor Oak - OAK I MISS YOU. I miss the way you could step into a conflict between staff and solve it like an absolute boss. I hope we get to see that oak again soon. Plus ur a cool guy to talk to

    Proof - stunfisk fren! havent seen u in a while. hope ur doin good

    Raducan/Monica - i swear u do a shit load for PO and a lot of ppl dont realise it, plus ur cool. <3

    Ramiel - ILU

    Roku - u can have bolin, i'm having kai. also ur virginity is mine. but yea ur cool, u kno this

    Santuga - ultimate stunfisk fren. u brought a lot of fun to last POCL and made me laugh a lot.

    Samphire - you're genuinely super awesome and PO is worse without you. <3

    SkyPhoenix - Deep in our heart, we all know that you are the true godpig. :+]

    SteelEdges - ur a sincere and caring person and deserve the best in life. ur conversations are often sudden but always make me think about stuff.

    Steve - ur like an omniscient being, unsure if ur real or not

    Strudels - ur cool ( ̄(▽▽) ̄)

    sulcata - ur cool and ur calc >>>>>>>>>>> other calcs

    The Dude/Dude24 - ur good and nice my NZ fren.

    TraceofLife - theorycrafting random tier teams with u is fun as heck. lets do adv nu

    uso - ur my rival for cutest PO user of all time, maybe we could team up and destroy everyone

    Vuvuzelabzz - u are god, also i miss u. bring ur chill and ur insane auction skills back to PO pls

    Wavy - NEU/PNU frend become staff frend, ur one of my fav ppl on here when ur around, which seems to be less often lately

    Weavile - talking with you and cirno has been for ages the reason i come on here. <3333 plus you like, basically run this place, new oak imo

    Xdevo - we used to fite over a lot of stuff but i never hated u lol. much more chill now, get back into pokemon imo

    Sorry if I missed anyone do u have any idea how hard it is to remember so many people. Anyway ask me questions if u like, I will ignore shitty memes probably and if u ask me like 50 questions I will take like 3 days to answer cos I'm a flake
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  2. Ortheore

    Ortheore One beautiful monster

    Aug 7, 2012
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    Thoughts on metal?
    Thoughts on Finch's pocl analysis?
    Least favourite pokemon in LU? Most underrated?
    Favourite past gen?
    Last edited: Aug 11, 2015
  3. pokemonnerd

    pokemonnerd Only uso listens to pnerd. Devo too. Article Contributor Article Contributor

    Jun 24, 2010
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    So how much does the job actually pay? I assume it's different depending on what and how long the movie/video is.

    How long do you work on one movie?

    I'll ask more later.
  4. E.T.

    E.T. SSSSSSSSSSSSS! Super Moderator Server Administrator Articles Leader Super Moderator Server Administrator Articles Leader

    Aug 22, 2013
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    PO Trainer Name:
    1. What is your favorite Pokemon? Why?

    2. What is your least favorite Pokemon? Why?

    3. If you do come to the US, where are some of the places you would like to live and/or visit, and why?

    4. Where was the most interesting or memorable place that you have been filmed? Why?

    5. What is your most memorable moment from playing of Pokemon Crystal?

    6. How far have you gotten in ORAS? What are your thoughts on the game so far?

    7. What are your top 5 favorite BW2 NEU Pokemon and why?

    8. How would you compare and contrast BW2 LU and ORAS LU? Which do you think is better? Why?

    9. Do you play any video games other than Pokemon? If so, what do you play?

    10. What do you think needs to be done to reverse PO's decline and to get it to start growing again?
  5. Aurist

    Aurist I do not jump for joy. I frolic in doubt.

    Dec 4, 2010
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    me and metal have a complicated relationship, a lot of the metal I like sounds kinda nothing like what most people would call metal. I like weird drone like Nadja and Boris, some tech metal stuff and a whole bunch of cybergrind, and some random other stuff, but most stuff ppl associate with metal I find kinda boring, it's a bit hard for me to find stuff there that i like.

    I think Finch knows most of the players in POCL better than me and I'm pretty much just in the tour to fool around and have fun and do some teambuilding. The whole tour is pretty random af tho I think a lot of unexpected stuff will happen.

    Least favourite pokemon in LU definitely Froslass, it's broken as sin, too easy to use and too difficult to play around. Most underrated - maybe Sigilyph. That thing can destroy whole teams on a whim. Yanmega I'd consider underrated, or at least insanely under-used.

    Favourite past gen competitively Adv for sure, GSC for the games. But BW UU the best tier.

