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New Game Mode: Toss Up!

Discussion in 'Hangman' started by LH47, Mar 8, 2016.

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  1. LH47

    LH47 Lollipop

    Aug 4, 2014
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    Visit the Hangman channel to experience the new Toss Up game mode!

    This mode will be available in the event games alongside the regular and the Sudden Death modes that are currently available.

    Toss Up is fast paced and rewards speed and accuracy. It is somewhat different to the current game modes as rather than guessing letters and answering, Toss Up does not require (or permit) the guessing of letters at all.

    Instead, letters are revealed periodically one by one until the word is almost completely revealed, at which point the game ends. Players must try to answer (using /a) with the entire correct answer in order to win the game. Each player has only 4 chances to answer during each Toss Up game, so use them wisely!

    If the Hangman bot ±Unown fills in more than 74% of the blanks, you lose!

    Another huge change to Hangman will see all players being able to start Toss Up and Sudden Death games at any time, using the following commands where the normal /start is replaced with:

    • Toss Up: /starttossup or /starttu
    • Sudden Death: /startsuddendeath or /startsd
    As these are massive changes to the way hangman works, feel free to provide suggestions and comments on how we can further improve these features or even implement other new features in general.

    We are always looking for new categories to add to our event games. If you have any ideas, please let us know here: http://pokemon-online.eu/threads/su...angman-event-games-2-electric-boogaloo.31530/

    If you have any further questions, feel free to contact Strudels or myself!
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  2. Strudels

    Strudels ・◡・ Super Moderator Server Administrator Super Moderator Server Administrator

    Oct 31, 2013
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    Strudels/Ripper Roo
    Changes made with this update:

    - /flashme command, for those of you who want to be flashed by Event Games

    - /config command update, for Super Hangman Admins. Number of usable /a in Toss Up games, Sudden Death time limit, Sudden Death chance time, /a delay in Toss Up games and % cutoff for Toss Up losses can all be edited

    - /help displays links to this thread and the one for Sudden Death

    - /commands hangman has been updated with all the new stuff

    - This cute cosmetic change:
    (02:14:01) ±Unown: Ripper Roo answered correctly and got 6 points!
    (02:14:01) ±Unown: Ripper Roo has won Blinky's game with 6 points!
    (02:14:01) ±Results: Ripper Roo (6 points, 1 miss(es))

    - As stated in the op, users can now start their own Sudden Death/Toss Up games as opposed to these modes being reserved for events. /starttossup and /startsuddendeath, or /starttu and /startsd are what you need.

    - Previously, the Sudden Death timer was pretty invisible. So Unown now updates players several times over the course of the game on the current timer status.
    (00:53:26) *** ************************************************************ ***
    (00:53:26) ±Unown: A Sudden Death Event Game has started! The winner of this game will receive 1 Leaderboard point!
    (00:53:26) ±Unown: _ A _ E A _ _ A
    (00:53:26) ±Unown: Pokemon
    (00:53:26) *** ************************************************************ ***

    (00:53:26) ±Unown: Type /a [answer] to guess the answer!
    (00:53:26) ±Unown: Guess the answer within 5 minute(s)!

    (00:56:26) ±Unown: You only have 2 minute(s) left!
    (00:57:26) ±Unown: You only have 1 minute(s) left!

    (00:57:57) ±Unown: Ripper Roo guessed M and got it right (1 point)! The time limit was restored to 2 minute(s)!
    (00:57:57) ±Unown: Current Word: M A _ E A _ _ A
    (00:57:57) ±Unown: [Hint: Pokemon] [Letters used: M]
    (00:57:57) ±Unown: You can only use /g 2 more times!

    (00:58:56) ±Unown: You only have 1 minute(s) left!

    - Event delays added(or rather, fixed)! This is a 3 second delay between a user's game being finished and an Event Game starting. Since it started instantaneously before, some people had their /g or /a from the previous game carrying over into the event, which sucked. The delay is there to absorb the slower /g and /a commands before the event starts.

    - A /pass limit was added. Previously, since the timer reset whenever the rights changed hands, it was possible for 2 users to continually pass indefinitely between themselves and effectively hog the rights for an extended period of time. Thankfully it's not a common occurrence, but now it's impossible :v The limit is 4 passes, afterwards you can't pass anymore.

    - You can't /a the same thing anymore, or you'll get (02:12:08) ±Unown: This answer was already used!

    - There was a bug with /passlb apparently where it kept insisting you had no points to pass regardless, so that was fixed

    I might have missed stuff but this is most of it. These will be implemented in... a few hours? IT'S LIVE

    Report bugs if you see them, and if you have something to say please chime in (~ ・◡・)~

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