    It does depend from studio to studio. As an exclusive for a bigger studio I was making around £350 per shoot, and that's the lower end of exclusive pay. But you can find smaller places that will pay more like £100-200. Per scene I'd say it takes anything between 1 and 4-5 hours depending on the setup, whether it requires additional acting etc. I've gone on a couple basically working holidays where I stay on location and film, these are usually much more high budget, acting focused shoots, that usually takes 4 or so days to film but most of that is acting and the scene is done in 1 of the days.

    1. Jumpluff. I latched onto it pretty strongly from a young age, really liking its cute design but also identifying with its characteristics, drifting wherever the wind takes it and not looking back.

    2. I try to go by the motto of "all pokemon are good pokemon", in a similar way to "all dogs are good dogs", no dog is made bad, even the ugliest dog has a lot of life and love to give, and I kinda made that apply to pokemon, even though they're not real, I like the idea of trying to find something good about every Pokemon even if I think they're ugly or whatever, and there is always really interesting flavour to discover about almost every pokemon. With that said the biggest test of that for me was Vanilluxe/Vanillish. They really seemed to lack any concept, they didn't have anything interesting flavour-wise, they didn't play a role in any game or show story that i noticed, they are worthless competitively, they just seemed really kinda pointless. But if they're gonna exist gotta learn to love em I guess. Maybe Gamefreak will give it more love later.

    3. Pretty much the main goal is California, that's where all the work is for me and I have a lot of friend base and potential places to crash in Oakland especially. I wanna see a lot of america tho, I've only seen NYC so far.

    4. So I know I'm gonna get people hating me for this before I even say it, but I have actually filmed in a church. It was an eritrean orthodox church that seemed pretty ok with the whole thing, not entirely sure why. My sex scene wasn't actually in the church itself, thank goodness because it was so insanely cold, but all of my acting and photo shoots were there. It was really weird and interesting getting to explore a church while that stuff was going on. They had really cool drums there.

    5. The first time I ever heard the team rocket broadcast at the lake of rage. That shit sent shivers down my spine.

    6. I've gotten up to just before Victory Road. I liked it quite a lot, and it was a really pretty game and a lot more content than XY while reducing the overlong parts of the original games, It felt like a pretty well paced game and I'm honestly unsure why I haven't finished it yet. Lack of attention span more than anything I think.

    7. Stunfisk because it was good af and underrated in higher tiers. Jumpluff for reasons, also its SD Acro set was insane. Articuno because SubRoost ruined everything. Pelipper because Pelipper. Shelmet because noone realised just how bulky it was and it set up spikes so easy.

    8. There's a fair amount of similarities in how ORAS LU and BW2 LU play, both are pretty bulky offensive heavy overall, it's clear the ORAS power creep meant some stuff we couldn't have imagined is simply just a good pokemon in the tier rather than insane, like Rhyperior Metagross Sharpedo etc. You can still kinda play similar to BW2 with bulky cores like Tang/King/Lix and threats like Durant Gallade Nidoqueen Meloetta etc. But there's a pretty large amount of new stuff to contend for and the tier can look so different depending on how you build. Lots more options for fast offense now too IMO. I think if I could go back I'd keep playing BW2 LU rather than play ORAS LU simply because it feels a little more scaled back and easier to comprehend, there's just too much to prepare for in ORAS LU.

    9. I pretty much play other games more than pokemon at this point, I've recently kinda developed a bit of blizzard fan-ism with Heroes of the Storm and Hearthstone both of which I play every single day, playing a bit of WoW trial, considering re-playing thru Warcraft 3 and playing SC2/Diablo 3 for the first time. Otherwise I'm a big fan of Paradox games like Europa Universalis 4, Crusader Kings 2, Cities Skylines, Pillars of Eternity (just starting to properly play thru this one... pretty heavy to play thru). I have a reasonably full steam games list cos I have a fairly active if non-committal interest in game design and the theory behind it, so stuff that offers things for me to think about I like to give a go. I also just like RTS and city builder games in general.

    10. At this point I've tried so much that has failed and watched so many other things fail that I'm not sure what I can offer re new ideas to get PO back on the up. I do believe that if we get the long-awaited webclient and replay viewer, and from that an active youtube channel etc, the only way would be up from there. Goodness knows how long that will take tho. If it will come at all.
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  6. Raducan

    Raducan Well-Known Member

    Jul 23, 2013
    Likes Received:
    What is your favorite side metagame and why?
    What is your most-used social media?
    What is one habit that you would like to break?
    What is your favorite holiday?
    What can PO improve on as a whole?
    Is there anything PO-related that you regret?
  7. TraceofLife

    TraceofLife Lucky Strike

    Jan 17, 2014
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    PO Trainer Name:
    Want do sum adv nu?
  8. Proof

    Proof Well-Known Member

    Dec 27, 2013
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    PO Trainer Name:
    Proof - stunfisk fren! havent seen u in a while. hope ur doin good

    ur a great guy aurist.
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  9. Joyverse

    Joyverse Back for a blast!

    Aug 23, 2014
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    PO Trainer Name:
    Yeah it's Aurist :+]

    1) Any thoughts of bringing any one of the following back to LU? Ducky, Doublade, MegaDactyl, MegaDoom.
    2)You kinda taught me the LU basics some time ago. Anyway, how does it feel to teach someone something?
    3)Monotype, Do you monotype?
    4)If not LU, what tiers TL would you have been?
    5) How was this emote born? This one :+]
    6) Thoughts on side channels?
    7) One pokémon you think that is broken AF in LU ATM.
    8) Lastly, tips for new and try hard trainers, how in your opinion should they add in to the community.

    I like to chat with you too you are really cool BTW v:
  10. Ascarotte

    Ascarotte Well-Known Member Forum Moderator Channel Leader Forum Moderator Channel Leader

    Apr 18, 2013
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    Yay shouts! Yeah, we should totally hang out some time :p

    Why did you drop out?
    What career pathway are you looking towards after? Are you eventually going to be an action movie hero like Jackie Chan?
    In relation to porn, pirates or ninjas?
    What do you value most in yourself? What do you cherish most in others?
    What other countries have you been to? Which would you most like to visit (for tourism purpose only)?
    Seeing as @Whereabouts Unknown didn't answer my One Direction question, I'll ask you :o Marry, Kiss, Shag, Kill (+1 for Zayn)
    What sports do you play?
    If you had to aim a nuclear warhead into a populated area of any country, which would it be and why? If you do not make the decision, two nuclear weapons will be aimed at random at two populated areas, which is also an option.
    Why do you not play trivia much? What improvement would make you consider playing it more?
    What ballets, operas and/or musicals have you seen? Which did you enjoy the most if any?
    What is your favourite literary work?
    Rank the following songs: London Pride, Maybe It's Because I'm a Londoner, Streets of London, Lambeth Walk
    What do you think is the greatest threat to happiness in London?
    What is your favourite place in London?
    What is your opinion on 'British' food?
    Organic, home-grown, fairtrade, free range, GM free - which of these matter?
    Do you feel that as the profiles have progressed, people are putting less and less effort into thinking of questions?
  11. Cirno

    Cirno Romantic

    Aug 6, 2011
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    PO Trainer Name:
    1. Is your gender still "???"?
    2. Is your sexuality still "???"?
    3. What are your views on non-bodily-dysphoric-thingy transgender people?
    4. What are your views on feminism?
    5. What are your views on egalitarianism?
    6. What are your views on Men's Rights Movement?
    7. Would you like to take a moment to talk about our Lord and Saviour Pelipper?
    8. Copy/Paste the last YouTube video you watched prior to first reading his post
    9. Play Touhou. (or at least appreciate the music, and the music's fan arrangements. [it's trance/psytrance and there are plenty more where that came from] [seriously click it])
    10. Yaoi or Yuri? Choose wisely.
    11. Play osu!.
    12. What do you think the biggest issue in the UK is?
    13. What stigma associated with the porn industry do you dislike the most?
    14. Are you actually good at acting or do you just do the stereotypically bad acting?
    15. Promote one person to Mod/Admin/Owner etc. The usual.
    16. I got the longest shoutout does this mean you love me the most? :3
    17. What are your thoughts on how polyamory is usually viewed?
    18. Do you think the game would be better with or without hazards?
    19. Have you played Pokemon Reborn? It's a neat RPGMaker Pokemon "hack", go check it out :D
    20. SKY ATTACK is best move y/y.
    21. All Pokemon battles should be like the Battle Palace y/y?
    22. Is there anything outstanding in LU that could be banned?
    23. Have you ever had any affectionate nicknames?
    24. What do you think auth could improve at?
    25. How much have your Paint.NET skills improved?
    26. How do you think I could improve?
    27. What if I told you I was in some way transgender?
    28. Favourite emoji?
    29. What are your thoughts on separating megas and base forms?
    30. Should we just ban BP rather than everything else or is dry pass Celebi too important?
    31. Top 8 mediocre Pokemon, go!
    32. We should meet up y/y

    Last edited: Aug 11, 2015
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  12. Edna

    Edna Chasing the Dragon Forum Moderator Forum Moderator

    Feb 20, 2013
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    PO Trainer Name:
    Hiiiii and grats!! :D

    Who do you believe will win the LU forum tour?
    Any thought on the actual staff? Are some of them very lazy or is it just the effect of summer?
    Any thought on me? ( Staff, battler, person)
    Promote Mod/Admin/Owner and why?
    Demote Mod/Admin/Owner and why?
    What do you prefer between Tours and Trivia? The same goes for Hangman and Mafia?
    Are you more Hard Rock or Electro?
    Jackson 5 or Jimi Hendrix?
    Any day you'll remove those amazing profile pics?
    Any word/rate on all the MU? ( or at least the one you know)

    Very nice profile, hope to talk to you more often :]
  13. Aurist

    Aurist I do not jump for joy. I frolic in doubt.

    Dec 4, 2010
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    Haven't played side metas in a while, but probably Inverted Battle. That's hella fun even tho it's pretty broken.
    Twitter easily
    Ignoring my body when it says "you are sleepy"
    I'm a v anxious person and holidays often amplify it for me. I'll say thanksgiving because I don't have to invest much energy in it (the family I live with is half american and celebrates thanksgiving)
    A sense of community. PO is so divided into small friend groups you'd think we're all on a different site.
    The demands list, and the times I needlessly got into pretty intense arguments with people over stuff.

    Lets gooooo


    1. i would genuinely want P2 back, I liked that we had a pokemon that kept so much dumb stuff in check, it's kinda annoying so much stuff is broken without it lol. I wouldn't want any of those others back, especially not dactyl.
    2. :D its cool, and I'm happy to help anyone with LU stuff cos LU deserves to have to lots more people playing it
    3. I used to last gen, not so much this gen. Mono bug/ghost da best
    4. UU/NU could easily have become the tiers I was most interested in in some alternate timeline, so possibly those
    5. the rapper Lil B would often add :+] to his tweets saying he was being self deprecating of his big nose. Its goofy and friendly at the same time and I loved it and it became something I did too.
    6. I don't really do anything related to side channels but they're cool enough I guess.
    7. Froslass, Tyrantrum, Emboar. Oops I accidentally said three.
    8. Post more in the forums even if you don't feel like you have the best posts in the world to add, because you're really welcome. Find the tiers and side channels you like best and start taking part in them. Make new friends all over the place.

    Indeed we should hang out.
    A mixture of wrong place, wrong time, wrong degree, went to uni just because "i had to", and severe depression mixed with agoraphobia
    Lol. I'm looking to set myself up for working in music more - production, touring etc. I also want to eventually direct my own movies and start up my own studio.
    Would do. If anyone's watching, hire me. Most places seem like they wouldn't be into me tho.
    Pirates, lol
    My integrity I guess? I dunno. In the words of Morty from Rick and Morty "Hey man I don't give a crap about myself Rick." In others, I value passion and compassion.
    I've been to NYC, France (Paris), Germany, Netherlands, Ibiza. I've barely traveled in my life and it's the thing I most wanna do. I probably wanna go most to California and Tokyo, but my wanderlust is heavy enough that I would go absolutely anywhere and be really happy.
    Marry Zayn, Kiss Zayn, Shag Zayn, Kill the rest. Not joking
    I don't really play any sports any more, not really an active person. Probably gonna take swimming back up tho.
    This question makes me sad. I'd probably just point at somewhere random so I didn't have to decide.
    Every time I play trivia it's just entirely full of people who have just memorized every question already and answer it in 0.5 seconds. Completely saps the fun out of it. I dunno what could improve but get rid of that somehow.
    I haven't seen ballet or opera. I've seen a couple musicals, my very favourite ever is Into The Woods though I haven't seen it in stage (i've barely seen any on stage)
    That's difficult. Maybe Nadja by Andre Breton. Idk.
    In order, Streets of London, London Pride, Maybe It's Because I'm a Londoner, Lambeth Walk
    The Seoul Bakery, a tiny, friendly and cluttered little korean restaurant covered in post it notes all over the walls and the food is so cheap and so good. It recently had to move from its place near denmark street, I hope the new place is just as good.
    I can appreciate the sentiment of wanting to reduce travel time for food stuff. The nationalism about it is pretty weird tho.
    I don't really care about most of those, whichever's cheapest. I'm still not sure if fairtrade is a legit thing but if it is that definitely matters.
    I haven't been particularly following others profiles, but I've gotten some pretty interesting questions so far so probably not.

    1. Yupppp.
    2. Yup.
    3. I'm basically one of those? So yea.
    4. Extremely necessary and important cause that doesn't just have a lot of relevance but also a lot of historical weight. Needs to be closely accompanied by the word "Intersectional" imo.
    5. A reactionary term made up by white dudes to attempt to disrupt discourse around feminism and other causes. See also the "All Lives Matter" response to "Black Lives Matter".
    6. A misguided movement that sees the troubles that men face in this world and blames it on feminism, while feminism itself among other things seeks to solve the troubles that men face in this world.
    7. I am part of the Church of Stunfisk, in which Pelipper is a prophet.
    8. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bquDlFzSNu0&ab_channel=MFPallytime
    9. That music is pretty neat haha. A bit more ravey than I expected. I like the different parts in it. I'm not sure I'll ever play touhou but maybe something will convince me some day.
    10. It's probably bad of me, but I choose yaoi.
    11. Is there a way to play it without weeb music? :o
    12. I'll have to say I have a pretty london-centric view before I say anything, I think Gentrification. The gradual taking over of areas of great cultural, historical and human significance by banks and businesses slowly creating large cultureless, inhuman voids, forcing "undesirables" like poor people, people of colour, queer people etc further and further out through higher rent prices and removing things important to them. It's happen in our backyard all across the country but also it's very much happening right here right now, where I am.
    13. It's odd but what bugs the most is that so many people think porn workers are middle class well off people. It's just amazing considering how little porn actually pays and how much you have to work yourself to make even a liveable amount of money. You definitely have to have more than 1 job working in this industry. There's a lot more stuff that bugs me, so much more, but this thing feels like such a blatant disregard for any kind of reality.
    14. I think I'm pretty good at acting honestly! I haven't exactly been faced with a challenging, full on acting script but I think I do a good job and I've taken to it pretty naturally. It's why I keep getting called back for acting-focused movies, I think.
    15. Mod: idk, maybe gengar17. Admin: celestial phantom Owner: Alice duh
    16. It's true.
    17. Polyamory stuff is viewed pretty weird by a lot of people. On one hand, any format of relationship that isn't cisgender heterosexual monogamy with 2.3 kids is viewed treated as worse and like, "alien" or whatever. On the other hand there's a lot of dodgy dudes who act like they're the most liberated forward thinking person ever because they bang strangers and don't really care about the emotions or concerns of their partner that they're supposedly polyamorous with. My take on polyamory is fairly heavily influenced by the whole thing where I'm a hermit who hates people, so the people who I do like I cultivate really close relationships with, and those who I end up in a committed relationship with take priority. I don't really think there's anything better or worse about polyamory compared to monogamy or whatever else. But I am pretty keen on removing monogamy as a default, compulsory mode of relationships when different things suit different people better. Also just as a last point one of my favourite things ever is seeing someone I care about have a total crush on someone. It's the cutest thing ever
    18. I think hazards are pretty good and necessary things, the only problem is the overly limited ways to deal with them and the fact that SR is objectively better than the other hazards and itself changes the entire meta of all tiers.
    19. I haven't but I've seen you talk about it before so i'm curious
    20. y
    21. lol, all RNG everything
    22. Froslass, Tyrantrum, maybe Emboar, Venomoth. I think honestly Exploud and Sharpedo could be possible too.
    23. I get called "Lum" by a couple of my friends, which is pretty cute
    24. I dunno, seems pretty vague. I definitely don't like the whole "switching alts constantly and noone knows who everyone is" thing.
    25. I'm not exactly good, but I can make simplistic stuff that I want to make, so that's cool.
    26. Not sure, I think you kinda do an awesome job already.
    27. It's something I've suspected actually for a while, but only sorta vaguely. Are you?
    28. (Cat with heart eyes)
    29. We already separate them technically via Mega Stone bans. So I guess why not?
    30. I don't agree with banning BP straight up. Like I've said to a lot of people before, my view is that if a pokemon is still broken after a complex ban that applies to it, then it's damn broken and itself should be banned.
    31. Jumpluff ( :((((((( ) Cofagrigus (RIP :+[ ), Leavanny (Cute and cool but so outclassed), Floatzel (I so wish this was good), Drifblim (I swear this is actually good, I swear), Muk (Like a shittier, nicher Snorlax that only functions in UU and gets pretty rekt in lower tiers), Mismagius (So nearly good), Liepard (I swear priority knock off is cool even if it is off 88 atk)
    32. Extremely yes


    It's you vs gengar for the last game right? Sorry but I'm kinda rooting for gengar :o
    I don't really think any of the staff are lazy, I do think a lot of them feel like even if they did put in a lot of effort it would come to nothing anyway. I speak from experience.
    I don't know an awful lot about you tbh, I just see you around talkin in LU and stuff and I appreciate that.
    quoted from alice response: Mod: idk, maybe gengar17. Admin: celestial phantom Owner: Alice duh.
    Demote Mod: GER, not because he's a bad mod but because he's an asshole :D Admin: Jirachier cos he doesnt admin lol (Ilu jirachier) Owner: Weavile because then we can be together forever with nothing in our way <3
    I only have tours on autojoin so I guess that? That's just because sometimes they need queue filling tho.
    Jackson 5 <3
    Nope. I only plan on getting more unsettling avatars :+]
    All the MUs are cool probably, u guys keep doin ya thing. I love Meh and want to have his babies.

    Last edited: Aug 12, 2015
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  14. Zoroark

    Zoroark Aka Flare Forum Moderator Server Moderator Forum Moderator Server Moderator

    Jan 29, 2013
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    PO Trainer Name:
    SkyPhoenix / Zoroark
    Can't tell if any of my questions were previously asked because...too many of them o.o

    K now onto the q's.

    1) Why do you like Drag-Queens so much?
    2) Do you really enjoy creeping the f** out of people with your forum avatars?
    3) You should get a new Drag-Queen pic soon y/y
    4) Cinnamon Tea or Mint tea?
    5) Do you like Cars?
    6) Do you like Pigs that are Gods?
    7) Favorite food?
    8) Bleach sucks?
    9) Anyone else you think would be a good LU TL and one that you would be more than glad to work with?
    10) Things you would do to Improve PO's Community?

    I think that's all for now...
  15. Draciel

    Draciel ALLEZ! ALLEZ! ALLEZ!

    Sep 19, 2013
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    PO Trainer Name:
    Hey buddy! You're one of the cooler guys in Indigo and it's always fun chatting with you :]


    1. Favorite thing to do on PO?
    2. Favorite user to troll on PO, if any?
    3. Top 3 favorite singers/bands.
    4. Top 3 movies you've seen and books you've read.
    5. Any certain incident that you're most ashamed of?
    6. What's is your favorite 6th gen pokemon?
    7. Anything about the staff you think should improve, be on Forums or Server?
    8. If you could get me to do anything, what would it be?
    9. Any goals for the next few years?
    10. The best and worst thing about living in UK in your opinion.
  16. pokemonnerd

    pokemonnerd Only uso listens to pnerd. Devo too. Article Contributor Article Contributor

    Jun 24, 2010
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    If these repeat somehow from other questions just tell me to scroll up.

    How do you feel about all the free porn over the Internet, seeing as you work in the actual industry?

    Did your job open your thoughts about sexuality and gender identity and what ever you identify as or did you stop to think about these things sooner?

    If it exists, is there really some porn for it?

    Who's the #1 old staff member you'd like to see return to PO if only to have them around? Second?

    Why are you such a like whore?

    How do you feel about the ONLY GOOD FIRE TYPE in NU banned?

    If I think of more worthwhile questions that haven't been asked that I've seen I'll post more.
  17. Cirno

    Cirno Romantic

    Aug 6, 2011
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    PO Trainer Name:
    33. How good are you at creative writing?
    34. How was life in your adolescent years?
    35. What kind of YouTube videos do you watch?
    36. How do you prefer to show affection?
    37. What is a good quality in a leader?
    38. What personality trait do you dislike the most?
    39. Have you had any hard times in your life?
    40. What do you feel is most important when creating a game?
    41. What is your personality according to a Myer-Briggs Personality Test?
    42. Do you feel trigger warnings are sometimes used too excessively?
    43. What is important when moderating a chat?
    44. Do you feel you were prepared for the outside world?
    45. Do you prefer to cuddle or kiss?
    46. :=(x:)3?
    47. Is there anything supernatural you believe in?
    48. Which country's culture fascinates you the most?
    49. Sweet or Savory?
    50. If you disagree with someone on something, how do you tend to react?
    51. Have you ever had a hard time "coming out" to someone?
    52. What kind of humour do you enjoy the most?
    53. If we get Weavile on a day off we could totally hangout and do nothing but oddly exist like the hermits we are.
    54. How do you feel about your life right now?
    55. Do you ever feel you could "do more"?
    56. Have you ever had an online relationship?
    57. How would you define "love"?
    58. What are your thoughts on the people in the competitive Pokemon community?
    59. How do you feel about vegans?
    60. What gets you stressed out the most?

    Okay I think that's enough random question asking. \o/
  18. Aurist

    Aurist I do not jump for joy. I frolic in doubt.

    Dec 4, 2010
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    1. If there is one thing that appeals to me it's bizarre genderfuckery and queer people being loud and cool
    2. It is the only joy I get in life.
    3. Yeah I'm pretty overdue one, i haven't been scoping out for any new stuff recently.
    4. Cinnamon tea is pretty rare here in the UK, barely a thing at all. I do have some gotten from america and I prefer mint tea to it.
    5. I am unaffected by cars
    6. NO. (yes)
    7. fried chicken
    8. Anime sucks, so probably.
    9. Noone springs to mind immediately. If pnerd got back into pokemon fully I'd want him.
    10. Add several thousand regular users


    1. Just chat shit with people.
    2. I don't really like trolling. I don't enjoy upsetting people for no reason.
    3. Young Thug, Young Thug, Young Thug. Honestly I vacillate so much with music and am constantly finding new obsessions that being unequivocal about it is kinda meaningless to me. I'm not really one for eulogizing my musical taste at each step of its development.
    4. Ahhhhh. Im so underwatched and underread that anything I could say would be embarrassing.
    5. In life? I once dumped someone over facebook and never talked to them again. That was just so beyond assholish and cowardly of me and I regret it so much.
    6. Spritzee :D The contrast of its pretty exterior with the quietly sinister aspect of plague doctors and aromatherapy is super awesome to me, and it looks great. Best new fairy ez.
    7. I guess just like, if everyone in staff was just a little more willing to do things that take effort, we'd have an improved place so fast. But I can honestly understand why putting in effort into something that feels like will fail anyway feels like a waste of time.
    8. Kill the President of the United States of America.
    9. Work in America and possibly begin living there. Put out at least 2 more records. Travel more in general. Make friends that care about me enough to see me more than once a month or even less than that.
    10. Best, the depth of history and culture that the whole of the UK is so steeped in, such a small island is going to have history wherever you look, and especially where I live in London such a beautiful history of arts, diverse cultures and resistance. Worst: the understated, twee, self-deprecating fascism which creeps up in every last corner, the history of genocide and hatred which permeates our very interactions with the world even as we refuse to acknowledge its existence.

    I think that while myself and almost all other porn actors aren't getting royalties, I can't find sympathy for studios dealing with free content everywhere. Social Media allowed people, including porn and other sex workers, to cultivate followings that will absolutely push sales up. But they're given almost no reason to make that happen (affiliate links, making a pittance, being about the most money they can earn off sales) so studios are worse off and thus follows porn actors are worse off too.

    My job gave me a new perspective on my understanding of performance of gender at large and my own gender performance. It didn't contribute to my gender identity or change my mind about anything, I'd already kinda understood my gender is a bit wibbly wobbly before then, I just kinda came to understand the way my job effectively requires me to perform "being male", and seeing how both my gender and sexuality are ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? I basically perform the role of a "gay man" while being neither of those things. gay4pay etc.

    Seems pretty much accurate. There will always be ways of plumbing the depths of human sexuality, and there will continue being more and more easy ways of displaying and/or exploring those things on a fairly global scale. Did you see that article going around about the alien dildos that inject gelatin eggs into you? yeah. That's a new thing huh.

    Oak, Luck.

    I was #BornThisWay. Or daddy issues. Or maybe it's maybelline. Or alternatively, I like sex and generally don't have hangups about it, causing insecure people to judge me and discount me as a person, causing me to aggressively adopt the term as a badge of pride.

    You banned MONFERNO? >:I

    33. I haven't creatively written words in a lot of years. I used to be pretty good. Music has kinda taken me over tho.
    34. Shit. Packed full to the brim with heavy, untreated depression, a family that never gave a shit about me even when I was unsafe or unhappy, a school that systematically broke me down until I had no enthusiasm for life or anything, a stalker towards the later years whom my family and any friends i had at the time allowed to continue threatening me, and eventually leaving without saying a word and never coming back. I don't really even talk with my family now, and the only thing they do in response to that is guilt trip me for doing so, rather than have any concern. Sorry for all the sad talk but yea. I'm in so much of a better place now.
    35. A lot of lets plays and music. Lately I've been watching HotS tournament play and people who are good at hearthstone.
    36. Resting my head on someone. I guess that's kinda weird. I'm not awfully good at words that relate to my feelings. Oh also showing complete and total honestly and lack of restraint. That's how I show someone I like them. lol
    37. I guess decisiveness and swift action?
    38. Unwillingness to shift your beliefs and understandings with what you learn and experience. Basically a lack of critical thought or engagement with anything around oneself.
    39. See 34 lol. Also a missing, abusive father who left when I was like 10 never to be heard from again.
    40. Creating systems which will allow your many cool ideas to interact together. Barely interactive cinematic games are just the worst.
    41. INFP
    42. No. Trigger warnings do not impact on content at all, they only provide a choice for those experiencing it. Most people experiencing it do not even have to consider the choice, so it shouldn't matter to them whether it's there or not.
    43. Oh, patience. So much patience.
    44. I feel like I'm constantly finding things that a lot of people take for granted that I never learned how to do. So probably not.
    45. Probably cuddle, but there's a place for both. And there can be too much of both. I like to have space sometimes. I definitely can't sleep cuddling.
    46. FLOOOOON
    47. I scarcely believe I exist at all, let alone other stuff more abstract to the brain. I don't think I could ever have the conviction nor the arrogance to believe concretely that something metaphysical is absolutely, surely the case. Any decision at all to me feels kinda absurd given the unbelievably vast chaos of the known universe. So many things we could be not perceiving.
    48. American culture both fascinates and reviles me. The pressures of american life seem to create some of the most beautifully minded, caring and creative people, and the most hateful selfish people at the same time. I've never experienced it first hand.
    49. I tend more towards savory but I have a sweet tooth sometimes.
    50. Unless it's something I see as fundamental, like "trans people are people", "racism is real, violent, and everywhere" etc, I'll always hear them out. I'm so open to changing my mind that I barely have an opinion at all on most things. I should probably have a little more backbone on some things maybe. If I think someone's point of view requires a lack of compassion to form, I'll want to challenge it.
    51. I still haven't talked to almost anyone in my life about my gender identity or sexuality. It's weird to come out as gay then realize you're more complicated than that, because to most people you're in a box now.
    52. Absurd, wide-eyed, world-weary. I like things that make me go lmao wtf. As long as they don't make me sad. I especially like humour that's well-intentioned rather than cynical.
    53. That's all I really want in life.
    54. I'm in a place where I'm really happy with the people around and what I'm doing. I don't feel fully satisfied and feel I could be doing so much more and learning so much more, but in a bunch of ways I feel unable to overcome the anxieties that come with stepping outside of my comfort zones. Something I gotta learn to get over.
    55. Oh I pretty much answered this one with the last one.
    56. Yeah, one which eventually became an IRL relationship. Lol habbo hotel. Still friends with that guy. Great guy.
    57. Caring so deeply about someone that how they feel about things matters to you on a constant basis. Finding a kind of happiness that takes hold of you even when being in their presence, even if nothing particularly good or exciting is happening. Wanting that happiness a lot of the time. Fairly gut-wrenching sadness whenever you feel emotional/physical distance from them.
    58. No more dodginess or less potential for good people than any other online community full of largely middle class white boys, I guess.
    59. Being vegan requires investing a lot of energy into something that you're passionate about. I can only respect that. I think I am a weaker person for not having the resolve to do so myself.
    60. High pressure to make important decisions. I crack very quickly.
  19. The Dude

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    Apr 5, 2011
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    Hello Aurist, nice profile! Sorry if duplicate.

    What country / place do you want to go to the most?

    Goals for the next few years?

    Thoughts on each generation of Pokemon?

    Least favourite Poke? Aesthetically and Competitively?

    What Films / Books have you been meaning to read / watch but haven't?

    Go read / watch them now, okay?
  20. Finchinator

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    Jan 25, 2012
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    Finchinator / Finch
    i have 1 question that outweighs the shitton of questions above:

    do you like dogs?
  21. Wavy

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    Aug 6, 2010
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    Hi Aurist~~

    1) Can I borrow your car?
    2) Why not?
    3) Then get me one to borrow?
    4) Favorite sandwich ingredient?
    5) Favorite sandwich component?
    6) Am I cute?
    7) Do you like hax?
    8) Do you still think hax is my fault because I kept betting on your matches?
    9) I won $1,000,000 on one of your matches, would you like me to share it with you?
    10) Hello?
    11) ???
  22. Aurist

    Aurist I do not jump for joy. I frolic in doubt.

    Dec 4, 2010
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    Sorry I'm late on these! I was away from home for a while.


    Tough question cos I wanna go to so many places. But Bay Area california seems like a priority, as does Tokyo.

    Learn DJing and recording and get the appropriate equipment, apply that learning, and do some work in other countries, and travel a lot.

    1 - Basically a prototype gen, like the Pilot episode of a TV show. Chock full of good ideas and the reason why it all happened, but obviously the worst. 2 - IMO where they perfected the formula of the games and the pokemon design. My personal fav gen with the games at least. 3 - Sorely underrated even now, most beautiful setting and many of my favourite pokemon. Contests were great too. 4 - The first gen where I felt truly able to make a team of pokemon I absolutely wanted to so I'm fond of it. The story was cool and so was the continent, probably has my fewest favourite pokemon of all the gens tho. 5 - BW1 was awesome and a "reboot" of sorts was a cool idea. BW2 was boring, extremely bloated and overlong, they tried to cram too much into 1 game and it made it frustrating to play, plus it was such an egregious power creep that it kinda ruined competitive lol. 6 - A step in the right direction in a lot of ways, XY were super beautiful fun games even if they lacked content somewhat. ORAS remedied that. Too bad competitive was beyond saving at this point.

    I like all dogs.

    1. Yes. I don't have a car tho.
    2. Yes.
    3. OK. Here u go
    4. Peanut butter.
    5. Peanut butter.
    6. Yes.
    7. Hehehehehe
    8. I blame you even to this day, Wavy. <3
    9. Yes please, I deserve it
    10. Hello? Team?
    11. POCL???
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